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By Annie Tsai


Words Checked: 3558 Words in Oxford 3000: 94%



Chapter 1

Bad News


Chapter 2

A New Life Begins


Chapter 3

The Rainbow School


Chapter 4



Chapter 5

The Campfire Party



About the Author I’m Annie Tsai from E4B. I like singing, listening to pop music, and recently I like watching the world cup football games.

I live in Kaohsiung city with my

Dad and Mom now, just like the main character, Fay, in the story. But, actually, I have an older sister who lives in a dorm in Tainan now and I have lived in Kaohsiung city since I was born.

This is my first

time to write a story. Even though this is not a long story, it spent a lot of time for me deciding what and how to write! I hope everyone would like it!



Fay, a ten-year old girl, lived in an apartment in a city with her mother and father. One day, she heard a bad news from her father that he was going to be transferred to a country, the Rainbow Town.

She was very sad after hearing the news

because she didn’t want to leave her friends and her home in the city.

What was Fay going to experience

when she moved to the Rainbow Townďź&#x;


Chapter 1

Bad News

“We are going to move to the Rainbow Town!” “What?

Daddy, what did you say?

We are going to

move where?” “I said we are going to move to the Rainbow Town!” “No way…!” Fay, a cute ten year-old girl, lived in an apartment in the city with her father and mother. Her father, a


forty year-old elementary school teacher, was quite handsome and always had a smile on his face.


mother, a thirty-eight year-old housewife, was a beautiful woman. “Dad, why do we need to move to the Rainbow Town which is located in the countryside?” “The school principal said we do not have enough teachers there, so I have been transferred to a school in the Rainbow Town!” said Dad. “So all of us are going to move there?” asked Fay. “Sure!” said Mom. Fay was unhappy and upset to learn this news because she liked everything in this city and if she really left,


she would miss all her friends very much. She didn’t want to leave! The next day, Fay went to school with an unhappy face.

Her best friend, Angel, saw this, and asked her,

“Fay, What happened to you?

You look ill.”

Fay started to cry, and replied, “Angel, I’m going to move away!”

After she told her the news, both of

them started to wail.

Angel said, “You know what,

my grandmother’s house is in the country.

I have

stayed there over night once, and I think staying there is so boring. I will never stay there again.” Fay felt more miserable after having the conversation with Angel and asked, “What should I do?”


Angel said,” Don’t worry, I’ll write letters to you!” wanting to cheer Fay up, but it seemed useless. Fay was so sad that she couldn’t eat or sleep day and day.

Her mother was worried about this so she

asked her what was wrong. Fay cried and said, “Mom, I’m unhappy because I don’t want to move to the Rainbow Town! It must be boring to live there.” “No, it isn’t.

Who said that it must be boring?

Actually, Mommy lived in the country when I was a child.

Let me tell you the truth!

There are a lot of

interesting things in the countryside.

A lot of

adventures or explorations are waiting for you to discover though. It’s not as boring as you think,”


said Mom, “and now, it’s time for you to go to bed! Tomorrow, we are going to move to the Rainbow Town.” Fay was tired and fell asleep quickly as a result of crying for such a long time.


Chapter 2

A New Life Begins

The next morning, all of the members in this family got up early in order to avoid the traffic jam that they would have met if they had gone on their trip late.

Dad drove the car with mother, Fay and a lot of

furniture they carried with them to their destination-the Rainbow Town.

It was an austere

town that was located in the countryside. Finally, they arrived at their destination after a long journey. “What’s happening over there?

So crowded!” asked

Fay. “Nothing. It’s just a traditional market, a bustling


one!” replied Dad. They passed the market slowly because there were huge crowds of people busy around bought their daily commodities.

Later, they arrived in a residential area

and father stopped the car in front of a classical house which had two floors. “This is our new home!

Isn’t it beautiful?” said Dad,

with an exciting voice. “This house seems pretty…pretty old!” Fay said. “No, it’s not ‘old’.

It’s ‘elegant’!” said Mom.

Dad drove toward the house.

Fay and Mom got out

of the car before Dad parked the car in the garage. Fay stood on the front courtyard of the house and


looked around the surrounding. She asked with a depressed voice, “How can I live here?” “Of course you can live here and you have no other choice!

This is a nice place, so don’t complain about

it!” replied Dad as he walked out of the garage. “Now help your Mom move these furniture into our new home!” said Dad who was carrying a chair into the house.


At night, even though they finished moving all of the stuff they carried with them in the house, there were still some wrapped boxes on the floor. The first floor was furnished as a living room and dinning room; and the second floor was furnished as their bedrooms. After they had dinner, Dad and Mom took Fay with them to visit their new neighbors. “Good evening, my name is George Berry.

This is

my wife, Mary and this is my daughter, Fay. We just moved in here this morning. Dad.


How do you do?� said

“Oh! How do you do! I’m Susan Walter,” said Mrs. Walter.

“Please wait a minute, Tom! Tom!”

She called someone in the house. “And this is my son, Tom. business trip.

A boy came up.

My husband is on a

He will come back next Monday!

Oh, your daughter is so cute!

How old is she?”

asked Mrs. Walter. “I’m ten years old!” replied Fay by herself. Mrs. Walter said, “Really?

Tom is ten years old, too!

Maybe that two of you will become good friends!” Tom glanced at Fay; a blush came into his face. Then he ran into the house immediately. “Ha, ha, ha…,” laughed Mrs. Walter.


Later, they visited all of the neighbors and went back to their house. Fay started to feel bored. “You can watch TV,” said Mom. “There are no interesting channels that I can watch. I want to go shopping, Mom.” Mom said, “Fay, don’t be an annoying girl, OK? You know we don’t have a shopping mall here!” “All right, Mom, I’m sorry,” said Fay. “Tomorrow you’ll need to go to the Rainbow School. We had a busy day from morning to evening today, so why don’t you go to bed a little bit earlier today?” said Mom. Fay knew that she must not irritate her mother


anymore, so she said, “All right, Mom. night!” “Good night, honey,” replied Mom.



Chapter 3

The Rainbow School

Today was the first day for Fay attended the Rainbow School.

She got up early and had breakfast

with her family. “Fay, are you OK?

You didn’t have a good sleep last

night, did you?” asked Mom. “Yes, I had a pretty good sleep last night,” replied Fay. “Then, why do you have black shadows under your eyes?” asked Mom. “Well, it’s because I…I…” hesitated Fay. Dad said, “You’re worried about going to a new school, so you didn’t have a good sleep.


Am I

right?” “Well, yes, you are.

You’re right, Dad.”

“Don’t worry about that, Fay.

You’re so great that

everybody will like you!” said Mom with an encouraging voice. After they finished their breakfast, Dad drove the car with Fay to the Rainbow School. Fay was still tired so she fell asleep in the car. About thirty minutes later, they arrived at their destination. “Honey, get up!

We have arrived!” said Dad patting

Fay on her shoulder. Fay jumped up, got out of the car quickly and looked around about the surroundings.


The Rainbow

School was surrounded by grassland.

There was a

sheep farm at the back of the school. “Now, let’s go!” said Dad, holding Fay’s hand and walking toward the school together. Dad was a geography teacher for the fifth grade. He went to his class after he took Fay to her classroom. Fay was in the third grade, and now, she was alone standing in front of her classroom.


was too nervous to go into the classroom because she didn’t know whether or not the classmates and the teachers were good or bad. “Will they accept me?

Or maybe they will make fun

of me because I’m a new student!” thought Fay. She


was getting more and more nervous thinking about these things. Fortunately, the teacher in the classroom noticed her and took her into the class. “Would you like to introduce yourself to everyone?” asked Ms. White, the teacher. Fay stood at the front stage and looked at everyone. She noticed that everybody was smiling at her with friendly faces.

Now she felt relieved!

After Fay

introduced herself to everybody, Ms. White instructed her to sit next to a girl whose name was Sally. “OK, now, take out your music books and turn to page nine!” said Ms. White.


While Ms. White let the students take a break, Sally started to chat with Fay. “Fay, you are Fay, right? I am Sally!

It’s very nice

to meet you!” said Sally. “Yes, I’m Fay and nice to meet you, too, Sally!” replied Fay. “So, which street do you live on?” asked Sally. “I live on First Avenue. “I live on the Third.

How about you?” said Fay.

Well, Tom lives on the same

street as you,” said Sally, “Tom! Tom!

Fay and you

live on the same street!” Tom looked at Sally and glanced at Fay, and again a blush came into his face.

He quickly ran away


without saying a word. Fay said, “I know him!

He’s my neighbor. I have

visited his family with my Mom and Dad.” “Well, that’s good. By the way, what are you going to do after school?

Do you have any plans?” asked

Sally. “I have no idea.

Maybe I’ll just go home and clean

up my room,” replied Fay. Sally slanted her head and thought for a while. Suddenly, she clapped her hands and said, “How about we go to the river beside the grassland together after school?

You haven’t been there, have you?”

“No, I have not.

It is an excellent idea!” replied Fay


with a happy, and an exciting voice. After they got out of school, Sally led Fay to the river. Fay was amazed by the view which surrounded her.

Sally said, “See, this is a beautiful place, right?” “Yes, this is amazing. I haven’t seen this kind of view in the city before!” replied Fay. They made wreaths, saw fish in the cleanest river, 24

chased the squirrels and rabbits that came from the woodland. Fay hadn’t seen or experienced these kinds of things before.

Because of these, she felt having a lot of fun

and starting to like here little by little.


Chapter 4


Everyday Fay liked to go to school more and more because there were a lot of adventures waiting for her to explore.

She was curious about all of the

things here. Today was Tuesday. Fay was sitting in her classroom, the math teacher, Mr. Kirby, was teaching math now. “Class, how much is eight plus seven?” asked Mr. Kirby. “…” no one answered. Mr. Kirby noticed that Fay and Sally were whispering


to each other. They didn’t concentrate in class. “All right, Fay, tell us the answer, please,” he said. Fay hesitated, and said, “Well, eight plus seven? Well, is it eighty seven?” “No,” said Mr. Kirby, “how about Sally.

Tell us the

answer, please.” “Oh, is it, is it…seventy eight?” replied Sally. Mr. Kirby smiled and shook his head. “Tom, I know you know the answer.

Then he said, Tell them!”

Tom said with a calm voice, “It is fifteen.” “Correct!

Thank you very much, Tom!” said Mr.

Kirby, “now turn to page eleven.” When the class was dismissed, Mr. Kirby asked Fay


and Sally to come up to see him. “You both didn’t concentrate in class, did you?” asked Mr. Kirby. Both of them didn’t dare to look at Mr. Kirby, so they looked at the floor. “Sorry, Mr. Kirby,” said Fay. “Well, then, I must give you some punishment.


of you have to go to the sheep farm and feed the lambs after school, OK?” said Mr. Kirby. “OK, no problem, Mr. Kirby,” replied Sally. “Don’t chat in class anymore.

Go home and study

hard!” said Mr. Kirby. “OK, Mr. Kirby,” replied both Fay and Sally.


When Mr. Kirby walked further to the end of the corridor, Sally cheered and said, “That’s great!” Fay was confused and asked, “What? say?

What did you

Didn’t we get punishment just a moment ago?

Why are you still so happy?” “Let me tell you the truth.

Teachers here usually

give that as a punishment, but, in fact, it is interesting to feed these lambs! You will realize that later!” replied Sally. “Really?” asked Fay. Sally replied, “Of course! I’ll meet you at one thirty in the afternoon in front of the sheep farm. “OK!” replied Fay.



Fay went home on her bike. She put down her schoolbag and ate her lunch quickly.

When she

finished lunch, she looked at the clock; it was almost one fifteen in the afternoon. So she rushed to ride her bike back to the sheep farm.

Sally had already

arrived and was waiting for her when Fay arrived there. “Sorry I’m late,” Fay soon apologize for her lateness. Sally smiled and said, “Never mind. I have just arrived, too.

Come on, let’s go inside!”

They went into the sheep farm together and Fay was so excited to see these cute animals. “What should I do now?

How do we feed them?”


asked Fay. Sally yelled out, “O-oh! I forgot something!” “What?” asked Fay surprised. “We should have gone to school first!

We should

have taken the milk from the canteen in order to feed them!” said Sally pointed at the lambs. Fay laughed and said, “It’s not a big problem! let’s go to the canteen and take the milk.


We will

come back soon!” “OK, let’s go!” said Sally. They brought a big bucket which was contained full of milk with them and rushed back to the sheep farm.


At the sheep farm, Sally demonstrated how to feed the lambs. “It’s very easy. You just have to put the milk in the feeder and the lambs will scramble for the feeder!” said Sally and demonstrated what she said at the same time. Fay was stunned to see the behaviors of these lambs. “Wow, they look like that they haven’t eaten for a week!” said Fay. Sally said, “Yeah, but actually they are fed properly everyday!” When Fay raised the feeder, all of the lambs rushed to eat.

She was a little bit shocked at first, but she


enjoyed doing it soon. “Well, do you think this is ‘punishment’?” asked Sally. Fay laughed.

She touched the lambs, shook her head

and replied, “No, it’s not. It’s interesting.


lambs are so cute!”

Sally was sweating all over her face.

She said, “It is

hot today. Let’s go swimming, OK?” Fay can’t swim so she refused.


However, she was

persuaded soon because Sally promised that she would teach her. After they finished feeding the lambs, they left the sheep farm and went to the river. About five minutes later, they arrived and noticed that some of their classmates were swimming in the river. “Isn’t that Tom?

Hello, Tom!” said Fay.


noticed them and said hello to them. Sally immediately jumped into the water, but Fay was standing at the side of the river. She was hesitating and scared. “Come on, Fay!” said Sally getting out of the water to encourage her. Sally showed a elfish expression on


her face.

Suddenly, she pushed Fay into the water.

“Help! Help!” Fay yelled out for help and also swallowed a lot of water in her stomach.

Tom saw

this so he quickly rescued Fay and helped her to get out of the water. Sally was laughing and saying, “You won’t drown, Fay. The water is very shallow!” She went into the river to show the water’s depth just reached her knees.

Fay was angry and glared at

Sally. She went away without saying a word. Sally followed her. “Fay, Fay!

Are you angry at me?

Oh, I am so sorry!

I just… I just…I am sorry! I won’t do that again,” said Sally. She begged Fay to forgive her.


Fay turned round her head and said, “Well, I’ll forgive you if you promise me one thing.” “OK, OK. I promise,” said Sally. “Teach me how to swim!” said Fay. “No problem!” Sally said without hesitation. Fay went toward Tom and said to him, “Tom, thank you very much!” Tom blushed and said, “You’re welcome.”

After saying that, he immediately ran

away. At night, Fay was lying on her bed.


couldn’t sleep because she was thinking about something.

She noticed that she had great times

everyday since she moved to the Rainbow Town.


Living here wasn’t boring. Even though sometimes she missed her friends who lived far from her in the city, she discovered that she liked living here more and more!


Chapter 5

The Campfire Party

The anniversary of the founding of Rainbow School would be held this weekend. Fay was looking forward to it because there would be a campfire party. On Saturday evening, every student would go to school at six o’clock.

Now it is five forty. Mom

said, “Fay, hurry up! You are going to be late!” Fay put on her dress quickly, picked up her bag and rushed out of the house. “Dad, Mom, See you later!” said Fay. “Have a good time!” said Dad.


Fay met Tom on her way to school so they went to attend the festival together.

Tom was so shy, but

because of Fay’s open-mind, they have become good friends now. When they arrived, the barbecue had already been started. The sweet smell made Fay feel hungry! She quickly went toward the barbecue and picked up one sausage to eat.

Then, she saw Sally

standing beside the campfire drinking something. She went toward her.


“Hey, what are you drinking?” asked Fay. “Orange juice,” replied Sally. Suddenly, the fireworks began.

All of the people

were amazed and gazed steadily at the shining performance. After the end of the fireworks, some continued to roast and eat the barbecue, while some started to dance around the campfire singing together. “It’s so interesting! Let’s stop eating for a while and go dancing with them!” asked Fay. “It sounds great.

Let’s go!” replied Sally.

They danced, sang, and played until ten o’clock at night. Fay went home exhausted and immediately fell asleep.


It was Sunday afternoon.

The phone was

ringing in the house. “Who is this?

Oh, Sally! OK, wait a minute!

Fay!” said Dad.


Fay ran down the stairs to answer

the phone. “Hi, Sally! That’s great!

What? OK.

You want to come and visit us? I’ll wait for you,” said Fay.

About twenty minutes later, Sally arrived. Fay opened the door for her. “Sally, come on in! Oh, my goodness! Is that a squirrel? It’s so cute!” said Fay. There was a squirrel standing on Sally’s shoulder and it was eating a chestnut! Sally


explained that her Dad have found it hurt in the woodland. “So my Dad took it home and treated it,” said Sally. “When it was cured, it didn’t want to go back to the woodland.

We didn’t know why! So, it

stayed with us. Its name is Sweety!” Fay asked, “Can I play with Sweety?

Will it bite


“Don’t worry! It won’t bite you! Here you are! ” replied Sally and gave it to Fay.

Mom prepared

many delicious snacks for them and she was shocked


to see the squirrel.

This was not only a new

experience for Fay but also for her Mom and Dad. All of them had a good time with Sally and Sweety. Mom gave Fay a letter which was from Angel after Sally went home.

“So what did she say in the letter?” asked Mom. “She asked me whether or not I’ve adapted to life here,” replied Fay. 43

“Well, have you?” asked Mom. “Of course! I’ve adapted to the life here very well!” “Then, let me ask you another question. Do you want to go back to the city anyway?” asked Mom. Fay laughed and replied, “No way!

I like living here

very much! I don’t want to leave here anyway!”



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