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Clay Adams on his multifaceted career with Entergy and some of the recent projects that change the way the industry thinks about powering life



arly in Clay Adams’ career, his director of operations challenged him to learn as many things about the different aspects of energy generation, transmission, and distribution as possible. Adams listened. In his 16 years with Entergy, an integrated energy company headquartered in New Orleans, he’s worked as a transmission area planner, capital budget coordinator, distribution project manager, supervisor of asset management program design, and manager of substation design. He’s worked on projects that have traversed every kind of terrain, had to restore power to communities hit hard by extreme weather, and found new ways to bring energy to areas that have outgrown their supply and distribution sources. In his current role as director of project management and construction, Adams is helping lead Entergy through some of its most complex and meticulously planned projects yet. Most people might not think about the front-end work it takes for the lights to come on with a flip of a switch, but for Adams, that might mean shutting down city streets and the interstate through downtown New Orleans. It might mean using helicopters in Arkansas to transport material, workers, and build structures so that construction work doesn’t threaten an environmentally sensitive area. It means finding new sources of energy to keep rates low for customers and updating aging infrastructure in Texas and Mississippi as these states continue to grow. It sounds like a lot, but Adams says it’s part of the job. “As I progressed from assignment to assignment, I continued to draw on the experience from that previous assignment and look for ways to broaden my impact as well as my knowledge of the business,” he says.

OCT | NOV | DEC 2016


American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63