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CONTACT DETAILS +354 694 4577

EDUACTION 08.2014 - 05.2018 10.2016 - 02.2017

Agricultural University of Iceland Environmental planning (B.Sc.) University of Ljubljana A Exchange studies during winter semester, Landscape architecture

WORK EXPERIENCE 06.2017 - 03.2018

06.2011 - 08.2016

Other jobs

Perland Museum I had the position of a customer service representative for the exhibiton ‘Glaciers and Ice Cave’. Including in that was working at the welcome desk, the glacier museum, and guiding visitors through the man-made icecave on site. Íslandsbanki Worked in the kitchen and cafeteria for the bank of Iceland. Involved preparing the staff (80+ people) lunch alongside a cook, cleaning and preparing meetings. I’ve also had other work experiences similar to which are mentioned above, therefore deemed irrelevant, mostly focusing on customer service.

SKILLS & INTERESTS Computer skills

Good knowledge on various programs related to the field of landscape architecture, and a quick learner as well. My experience so far has involved the following software: • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects) • MS office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, OneNote) • Also Microstation, Sketchup, and the geographic information system ArcGIS

Language skills

My native language is Icelandic, fluent in English and can be understood in Danish. Very little German, but trying to learn.

Personal interests

I enjoy reading and listening to podcasts, learning about things that intrigue me such as environmental issues (and solutions), cartography, planning, permaculture. I enjoy baking and going out in nature. GIS work is also of special interest to me.


Kringlumýrin......................................................3-6 Skorradalshreppur.................................................7-8 Fitjar in Skorradalur............................................9-10



The area where it stands today

For the design I focused on the implementation of blue-green infrastructure. Densification areas

The general ‘Kringlu’ area is one of the areas up for reconstruction due to the densification policy of Reykjavík.

are good places to start thinking of ecologically sound solutions from the get go. The area that I was working with stands relitavely low in the land, so water already naturally accumulates to the site. In fact, it used to be a wetland. The area which I designed consists of a small public square, situated directly across the city theater, and a green space which acts similarily like a wetland. With a few changes in the exiting topography, I was able to create a pond in which meteoric water flows to naturally. On its way to the pond are also permeable surfaces such as green roofs, filter strips and pervious pavement.

At the squares edge lies a concrete sculpture. Its form is a reference to the extensive small scale farming which took place on site after the wetland was drained. The grid like pattern of it was shaken up a little bit.

The sculpture can have varied usage, f.x. as a means to grown food. First and foremost it offers passersby a place to sit.

‘Kringlugata’ street will be turned into a living street, meaning that pedestrians and cyclists will have better access to the site.

Stemningsmynd af torgi Kringlumýrinnar


Planmynd af hรถnnuninni

Sneiรฐing 6


Agricultural use

Soil type


Energy and water distribution




Leisure/summer houses

The landscape analysis of Skorradalur valley was a group assignment I worked on during the spring of 2016. The analysis emphasized on an in-depth reading of the landscape itself, its environment, history, culture and aesthetics. Our own experience while going through the valley also played a major role in bringing forth the valleys main characteristics. Eventually we put forth the acquired information in a picturesque way

Individual characters of various places whithin the valley. Put forth in a ‘collage’. Fitjar


Wetland · Bakkakot (deserted farm) · Lupine · Plain · Carex lyngbyei · Farmacres · Wide · Untouched · Church of Fitjar · Pine · Contrasts of human/nature

Tranquil · Mountainous · Surrounded · Hidden paths · Lake of Skorradalur · Biological variety · Cultural Heritage · Continuous surorise · Dock · Dense

By the neck of the valley Cabins · Birch · Hills · Steep · Streams of water · ‘The sunny hill’ · Dense shrubbery · Oversight · Big summer hosues · Heath


SKORRADALSHREPPUR PART 2 - AREA TO FURTHER WORK ON Visitors to Skorradalur valley are many but leisure within the area is limited to mostly private zones. I chose to work further with the wetland situated at the mouth of the river Fitjaรก, to create a natural reserve area. Before starting on my design I dwelved into the future prospects of the wetland. To scenarios to the side show the area today, the future of the area if remained as is, and the ideal future scenario. Today invasive species (mostly lupine and salix spesies) have started to take an uproot in Fitjar and pose a threat to the existing flora and fauna. As the only remaining untouched wetland of the valley this will be a sound problem if nothing is to be done. However, were the importance of the wetland known by dwellers of the area, then there might be a possible future for it. By creating a means for dwellers to access the area with an elevated and nondestructive path through the wetland will bring the wonders of the wetland forth to the users, along with informational signs along the way.

Tha pathway serves in connecting dwellers from the north side of the lake to the south.

Loacally sourced and simple materials would be used in the design. Timber from the existing tree farms and gravel sourced from mines in Skorradalur.





le n dis

s tí

F i t




The design elevated the importance of wetlands and their protection by creating controlled access to the area. The lowprofile path leads through different types of marshes where users can enjoy a good walk, go for a bird watch or learn about the various biology of wetlands.

j a á

EMPHASIS - Protection of the quality of the land,


Fr Mýri Graslendi


fragile flora and avian fauna. - Emphasize the characteristics of marshes.


Vatnagróður Flói

ðsl us



- Creating a public leisure area and F

making the area accessible and connected. i



- Usage of material reflects the valley of a


Deiglendi The connection over the wetland creates access to one of the oldest birch forests in Iceland, called Vatnshornsskógur.

Skorrdalur. - Making sure that the design doesn’t ruin the existing aesthetics of the place.


example of selected work  
example of selected work