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“I’m very observant of details like the architecture of Russian palaces or the color palette of the French countryside.” M ichael J. Siller , as to ld to L au r a M . B rown in g

I love to study different architectural periods. I try to incorporate not just the architectural styles, but also the styles of draperies and upholstery. I’m also really interested in color. Every country I go to—France, Italy, Russia—has a different color palette, and I try to include that in my work. My travels are really a learning experience for me. I’m inspired by color palettes, architecture, and nature, and I bring those things back to Houston, where I’ve become known for that old-world, Europeanstyle look. My favorite places to visit are English country houses, French chateaus, and Russian palaces. I absolutely love to go to Russia, and I’ve been to the Hermitage in St. Petersburg a dozen times. Every time I’m in England, I go to four or five country houses. And, of course, France has so many beautiful chateaus, like Versailles. One of our clients has an incredible 1930s Czech art collection. They’re an old Texas family, and their house was built around their different art collections. We designed the interior in a very grand European style with a rich color palette that sets off their collection. I’ve traveled extensively in Europe, and I’ve studied European draperies for years. One of the things I love in interior design is fabric. I love the colors, the way it feels, the tailoring. I like the construction of draperies and the things you can do with them—when they’re well done, it’s almost like couture, and many of my clients can really appreciate that. I’m very observant when I visit palaces and country homes, and I can start to see how draperies were constructed in the 18th century. I bring that construction into current times and into a livable space. Most of my clients gravitate to really ornate draperies. I work a lot with Lacy’s to produce those draperies, because they have excellent attention to detail. I’ll start with an ornate style, change it up, and bring these concepts to fruition for our clients. We’ve done so many projects around the world—Mexico, London, California, New York, Utah, Georgia, Florida—and we make sure our design fits the area as well as the client’s personality. Even though we’ve become known for incorporating a grand European style into our work, each project is a challenge, and we try to create a new space or environment that we haven’t done before.

ABOUT michael j. siller / Siller founded his eponymous interior-design firm in 1987, and has become known in Houston for his exquisite attention to detail and his contemporary interpretations of grand European style. Michael J. Siller Interiors works across the United States and the world, designing beautiful, ornate interiors for discerning clients.

Elaborate sitting rooms by Siller get custom sofas, lounge chairs, pillows, and lampshades. The library features a customcolored Hokanson carpet and draperies with goblet headings in a contrast trim.

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Photography: Christopher Alexander, David Lewis

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