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Guerrilla Truck Show


About Us Our 9th Annual Guerrilla Truck Show is happening on June 11, 2013 from 5:30-9:30pm. It’s been specifically planned to fall during Neocon, so it can draw a national and international audience. It’s located at the corner of Aberdeen and Fulton Market, in front of our showroom – Morlen Sinoway Atelier at 1052 W. Fulton Market. In 2012, we had about 5,000 people. We expect the show to be even bigger this year. We are proud to announce that for the 5th year in a row, DIFFA will help sponsor the event! Also, a big thank you to the West Town Chamber of Commerce for joining in again this year to help organize this one day design fest. Morlen Sinoway Atelier brings the Guerrilla Truck Show to the masses to galvanize our community of design creativity. It showcases the best of the best of new Product Designers, Furniture makers, Accessory Designers for home or person, Fashion Designers, Jewelry Designers, and Artists. I Guerrilla Truck Show 2013 I 2 I

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The GUERRILLA Manifesto 1. To achieve excellence in design 2. To galvanize the design community locally and nationally 3. To select forward thinking individuals that are innovative with both products & display 4. To achieve a high quality of craft and presentation

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The design event focus on helping designers and furniture makers gain a national and international audience to show their products at an extremely low cost. The vignettes are shown in small moving trucks.

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9th Guerrilla Truck Show  

Every summer during Neocon, the worlds largest international trade fair, Morlen Sinoway Atelier hosts the Guerrilla Truck Show. The event se...