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Although most Flywheel studios are concentrated along the East Coast, including this location in Washington, DC, the company is opening studios across the United States.

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LEED status, and Flywheel complied with stringent rules for dealing with waste and separating recyclable materials. Bryson says that was a “breath of fresh air,” since it offered a better organized system for dealing with waste. He credits contractor EBS Builders with delivering great work on the Astor Place project, and adds that the company has been a go-to contractor because it understands Flywheel’s attention to detail and its fast pace. “It’s been a fantastic building to work for in certain respects,” Bryson says. “They have an incredible amount of building systems that we can tie into directly. It’s a gorgeous location right on the corner; it’s just a really nice space. It’s definitely going to be one of our flagships in terms of beauty.” Tony Bonaduce, president of EBS Builders, is proud to be working with Flywheel at several locations throughout the New York market. “Although EBS Builders is located in the New York market, we do work throughout the eastern United States, and look forward to expanding our partnership with the client in a much larger area, as we do with many of our clients,” he says.



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American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63