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ABOUT THE AUTHOR Chelsea Wang was born and grew up in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. She is now attending Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, and majoring in English. She likes to play sport and enjoy music. This is the first time she wrote a novel.


SYNOPSIS A little beagle was born in a pet store. A couple one day bought him. He at first felt really happy with his new family. However, everything changed afterward.


Chapter 1 Meet It was a warm spring day. I had nothing to do except staying in my cage in the pet store. Since I was born, I had stayed in that cage for three weeks alone. Many people had come and watched me, and they tapped the glass with their fingers. I was sometimes scared by their tapping and laughter. “Honey, don’t open your eyes,”a man said leading a woman into the store. “OK. What do you want to do?” she said keeping her eyes closed. 6

They came in front of me. “My dear, you can open your eyes now.” “Oh! It’s cute. This is the surprise you wanted to give me?” “Yes baby, do you like it?” “Sure!! I always wanted a puppy,” giving him a kiss. These were my my new owners who called themselves “Daddy” and “Mommy”. Then, they brought me to Mommy’s apartment. As soon as they put me down, I ran around crazily, and sniffed everywhere. I was so 7

excited because it was the first time I came to a new environment. It was a cozy small apartment with light yellow walls and a clean white floor. They smiled and watched me running and jumping. “Honey, give it a name,” Sean said. “Hmmm, how about Mikey?” “Of course, as long as you like it.” “Thank you for giving me such a cute puppy.” “No problem, “ he replied gaving Carol a kiss. ”I need to go now. I’ll come by tomorrow.” 8

“OK. See you tomorrow,” she smiled and said.


Chapter 2 Happiness “Come here Mikey! You must be hungry. Mummy bought you a can of wonderful meat.” She took out a can of Hill’s dog food, and poured it into an iron bowl. It was the most delicious meal I had ever had since I was born. When I was in the store, I could only have unpalatable dry food. After finishing the meal, she put me onto a mat in her room. “Mikey, here’s your bed.” I sniffed then ran away. “Oh! Mikey,” she screamed from the living 10

room, “You can’t pee here!” I ran out and saw that she stepping in my urine. “I’m sorry Mummy. I didn’t know I coulding pee here,” I thought, looking at her pathetically. “Alright, that’s my fault that I didn’t tell you where to pee,” Carol sighed. She cleaned up the urine on the floor and then brought me to the balcony. “My baby Milkey,” pointing at a piece of newspaper on the floor. “You need to do excretion here. Ok?” 11

“Woof,” I responded. “I’ll remember it, Mommy,” I thought. “Good boy!” Carol holding and kissing me. Next day, Daddy came early. “Hey baby, let’s take Mikey to a park. I bought some toys for him,” Daddy said. “That sounds great,” Carol turning to me. “Do you want to have fun in the park?” “Park? I’ve never been there before,” I thought. Even though I did not know where the park was, I was still excited about going. “Woof woof…” I wagged my tail hard. 12

“OK OK, I know you want to go,” she said. “It seems that Mikey is willing to go. Let’s go, Sean.” We had lots of fun in the park. They threw a ball, and I fetched it, bringing it back, and we also ran a race. That spring, we went to that park almost every day, and sometimes we even went to the beach. “Mikey, you peed in the living room again,” Carol said. “Why did you never pee in the right place? And you also chewed my shoes?” “Woo…” I dropped my ears and tail. 13

“Don’t do this anymore, OK?” She shook her head and fondled my head. Even though I usually did something she did not like, she never really got mad, and she always tolerated my mistake. Several months later, it was the middle of the summer. One night, Mommy called me in a miserable tone. “Mikey… promise me you will never leave me.” Tears wept from her eyes. At that time she was quarrelling with Daddy, and he even wanted to break up with 14

her. I looked at her and licked her tears away. “Of course I won’t leave you alone, Mommy. I love you so much, and I can’t live without you, ” I thought. She smiled and pressed me close. At this moment I was the only one who could comfort her and give her support. The next weekend, she rushed in the house and hugged me. “Mikey, Daddy proposed. We are going to get married next month and we can live together soon.” She showed me a ring and 15

anounced this news cheerfully. I was sincerely delighted with this information because it was the first time I saw her face shining. Also, I believed our life would be happily than ever.


Chapter 3


The next fall, one year has past since Daddy and Mommy have gotten married. “Come here Baby, come to Mommy,” She was calling her child. Since their child was born, I have large been ignored. This title also did not belong to me anymore. “Woo…Woo…Woo…” When they were going out, I shook my tail by the door, trying to let them know I wanted to go out as well. I had not gone outside for a couple months. 17

“Good boy stay at home. We will take you out next time.” They always said this, but never fulfilled their promises. “Stop, Mikey, leave the baby alone” Mommy shouted at me while I tried to lick him and play with him.” It’s dirty and you may hurt him.” I was then banished to the balcony and I could only see them when they gave me the dry dog food in the evening. The only other connection was the sound they made through the other side of the windows. 18

December, according to the weather report, it was the coldest winter in two years. “…Are you sure you’re going to do this?” Mommy said slowly.

“What else we can do? We can’t bring him with us. Rule is Rule,” Daddy said. “But... I’m afraid that he could not be fine without us, and I’m gonna miss him,” Carol said sadly. “So? You have a better idea?” she was silent. 19

“Trust me, he will be accepted by a better family.�


Chapter 4 Faithfully I Love You Daddy opened the door of the balcony. “Woof-woof” I barked excitedly because he almost never came to see me in the morning. “Hey, boy. You wanna have a car ride?” He was taking my chain. “Wooooof !” I was extremely excited because I had stayed home for so long. In the car, I streched my head out of the window, struchkout my tongue, and enjoyed the fresh air. It was one week before Chritsmas, 21

and people started decorating their house and neighborhood. Everything was permeated by an atmosphere of peace and cheerfulness. Next, we passed the park we used to play ball together and the tree under which I used to take a nap. All those sweet and wonderful memories were recalled. I hoped we could have the quality time together like we had had before. Later, we arrived at a unfamiliar building. As I got out from the car, I found there is full of the atmosphere of fear and death. After filling 22

out the forms, Daddy gave me to the people there. “I’m sorry. They will find a new home for you. Don’t worry,” he said,leaving without a look. In the following days, I kept waiting for your return. Whenever there was anyone who went past my cage, I hoped that I was you. I could not eat anything because I missed you, Mommy and the baby so much. Today is Christmas, and is the day I am going to leave you forever. 23

Daddy and Mommy, I really want you to know that I don’t hate you. I regard you as my family since you brought me back from the pet store. All I want is to stay with you, to share everything, and to give you support. Finally, I need to appologize to you, Mommy. I broke my promise. I said I would be with you forever, but I can’t. I love you faithfully. The



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A little beagle was born in a pet store. A couple one day bought him. He at first felt really happy with his new family. However, everything changed afterward. No matter what the did to him, they are still his family. He love them faithfully.



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