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Acuity’s headquarters can be made to sparkle for various evening and nighttime events.

The company’s training complex will contain 17 rooms featuring tiered spaces and movable walls—the largest training room can house up to 900 people. With Acuity’s addition of 700 people in the past five years, this space will enable effective training of its relatively young staff. “Many of our employees tend to be fairly new college grads,” Murphy says. “They are new to the business, and we pride ourselves on training them from the ground up to be experts in our industry. We invest a lot of time in them upfront and every year on an ongoing basis.” In other words, spaces such as the training complex are not only useful, but necessary. Perhaps one of the more unique elements of the project is that there aren’t break rooms spread out around campus. Acuity’s headquarters will only have workspaces and collaborative areas. These collaborative spaces comprise the heart of the campus, where the auditorium, training complex, dining area, and a 45-foot rock-climbing wall reside. Murphy says her main task has been finding a way to artfully combine work and play. She found one way through a major expansion of Acuity’s exercise facility, which will add 16,000 square feet to the existing 10,000-square-foot space. The expansion, which will accommodate current and future employee growth, will also feature aerobic, spin bike, and massage rooms. One of the most playful features of the updated headquarters is a 65-foot Ferris wheel called the Charity Wheel. A smaller Ferris wheel was part of a gala in 2013 that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for

a local neonatal intensive care facility. The event had a circus theme, and Acuity set up the wheel in the event space. Today, the new wheel is a reminder of the company’s lighthearted attitude. “The wheel is an iconic element that crosses generations and envelops whimsy with purpose,” Murphy says. The Charity Wheel is at the heart of the campus, which continues to host major fundraising charitable events, spelling bees, and youth development seminars. Local law enforcement has also used the space as a training facility. Acuity has even opened its doors recently for a local SWAT team drill. It’s one of the many opportunities the company takes advantage of in order to use its facility to give back to the community. First and foremost, however, Acuity is a place to work, and Murphy says she hopes the revitalized headquarters gives employees the environment and tools they need to do an amazing job for the company’s customers.

PieperPower has been, and continues to feel, both fortunate and proud to have the opportunity to participate in this state-of-the-art Acuity headquarters expansion project in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This Acuity project is further defining a landmark that will be a fixture in this Wisconsin community for generations to come. “We partner alongside our customers to ensure their success with our integrity, dedication, and performance providing the value they demand. Our people are our power. Our employees are empowered to make a difference for future generations, and we are the most diversified, employee-owned company in the industry.” —John Kletti, Senior Project Manager, Pieper Electric, Inc.

A message from Mortenson Construction: We are inspired by a compelling purpose: building structures and facilities for the advancement of modern society. In partnership with Sheri Murphy at Acuity Insurance, we are doing just that—bringing Acuity a workplace that supports their organization’s continued growth, embodies their culture, and advances their business. Read more at

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American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63