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About the author: My name is Mandy. I am from E38A. I lived in Kaohsiung. I’m interested in singing. I also like watching baseball games and basketball games.


Synopsis Fiona had a boyfriend, Arvin. However, Arvin cheated on her. One time, Fiona met Myron on the road. At that time, they just had short conversation. After that, they met again coincidentally at the birthday party of Fiona’s friend. Since then, Fiona had good feeling toward Myron. One day, Fiona discovered her class book from junior high school. Then she found that Myron was the student of


another class. Therefore, Fiona asked her friend about Myron’s information. They started to chat on the MSN. Surprisingly, Myron confessed that he had admired her for a long time.

What’s going on at the end of this story? Keep reading and you’ll know that.


Chapter 1

An encounter

There were various passers-by on the road. Some walked without expression on their face. Some walked fast while some walked slowly. While waiting for the traffic lights, Fiona was thinking,“ I’m going to ask Arvin to diner together.” When she was cerebrated, it started to rain. “Oh, the weather report is inexact again,” Fiona murmured. She ran across the road quickly and stopped in front of a café to


take shelter from the rain. “It rained suddenly, wasn’t it?” a man spoke smilingly at her. Fiona nodded in agreement. “The weather has been variable recently,” Fiona added. “The rain has finally stopped. Nice to meet you….. Good bye,” said the man with a light smile. “Have I seen him before? He looks familiar,” Fiona thought. She left the café after.


Chapter 2

Fiona’s boyfriend, Arvin

It was 10:15. “Ring ring ring…” Fiona was taking a shower so she missed the phone. “Honey, I have something to tell you….see you tomorrow” came out from the answering machine. It was Arvin. Fiona came out quickly to pick up the phone, but it was too late. She was disappointed because she hadn’t talked to Arvin for a few days. Recently, she was busy preparing her dissertation. Therefore, she was too busy to meet Arvin and she


felt guilty about this. It was ten minutes to twelve. Fiona walked in the café, and she saw Arvin sitting there. When she faced Arvin, she noticed that Arvin’s expression was different from before. While she was sitting down, Arvin said” Honey, I haven’t seen you for a long time. How have you been? How is your dissertation?” “I work on my dissertation attentively and it makes me outspent,” said Fiona eagerly. Arvin interrupted her, “I’m sorry to hear


that, but I think we have to break up for a while…” Fiona said,“ why do you say that? Have you met another girl?” “Of course not, I’m going to study abroad,” said Arvin. “You made this decision without discussing it with me?” Fiona answered angrily. “Honey, I’m sorry …..But I think you’ll accept this decision because this is my dream,” said Arvin. “I know… sorry it’s just I can’t imagine you’re going to leave me…”


Chapter 3

An excuse

One day, Fiona’s friend, April, told her, “I saw Arvin on the street the day before yesterday.” Fiona interrupted her. That couldn’t be Arvin because he went abroad two months ago. April said,“I’m sure that was Arvin, Fiona. He walked hand in hand with another girl.” “What! He told me he went aboard to study…,” “How come he lied to me…?”asked Fiona. “ Sweetie, I’m sorry but you have to be


brave because you still have me…I’ll stand by your side,” April said. After Fiona went home, she decided to call Arvin. “Hello, it’s Arvin.” “Arvin, this is Fiona.” “Honey, I’ll call you later…” said Arvin. “Arvin, I’ve heard about that you’re with another girl. You cheated on me. You can tell me the truth, can’t you?” “I’m sorry. I met Samantha six months ago,” said Arvin. “A half year ago?” said Fiona surprisingly, “So you met her when we were dating?” “We’re going to get


married next month,� said Arvin. Fiona hung up the phone. She had no strength to support herself. She called April.


Chapter 4

April’s support

Fiona and April were at a bar. Fiona sat in the corner and drank like a fish. “How can he do this to me?” “I really trusted him,” said Fiona sadly. Soon, she got drunk and almost fell asleep. Later April drove her home. The next day, when Fiona got up, she had a bad headache. “Oh, my head is going to explode.” said Fiona. All these things made her painful. All her pains were


released. She cried like a helpless child. “Sweetie, cry out loudly if that can make you feel better,� said April.


Chapter 5

A coincidence

“Fiona, will you come to my birthday party?” asked Alana on the phone. “Sure, I will come. See you then!” Fiona answered. There were over thirty people in the garden. It was not only teeming but also filled up with joyous. Fiona saw incidentally a familiar face. “Is he that guy whom I met the raining day in front of the café?” Fiona thought. Suddenly, someone touched Fiona’s


back lightly. “Hi, you are the girl in front of the café.” said the man, “Do you remember me?” Fiona answered, “Yes, I saw you just now and I was wondering if that was you.” “I haven’t introduced myself to you formally, right?” said the man. “I’m Myron, nice to see you again.” “I’m Fiona, nice to see you again, too,” replied Fiona. Somehow, they actually forgot to exchange phone numbers…


Chapter 6

A passing event

“Today is such a sunny day. I need to dry my blanket in the sun.” Fiona thought. While arranging her room, Fiona found her class book from junior high school. “I haven’t looked at it for a couple of years.” She opened it and browsed through it. “The school day in junior high was really memorable,” Fiona soliloquized. “Eh, is this Myron?” Fiona wondered. “The name is Myron indeed.” “That is


such a coincident! He is the student of another class.” “I can ask Alana if she knows anything about Myron.” So Fiona called Alana, “Hi, it’s me, Fiona.” “Hi Fiona, I was thinking about calling you. Then you called me first.” said Alana. “Really? We do have metapsychosis, ” replied Fiona, “How about having afternoon tea together?” “Okay, see you at the Rose Garden at 2 o’clock.” answered Alana. Fiona walked in the Rose Garden and


saw Alana waving at her. “Sorry, I’m late,” said Fiona. “That’s ok. I’ve already get used to that,” answered Alana, “Just kidding.” “Are you ready to order?” asked the waiter. “Yes, I want a cup of Cappuccino and a piece of cheese cake,” said Alana. “I want a cup of Latte,” said Fiona, “That’s all. Thank you.” “Fiona, do you want to ask me something?” asked Alana. “Why do you ask like that?” Fiona flushed. “You seem


to have some question, don’t you?” Alana asked. “Actually, I want to ask you about Myron,” Fiona asked in a soft voice. “Oh, Myron. He asked for your MSN two days ago,” said Alana, “I didn’t give it to him because I thought I should tell you first.” “Really?” asked Fiona happily, “What do you think about him?” “I met him three years ago and he is definitely a good guy,” answered Alana, “He’s not only humorous but also attentive.” Fiona asked, “Do you think we could get along well? Based on


our personalities.” “I’m sure that you two match well,” replied Alana. “If you want to know more about him, this is his MSN.” “I hope you two will have dates.” “Cheerio sweetie, you should seize your chance,” Alana said. “Thank you, Alana. I will.” Fiona answered.


Chapter 7

Myron’s confession

It was eight forty. Fiona logged to his computer. She was looking forward to seeing Myron on line. “He is on line,” said Fiona excitedly. The message from Myron: “Fiona, I’m glad that you put me into your MSN friend list.” Fiona typed, “I want to ask you one thing. Which junior high school did you study at?” Myron answered, “Have you noticed that?” Fiona replied, “Hmm, you’re the student of the same


school as me, aren’t you?” Myron answered, “Yes. Actually, I have known you since then.” Fiona was surprised by his answer. She asked, “Why didn’t you tell me at the café?” “I didn’t want you to think that I was a superficial guy,” Myron answered back, “I don’t know if I have the honor to ask you out for a movie?” Fiona answered, “Yes, I’m willing to go.”


Chapter 8

Valentine ’s Day was coming

For all this hanging around, they seemed to know each other deeper and deeper. Fiona discovered that there were many correspondences between them. For example, they were both interested in music. Their favorite singer was the same. Moreover, they both liked dogs. It was February 13th. The phone rang. Fiona picked up. “Hello, this is Myron speaking.” “I’m wondering if you can come to my house tomorrow.” Fiona


answered, “Ok…then see you tomorrow.” The house was decorated with roses everywhere. He knew Fiona love roses the most. There were many delicious dishes which Myron cooked by his own. After the romantic candlelight dinner, Myron asked Fiona, “Can you give me a chance to be your man? I promise I will treat you very nice and try my best to take care of you.” Fiona nodded her head joyfully and said, “Yes.”



Y|ÉÇt Words in Oxford 3000: 93% 1 Chapter one ……………………...6 Synopsis……………………….…4 Chapter eight……..……….……...25 Chapter six………….…….……...18 Chap...

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