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2010 The Vanishing

Eric Lin / English Dept. 4B Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages 2010/5/19


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Words Checked: 1791 Words in Oxford 3000: 95%

About the Author Eric Lin was born in America in May 7th 1990. And grew up in many places such as Canada, Philippine, and also Taiwan, he was sent by his folks to studied at Wenzao Ursuline College of languages and majored in English and took German as a second majored language. He was a outgoing young men who likes to travel a lot, and spends most of he’s free time riding around Taiwan island, and even though he where now studding languages, he’s dream was to become a pilot one day and spreads it wing in the sky This is the first piece of work he had ever made and it might also be the last XD, Hope it brings a lot of joys to the readers.

Chapter One Seeing is not Believing In the hottest day in Kaohsiung this year, when the sun where so cruel to release almost more and more heat to this poor humid city, Joe wakes up and stare at the broken second handed air conditioner which he just spent 6000NTD to bring home yesterday, but unfortunately get broke right after he settle it done. Joe’s parents die long time ago in a terrible plane crash accident when they are going to Europe for a trip. In this day, Joe woke up and get on his little scooter and went on the road, and soon he had discover something very unusual, normally the road will be completely full of people and cars squeezing through to get to work and this kinds of daily traffic jam will continue going all day till

almost 3 a.m. next day morning, but today!! It’s already 7:45 and the road is completely empty there are no people, no cars, no crowding bike going through like hell, no shouting of breakfast shop, not even students gathering for school‌..the whole place is just normal as usual, but the only thing wrong with it, there is no people in the city except Joe himself. Joe started to panic, why!! Why there are no people everywhere, what happened to them or what happened to me!!! What is wrong with the world? ( Joe started to think of clues and reasons for what happened to all the people ) Then Joe heard something, a dog jump out of nowhere and started to bark at Joe like crazy, then runs in a great hurry even though Joe was still

confuse and shock still Joe followed this only animal in this weird vanishing world. After a great distance of following, Joe even started to enjoy the weird empty city view, even though it’s the most familiars place but still without everyone in it, it just don’t seem that alike to the city which is in Joe’s mind, the tall building just as usual, the street are full with empty cars parking at the side as usual, all the shop are opened as usual, some lights are still on as usual, and the adds wall on the train station is also keep playing it’s adds but only no one was watching at it anymore. The dog dash in to the train station and disappear again and leave Joe alone to face this strange emptiness, Joe entered the train station trying to find some clue, he entered the great hall, and felt spooky about the great big empty public train station, the silent seem so fake that was like

everyone in the world is just hiding from Joe. Joe started to realize that he got to move on even though in these kinds of world, he started to look for food in all the empty opened convenient shop after the food shopping Joe went home for he’s first free meal at this strange sitting at he’s sofa doing nothing staring at the window hope to saw anyone outside, suddenly an Earthquake shock the world and a weird beam of light strike Joe’s house and suck Joe away from the ground. Chapter Two Clue Joe woke up again in his bed and felt the same sorrow on his leg and the same and the same weird felling, but he heard something odd….it the sound, the sound of people, the sound of cars, the sound of other people, Joe ran to the window and

looked out, everything is back to normal just if yesterdays strange event never happened, Joe where confuse, but still Joe went up and get ready to work, on the way to work, dejavoo keep showing up all the way, at first Joe don’t care either but till then the same place and about the same time the dog just come out of nowhere and started to bark at Joe just as it had yesterday and runs away in the same direction, Joe runs after it and try to come up some conclusion in his mind or at least find out why and what happened, soon Joe started to found out that the dog are dashing in to the great hall of the train station and disappeared again in it. Everything felt so real in the dream, and as it right at this moment it’s so alike and so different at the same time. The odd feeling overrun Joe’s head. Then Joe saw a guy staring at him right across the big crowded train station hall, which was a rare

feelings for Joe to handle since he had lost all of his family member at such a young age, but the shocking fact is that man in the black coat staring at Joe looks almost alike to the weird dog that showed him the direction in that vanishing odd dream of his, and he was giving Joe the look to followed him again. Joe sneak through the great hall of the train station and pass by all the crowds and followed the man, through the market, the streets then to a small alley. “A QUESTION YOU HAVE?” said the man “WHO ARE YOU?” ask back by Joe “It is not who am I that matters, it is where you are, and when is the last time you leave the city?” Joe was shock by the words spitting out by the man, but the fact is he really couldn’t remember, although he still had the memory going to other city with his parent when he was small, but he just

simply can’t think of how and where to go in order to leave the city, it seems like all the road was connected to each other and formed into a infinite recurring by its self. “Beware, don’t let THEM know” Then the men walked into the wall like there are just smoked to pass through, “THEM” he said, who are “THEM”, and why can’t I figured it out a way really to leave the city. Joe started to look for ways out, drives out and hangs out real hard but like what he had already expected, he couldn’t find any of ways to leave the city. And he also try to ask some of other peoples for direction, but in the end he failed

Chapter Three Odd After the strange meeting with the man and the discovery of the trapped city, Joe started to observe more about the surroundings, and started to realize that every single day after the weird disappearing was almost like another, people in the city started to act nearly the same every day, walked in the same patters, and try to accomplish the same events. And seems like every other people aren’t that human like as they should. “So, have you notes the differences?” The man suddenly showed up and asks, this is not at earth anymore. At least not the one Joe knows “Come”

Following the man again to the old alley which he had disappeared last time, but this time a door showed up, after both of them got in the door vanished liked it never happened to be there, inside the door there was a comfort room with two single seated sofa with cozy light and nice mood, the man was already seating in one of the sofa and staring at Joe. “Are you ready to know?” Joe seated in the another sofa and started to listen, the man’s name is Blackwood he was also a human like Joe who was capture to place here in order to do experience about human mind, but Blackwood was captured much more early then Joe, and have waken like him once and notes the differences of this world, they have been

experience a lot and turns them into what they’ve called “MixGen” like their name their Genetics code has been mix quite a lot for studies, and yes this is not earth anymore, the city Joe was living was a simulation status for the experience target to thought that they were still at home. Chapter Four Caught Basically people like Joe or Blackwood are not spouse to know any of these situations, but don’t know why they had accidently waked up while they were reorganizing the statutes, that is also why Joe wakes up in a empty world. Suddenly a same earthquake shock the world again, but seem to only effect Joe and Blackwood the same beam wasted by the location of their chat, and vanishing everything though it’s path.

Chapter Five Recurrence Joe wakes up, again!! at his house forgetting what happened last night with a feeling of forgetting something really important, besides that he felt just like how he felt again two days ago. Getting ready to go to work and having his breakfast on his way to work, walking through the same roads he always did, pass by the very alley that he had knottiest the truth of this world and discovery the fact that they are not in the world they think they are, but because of the memory wash, he passes right by with only little feeling odd about this dejavo deep inside, isn’t it like that as always, no matters at realities or in the world of Joe. Just like other people in this world, having their purpose on that day and moving for toward what they’ve looking for not knowing that in fact they

are still in a dream, people might care about their small issue, their wants and dislikes their sad and joys, but what if we repeated the same day for a thousand times already and none of us really notes, what if where we are is not what we think we are at, and we are just an scientific experiment of some soured of highly intelligent alien’s school project, when could we really saw the truth of it!?

To Be continued……

Eric Lin_Vanishing World  

The Vanishing 2010/5/19 Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Eric Lin / English Dept. 4B About the Author……………………………………. The Disappearing….…...

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