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Three Girls and the Purple Cave By Evelyn Yu


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Author Evelyn Yu was a 18-year-old student in Wenzao when she wrote this novel. This is her first novel, and this novel is also an assignment for her writing class. She created this story because she thought that most people don’t understand every experience they had is very important, and we can learn something from any experience. As a result, Evelyn wrote this story to remind readers that experiencing something in person is important.


About the story In a forest there was a cave with purple diamonds. It is called the Purple Cave. The story is about three girls who learned love, trust, and courage from their unforgettable adventures. One day, they walk to a forest for the picnic, and they saw the Purple Cave. Because of the cave, Molly, Cathy and Nancy were taken to an unreal world. After returning to reality, they were changed and their lives were full of hope and happiness.


Chapter 1 Molly “I am sorry that I have to break up with you because I will not marry anybody including you.” Again, Molly broke up with a man. She had already done it many times. She thought that she would never marry anyone forever. Molly never received love from her parents. When she was a child, her father abandoned her mother and her, and left with another woman. After that, Molly’s mother was too heartbroken to care about her, so Molly was ignored. As a result, Molly never knew what true love was, and she became afraid of marriage. When she was asked for marring someone, she always escaped from that. Molly is now making coffee in her own coffee 6

shop that she owns with her friend, Nancy. She was also talking to Neel, a friend of her. They had known each other since they were children. Neel looked at Molly carefully, “Are you okay? You don’t look good,” Neel said. “I am fine. I just broke up with my boyfriend this morning…” Molly said moodily. “Again! How many boyfriends have you already abandoned? You can not keep doing this, that it is not good for you,” Neel said anxiously. “I know, but…You know me Neel, I will not get married,” Molly responded. “OK, but I really do not want to see you sad again.” Neel felt a little shy and his face got red when he said these words. They both felt embarrassed and then kept quiet.After a while their good friends, Cathy and Nancy came in and broke the silence. “Hi, Molly, Neel, I am 7

just coming from my performance of clothing design.” Cathy said cheerfully. “She is amazing, and the show was excellent.” said Nancy excitedly. “Congratulations, Cathy, I am happy for you. You always make your job perfect.” said Molly, with a smile. Neel tried to forget about what he had said to Molly a few minutes ago and said to Cathy, “I am proud of you, my friend.” The four good friends all sat together and they were talking about Cathy’s performance.


Chapter 2 Cathy Cathy was a successful costume designer. People around her thought she was lively and cheery, and she behaved like an outgoing person. In fact, nobody really understood her because she never talked about herself with her colleagues. Although she seemed to get along well with her colleagues, she actually worked alone. She was suspicious and did not trust people. She thought people were kind to her just out of spite. One day, Cathy was working on her design when an assistant came in and started talking to her, “Hi, Cathy. I am your assistant. Is there anything I can help?” “No thanks, I can handle it. You may leave. I must concentrate on the 9

design,” said Cathy politely not looking at the assistant. Cathy did not believe a person would truly help her without any benefit. She always refused people’s kindness. Besides, she suspected that if someone saw her pattern of design, it would be embezzled, so she never let people know about her creations until the day of her performance. Wednesday, there was another success show for Cathy. At night, she would celebrate with her boyfriend, Mike. “Honey, you did a good job again. You are wonderful,” said Mike, raising up his glass. “Thank you,” said Cathy, kissed her boyfriend happily. “Designing is just like a piece of cake for you, right? It is easy” said Mike incidentally. “You have no idea every time how hard I tried to make it perfect. Do not say that It 10

is easy,” Cathy replied to Mike a little unhappily. She thought her boyfriend depreciated her job and even her ability. “I am sorry, honey, I didn’t mean that. I meant you are intelligent and brilliant.” Mike tried to ease the tension, but Cathy could not accept that. During dinner, she said very few words to Mike. Actually, Mike loved Cathy very much, and he was planning that one day he would ask Cathy to marry him. However, Cathy was too suspicious to trust him. She always thought their relationship was going to be over. She loved Mike, and she loved him so that she was afraid of losing him. No matter what Mike said or did, she just did not believe that he loved her. Cathy kept all the feelings in her heart and never told anyone, including her best friends, 11

Molly, Nancy and Neel.


Chapter 3 Nancy At the coffee shop, Molly was talking to Nancy, “Are you going to see the art exhibition this weekend?” Molly asked while Nancy was making a cake. “I really want to go, but I have to go to a medical seminar,” Nancy said sadly. Molly was a little surprised. She knew that Nancy loved painting so much, even having dreamt on being a painter. “But you love painting, don’t you?” Molly asked unbelievably. “Yes I do, but my mother has already signed me up for the seminar. And she was very excited about that...” Nancy couldn’t continue because she knew she had no choice. She felt helpless. Nancy always listened to her mother carefully, and never disobeyed her mother’s decisions. 13

She loved painting and dreamed to be a painter, but her mother wanted her to be a doctor. Her mother thought that being a painter would be poor forever. Nancy’s father died when she was three years old, so her mother raised her alone. She loved her mother. She did not want her mother disappointed with her. Therefore, she had no courage to pursue her dream. However, this time she was so suffering because she had to sacrifice being a painter. Molly tried to encourage Nancy by saying. “You must do something for yourself, Nancy. This is your own future. You have to make your own decision otherwise you will not be happy in the future, and someday you will regret when you have become unhappy.� Nancy responded with a smile but did not say any words. She 14

understood what Molly had said, but she thought






heartbroken. On Saturday, Nancy was attending the medical seminar. She was listening to the professor. She did not pay attention to the report, but was thinking about the art exhibition. She kept checking her watch. “I might be able to make it in time to go to the exhibition” Nancy said anxiously to herself. Nancy really wanted to go but she knew she couldn’t. In the end, she missed the exhibition. She was disappointed and went to meet her good friends at the coffee shop.


Chapter 4 Finding the Purple Cave Molly, Cathy and Nancy, all were in such a bad mood these days. Actually, they had had their own problems for many years, and they tried to ignore their problems, but these days, they felt much more terrible than before. Therefore, Molly decided to take a short vacation for a week. They would go downtown to relax. On Sunday morning, the three girls were ready to go. Cathy was the driver. They drove to a forest to have a picnic. “Finally we can have some fun” Cathy said freely. “You are right. I really need some fresh air” Molly said drawing a deep breath. “We got too many things to worry about, so this is the time to have fun” said 16

Nancy. In the forest, they were preparing for their picnic. Molly was putting a mat on the ground, and Nancy was laying the food on the mat. Cathy was going to find some wood. Cathy was walking around the forest and was making some signs to avoid getting lost. Suddenly, she saw a shining light in front of her. It was a strange but attractive light. Cathy was curious and got closer to see what it was. She saw a beautiful cave with amethysts. When Cathy saw it, she felt like she was in fairyland. “It’s beautiful. I have never seen this before” Cathy said to herself and quickly went back to tell Molly and Nancy. “Hey, my friends, I found a purple cave nearby. It’s amazing. You must come with me and see” 17

Cathy said to her friends gesturing to them to come with her. “Cathy, are you sure that we won’t get lost later?” Nancy said a little worried. They arrived at the cave, and stopped at once. They looked at each other for a while because they hesitated, and then, they went into the cave. Molly led the way, which Cathy and Nancy followed her carefully. The three had no idea what was going to happen. At the same time, Molly disappeared unexpectedly; then Cathy tried to tell Nancy that Molly was gone, but she could not see Nancy, either. The three were taken to different places at the same time.


Chapter5 Molly’s Adventure in the Cave Molly did not know where she was. She could not see anything because of the heavy mist. She felt dizzy but kept going; and soon, she lost consciousness. After a while, she woke up weakly, and realized she was in a log cabin. She felt strange and walked around the house. In the corridor, she saw a man about fifty years old who was holding a towel and had moved quickly to a room. Molly followed him and tried to call him, but the old man didn’t answer her. It seemed that she was un-exist to the man. Then she turned back and saw a woman mopping the floor. She stood in front of the woman and waved her hands very hard, but strangely the 19

woman didn’t see her at all. Molly felt just like a ghost, no one could see and hear her. “Why can’t anybody see me or hear me? What happened and where am I?” Molly was confused. There was a little light from the room which the man just went in. Molly walked to the door and she saw a surprising circumstance. She walked in and saw a woman lying on the bed; her face was as pale as paper and looked very weak. Molly looked at the woman closely, and she felt that the woman was so familiar. “Neel, how is she today?” Suddenly two women were coming and said to the old man “She’s fine, still sleeping” the old man answered peacefully. Finally, Molly understood everything. She recognized the old man and the two women; 20

they were her best friends, Neel, Cathy and Nancy. “If so, then the woman on the bed…was me!” said Molly with completely astonishment. “Poor Molly, had a cancer and we hope she’ll convalesce soon” said Nancy. “No matter what happened to her, I won’t leave her. I’ll take care of her” Neel said and was looking at the woman on the bed with deep feeling. Molly was touched at that moment. “I’ll go to get some water” said Neel, feeling miserable, but pretending that he was strong enough to accept the fact. “Neel is too pitiable; he hasn’t got married because he loved Molly so much” Cathy breathed a sigh. “Yes, he always stays with Molly, no matter what he does is all about Molly” said Nancy. Molly was standing next to the bed, she heard all, and tears welled up in her eyes. Actually, she knew 21

that Neel loved her, but she wouldn’t marry anyone because she thought there was no true love. However, she saw Neel had devoted his love to her. Although she was already old and sick, he still took care of her and stayed with her every day and nigh never taking any break.


Chapter 6 Cathy’s adventure in the Cave “Where am I?” Cathy was confused and had no idea what was going on. There was a small village, and people there were very honest, and their dressings were elegant and beautiful. There was no host in stores, and on the tables which were outside each store, there was a box with some coins. Cathy saw a man taking a magazine and putting some coins in the box, and then went away. Cathy felt incredible. “Aren’t you afraid that someone will just take something without paying for it?” she wondered approaching to the store asking the woman inside the store. The woman replied kindly, “Girl, you must come from another village, right? We never worry about that.” Cathy replied anxiously, 23

“How come you never worry, it’s ridiculous!” the owner was smiling and said, “Because we trust everyone in this village. People in the village are all like family who trust and help each other.” This village was surrounded by mountains, and there was a narrow path at the north of the village. It led into the mountain. All the houses in this village formed a large circle, and at the center there was a fountain. Cathy walked around and saw the villagers talking to each other happily. She stopped in front of a clothing shop which looked exquisite. The costumes there were so beautiful. “What a perfect creation! I’ve never seen that kind of design before. How did the designer make it so perfect?” Cathy was surprised and admired the designer. Then she decided to go in and take a look. She saw there 24

were three girls in the shop and they were the same age as Cathy. The three girls surrounded a table with a pile of costumes and they were discussing something. Cathy approached them and said, “Excuse me, May I see the designer of these costumes?” The three girls turned their eyes to Cathy and smiled. “We are the designers!” The three girls said together. “But I mean the main designer…” Cathy said confused. One of the girls said kindly, “We are all the main designers. We three all work together” Cathy couldn’t accept what she heard and asked them, “How can you do this? I thought designing must be done alone, then no one would copy your idea.” The girl near Cathy said, “Oh, dear, we never think about that. We always trust each other and help each other 25

anytime, and remember that the more mistrust we feel, the less confidence we have.” Cathy finally understood that if designing could be done by a good team, it would be much better than by oneself. She also understood that there was no need to worry about whether someone would steal her idea because the partner she worked with would be the one she trusted the most. Cathy walked out from the shop and saw her boyfriend, Mike. He was going to a church. Cathy quickly followed him silently in order to see what he was going to do. In the church Mike was alone. He was in front of the cross, and he kneeled down and prayed, “My dear god, I love Cathy so much. Truly, I love her so that I’ll give the world to be with her forever, so please, let 26

her know how much I love her.” Cathy heard this and was a little shocked. She thought that Mike didn’t really love her, and thought that he didn’t break up with her only because he didn’t want to have the sense of guilt. However, she totally misunderstood, and wept silently. In the meanwhile, Here came a pastor that Mike was talking to. Cathy got closer in order to hear what they were talking about. “Pastor, I want to bring my girlfriend here and ask her to marry me, and we would have our wedding here. Will you be our witness?” Mike said to the pastor. “Of course I will, my child. Everyday you come to pray for your girlfriend. I can understand how much you love her. I believe that god heard you and someday your girlfriend will know how you feel.” the pastor answered mercifully. Cathy was 27

hiding behind the bench which was right near Mike.


Chapter7 Nancy’s Adventure in the Cave Nancy went out from the purple cave, and the landscape she saw was impressive. She turned right, and she saw the place was full of art. Everybody in the city loved painting and each building was colorful. Nancy was excited. This place reminded her that she loved painting. A woman with a box walked towards her, and said to her kindly, “Girl, I know you love painting. Welcome to our world. We all love art” she said passing the box to Nancy. Inside the box, there were some painting tools. Nancy picked up a pen and started to look for a good view. She realized that there were so many things she could paint. “Don’t you worry about your future if you just keep painting?” Nancy asked the 29

woman unsurely. The woman was a little astonished “Why should we worry about that? The only thing we care about is if your job is your favorite or not.” Nancy still couldn’t understand “But you must make money for life.” The woman giggled, “Dear, in our world, we can make money by selling our creations of art don’t forget. Everybody here loved art.” She loved this world because she could make her dream come true. She couldn’t believe that she could freely paint as flying in the sky. After a while, the woman took Nancy to a house that was filled with beautiful pictures. Nancy was holding her own picture tightly and looked around at other pictures on the wall. She felt so happy and relaxed as if she were in the heaven. Suddenly interrupted, “Dear, come over 30

here, you can put your picture on the wall here.” Nancy was excited but shy saying “But no, I don’t deserve it…” The woman put her hands on Nancy’s picture and said, “Everyone who paints seriously deserves it. This is your own creation. It’s unique, so it’s worth it.” Nancy couldn’t say any words to express her appreciation for the woman’s kindness. The only thing she could do was to say Thank You. “Remember, the most important thing is to do what you love and dream. Don’t feel regret in the future” The woman emphasized again.


Chapter 8 Back to Reality These days, Molly was staying with Neel. She knew Neel couldn’t see her, so she followed him to observe what he did. She realized that everyday the only thing Neel did was to take care of her. She never really loved someone before, but now, she knew that she really loved Neel, and Neel loved her truly and deeply. In the room, there was a bright light through the window, Molly couldn’t open her eyes, and suddenly she felt a strong power was pulling her into the light. She felt uncomfortable. Immediately, she was back to the purple cave. “What’s wrong with me? Where are Cathy and Nancy?” Molly was flustered, and she kept walking in order to find the exit. 32

Cathy was in the church, she saw Mike walking to a door which was dark inside, and she quickly followed his steps. When she came to the door, she couldn’t see anything, and Mike had disappeared. Cathy was scared and ran fast, when she saw a door in front of her and hurried to the door. She opened the door and it was miraculous. She was back at the purple cave, too. She tried to find Molly and Nancy, but there were three ways in the front and she had no idea where she should go. Finally, she chose the right hand side. Nancy finished hanging her picture on the wall. It seemed she had already had her own exhibition, and she felt satisfied and happy. She went back to the purple cave, but she didn’t want to go back to reality. She stood under the 33

cave. “I hope I can stay here forever, but I can’t leave my mother alone…” Finally, she went into the cave to somewhat regrettably return to reality. She also tried to find her friends. The three girls were looking for the exit from purple cave. After a while, they met each other at the exit, and they hugged and cried tears of joy at seeing each other. They quickly left from this cave. Suddenly, there was an earthquake, and it blocked the entrance of the cave, so people could no longer see this purple cave.


Chapter 9 Huge Transformations to Three Girls The three girls went back to reality, but they all changed. They seemed to had grown up and became more mature. They were much happier than before. People around them had the same feeling about the three girls. Molly was very kind to Neel, and she decided to tell Neel how much she loved him. “Neel, I know that you are so kind to me, and there is one thing I want you to know, I love you.” Neel was do glad to hear that but he couldn’t believe it when he heard at once. “Why do you unexpectedly say so? I’m very surprised, but I’m so glad.” Molly didn’t say anything and just smiled at him with deep love. Molly understood that true blessings flow from our ability to love 35

and be loved by others. She finally found her true love, Neel. She also learned that only pure, unconditional love will last forever, and Neel’s love to her was the best prove. Cathy’s life now was changed, too. She was still cheery and lively, but she was no longer suspicious any more. She started to work with her colleagues and let her assistant help her, her work was more successful than before. She knew that she can not trust when filled with doubts. So she started to try to believe. Also, as for her boyfriend, Mike, she never doubted his love to her, and she told herself, “We cannot love when filled with doubts.” Mike was going to asked her to marry him tonight, and she would say yes. She didn’t want to live with regret the rest of her life. 36

On the other one, Nancy was uncertain about her future. She seemed she was surer that she loved painting and her desire to be a painter was stronger. She knew that she couldn’t be a doctor anymore because all she wanted to do was being a painter. She decided to talk to her mother. “Mom, I have something to tell you” Nancy said to her mother “OK, what is it, honey?” her mother said sitting down with Nancy in her room. “Mom, you know I have always wanted to be a painter, but you think that won’t be good to my future. Actually you have no idea how much I love to paint, and I don’t want to be a doctor. That’s not my dream.” Her mother was shocked and said, “Honey, I understand, but you have to make money to maintain your life. You have to know that if you 37

are poor you will get nothing. Painting is great but it can’t be your job.” Nancy held her mother’s hands and said patiently, “Mom I know you love me and want my life to be happy, but money doesn’t mean everything. Think about that, if I become a doctor and get rich, but I don’t enjoy my job, then I won’t be happy even though I am rich. Mom, I know what I am going to do and I want to pursue my dream. Please, I really don’t want to live with regret the rest of my life.” Her mother didn’t get angry and unexpectedly smiled at Nancy and nodded her head with gratification. “Honey, you have really grown up. I don’t have to worry about you. You can make your own decision. I am proud of you.” Her mother breathed deeply and said “Now, my girl, go and do whatever you like. I will always 38

support you.� At the end of the story, Molly, Cathy and Nancy lived a better life. Molly finally learned there was true love in the world and also found her own love. Cathy learned trust is very important, and her career was more successful. She married her boyfriend, Mike. Nancy finally became a successful painter, and her mother was proud of her, not only because she made her dream come true, but also because she became a rich painter. However, no one would ever know why they really changed. The purple cave had disappeared forever just as if it never existed.


About the story In a forest there was a cave with purple diamonds. It is called the Purple Cave. The story is about three girls who learned love, trust, and courage from their unforgettable adventures. One day, they walk to a forest for the picnic, and they saw the Purple Cave. Because of the cave, Molly, Cathy and Nancy were taken to an unreal world. After returning to reality, they were changed and their lives were full of hope and happiness.



By Evelyn Yu 1 Words Checked: 4267 Words in Oxford 3000: 95% 2 Content Author ------------------------------------------------ 4 3