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Your Website Visitors Are Leaving to View Guest Reviews Hosted on Travel Websites Studies report that most visitors to your hotel website want to see guest reviews before making a reservation. When a visitor leaves your website to find guest reviews, you may pay a commission if the reservation is made at a travel website or you may lose the reservation to another hotel. Even if your visitor returns days later to make a reservation on your website, your affiliate marketing program may pay commissions for the “referral”. Travel websites, such as TripAdvisor® and its affiliates, Expedia® and®, receive more commissions because they host reviews posted by your guests.

Guest Reviews Hosted by GuestBook Will Help You Retain Your Website Visitors Now you have the option to direct your guests to a guest review website that does not compete with you or cost you a percentage of your revenue. The GuestBook website does not book reservations and does not participate in affiliate marketing programs. In fact, your GuestBook webpage has only one reservation button – a link to your own reservation system.

Your GuestBook Webpage

Your GuestBook Webpage GuestBook is an independent guest review website that provides a separate page for each hotel's guest reviews. Your hotel’s GuestBook webpage is part of the website, but is only displayed when visitors to your hotel’s website click a link on your website to your GuestBook webpage, or when someone clicks a link from a guest review that is shown in the results of a Google or other search.

GuestBook Reviews Can Deliver Potential Guests to Your Website from Google Local Business Search Results Google has made hotel guest reviews a key part of its Google Local Business Search so that any search for hotels in your city will display a listing of hotels and a link to reviews for each hotel.

How GuestBook Works YOU INVITE YOUR GUESTS TO POST REVIEWS You deliver printed or email invitations to your guests to post reviews. Posting a review is easy because we just validate a unique number from each invitation. In fact, posting a review is so simple, it can even be done on an iPhone right after a guest checks out. Since guests do not have to register to post a review, they will be more inclined to respond to your invitation to post a review. WE VALIDATE THE GUESTS BEFORE THEY POST REVIEWS Each invitation has a unique login number which we use to validate that a guest has stayed at your hotel. The invitation system ensures that all reviews are posted by guests who have actually stayed at your hotel. GUESTBOOK PROVIDES OPTIONAL SURVEYS Guests who post reviews have the opportunity to respond to an optional survey you customize or they can be delivered to your own survey system.

A Reviews tab is displayed when a user clicks on a link for any of the hotel reviews. This tab shows a list of abbreviated reviews, each with a link to the full reviews at the website hosting the reviews. The more GuestBook reviews displayed for your hotel, the more likely it is that users will click on a GuestBook review and be delivered to your GuestBook webpage.

GUESTBOOK ENABLES YOU TO ENHANCE THE REWARDS OPTIONS FOR YOUR GUESTS You can provide loyalty rewards as an incentive for your guests to post reviews or take surveys as we do not link frequent guest numbers to specific reviews.

GuestBook is a Cost-Effective Online Marketing Service The GuestBook service is provided on a monthly subscription basis. There are no setup fees and you can have your GuestBook webpage set up in minutes. There are, of course, no commissions for bookings or affiliate marketing program commissions for referrals. WE MANAGE THE SOFTWARE AND HOST THE REVIEWS We manage the GuestBook software application on our servers and host your webpage and guest reviews.

© GuestBook LLC. Patent rights pending. GuestBook and its distinctive logo design are trademarks of GuestBook LLC. TripAdvisor®, Expedia®, and® are not affiliated with GuestBook and are registered trademarks of their respective owners. Rev090407

Guest Invitations CUSTOMIZE AND PRINT – Our design wizard enables you to

customize your guest invitations. Our server then inserts a unique login number for each invitation. The invitations can then be printed from a PDF file or saved as HTML files.

DELIVER TO YOUR GUESTS - You can hand invitations to

Contact GuestBook

guests at your checkout desk or provide them to guests with their receipts. If you prefer you can email the HTML files. As an alternative, an optional CSV file of guest login numbers can be used to integrate with your CRM system.

EASY TO MANAGE - Since we use random login numbers associated with your hotel, but not with any particular guest, any invitation can be delivered to any guest.

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