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“From my point of view, when all of the team members—regardless of their role—feel accountable and included, not only are we effective and fully engaged, the work we do is more fun.” Clay Adams Director, Project Management & Construction


OCT | NOV | DEC 2016

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ENTERGY NOW HAS PILOT PROJECTS UNDERWAY IN MULTIPLE AREAS to study the feasibility of utility-scale solar generation. In Mississippi, the company launched three solar installations in three different locations— each capable of generating 500 kW of energy from the array of solar panels. In New Orleans, the company selected a contractor to begin construction in 2016 of a 1-MW solar generation project with state-of-the-art battery storage technology to help compensate for cloud cover. On an even larger scale, the company has entered into a power purchase agreement that will lead to the construction of an 81-MW photovoltaic solar energy generation facility that should be online in 2019. When complete, the project will generate enough electricity to power roughly 13,000 homes.

American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63