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SOJOURNER TRUTH LIBRARY RENOVATION DURATION OF PROJECT: 2 YEARS COST: $14 MILLION A change in behavior precipitated the renovation of SUNY New Platz’s Sojourner Truth Library. “Historically, students studied alone for the most part,” McEnrue says. “But now, the faculty prefers students to work in groups. So, on the main floor, we created group study rooms with smart technology and furniture arrangements that promote interactivity. But there are also places that offer privacy, if students want to study alone.” The lower levels have more places where students can study quietly, and enjoy a pretty fantastic view. “The library is bermed into the side of a hill,” McEnrue says. “As part of the renovation, we removed many of the concrete walls on the west side of the building and replaced them with glass so that students may now look out on the Shawangunk Mountains.” Impressively, the library remained open and in operation during the renovation process. “We coordinated our work in collaboration with the dean of the library, and pulled off a relatively smooth renovation,” McEnrue says.


OCT | NOV | DEC 2016

Concrete walls were removed from the Sojourner Truth Library and replaced with glass to improve views.

Thanks to the sustainable features implemented in Ridgeview Hall, the project is on track for LEED Gold status.

American Builders Quarterly #63  
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