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Guernsey Sports Commission

Review of the Year 2012

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Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Message from Graham Chester 2012 was busier than ever. In fact taking a few moments out to reflect on things, I think it was probably our busiest year to date. However, there were several highlights during the course of the year with the Olympic Torch Relay probably being the most memorable and the Sport Sunday that followed it was a great showcase of what our sports have to offer. The Spearpoint High Performance Programme has now got its own dedicated gym for our elite athletes, which is proving to be a huge bonus in assisting with their fitness campaigns. There was the first dedicated coaching weekend with workshops and seminars that were attended by over 150 local coaches from a variety of sports. This proved to be a very successful event. Our PE in Schools programme continues to develop at a pace and the feedback that we are getting is very positive. All of our other initiatives continue to flourish. The “Quids In” programme is continually being improved to enable us to be more effective in reaching our target audience. Street Sports have seen our core numbers treble over the last three years but there are still hurdles to overcome and the challenges of this particular programme will be on going. On the organisational side Tim Newenham has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer and Tom Eisenhuth has joined our team delivering in to schools and clubs. A strengthening of our already dedicated and effective team. On a sadder note, this year sees the departure of Dave Chilton and David Warr from their roles within the Sports Commission. David Warr has been a Commissioner since our inception in 2004 and has contributed massively to us being in the position that we find ourselves now. His dedication and hard work to the cause will leave us with a huge hole to fill but we are grateful nonetheless for all of David’s hard work. Dave Chilton leaves his role as Chief Officer of Culture and Leisure at the end of the year and therefore relinquishes his position as a Commissioner. Dave was instrumental in setting up the Sports Commission along with our current Chairman Stuart Falla. The work that went on behind the scenes to get the model in to place was a huge task and one that is now being followed in the creation of other Commissions. Two big losses to the Commission. Looking ahead to 2013 we are probably looking at a year of consolidation rather than expansion, although you never know! It would be nice to get the KGV project underway as there has been a huge amount of work carried out behind the scenes to get to the position we are now. There is no doubt the proposed facilities will be a massive boost for local sport. The Specsavers Youth Games will be taking place again on Saturday 18th May, with the training sessions leading up to that date. It is an event that I always look forward to; seeing the looks of excitement on the children’s faces is a joy to behold. Finally, if you are up for a challenge, go to our website and there you will find Ollie and Olly setting you a task to have a go at with an array of local sporting talent there to assist them.

Graham Chester Operations Director Guernsey Sports Commission

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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PE in Schools

The Sports Commission challenge was an idea developed in Late September 2012, by Ollie Dowding who is a PE & Sport Development Officer at the commission. The idea behind the newly developed programme is to inspire young people to try a range of different sports skills and try to beat their own personal best. Whilst the challenges are centered around basic sporting skills they feature a range of special guests, which have included local squash, football & cricket players, cyclists, netballers and Olympic Athletes. These challenges also aim to rekindle an interest in sport and different skills which previously may have been lost over time in older adults. #challengegsc – #2 Ollie Dowding is joined by Oliver Tracey, marketing officer at the commission who helps direct the videos each week, and produces the videos ready for publication at the end of every week. The interest has been great since its conception in September. The videos have received over 2,000 views on our YouTube channel and we have been joined by members of the local media to challenge staff members of the commission. The challenges have been promoted by staff who currently deliver the PE in Schools programme, and we have delivered an assembly in one school where local school children could set their personal best with the help of Ollie and Olly.

#challengegsc - #5

The challenges so far have included, juggling, single tennis ball bucket throw, netball shooting, squash volleys, double tennis ball throw, tennis ball keepy ups, single tennis ball throw.

#challengegsc - #7

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

#challengegsc - #10

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Karabiner Project Action For Children’s Karabiner project is an 8 week support programme for 16-25 year old NEETs (Not in Education, Employment or Training). The Guernsey Sports Commission provides a weekly sports/activity session for the participants aimed at getting them active, and also exposing them to a variety of different types of sports & activities at various locations across the Island. Activities this year included, circus skills, dodgeball, frisbee, table tennis, beach games, tennis, tchoukball, basketball, Frisbee, handball and volleyball. Support and advice is also provided to encourage ongoing participation. 3 projects were completed and supported by the Guernsey Sports Commission in 2012.

Community Sport

The Link Centre The Link Centre is a school for children with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. The Guernsey Sports Commission provides a weekly sports/activity session for a group of 12-16 year olds. The group size ranges between 2-8 participants. The aim is to get the participants active as the majority of them are not accessing P.E. lessons, and also to provide support and advice to encourage ongoing participation outside of the school setting. Activities included badminton, cricket, dodgeball, golf, tchoukball, rounders, ten pin bowing, table tennis, long ball, tchoukball and rock climbing.

Community Sport

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Street Sports

Community Sport

The Street Sports programme offers free sports sessions for young people aged 11-18 years. The programme is delivered weekly at Les Genats Estate, St. Martins and at Les Ozouets Campus. The aim is to improve access to sporting opportunities for young people with social and economic difficulties in order to benefit their wellbeing. The activities are chosen by the young people with guidance from staff who support everyone to enjoy the activities on offer, praise their efforts and encourage participation and the development of their skills. The sessions provide a constructive evening of physical activity opportunities in their own environment making it an informal and friendly setting, improving fitness and well-being, and ultimately increasing confidence and their selfesteem. The sessions are delivered by dedicated Guernsey Sports Commission staff and volunteers who provide a positive environment come rain or shine. Sports Development Officers and coaches have also attended to deliver focused sessions in their sporting disciplines and staff from other agencies, unrelated to sport (Arts Commission, Action for Children, Waitrose etc.) have also been invited to attend sessions to impart their knowledge, skills or offer their support. Young people are made aware by staff of what other agencies can offer across the island that may benefit their well-being.

Sports on offer: Football Basketball Netball Tchoukball Cricket Hockey Handball Frisbee Volleyball Badminton Softball Rounders Longball Circus skills

Street Sports has helped to improve young people's selfesteem. 55 young people have experienced significant progress (2012 Street Sport Surveys). In 2012 250 different young people have benefitted from participating in the programme. Young people are more


aware of other organisations through leaflets, staff from other agencies attending the sessions and keeping our staff informed of how other agencies can help the young people we work with. The residents of Les Genats Estate and the neighbourhood Basketball police team have recorded fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour around the estate and the efforts of the street sports team has been recognised to have contributed to this change.

“Helps me get better at sport”

“Gets us out of trouble and keeps us fit”

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

“It brings everyone together”

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Funding Sports Development Fund

Capacity in Clubs

During 2012 the Sports Development Fund received applications for support in the region of ÂŁ118,500. The Committee kept within the Fund limit of ÂŁ65,000 supporting 29 different sports in the Island. One third of the Fund was utilised to support 16 sports to enable local people to qualify as coaches and to bring higher qualified coaches to the Island for elite coaching workshops. The sports of Athletics, Badminton, Hockey, Kayaking, and Rugby all have additional coaches to further develop their sport. One third of the Fund was utilised to support 19 sports for young people to compete in county level events off-island. The achievements of the young athletes of Guernsey include; Archers finishing 1st and 2nd respectively in their Class; Junior Teams from Cricket, Football, Judo, Rugby, Table Tennis, and Ten Pin Bowling competing in English league events; England Trials for Hockey and Netball; Boxers competing in ABA quarter final championships; and a young Gaelic Football player competing in the European Championships. The remaining one third of the Fund was utilised to support the elite athletes of Guernsey of all ages who achieve the top 20 ranking position of their sport, including juniors who achieve a top 20 ranking position in their age group. 35 athletes achieved the criteria and were supported to train and compete off-island at National and other events. Individuals to name but a few include; Athletics represented Katie Rowe who achieved National age group Medal status; Sailing represented by 3 athletes including Johanna Asplund who achieved selection to the Youth GB Squad; Badminton represented by 2 athletes including Jordan Trebert who reached the semi-final stage at his age group National Championships; Swimming represented by Ian Powell and Tom Hollingsworth, both attending trials for the Olympic Games 2012; Rugby represented by Luke Jones achieved Youth England Squad status; Golf represented by Aimee Ponte; Fencing represented by Fraser Ward who achieved GB status; Cricket represented by James Wilkes-Green attending a South Africa tour with Sussex County Cricket Academy.

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Funding (continued) Sports Guernsey The Sports Guernsey Fund 2012 received 20 applications to assist local sport associations to host sporting events in Guernsey for both local and visiting competitors. The budget of ÂŁ35,000 was well utilised across many sports and attracted visitors from across the world. To name but a few; thousands of local residents saw the London 2012 Olympic Torch carried by local sport personalities as it passed through the streets of St Peter Port; the British Sand Racing event saw two new British Champions; the Mini Soccer Festival attracted professional junior English football club players; the Easter Badminton Festival attracted high ranked English players, with local player, Elena

Olympic Torch Relay

Johnson, achieving winning position in the mixed doubles event; the Archery Commonwealth European Championships were held locally similar to other regions such as Africa, Oceania, India and the Americas as preliminary rounds to the Commonwealth Archery British Sand Ace Championships Championships to be held in 2013. Sport events hosted locally provide for high standard visiting competitors to further develop standards. The majority of sports events organised locally are run entirely by local volunteer workforce. The number of visitors attracted to Guernsey as a direct result of hosting sport events during the year reached just over 4,000 who occupied hotel accommodation between 1 and 7 nights, providing just over 10,000 bed nights to the local economy.

Senior Six Nations Table Tennis Tournament

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Junior Sports Leaders Award The Guernsey Sports Commission recognise that young sports participants want to give something back to their sports club and community, and thus offer them the chance to become a sports leader by completing an award offered by Sports Leaders UK. Sports Leaders UK is a charity delivering sports leadership awards and qualifications for 150,000 people a year, through over 6,000 schools, colleges, local authorities, prisons and young offender units.

Capacity in Clubs

Oliver Tracey, Marketing & administration officer from the Guernsey Sports Commission, also a Sports Leaders accredited tutor, ran a weekly session for the leaders at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. In 2012, 16 students from Elizabeth College took the Sports Leaders level 1 course which provided the leaders with a recognised leadership award and qualification. It helps people develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and 2011-2012 intake working with others, and whilst the award is delivered through theoretical and practical sessions, learners learn by doing rather than through written work. The award is delivered over 33 guided learning hours and assessment is made upon a learner's ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills for a total of 1 hour. The Level 1 Award in Sports Leadership provides the ideal starting point for learners aged 13 years and over who wish to develop their leadership skills, whilst under the direct supervision of their Tutor/Assessor or other suitably qualified adult. The syllabus is designed to develop generic leadership skills that can be applied to a variety of Tutoring of the award sports and/or recreational situations as well as contributing to the personal development of the learner. In June 2011 the 15 students passed the Junior Sports Leadership Level 1 course, and 16 new students enrolled on the course which started in September 2011 and is due to run until June 2012. “It gives you a lot of important skills that are not only applicable to sport, but can be used in other areas of life” Sports leader Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

“Sports leadership is fun, rewarding & enjoyable” Sports leader Page 9

PE in Schools Programme

PE In Schools

The PE in Schools Programme is now in its second year with new sports being delivered and more schools now involved. The PE and Sport Development Officers, Kerri Brown and Ollie Dowding have now been joined by Tom Eisenhuth who is supporting the delivery of the programme whilst building strong links between clubs and schools. PE in Schools was originally launched as a pilot during 2011 Tom Eisenhuth aimed at children in Years 3 and 4. The programme now sees 14 schools receiving up to 15 weeks of high quality PE each year. The lessons continue to be fun, enjoyable and they engage the children and provide teachers with knowledge and ideas that can be incorporated into their own lessons; this is achieved through observation in the lesson and in the form of lesson plan resources. The team work alongside the class teacher to identify children who may require further support on their skill development, develop each child’s all round skill level and challenge all children to their abilities. Children now experience a number of new sports as part A typical lesson of the programme with athletics, golf, ultimate frisbee, football and hockey the new additions for this year. With 11 sports now taught over the 2 years in Y3 and Y4 we are further trying to inspire children to find a sport which they enjoy. “The children have loved every session and will miss Kerri lots.” Y4 Teacher

Kerri Brown

“After school club has been very popular with some of the children who don’t attend any other clubs becoming enthused about it with their skills progressing well.” Y3 Teacher “Such a brilliant term of games. I have learnt so much and so have the children. I feel more confident teaching PE/Games and the resource will be an excellent teaching aid.” Y4 Teacher

Ollie Dowding Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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In October half term we invited 40 children from Year 4 to attend the first Multi Skills Academy morning at the Grammar School. The team created a challenging and fun environment for children that have shown an enthusiasm and willingness to learn in their PE lessons or scored highly in the 2012 Skill Assessment. The morning was a great success and the team are looking to hold a further Academy morning in 2013.


“I would just like to say a big thank you for Wednesday, Aimee was a little bit nervous but thoroughly enjoyed herself. Keep up the good work!” Parent of Multi Skills Academy Attendee 2012 witnessed Kerri and Ollie delivered a Key Stage 1 Fundamental Motor Skills training morning to 20 teachers at a local primary school. The course gave teachers the opportunity to learn exactly how to teach fundamental motor skills and in which order. The morning was very active and the feedback from teachers was positive.

FUNdamentals course

“Great course that was very ‘hands on’ which helped consolidate ideas. Keep up the good work!” Y1 and 2 Teacher “Lovely morning, thank you!” Y2 Teacher The Reception Intervention was launched in November 2012 after a successful pilot project at two local primary schools and there are now 11 schools that are receiving 8 lessons focusing a range of different Fundamental Motor Skills from hopping, jumping to dribbling and striking. The opportunity has shown to Kerri, Ollie, Tom Reception intervention and the Reception teachers, the benefit of teaching children at a young age the key skills and providing them with a strong foundation for developing their physical literacy. “The children have loved the lessons and ask every week if you are coming back!” YR 2 Teacher “That lesson was more fun than the funfair” YR 2 Child

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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‘Quids In Sports’ Programme

Community Sport

The Guernsey Sports Commission recognises that individuals face a number of barriers to participation, and the price of participating in sport can sometimes be a limiting factor. Consequently, the Sports Commission have provided an opportunity to participate in a sporting activity for £1 per session which is affordable for low income families and accessible for young people in need. The programme is run in every school holiday apart from in the Christmas Holidays. 8-11 yr olds get the chance to try multisports sessions held over 3 hours which incorporate a range of games, activities and sports that are popular with young people. 11-16 yr olds have the Mountain Biking opportunity to play a range of single sport activities which range from Mountain Biking, Volleyball, Indoor Bowls, Squash, Street Dance, Frisbee, Softball, Judo, Boxing, Horse Riding, Table Tennis, Handball and Surfing. Condor Ferries sponsored the programme this year, and their continued support has ensured that the opportunities were provided to a young person for the cost of only £1 per session. Spaces Spaces Activities % Primary available Filled offered activities 2011* 3751 2826 30 97% 2012 2862 2129 25 98% *Amended from previous annual report

Boxing % Secondary activities 53% 44%

Hours offered 241.5 182.5

Whilst a number of the fields from 2012 are less than that those during 2011, the number of young people that we are working with from our target group has increased throughout the year, and continues to do so through 2013. “This was his first experience of the Quids in Programme and he thoroughly enjoyed it.” Christine (Parent of multisports participant) “Carys thoroughly enjoys your programme. She likes the fact that you do team games, encourage to participate and basically has a fantastic time”. Kay (Parent of multisports participant). “Very well organised, she had a lot of enjoyment out of it and had exercise at the same time” Paula (Parent of participant who tried surfing, tennis, judo & beach rounders). “It was nice to see that a couple of the coaches recognised my son, having taught sports at his school in the past, and this made him feel more confident and comfortable”. Lynsey (Parent of multisports participant) “This is such a confidence booster for them. I wish you had been around when we were that age!! Sally (Parent of multisports participant). Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Rising Stars

Talent Identification

2012 will no doubt be remembered for one of the most successful Olympic and Paralympic games ever. It was therefore a superb achievement for the Island as a whole to be represented by 3 athletes from the Bailiwick. Whilst Heather Watson and Carl Hester were not beneficiaries of the Rising Stars scheme having come through before the scheme was introduced, Lee Merrien was. There is no doubt that the support provided by the Commission through the Rising Stars scheme has made a huge difference in Lee making it in to the Olympic marathon team. That support was not only financial but service based and reflects the distance the Commission has come in its provision for aspiring sportsmen and women. Erica Bodman, Alice Loveridge, Kristina Neves, James McLaughlin, and Jack Oldfield have continued their progress within their various sports. Whilst Jack is based in Spain and has less direct contact with us the others have all benefitted significantly from the support services the Island has to offer. Erica has continued her progression to the fringes of the World Class Programme with a series of good results and performing well at the recent GB trials. Alice has settled in to a new environment at University in Nottingham and is working 1:1 with former England international, and now coach Alex Perry, supported by Rising Stars. James has worked hard through the past year and moves in to an important year as he continues his association with French team Saur Sojasun. The highlight of his 2012 being a podium finish at the Vassiviere Grand Prix. Jack Oldfield has progressed well and is continuing to improve at his training base in Barcelona. The highlight of Jack’s year was no doubt winning the Sanchez Casals Master Series U16 title. Newly inducted Rising Stars in 2012 included England U18 rugby player Luke Jones who has signed an academy contract with Leicester Tigers. GB Junior Sailor Johanna Asplund who has made it in to the GB Youth Squad and is now competing against many of the 2012 Olympic sailors. And finally fencer Fraser Ward who has joined the national sabre squad and is now based in Truro. Luke Jones inducted

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Spearpoint High Performance Programme*

Talent Identification

The Spearpoint High Performance Programme has moved from strength to strength over the past 12 months. Tim Newenham’s arrival as CEO has further improved our ability to provide expert opinion and guidance to sport in Guernsey. A total of 32 young athletes from 10 different sports are now part of the programme with a further 8 as part of Rising Stars. April saw the opening of the Spearpoint High Performance Centre, a state of the art strength and conditioning facility. All athletes on the programme in year 9 or above have access to the centre for training where they receive support from a number of personal trainers led and guided by Denis Mulkerrin.

High Performance Centre

During term-time every 6 weeks athletes and parents have attended separate workshops led by Rachel Sharp that explore aspects of performance lifestyle and psychology. Rachel has also been working on a 1:1 basis with some athletes with notable success. The Commission also appointed Dr. Steve Evans as its Medical Director. Steve’s role is not to provide hands on care but to coordinate and develop support for athletes on the Spearpoint High Performance Programme. Steve’s work has already brought about a greater sense of support for our athletes and their parents whilst making a significant practical difference. Steve Evans – In November the Commission hosted the first Performance Medical Director and Coaching Conference to be held in the Island. “Developing the Winning Edge” brought together 150 coaches, including 20 teachers, to explore various aspects of coaching and performance. Workshops were delivered by professionals from business, education, sport and from the UK. The conference commenced with a series of keynote speeches delivered by Andy Priaulx, Kathy Tracey and Tim Newenham. On Saturday 17th November a number of sports hosted their own coach development workshops looking at particular areas of their sport. The final day saw all sports and coaches come together at St Sampsons School for a carousel of different workshops covering yoga, leadership, physical development, psychology and skill acquisition. Feedback strongly suggests that this will not be the last conference.

Andy Priaulx at Coaching Conference

*Programme has subsequently been renamed to Brooks Macdonald. Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Page 14

Yoga with Anthea Sweet

Mindfulness with Dr. Charlotte Friel

Leading with Colin Fallaize

Whilst a number of athletes have achieved great things a few deserve particular mention. Rugby player Luke Jones was signed by Leicester Tigers Academy having been capped by England U18’s. In fencing Fraser Ward has moved to Truro and joined the National Sabre squad. Sailor Johanna Asplund was selected for National Youth Squad in November. Rhys Jordan signed professional terms with Bristol City Football Club having completed a successful trial period. The passion, hard work and dedication these individuals display is mirrored by many others and these attributes are key to long lasting enjoyment and success. Congratulations and special mention should be made to all of the coaches working at levels who have worked tirelessly with great passion for their sport. It is this group of people that make these achievements possible.

Delivery team

In 2013 we can look forward to the ongoing work of the High Performance Programme and the development of our various services. Also on the horizon are a repeat of the coaching conference and a talent camp for 11-18 year olds in July. There will be an increasing focus on supporting the coaches working with our top performers to further develop them and those that they work with. Spearpoint have been fantastic sponsors and as a result of their support we have been able to provide something that is really cutting edge and that many communities would be envious of. The work that we are able to do as a result makes a significant impact to many people. I would like to thank all of the team with whom I work for their enthusiasm, expertise and passion for the roles they perform. Because of that teamwork and ability to make the most of what we have Guernsey continues to put on weight and punch higher and harder on the sporting stage. Jeremy Frith Performance Director

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Volunteer - Bedell Volunteers’ Week

Capacity in Clubs

This new initiative aimed to recognise and celebrate the great work that sports volunteers do here on the island, along with inspiring new volunteers. The week took place during October and was sponsored by Bedell Cristin. A number of assemblies with school years 9, 10 & 11 were organised. The aim of the assemblies was to raise the awareness of the benefits of volunteering in the Bailiwick and how it can support the community and enhance the employability of that volunteer in the future.

Assembly promoting Volunteering

The hall of fame offered members of the public the chance to nominate individuals they felt had contributed to volunteering within sport on Guernsey. It served as a thank you, and a tool in which recognise those volunteers who have given up their time to help sports clubs run effectively. This display was available to view at four different public locations during the week which included the main reception of Beau Sejour Leisure Centre, the main entrance to Princess Elizabeth Hospital, outside the children’s section in the Library & near the arrivals gate in Guernsey Airport. Barry Bartlett was the proud recipient of the Special Recognition Award presented at a Volunteer recognition evening held at Beau Sejour on 1st October. Over 100 guests were present on the evening which aimed to recognise and thank all sports volunteers. Barry was just one of 18 different islanders who were nominated from members of the public. He was given special recognition of his services towards equestrian.

Hall of fame

Night of recognition

Volunteer support workshops were also organised. They were aimed at the volunteer co-ordinators in local sports clubs that enabled them to develop ideas about how they could best recruit new volunteers and look after them whilst supporting the clubs activities. They were attended by a range of different sports which included football, rugby, tennis, fencing, athletics, gymnastics, cricket, table tennis, volleyball & shooting.

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Page 16

Capacity In Clubs

Workshops & Training Opportunities

The Guernsey Sports Commission offers a range of workshops and training opportunities to sports coaches, sports leaders, volunteers and anyone with an interest in furthering their sporting ability. These courses are provided to ensure that coaches can 7 different workshops remain skilled, and can continue their professional development. They also enable all coaches 78 different sports coaches, volunteers, to fulfil the minimum standards for leaders & parents attended deployment required by a range of National Sporting Governing Bodies.

27 hours of Continued Professional

The workshops are led by experienced Development (CPD) available coaches, easily tailored to the specific learning needs of the audience and conveniently held at local venues usually in the evenings or at the weekend. The workshops are run in small groups allowing coaches to share experiences and benefit from best practice. The workshops are nationally recognised and all attendees are awarded with a certificate of attendance and a valuable resource. A range of workshops were offered from Sports Coach UK and St. John Ambulance throughout the year. Sports Coach UK: -

Safeguarding and protecting children 1 Safeguarding and protecting children 2 Equity in your coaching Multi-skill club induction

St. John Ambulance: -

Sports First Aid

“Helped me to understand the importance of a number of topics and how to report effectively through the correct channels” (Basketball Coach: Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2) “An enjoyable, interesting course, thank you” (Swimming Coach: Equity In Your Coaching) “Interactive and informative workshop” (PE & Sport Development Officer: Safeguarding & Protecting Children 1)

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Multiskills Workshop

Page 17

Generali Get Active Fortnight

Healthy Lifestyles

During the Get Active Fortnight the Guernsey Sports Commission and Generali Worldwide offered taster session in a variety of activities and sports. It started on Saturday 19th of May and finished on Monday 3rd of June. The overall idea of the fortnight is to get as many people as possible on the island active.

The activities offered were all about having fun and finding options to keep active on a regular basis. All activities were offered free of charge and were offered as a taster and no previous experience or fitness was required. Some of the activities offered included Nordic Walking, Volleyball, Kayaking, Zumba, Fencing, Badminton, Junior Tennis, Running & Fitness Camp.

29 activities offered


Volleyball Nordic Walking Sue (Participant): “Fantastic initiative, inspires and rekindles an enthusiasm that perhaps you have lost for one reason or another”

Tristan (Participant): “Really fun, learnt some fundamental skills”


Grace (Participant): “Great way to meet new friends, really fun and enjoyable”

Fitness Camp

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012


Page 18

Girl’s Convention

Healthy Lifestyles


On Tuesday 21 June 2011 the Guernsey Sports Commission and M&S teamed up to support girls in year 9 to find an activity that they would enjoy and would like to participate in more regularly. The day was held at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre and was all about having fun and trying different activities that they may have not tried before. These activities included Zumba, Food Labelling Workshop, Yoga, Judo & Spinning. M&S sponsored the day and were also kind enough to provide everyone with a t-shirt and healthy lunch on the day.



88% of girls found an activity they would like to try again.

100% of girls either strongly agreed or agreed that they enjoyed participating in the activities at the convention


Overall it was really entertaining and made me think twice about my portions of food - participant

58 attended in total It showed me that healthy can be really yummy - participant This was a great opportunity to try out new exercises and sports and I would love to do them again - participant It was good fun, and different to what we normally do - participant

Healthy Hearts Day

Healthy Lifestyles

The Guernsey Sports Commission supported Healthy Hearts Day on Sunday 9th September held at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre from 9am – 1pm. It was a day for all the family to enjoy, and hosted a range of health checks, as well as access to dietary advice, healthy cookery demonstration and a chance to learn some basic life support skills.

The Guernsey Sports Commission had a presentation stand Display showcasing the benefits of exercise to those in attendance. They offered advice and support for individuals of all ages looking to further their participation in sport & physical activity on the island.

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Page 19

Sporting Achievement Awards

Talent Identification

The Guernsey Sports Commission hosted the Annual Sporting Achievement Awards for 2011 on Wednesday 18th January 2012 which were supported by Law At Work. The evening celebrates all that is best about sport in Guernsey, and the Sports Commission were very grateful to Erica Bodman and Dan Guilmette who served as special guests for a question and answer session during the ceremony. Erica is currently competing off island in rowing and is just one of the select athletes supported by our Rising Stars Programme. Dan was about to embark on a season working as a Physiotherapist for Team Sky Cycling.

Stage was set

A number of awards were presented during the evening, and the nominees came from member sports of the commission. Awards were presented included the Lambourne Shield, Beau Sejour Trophy, Sports Guernsey & Nautical Guernsey Shiled, Guernsey Sports Commission Small Team Trophy, Disabled Sports Achiever of the Year, Guernsey Sports Commission Team Trophy, Dave Dorey Memorial Trophy, Sir John Loveridge Trophy, Guernsey Brewery Salver and the Richard Burton Salver. The final award was the highest accolade that the Sports Commission can give to a Guernsey sportsperson, and seven individuals from six different sports were nominated which included Lee Merrien, Tom Druce, Heather Watson, Jeremy Frith, Kristina Neves, Alice Loveridge Stuart Falla – our Chairman & Alison Merrien. The Sports Commission were lucky enough to be joined by Jorgen Pettersson who has been the president of the International Island Games Association since 2007. In his sporting prime, Jorgen was regarded as being a very good volleyball player and represented Aland at the Island Games from the first Island Games in 1985 until 1995.

Awards being presented Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Special Guests Page 20

Olympic Torch Relay

Community Sport

Guernsey was given the responsibility of hosting a leg of the Olympic Torch Relay on day 58 of its tour of the UK. It is anticipated that the torch relay came within a 1 hour journey of 95% of British people, however with Guernsey measuring only 3 by 9 miles, watching the relay was a popular once in a lifetime opportunity, and it was estimated that over 10,000 people lined the street of St. Peter Port to catch a glimpse of the Olympic Torch Relay. There were 16 local torchbearers who represented the Bailiwick, carrying the torch on its journey to London and the opening ceremony.

Whilst the commission organised and co-ordinated the relay Torchbearers route with the London Olympic Games Organising Committee, the nominated torchbearers were chosen from public nomination process completed earlier in the year. The Torch relay witnessed some scenic landmarks, as the relay took part in Guernsey’s capital, St. Peter Port. The route shared between 16 torchbearers took over one and a half hours and was enjoyed by the 10,000 strong crowd. The route passed Castle Cornet, Le Pollet and the Crown & Albert Piers.

Celebration of Sport

Capacity in Clubs

After the Olympic Torch had left the island and continued on its journey to Jersey, a Celebration of Sport in St. Peter Port was organised by the commission. The aim of the celebration was to showcase the wide and vibrant variety of sports available to residents living on the island. Over 20 different sports were present along the seafront showcasing their sport to onlookers and giving the audience a chance to try their sport. A range of demonstration events included cycling road race criteriums and an elite mile event for both men and women. Sports displays by the Guernsey Sports Commissions member sports included football, netball, touch rugby, karate, cheerleading, rugby, fencing, basketball, judo, bowls, pistol shooting, squash, volleyball, karting, softball, cricket, hockey, badminton and trampolining.

Sporting demonstration s The event was considered a huge success and a variety of sports clubs have seen an enhanced interest by new participants, which has reflected UK trends post London 2012 Olympics. Consequently, it is anticipated that a similar event like this will be hosted again next year showcasing all that is great about local sport.

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Weight Wise Week: Women’s Only Taster Sessions

Healthy Lifestyles

The Guernsey Sports Commission aims to support everyone to participate in sport and physical activity. We acknowledge that there are lots of barriers for people to overcome to enjoy sport and physical activity, especially for women and the Sports Commission supported them by offering Women’s only taster sessions. Weight Wise Week is all about individuals looking at their lifestyle and thinking about the choices they make. The GSC in conjunction with M&S, aim to make it easier for women to make healthy choices and enjoy sport and physical activity.

Out of 228 feedback forms returned 41% very likely to do activity again in the future 16 (age of youngest participant) 69 (age of oldest participant)

28% of participants heard through word During Weight Wise Week taster sessions were on offer in a variety of of mouth activities and sport. It was all about having fun and finding options to keep active on a regular basis. All activities were offered free of charge, and were open to women only and as a taster – no previous experience or fitness was required.


Kettle bell class


Zumba Fitness class

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Member Sports

Capacity in Clubs

The Guernsey Sports Commission’s website hosts 48 different member sports. A range of club and organisations are listed with the relevant contact information to get in touch with your chosen sport. This list is published annually in the press in January after our Sporting Annual Achievement Awards. It is available to view at our website on

48 member sports

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Media Relations 2012 was a busy year for the commission, and the increase in the number of programmes and initiatives put in place warranted an increase 380 people like our page in media coverage. The year also included the introduction of a Twitter page and a new video Over 200 posts channel on YouTube. Facebook remains a popular way of the Guernsey Sports Commission sharing their news and events to their online following. It serves as a great platform to display photos, post videos, ask questions and conduct surveys to those who like our page online. It remains the only online space where we post albums of photographs of events we attend. These included the Olympic Torch Relay, Sporting Achievement Awards & our Quids in Sports Programme.

650 followers 3,000 tweets 89 Uploads 15 Subscribers 9 Playlists

Twitter is the social networking service and Over 14,000 Video views microblogging service which is currently taking the world by storm. The Sports Commission set up an Over 9 hours total video time account in 2013. In less than a year since the commission set up the account we have attracted over 650 followers and have tweeted over 3,000 times. The service remains a popular way of informing the public of new programmes and initiatives the commission is delivering, but also with up to date news, events and updates of their activity. Sticking with prominent trends in online marketing, Oliver Tracey also created a YouTube channel whereby videos could be uploaded for the public to view. Since the Sporting Achievement Awards in January, which was the first video to be uploaded, over 90 different videos are available to view on the channel. Amongst the videos included, coverage or the Olympic Torch Relay, British Sand Racing Championships, GSC Challenge, various programmes and initiatives and coverage of local sporting events which have included volleyball, table tennis & road cycling. Print coverage Print coverage was predominantly featured in the Guernsey Press, however local magazines also featured a range of articles throughout the year. Popular stories included the coaches conference, opening of High Magazine coverage Performance Facility & Olympic Torch Relay. 2 articles 93 column cm2 Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

Print coverage 55 articles 7185.85 column cm2 2

(3,942.35 cm more than last year. Changes can be attributed to substantial amounts of coverage surrounding Olympic Torch Relay, Bedell Volunteers’ Week & Coaches Conference)

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Channel Television – Rising Stars

TV coverage Channel Television

2 features including the Quids in Summer & Quids in October programme

BBC Guernsey 3 features, Quids in programme, Paralympics & Street Sports. BBC Guernsey - Youth Showcase Radio coverage 11 radio features on Island FM: including Quids in Programme, Volunteers Week, Get Active Fortnight, Sporting Achievement Awards and Women Only Taster Sessions. 10 radio features on BBC Guernsey: including Quids in programme, #inspireageneration, Paralympic Games – Goalball, Volunteers Week, Coaches Conference & Youth Games.

National Media Stories Monday 28th May 2012 - Squash Wednesday 30th May 2012 - Luke Jones temid=1 Wednesday 14th June 20120 – Olympic Torch relay Friday 20th July 2012 – Royal Visit Daily Mail, Metro, ITN News, Hello Magazine & Clarence House

Olympic Torch Relay - Media

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Providing a strong and identifiable “Voice for Sport” Updating the Sports Commission’s website Maintain the high profile of the Commission’s work

GSC Website

Our website was relaunched in October 2011, and has reached out to over 13 thousand different visitors from over 90 different countries in 2012. The website remains the main vehicle in which to give our sponsors visibility. It has in turn given our programmes more value in attracting potential new sponsors. It also serves as our main method of informing the public of our programmes & initiatives and local sports events taking place in Guernsey. The site also hosts a news section which allows the commission to report on events they host alongside news from our vast array of different member sports we promote.

2012 was a successful year for the commission, and one of the many highlights which produced a recognisable increase in visits to our website was Guernsey hosting a leg of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay. Whilst monthy visits typically reaches 1,500 visits, July totalled 4,052 visits where page views on our website reached 12,911. The day proceeding the relay accumulated 505 visits in one day and 478 the day of the relay. The site hosted the route, list of torchbearers, volunteer information and a schedule of activities that were available in the celebration of sport which followed after the relay. The below graph represents the years total visits with it peaking on July 14 th 2012. Over 120 events listed Over 90 news reports posted

2012 website statistics totalled the following Visits: 23,624

Average visit duration: 3 minutes 7 seconds

Unique visitors: 13,366

Bounce rate: 46.78%

Pageviews: 79,793

Countries visited: 93 different countries

Pages per visit: 3.38 Top 5 countries visited: Guernsey – 17,548 visits UK – 3,424 visits US – 790 visits Jersey – 745 visits France – 107 visits

Top keywords included: Guernsey sports commission – 2,689 Olympic torch Guernsey – 294 Sports commission Guernsey - 234

Most viewed pages: Homepage – 14,992 views Sports – 6,782 Event – 2,939 News – 2,666 Olympic Torch Relay, 2,03

Statistics are taken from 11 months analytics provided by Google, from 01.02.2012-31.12.2012 Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

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Electronic Newsletter We send out our Monthly Electronic Newsletter on the first Monday of every Month. These newsletters feature our latest news from our website and list the upcoming events also listed on our website. Previous newsletters can be viewed on our website by clicking the newsletter tab on the ‘abous us’ drop down menu. July - Newsletter 1097 Recipients 46.78% Opened 19.5% Clicked a link

October - Newsletter 1559 Recipients 43.22% Opened 26.06% Clicked a link

August - Newsletter 1200 Recipients 37.77% Opened 20.14% Clicked a link

November - Newsletter 1568 Recipients 38.11% Opened 14.69% Clicked a link

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

September - Newsletter 1191 Recipients 38.76% Opened 14.66% Clicked a link

December - Newsletter 1571 Recipients 34.91% Opened 16.22% Clicked a link

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The Guernsey Sports Commission

Contact Us

The Coach House Beau Sejour Leisure Centre Amherst, St. Peter Port Guernsey, GY1 2DL If you would like to contact the Guernsey Sports Commission please use the contact details listed on the ‘contact us’ page of our website. All of the Sports Specific Development Officers contact details can also be obtained by visiting our website. Alternatively please ring the office on 01481 747229 or email Our offices are based on the main road leading up to the reception at Beau Sejour Leisure Centre. Chairman Stuart Falla

Performance Director Jeremy Frith

Sports Development Officer Jenny Rees

PE & Sport Development Officer Ollie Dowding

Chief Executive Officer Tim Newenham

Operations Director Graham Chester

Medical Director Steve Evans

Street Sports Co-ordinator Shirley Ann Parker

Creative, Marketing & Administration Officer Oliver Tracey

PE & Sport Development Officer Kerri Brown

Guernsey Sports Commission Annual Report 2012

PE & Sport Development Officer Tom Eisenhuth

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Review of the Year 2012  
Review of the Year 2012  

Read about our achievements and the different programmes we delivered during 2012.