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16th November 2012

This Week On Monday Year 6 were visited by two World War II veterans Mr Wheeler and Mr Gurney, who spoke to the children about their experiences during and after the war. Year 6 also led a very thought provoking assembly showing what they had learned through poetry, music and art. We are very grateful to Mr Wheeler and Mr Gurney for coming to talk to us as well as Mr Hudson, who put us in contact with the gentlemen. Mr Hudson also very kindly donated some resources to the school from his „Aces High‟ art gallery in Wendover which have helped bring this subject to life. On Tuesday „Arty Fact‟ Theatre Company came to see us to perform „Pack up your troubles‟ which was a production in connection with a WWII theme with a strong message against bullying. We would like to thank FroGS for paying for this event. The children really enjoyed this opportunity. Today we had some drama workshops delivered by „Perform‟ for the children from Reception to Year 3. In Year 3 their theme was King Arthur: “It was about King Arthur, a wizard and a lost sword. We had to make a potion to transport us there- the potion had spiders, frogspawn and flower petals in it. We went into the dragon‟s den and had to pretend to be statues to fool the dragon so he would give us the sword. We gave the sword to the wizard who was a good wizard and he gave it back to King Arthur. It was good fun and we were given a sticker!” Heidi Leverett. The parent governor nomination process was concluded on the 5th November and we are pleased to announce that all four vacant positions have been successfully filled. The Governing Body would like to warmly welcome Mr Alex Kitney and Mrs Sarah Wall as our new members and to welcome back for another term of office Mr Nigel Johnson and Mrs Laura Charles. An election process will not be required because there were no other nominees. I would like to wish the choir the best of luck for their performance at the Buckingham Festival tomorrow. I know they have been working extremely hard and I am certain they will do us proud. Congratulations to everybody in the Golden Book over the past fortnight: Jake Lynch, Aaron Rowe, Reanne Lewis, Tristan Hughes, Maia Green, Maizy Peach, Honey Kelsey, Shannon Lewsley, Ula Argent, Heidi Leverrett, Charlie Ball, Matthew Doe, Adam Kiddle, Wesley Moore, Charlie Shepherd, Amy Wilks, Freya Turck, Ashley Carter, Luke Wallace, Francesca Moore, Lucy Prior, George Jeffreys, Anya Hedgecox, Zack Chimes, Cameron Hobbs, Ben Bristow, Jake Carter, Ronnie Bruder, Hattie Bridge, Lauren Grenter, Joe Wood, Keiran Freshwater, Robert Charlton, Toby Culverhouse, Harriette Kitney. Next Week Next Tuesday Year 6 are going on their trip to the Hazard Alley Safety Centre. This is a fantastic trip, making keeping safe interesting and fun. On Wednesday Year 4 will be going to Cadbury World to learn all about their topic on chocolate. Diary Dates November Lunch Menu After Half Term Main Vegetarian option Dessert Sat 17th Choir perform at the M Sausages and Veggie Sausages Fruit Salad and (2:15pm) Buckingham Festival Gravy and Gravy Cream Tues 20th

Y6 Trip to Hazard Alley



Veggie Bolognese

Wed 21st

Y4 Trip to Cadbury World

W Roast Gammon

Wed 28th

Library van visit (see overleaf)


Creamy Chicken Pie

Mixed Bean and Rice Salsa Creamy Quorn Pie

Fri 30th

11+ Results


Fish Cakes

Macaroni and Tomato Sauce

Banana Choc Chip Pudding Butterscotch Mousse Jam and Coconut Sponge Krispie Cake

FroGS News and School Notices Christmas Lunch: The deadline for ordering the special Christmas lunch is next Tuesday 20 th November. No other school meal will be provided on this day as it is pre-order only. Please remember to complete whether your child would like the roast turkey or vegetarian option. Where parents have not specified an option, we will assume that their child will have the roast turkey. If you have not received this letter, please visit our website where it can be downloaded. The Library Van will be visiting on Wednesday 28th November from 9:30 – 11:30. Children who are members of the Buckinghamshire Library Service will be able to bring their library cards and take out and return books as they would in any County Library. Uniform: With the wet and possibly snowy weather around the corner, please be aware that children may wear wellington boots to school and change into their school shoes when they arrive. Boots are not part of our school uniform so should not be worn during the school day. Thank you to those parents who have supported us in being consistent with the uniform policy. Head-lice: Please be aware that we have had some cases of head-lice recently, so please check your child and treat them if necessary. Thank you. Please donate any Nestle Box-Top tokens you may have to school. There is a collection box outside the staffroom and we are very grateful for your help.

16 November 2012

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GRENDON UNDERWOOD SCHOOL COOKBOOK - You will shortly be receiving the Order Form to buy our new School Cookbook via your child‟s book bag. Please note that we must receive your order by Friday 16th November so that we can place the order in time for Christmas. Each Cookbook is priced at £7.50. This will be the only time that you are able to order books, so please help to support the school and place an order – they will make great personal Christmas presents. We have also extended the deadline for recipes until Friday 16th November so if you have not yet added your favourite family recipe, then please either complete the form already sent to you or log onto the specially designed site and send your recipe online following the simple onscreen instructions. To do this you just need to log onto: and use access code 19081367 Mufti Day - Friday - 23rd November – in order to wear mufti, you will need to donate a gift for the Children‟s Secret Christmas Shop as per letter sent this week. 30th November – Children’s Secret Christmas Shop - This will take place during school hours! (see FroGS Festive Calendar for details) 30th November – Christmas Film Night – Screening Arthur Christmas (U). Donations to FroGS and Tuck Shop as usual but we will also be selling Hot Dogs! (see FroGS Festive Calendar for details) 7th December – Christmas Disco Session 1 - 6.00pm until 7.15pm for Reception, Years 1, 2 and 3 Session 2 - 7.45pm until 9.15pm for Years 4, 5 and 6 Christmas Raffle - Two books of tickets will be sent out to each family so please support the school and buy or sell to family and friends. The winners of the 100 club drawn today are: 1st Victoria Kreiseler 2nd Julie Ward 3rd Jackie Doe

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