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DAVOL DIVISION HQ WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND Founded in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1874, Davol is Bard’s oldest division. Before 2008, it was based in an old commercial industrial building that lacked the best lighting and space for its tenants. The company approved a project led by Phoenix to move them into their current dedicated office building—a first-of-itskind experience for him. “We wanted to create a workplace where people wanted to go to every day,” Phoenix says. “Where they enjoyed the daily workplace experience and being productive. We took a clean-sheet approach and built a very attractive—yet cost-effective—building.” The key to the whole design is the atrium, a central three-story glass enclosure that lets in an abundance of natural light. Additionally, most offices in the building are situated on the interior to allow more light to come through the building’s exterior windows. “The entire first floor is dedicated to labs and research, but from the outside you’d never know it,” Phoenix says. “The facility still looks and functions like an office building. I think we really hit the mark on that one.”

Warwick, Rhode Island

Kevin Phoenix says that from the outside, you’d never know research work is done in the Davol Division HQ.

OCT | NOV | DEC 2016


American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63