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EASING THE TRANSITION LoyaltyOne prepares employees for a move to the new HQ with a concept space To help associates become familiar with the features of the new workspace before moving to LoyaltyOne’s new headquarters, the company created a concept space in its current building. Associates can choose from a number of different work space options, although there are no individual offices. “You can always find a great space to work, and there are many that allow for new surroundings and new opportunities for collaboration, which is a big part of our focus [on] stretching yourself and personal development,” says Janine Reaburn, director of real estate and facilities services. “We are literally taking thinking outside the box to a new level.” This completely wireless environment includes a large collaboration space, meeting rooms, and small focus rooms. Furniture can be moved around as needed.

“We have sensors on the desks and in meeting rooms to see which work settings are most popular,” Reaburn says. “The first group didn’t use the big collaboration space much, while the second group used it all the time. That showed us that different teams need different spaces.” Various departments cycled through the concept space for six-week stints and provided valuable feedback for moving forward. Reaburn says she’s encouraged by the positive response. “I think what will make the new space a success is because we have really involved associates from different departments and levels of the company in the process,” she says. “Comments such as, ‘It reduced my e-mail traffic by 30 percent—I can’t wait to move to the new space,’ are really rewarding.”

LoyaltyOne’s new HQ building in Toronto’s Distillery District will be a 16-story “smart” building and is slated to open in 2017.

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American Builders Quarterly #63  
American Builders Quarterly #63