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El Amor

Karen Lee

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About the author

Karen Lee was born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. She is now a student at Wenzao Usuline College of Languages also in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Her great fear in school was writing essays in English class. 2

However, her teacher gave her a novel writing project to challenge her. Despite the fear of writing, she still has a great interest in reading books. Finally, she finished this tough project!


Synopsis Daisy was an enchanting woman. However, her beauty didn’t let her husband love her. Life was so unpredictable. Both Daisy and her husband have fallen in love with a young man. How will this irregular love influence their life?


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Chapter I Christmas


aisy, an enchanting woman, used to sit on her sofa with grief alone

in her enormous living room until her husband came home. As usual, Daisy sat there with her little loyal puppy. But today, Daisy was a bit more dressing up than usual. She was wearing with a red silk dress, a pearl of exquisite shoes, and a pearl of pearl earrings which were given to her by her husband last Christmas.


Daisy sat next to the twinkling Christmas tree, and stared at the lock on the solitary iron door. Daisy was thinking about what present her husband would give her this year for Christmas. Maybe it would be a ravishing diamond ring, a ruby necklace, or a gold hair pin. She was so excited now that she tried to let herself stop guessing what surprise her husband would bring to her as a Christmas’ gift. “Oh… why my dear Oscar hasn’t come






murmured Daisy, still staring at the door. Finally, the door opened lightly, and Oscar stumbled into. He let himself sink back into the sofa next to Daisy. A strong and warm smell of liquor overwhelmed his nostrils. “What time is it?” asked Daisy unhappily looking at the clock, thinking it was already past midnight and wondering where he might have been “Oh, honey, you know I was so busy with works. I couldn’t leave early today because it was an important meal with Mr.


Bill,” answered Oscar, trying to put his hand on Daisy’s waist. “Always business! Always!” yelled Daisy. “Sorry, my pretty Daisy. Today is Christmas, try to be happier!” said Oscar, attempting to comfort her. “No! It was yesterday! Yesterday was Christmas!” cried Daisy angrily. The room suddenly became dead quiet. Daisy looked at him, checking to see if Oscar had brought her any Christmas presents, but


she didn’t see anything! “You didn’t bring me any presents for Christmas,





displeased. “Oh! Darling! You know how busy I’ve been, and I promise that I will give you a surprise, a really big surprise on your birthday!” said Oscar, cuddling her in to his arm, giving her a softy kiss on her reddish cheek. “Alright!”



reluctantly. Daisy knew Oscar wasn’t busy


working today, but she suspected that he spent his Christmas Eve with another woman.


Chapter II More than just friends


donis was a young attractive chamberlain in Oscar’s home.

Tonight, Adonis and Oscar were sitting on the sofa. Their relationship was not built on master to chamberlain, but they were more like two intimate friends. They often had heart-to-heart talks. “You look so gloomy, something wrong with you?” asked Adonis worried. “You know, same problem, Daisy.


Sometimes I really envy you. If I could, I really would like to be single again or perhaps forever,” said Oscar. “Yeah, I really don’t want my life to be controlled by a woman, but you love Daisy, no?” said Adonis. “Yeah, I did love Daisy, I did love her…” said Oscar. He looked at the curtain, and he was thinking how his marriage had changed his life. Adonis poured some whiskey attaching a slice of lemon to Oscar’s glass which was Oscar’s


favorite. “Sometimes I really wish that Daisy could be as considerate as you!” said Oscar. Adonis became bashful, and a blush came into his cheeks. Oscar stood up and walked toward Adonis and put his hands on his cheeks. Then, he stared tenderly into his Adonis eyes. “I don’t want to be just your master or friend! I want more! I want you to be mine, only mine!” said Oscar overreacting, giving him a kiss on his blushing cheeks.


Today they finally realized that their relationship was more than just friends.


Chapter III Daisy’s thirty-third birthday


aisy looked at the calendar, and noticing that it was January 3rd,

and she knew that today was her thirty-third birthday. She had been waited for today since Christmas Eve. Today, Daisy looked even more attractive than she had on Christmas Eve. She picked out a white dress from her wooden closet which made her look as graceful as a swan. She also put on red lipstick to make her


lips look juicier. In fact, she hoped that Oscar would give her a wild kiss which she longed for a long time. She stared at the full-empty glass, and her solitude was more obvious than ever. She seemed that she had experienced this feeling before. After a while, she realized that she was as lonesome as she was on Christmas Eve. She was waiting for her husband again, just like Christmas Eve. Daisy had gazed upon the clock more than ten times. Her patience in waiting for Oscar was


transforming into anger. Her reddish face was turning purple. Then, she decided to do something that Oscar had done. Daisy had never made any mistakes in her life, but her anger toward her husband led her to what she was about to next. She





chamberlain’s room. She knocked at the door without any hesitation. Adonis opened the door and looked at Daisy in confusion. “Fuck






impulsively. Oscar was so shocked that he didn’t know how to react. Daisy just took off her white dress, and asked Adonis to have sex with her. Adonis was so startled because he had never seen Daisy acting this way. Adonis used his coat to cover Daisy’s naked snowy body, but Daisy just took it off immediately. “Do it now! I want you to have sex with me, now!” yelled Daisy irrationally. Adonis didn’t know what he should do. However, Daisy had already started to


unbutton his shirt. Tonight, they made love, but it was not because they loved each other or because they were interested in having a one-night stand. Their sexual relationship has begun with Daisy’s anger, and the woman’s jealousy.


Chapter IV Love without Love


ince Daisy’s thirty-third birthday,

Daisy and Adonis frequently made

love when her husband went out. They both knew clearly their relationship didn’t consist of love. Daisy did that out of anger. She wanted to do the same thing she suspected her husband was doing, having an affair. These unusual relationships between them cause Adonis great guilty. No matter how sorry he felt to Oscar, he


couldn’t break off the relationship with Daisy because if he didn’t maintain this relationship, he might be kicked out of this house. He knew he loves Oscar deeply, and he couldn’t live without him. Every night, when he spent time with Oscar,





especially when Oscar gave him a soft kiss on his lips which Daisy had kissed too. Adonis was the poorest person in this house, yet only he knew how complicated these relationships were. He had to endure


this great pain by himself.


Chapter V Heartbroken Every night when Oscar was out, Daisy came to his room. But tonight Daisy didn’t ask Adonis to have sex with her; she just came into the room and sadly sat on his bed. She hadn’t said a word since she came in, and even Adonis couldn’t feel Daisy was in his room. This room was engulfed by a dead silence. Daisy just sat there and stared at Adonis. Adonis couldn’t stand this kind of atmosphere, so


he first decided to break the silence. “What happened, madam?” asked Adonis. “Call me, Daisy!” answered Daisy immediately. Adonis hesitated for a moment. “Daisy…” said Adonis hesitatingly and this was his first time he had referred to her as Daisy. “Do you love me?” asked Daisy in a quiet voice. Adonis couldn’t speak any words from his mouth. He couldn’t


believe Daisy could be in love with him. He thought there was no element of love in their relationship. “Tell me, Adonis!” said Daisy eagerly. Adonis looked at the window, thinking about his love for Oscar. “Never”

answered Adonis. Tears

started to well up in Daisy’s eyes. “You never had any feelings when we had sex?” asked Daisy in a low voice. “I am sorry, I have to say no!” answered Adonis coldly. The room was


again surrounded by a silence. They neither uttered a word, nor looked at each other. They just sat there. After a long silence, Daisy asked Adonis a question. “Will you love me if I have your child?” asked Daisy. “My child, what do you mean? This is impossible. It may be Oscar’s child, not mine,” said Adonis incoherently. “No! I am sure it’s yours!” said Daisy. Adonis couldn’t accept this truth, so he ran out from the room. Daisy sat alone on


Adonis’ bed. Daisy seemed solitary, and her heartaches seemed more evident than her solitude.


Chapter VI Beloved


t was Sunday morning, but they didn’t go to church. Instead of going to

church, they attended the last journey of their beloved. Oscar and Daisy dressed in black, their faces expressionless but gloom. They placed some odorous flowers lightly on Adonis’ grave as if they were touching him on last time. The fragrant from the flowers reminded Oscar of the memories he had has with Adonis which


were as fragrant as the flower’s scent, but he realized all this love for him was all in vain. Daisy put her hands on her belly, and touched it softly. This was her last connection between Adonis. She still remembered all the things about Adonis. She thought all the things were just like yesterday but without Adonis. Although she didn’t want to shed tears, she couldn’t control her emotions. Oscar cuddled Daisy in his arms tightly. They were both two heartbroken


people, and they both suffered from losing their beloved. Adonis had become the deepest love in their heart forever.


Chapter VII Louis had grown up


t was a bright spring morning. Oscar was having lunch with his son, Louis.

Louis was now a young attractive twenty year old man. Louis’ mother had left him twenty years ago. He had never seen her mother, even a picture of her. He had also never heard Oscar mention his mom. Louis knew nothing about his mom. “How’s your work?” asked Oscar putting some meat on his son’s plate.


“Not immediately.








considerate son who never let Oscar worry. He was so considerate because he knew that Oscar tried so hard to play both the mother and father’s role in this family. “Have you met any girls who interest you?” Oscar asked his son. “Not yet!” replied Louis putting bread in his mouth. “Really? My son, you can you’re your dad anything!” said Oscar.


“Sure, I know, but don’t always ask me that question!” said Louis impatiently.


Chapter VIII Déjà vu


ouis worked in the newspaper office as a journalist. He was a

new member there and everything was unfamiliar to him, but there was a colleague who always helped him a lot with his work. “Come here, Adonis!” said Daisy. “What?” asked Adonis. “This sandwich is for you. I believe you haven’t taken your lunch yet!” said


Daisy concernedly. “Thank you, Daisy” said Adonis and he walked toward his desk. Daisy was always concerned about this young man. She not only cared him for his works but also him. Daisy liked this young man since she first saw him because she had a déjà vu feeling on this young man. This young man’s face, figure, manner were so familiar to her.


Chapter IX Daisy’s fifty-third birthday.


oday was January 3rd, Daisy’s fifty-third birthday. Louis decided

to invite Daisy to have dinner with him because he realized that he fell in love with this woman who always helped him a lot. He found a feeling he had never had. Daisy gave him a sense of security which he longed for since he was little. He also could feel mother’s love in Daisy.


Louis walked toward Daisy’s office with heavy steps. He was too shy to go inside, so he walked back and forth in front of her door. Suddenly, the door opened. “Hey, Louis, what are you doing here?” asked Daisy. “I…I want to…” answered Louis, but the words would come from his mouth. He seemed to lose the ability to talk. “What?” asked Daisy confused.


“Do you mind having dinner with me tonight to celebrate your birthday?” asked Louis with a timid voice. “Why




immediately. Daisy could feel the passion in her heart was burning again. She hadn’t been out with man since the death of Adonis. “So, I will pick you up at seven!” said Louis with a delighted voice.


Chapter X Their night


fter the pleasurable dinner, Daisy invited Louis back to her flat.

Daisy’s house was little but nicely decorated. “Your flat is comfortable!” said Louis. “Maybe, but loneliness!” said Daisy, who seemed a bit depressed. Louis put his hands on Daisy’s charming face, and he stamped a tender kiss on it. Then, Louis


started to unfasten her silk dress. Daisy hadn’t made love with any man since Adonis’ death. But this night, Louis gave her a passion to have sex again. When they were making love, Daisy couldn’t distinguish whether this man was Adonis or Louis. “Adonis!”




Louis kissed her milky breast. At that moment, she really felt as though



who touched her softly was Adonis. “I love you!” said Louis timidly, taking


Daisy in his arms. Daisy stared at Louis’ blue eyes which were just as alluring as Adonis’. She was completely captivated by this man. “Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful” said Daisy, giving Louis a kiss on his neck. Daisy hadn’t been so delighted on her birthday since her thirty-third birthday.


Chapter XI The truth


ouis came to Daisy’s house as usual. Today was just like

other days. They always made love after dinner. They thought this was a wonderful ending for a day. “Can you get a cigarette for me?” asked Louis. “Where?” asked Daisy. “Do you see the coat on the chair? The right pocket” answered Daisy.


While she was finding the cigarette, she saw a photo in the pocket. She was extremely shocked by what she saw. She stared at this photo, and her face became expressionless. Louis came toward her. “That’s my dad!” said Louis. Daisy suddenly realized the man who stood in front of her was her son. She couldn’t accept this truth, so she just rushed to the door.


Chapter XII Daisy’s decision


aisy felt so ashamed. She decided to change her life. She wanted to

forget about all the mistakes that she had made in her life. She made a decision to be a sister in church. She thought she could receive God’s forgiveness for her unawares faults. “Dear





mistakes I’ve made, A-men.” murmured Daisy, kneeling down to pray in front of


the altar.


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Written by Karen Lee of E4A Composition 1 Instructor Mr. Kenneth M. Smith Wenzao Ursuline College of Language Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 2010


Daisy and Oscar were the couples. However, they both fell in love with a man who worked as a chamberlain in their house. How they should react to‌


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El Amor Karen Lee Words checked = [2494] 1 Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Her great fear in Taiwan. She is now a student at Wenzao Karen Lee was born in...