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The Gift

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The author 

Celia Shen was born and grew up in a tranquil town which located in the middle part of Taiwan, Yun-Lin County. Her childhood memories were full of the rural life. Despite the bustling streets of the town, she lived in a small village with her beloved grandmother. The things she used to do were to chase and to catch bees and butterflies. Now she is growing up and acts more like a normal girl. “My mother used to describe me as a wild horse, but now I’ve changed a lot.” 2

The story “The Gift� combined many elements such as family, friendship and love. When people ask whether the girl in the story was actually Celia herself? She just smiled without answering.


Introduction 

‘For me, winter was a season of snow. The ground was colored white, so pure and innocent, but the memory long time ago left me only sadness.’

Sakurako was a normal senior high school student. Her mother died in an accident which left a shadow in her mind. She deemed that the death was her fault and lived unhappily. One day, one of her classmates committed suicide. She was very sad and wanted to stop the event happened, and then she succeeded! She accidentally found out that she could go back in time 4

and prevent accidents. What kind of events she would get herself involve? In what way did she use this magnificent power? Would her life change?


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Chapter 1 Memories of Winter


Chapter 2 Someone Committed Suicide


Chapter 3 Return to the Past


Chapter 4 Accident


Chapter 5 Alarmingly Dangerous


Chapter 6 Reflection


Chapter 7 Heart-Searching




Chapter 1- Memories of Winter For me, winter was a season of snow. The ground was colored white, so pure and innocent, but the memories of long ago left me only sadness. It had snowed for three days running, and the whole neighborhood was covered with snow. Despite the severely cold weather outside, my room was extremely warm. I stood by the window and watched the scene from inside. On the snow crested street, a group of adventurous children had gathered and tried to build a snowman, with some of them throwing snowballs against each other. The joyful laughers broke the dead silence of the chilly winter. Suddenly, 8

a strong desire entered my mind; I wanted to go out, at once! I quickly grabbed my coat from the chair and ran hastily downstairs. When I opened the door, the icy wind that blew on my face made me step back a little, but I still stepped out into the street. I lifted up my head softly and stretched my arms slowly, turned my left palm upward trying to catch falling snowflakes. Watching those snowflakes falling from the sky and melting fast due to the heat of my palm, brought back memories which made me cry. I closed my eyes steadily and stood, felt the cold wind blowing though my cheeks. My name is Sakurako Hamano. My mother gave me the name “Sakurako� because I 9

was born during the time of cherry-blossom seasons. “Sakura symbolizes diligence, courage and wisdom,” my mother used to tell me with her gentle soft voice saying things like, “You should work hard and be independent to find your purpose in life.” I still kept profoundly these words in mind even today. My mother died in a car accident when I was six. I was chasing a butterfly and was too small to notice the drunken truck driver barreling down the road. My mother, who saw the high-speed truck, immediately rushed toward me and pushed me away. I fell to the ground scraping my knees on the icy road, I cried out, “Mummy!” A terrible screech was all that was heard. 10

That was winter time, a snowy day. All I could remember was blood. A snow white world dyed scarlet. The accident took my mom’s life away, but the getaway truck was found. The driver had drunk too much alcohol. Tears streamed down my cheeks. I hate it. I hate drunken people. I hate winter. I hate……myself. Who was that thief that stole my mother’s life from me?


Chapter 2- Someone Committed Suicide

Monday morning, the sunshine was blinding. Winter mornings always made people idle. I slowly opened my eyes, stretching my body. Unwillingly getting up off the bed, I quickly glanced at the alarm on the table peering at the calendar on the wall. Well, the clock on the wall showed me that I still had plenty of time to get ready for school, and it was December third. I turned on the radio, and it was my habit to hear the news every morning. “Japan’s economy has recovered earlier and more strongly than any……” economy? I turned off the radio immediately, and I didn’t really 12

care for this type of news. Economical issues were for adults, not a free and easy student like me. I am a senior high school student, and just like others, the routine of a student is simple and sometimes boring. I finished washing up and went downstairs to have my breakfast which my father prepared for me before he went to work. He had to take the subway for an hour to his company, so he always got up early. I only drank the milk and decided to take the toast to school since I had no desire to eat.

On my way to school, I walked slowly and kept looking around while walking. Well, the Yamada 13

family’ new car was so……weird! I just could not understand why any person would want to buy an orange car like that! Orange! By the way, where in the hell did they find an orange car? In front of the house of the Hamasaki family, there stood a snowman who wore a red scarf and black hat whose nose was made of a carrot. It must be the work of the naughty Hamasaki twins. I kept walking to the central park. There was a person sitting on the swing and wearing a white shirt and on the left side of which had the same mark as mine. It seemed I met a school mate, and she was apparently not in a good mood. I walked close to her, and pat her shoulder lightly. “Hey,” I said to her 14

“come on, we’re going to be late for school!” Of course I was kidding; I knew there were still thirty minutes left before school starts. I just tried to say something to her, hoping she could forget what she was worrying about. The girl slowly lifted her head. “Ah, it’s Miki-chan!” I said when I saw her face. I knew her. She was my classmate. I was a little bit embarrassed for not recognizing her earlier. She was always quiet in class and nobody knew what she was thinking. “What are you doing here?” I asked, feeling concerned “Are you alright? Do you feel sick?” “No…thank you,” she answered briefly. 15

“Ok…then…I’m going to school, do you want to come with me?” She shook her head, “No, I’m waiting for Kimiko…” “Alright then, see you in class.” I gave her a big smile and walked away. I didn’t know at that time that I would soon regret what I hadn’t done. You see, I should have insisted to stay and go to school with her.

(In class)

“Now turn to page 48 in your textbook,” the teacher said, “read the first paragraph silently and answer the 16

following questions .” The girl sitting beside me was nodding her head in a regular frequency. She fell asleep as soon as the class bell rang, which really amazed me. She slept during classes and merely woke up at break time. How could she still pass all the quizzes and exams? I looked down at my own test paper, and sighed. I had better hide the paper to make sure Dad doesn’t see the grade. I looked around the classroom to find something interesting. Two boys were drawing a picture with the teacher at the front of the class. They secretly smirked at







“masterpiece”. Suddenly, I noticed a seat. It was 17

empty. ‘Why isn’t Miki in class? Where is she?’ A bad feeling rose in my mind. ‘Don’t think too much. She will be fine,’ I said trying to comfort myself. Suddenly, someone stood up and shouted. ”What’s that?” “I told you before not to interrupt my class! You…” “Bump!” everyone heard a great sound before the teacher finished her sentence. ‘It sounds like something crash to the ground from the top of…the school building?’ The sound triggered a disturbance in class, and everyone was curious and some even left their seats 18

and running to the window to see what had happened. “Be quiet! Yamada, get back to your seat! And you…” the teacher shouted trying to regain control of the disordered class. It was totally no use since the hallway was getting noisy. Students in other classes must have heard the sound, too. “Someone has committed suicide! Itakawa Miki in class 5 committed suicide!” someone in the hallway shouted loudly. ‘What?’ I was shocked. ‘No way! I just saw her this morning, and I even talked to her……How could she…’ Miki’s unhappy face this morning suddenly appeared on my mind. 19

The class dismissed early due to the incident. It was a scandal. A student committed suicide on campus, and all the teachers were gathered by the school principal, and even some journalists who got the news were wandering around the campus trying to gather any news they could collect. Unlike other students, I didn’t go home right away as the teacher announced that we would not have class in the afternoon and asked us go home as soon as possible. Instead, I stayed in the class room. My mind was in a terrible mess. I walked slowly to Miki’s empty seat, and sat down in her chair. I reached my hand to touch her 20

desk softly. I opened her drawer under the desk; and a picture of her was lying on the books. I picked it up and brushed the dust away. At the moment I touched the picture, a sudden ache attacked me. The last thing I could remember was that I fell on the ground losing conscious.


Chapter 3- Return to the Past

I woke up and covered my eyes with my hands, and the





yesterday. ’Wait! Where am I now?’ I quickly jumped off my bed and realized I was in my own room. I was confused. I remembered I touched Miki’s picture then losing conscious……And at this moment, I was in my room? Did somebody take me home after I fainted? But what was the reason that caused me to faint? I scratched my head, tried to recall my memory……but I could remember nothing. I gave up and turned around to 22

tear off the calendar paper. I looked at the number on the calendar, and read “December 3rd, December 3rd, December…THIRD???” I cried out loudly. I tore off the calendar paper yesterday. There couldn’t be a second ‘December third’ in a calendar. I hesitated a little bit, then slowly reached the radio and turned it on. A familiar woman’s voice began to speak. “……economy has recovered earlier and more strongly than any other country……” Same…the same news as yesterday. I…I was back? Back to the previous day? How could this have happened? Was I dreaming? I pinched my cheek with all my strength. “Ouch!” I cried out in pain…It was reality. I was not 23

in my dream… ‘Miki!’ The name and the event happened the previous day jumped into my mind. I quickly ran to school. ‘I have to stop Miki from what she planned to do!’ I ran as fast as I could. Finally, I arrived and the park where I should meet Miki. I walked around but could not find a shadow of her. I was extremely worried, and decided to go to school first.

I opened the classroom door and successfully appealed to everyone’s attention. As all the people surprisingly gazed at me, I shouted “Has anyone see 24

Miki today?” I really hoped that someone would have spoken out. “I saw her going upstairs to the top floor,” a voice answered me. But I had no time to see whose voice it was. “Thanks!” I quickly ran and hided from an angry teacher who was shouting at the students who was running in the hallway.

On the rooftop, at the moment I saw Miki, I held my breath. She was standing by the edge of the roof, looking over the edge. “Miki,” I called out softly. “Come on, don’t do that, 25

it’s too dangerous.” I stopped to gulp. I tried to persuade her to calm down but I failed. She wasn’t even listening to me. “Please,” I begged. “Let’s talk, ok?” She stayed still without a sign of jumping. I was annoyed and impatient because of the nervous atmosphere. I decided to leave for a while to find someone to help. I ran downstairs thinking frantically who I could find at this urgent moment. It was class time and all the students were attending their classes. Luckily, I saw a student who seemed to be skipping class. And I knew him. He was my classmate, Otomo. I made up a plan in my mind and walked toward him. 26

When he saw me, he said with a careless tone, “Wow, I didn’t know that you like to skip classes too.” As he finished, he walked away. “Hey,” I stopped him. “I need your help. Come with me.” “What?” Otomo asked looking at me with an uncertainty. “Ah, I see, it must be the teacher who asked you to find me, right?” He sent me a disgusted eye and walked away. “Not the teacher, it’s me who needed your help.” I thought for a while, and then said threateningly. “If you don’t come with me, I’ll call your father and tell him that you’ve been cheating during the test and was 27

punished by the teacher.” “What! How did


know that I’ve been

cheating…uh, not, whatever you do, I bet that you don’t even have my Dad’s number, right?” When I mentioned his father, he acted like he was almost peeing in his pants. I let out a smirk and took out a piece of paper then read out. “093…” He interrupted me before I finished the third number. “Ok, ok,” he said while shooting me a murderous stare. ”I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t call my father.” “Come with me!”


As we reached the door to the rooftop, I stopped and turned to him. I needed to explain the situation to Otomo, or he might not understand what I wanted him to do. “Well, you are a man, right?” trying to let me voice sound free and easy. He gave me a doubtful eye and answered. “Have you got no eyes? What do you want me to do? Do not test my patience!” “Uh, I need your help to pull someone down…Since you are a man, you must have enough strength to force her…” “What? Who’s her? You want me to use violence? 29

You…” “Miki will commit suicide if you don’t act now, quick, you rush to her and pull her down…” I was extremely jittery. “What? How do you know someone is going to kill herself? Are you girls kidding me?” “No, I’ am not kidding you…” I bit my lower lip and took my cell phone out from my pocket. “09…” “Not again!” He was frustrated. “All I need to do is to grab her down, right?” “You’re smart!” “Ok…” Then, he suddenly opened the door and rushed in. The 30

act surprising me, how could he…what if he scared Miki? Oh, my……I covered my eyes with my hands, and slowly walked onto the rooftop…I let out a relieved sigh when I saw the scene inside. Both of them fell down onto the roof, and Miki was crying loudly. Otomo, who was sitting beside Miki turned his head and saw me. He lightly lifted his hand and gave me the “OK” gesture. I opened my mouth slightly and said voicelessly, “Thanks…”

The weather that day was cold, minus 10 degrees with snow. Strangely, I felt a warmth rising in my heart. Watching the snow falling, I stood still and smiled at 31

the blue sky.


Chapter 4- Accident

“Class dismissed.” “Thank you teacher, see you tomorrow.”

As soon as the class finished, I collected all my belonging on the desk and put them in my bag. I intended to go to the library to study for my math test, but my uncle and aunt were coming from Hokkaido to visit us. Dad reminded me to go directly home and not to wander around the streets. Just as I was leaving… “Hey stupid girl, where are you going?” It was Otomo, who helped me to save Miki a week ago. 33

“Going home, of course! Goodbye, dumb boy.” I walked out of the class. “Going home? I thought you were going to the library?” “I changed my mind, get away!” I pushed him away with all my force and left him behind. After the event with Miki, Otomo tried several times to ask me how I knew Miki was there. But I just kept my lips sealed, as I knew he would not believe me even if I told him the truth.

(At home) 34

“Sakurako, isn’t he pretty? Oh my baby…” My aunt cooed softly as she cuddled the baby in her arms. My uncle was standing proudly beside her, arms surrounding his wife and smiling so widely you could see all of his teeth. I smiled at the little family in front of me. I felt so happy for them. The baby was so lovely. “Sakurako, could you help me get a bottle of soy-bean sauce? I’m going to prepare our dinner,” my dad asked from the kitchen. “Ok,” I replied. “I’ll be back soon.”


“Let me see, the sauce area…” I watched the bottle carefully. “Ah, got it.” I took one bottle of sauce and walked straight to the check-out counter. “It’s 1,200 yen. Thank you.” I walked out the store and was amazed by the crowd outside. “What happened?” Due to my strong curiosity, I stood there and waited to see what was going on. Not long after, two police officers came over and asked the people to leave. As the crowd melted away, I saw what had happened. My face paled. It was an accident, a car accident. I could see the car and the body…with blood. The memories of my childhood flashed on my 36

mind. I felt sick and kneed down. There were two or three passersby stopped to ask if I needed help. I just kept silent and shook my head. I had no idea how much time I had been here. I thought of my aunt and her baby, and I stood up. ‘I had to go home quickly,’ I thought. ‘They must be worried.’

“Kenji, how…how come…?” As I attempted to walk away, a familiar voice stopped me. I turned around and recognized who the person was. It was my neighbor, the Fuji family. There were only two people in the family, a boy who was also my school’s senior and his mother, Mrs. Fuji. She was a 37

nice person, always treated me like her own child. She told me that she always wanted a daughter. Every time she praised me and criticized her son, Kenji would protest loudly by saying a list of advantages of having a son. And I would laugh happily and saying something to make my senior get angry. Of course he was not really angry, he just pretended to be annoyed and then we would laugh together.

I saw Mrs. Fuji running to the bloody body and cried out loudly. The crying scene was breaking my heart. Thinking of Kenji’s smiling face, my tears streamed down my cheeks. 38

“Did you see the whole event?” “Yes, it’s really…oh, I don’t know how to say, but the boy is brave…” “Really brave, indeed.” I stood on the street and heard the people gossiping about the accident. Kenji intended to save a boy whose balloon had gone with the wind. The boy trying to get the balloon back ran into the middle of the road. He did not notice the traffic light had turned red, and a high-speed truck came speeding by. Kenji was also there at that time. When he saw the scene, he ran fast to push the boy out of danger. The boy was safe, just had some little wound not too serious. The boy went 39

home with his family, but Kenji would not come back anymore.

My steps were heavily, and I thought of the accident, Kenji and my mom. My mother was killed in order to save me, and Kenji died for the boy. During dinner, I gobbled down my food finishing it quickly. I pretended that I was enjoying the food but actually I just wanted to get back to my room. I did not want my tears to spoil the dinner. I went upstairs and stayed in my room. There was a thinking came in to my mind. I had no idea if it would work or not, but I would like to try. I opened a drawer and took out a photo book. I 40

turned the book from page to page, finally… ”Kenji!” I took a breath and slowly reached out my fingers to touch Kenji’s happy face… “Uh…” I felt my head was aching as if it was going to crack…the last thing I knew before I fell unconscious was…I succeeded!


Chapter 5- Alarmingly Dangerous

“Umm…” I opened my eyes and remembered what I had done. I came back again. The mission today was to stop the tragedy yesterday…uh…not yesterday, I would not let it happen today. I grabbed my school bag and told my father that I would not come home early today. My father just nodded his head and said “Ok, be careful! And remember that your uncle and aunt will arrive around 4:00. They will stay five nights, so you don’t have to rush home if you really have something to do,” he said graciously. I apologized to my family in my heart, but I had more important 42

things to do.

“Class dismissed.” “Thank you teacher, see you tomorrow.”

This time, I immediately rushed out of the classroom and left Otomo who was shouting noisily behind me. I ran to the street where the accident occurred and waited there nervously. I didn’t know when exactly the event would happen, so I needed to concentrate on the surroundings. “He…hey…you… you stu…stupid…” hearing the voice, I turned around surprisingly. It Was Otomo! 43

The last person I wanted to meet at the moment. “Get away. I have no time to explain,” glaring sharply at him. I said, “Don’t bother me!” “Hey! How could you talk to me in that way?” he protested unfairly. “I helped you last…” I quickly walked away to avoid his annoying voice. Suddenly, I noticed a boy who had a red balloon in his hand. ‘Is that him?’ My heart skipped a beat, and I tried to walk closer to the boy. But soon after my first step, I saw another boy with a balloon! I looked around and realized there was a person who was giving colorful balloons to young children, and almost all the children on the street were holding a balloon! ‘What could I 44

do?’ almost crying and feeling helpless. I saw Kenji walking from the other side of the road. I had to stop him. As I was hesitating, a cold wind blew…I saw the boy…and his balloon! The balloon had gone with the wind and the boy…’ I have to stop him!’ I ran to the road and tried to take the boy back. From my left side, I could see the truck was coming. I pushed the boy away and tried to get away myself, but I fell. The fear and nervousness occupied my body; and I closed my eyes hopelessly to wait for the oncoming truck. I could feel the strong wind blowing and screaming from the crowd. I saw a shadow come to me, and someone pulled me up then we rolled on the ground 45

together. I opened my eyes and saw an angry face in which the eyes looked piercingly at me.

“You are really stupid!” I was surprised. Otomo ran into me and…he saved me… “What’s your brain for? I can’t believe it! Do you know how dangerous that was?” he shouting at me, as all the people on the street were watching. I felt embarrassed. “I just wanted to save the boy, I…” trying to plead for myself. “I just couldn’t believe,” he said calmly and coldly to me. “Don’t you ever think of your family before you 46

act?” “I…” I opened my mouth, but could not pour out a single word. He shot me a complicated eye and walked straight away without looking back.

That night, I lied on my bed. I was thinking and could not fall asleep. What did the expression in his eyes mean? I got up out of bed, and looked outside. It was snowing……


Chapter 6- Heart-Searching

“…so cold,” I closed the window and went back to my warm pillow. ‘I just couldn’t believe.’ ‘Have you ever thought of your family before you act?’ Those phrases kept appearing in my mind. And I could not forget the serious face of Otomo. Family was undoubtedly important to me. I already lost my mom; I should spend more time with my father. My father was always busy, and I knew he worked very hard to support the family. I rushed out to save the boy, what about me? What if I died? Otomo was right, I should think about my family before I did something 48

dangerous. I didn’t even mention the strange events I’d been through these days. I should tell Dad that I…I could time travel, but how…? He might not believe me… “Hey Dad, I just had two December 3rds, and I saved a boy yesterday because I can time travel back to the past.” Well, I could image how my father

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would act. He would pat my head lightly and asking if I had a good sleep, or he might think I caught a cold. With these thoughts, I decided to find Otomo and tell him the truth.

“So, what’s the important thing you mentioned on the phone?” Otomo asked which handing me a cup of 49

milk tea. “I can time travel,” I stopped to drink the milk tea, “ by touching people’s photos…” “Ha, Are you watching too much science fiction these days?” he did not believe me. “That’s how I knew Miki would commit suicide.” I watched his face changing. “And I went to save the boy because I knew there was something going on.” He remained silent He might be confused or scared, I thought. “Well, no wonder you know my father’s phone number…uh, I say,” he looked at me seriously. “What did your family say about that?” 50

“I didn’t tell them…”I replied honestly. “What? You should let them know to see if they have any…any idea about it.” “That’s why I want to see you today,” I said. “I don’t know how to tell my father the truth.” “Just tell him,” he said shaking his head. “He’s your father, not mine.” “But…” I hesitated. “What if he doesn’t believe me?” “No idea,” he said simply. “You should have more confidence in your father.”

“Hey, somebody stops him,” a voice shouted. “He robbed the bank.” 51

“Bomb!” It was a gun shot. And we saw someone falling, and the crowd gathered again. All the people around the streets were pointing and the falling body and gossiping. “Only idiots would rob a bank,” Otomo said distantly. “There are many ways to solve the problem, not this……” He suddenly stopped, and I lifted my head. “Keep going, I’m listening,” I said. “…that’s…that’s m-my brother…” he said quietly. “Your brother?” I looked up, and the police revealed the man’s face. It was pale. Otomo walked toward me, and squeeze himself into the crowd. I saw him walking straight toward one of 52

the policemen and talking to him. Otomo seemed to be very agitated, even grabbing the policeman’s collar. ‘What’s he doing?’ I ran over toward him and tried to take him away. “Come on, Otomo,” I begged and pulling at his sleeve. “Let’s go, you can not do this to a policeman. They will arrest you and take you to the police station…” “I don’t care! Don’t touch me!” He turned to the officer saying, “This must be a mistake. My brother would not want to rob a bank!” “Get away,” the police saying getting angry. “Would a robber mark himself as a robber? Kid, go home quickly and staying away. I will notify your father.” 53

“No, you can’t! You cannot tell my father.” He’s face was nervous. “I’m his younger brother, I’m his family, I’ll go with you,” Otomo begged the policeman. “How old are you, uh? We need to see your guardian, I’ll ask him to come to the office later,” finished the policeman and walking away. “Otomo, let’s go.” I tried again to persuade him. “No, it couldn’t be…” We sat on a bench in the park for hours, but Otomo said nothing. During that period, I tried to say something and asked some questions. But he just didn’t answer. 54

The sky colored orange, and soon darkness covered the surroundings. He told me his story. His parents got a divorce when he was young. He lived with his father while his brother went and lived with his mother. Otomo’ s relationship with his father was not very good. At the end, he walked me home and almost crying.

Seeing his lonely long-narrow shadow under the street light, I made a decision. I would time travel to the past again.


Chapter 7- Heart-Searching I closed the window, and secretly walked outside without telling my father. I made a phone call just like what I had done the previous day. This time could be dangerous as well since Otomo’s brother had just been shot.

“Hey, where are you going?” Otomo said following after me and feeling confused. “Ah, I know! Are you trying to say that you have a crush on me?” “Ok, let’s stay here.” It was the bank which was robbed. 56

“Help! Get him! That man in black just robbed the bank.” “Wait! Otomo, come back.” It was too late. He had rushed out to grab the robber. What would happen if he found out his brother was the robber? I sighed lightly. Otomo was removing the mask of the robber, and I covered my eyes. I didn’t want too see Otomo’s shocking face. Soon the police arrived and arrested the robber. This time, Otomo did not argue with the police. And I even heard Otomo was being praised. What happened? Was he not trying to explain for his brother? I looked toward them surprised. The robber was different; it was not Otomo’s brother whom we 57

saw yesterday. “Could you tell me what happened? So many people are here.” Hearing the voice, I turned around amazed. I pointed at him and could not say anything. “You…you…” “Otomo! What a coincidence!” shouted the man greeting the people behind me. “Hey, long time no see. How have you been?” I looked at them in disbelief. After I went home, I clarified the whole event. Otomo’s brother was actually hiding from the police, but it was because he was riding his motorbike over-speeding. When there were police asking him to 58

stop, he parked the car in an alley. He did not take off his helmet and walked out from the alley. When he walked into the bank, he saw the police and got nervous. He tried to run away but got shot. But at present, they were hugging each other and laughing loudly on the streets.

I went home that day and told my father the events of these passing few days. He said nothing but put his hand under his chin. I knew he was thinking. He might not believe me‌I was a little lost. He was my only family. What if he could not accept me and considering me a‌monster or‌ 59

My father looked at me thoughtfully and said slowly, “So you have the power too?” “Uh?” I looked up at him and could not understand. ‘too?’ What’s that mean? “Actually, your mother…has the ability to travel in time.” There was something resembling loneliness on his face. “ She always left me behind without telling me anything,” he signed lightly. “I found out the truth one day when I read her dairy secretly when she was not home…” “Sorry, Sakurako,” he said sincerely. “I should have told you earlier. You must be very nervous and not know what to do…I…don’t cry…” 60

Now it was my father’s turn to get nervous. He saw I was lowering my head and covering my face. He thought I was crying. Actually… “Dad…” I said with a smooth voice. “Uh, wha-what?” “How could you hide the truth from me? You know how much I care for mother and you…” I started to shout shaking my hands at him. “Forgive me…I didn’t know you would be…, that hurt, hey, you should not attack your…hurt…your father.”

I opened the window of my room and stretching my 61

hands to catch the snowflakes. I now knew why I have the ability to time traveling. It is a gift, a special gift from my dear mother. “Hey, lazy!” I heard someone’s shouting. I looked down through my window seeing a repugnant smiling face. “Are you still sleeping? You are so…” “Are you blind? I am totally awake!” I smiled. “Just a minute. I’ll go downstairs!”

For me, winter was a season of snow. The ground was colored white, so pure and innocent, and it was my favorite among the four seasons.


Celia Shen_The Gift  

The Gift Words checked = [5510] Words in Oxford 3000 = [94%] 1 town which located in the middle part of Taiwan, and to catch bees and butter...

Celia Shen_The Gift  

The Gift Words checked = [5510] Words in Oxford 3000 = [94%] 1 town which located in the middle part of Taiwan, and to catch bees and butter...