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In What Ways Agro Gums Serves Industrial Needs with Guar Extracts

What is Guar? 

Guar is a bean plant and its extracts are used for several industrial processes.

Guar powder or guar gum powder has high viscosity; hence, found to be useful for varied industrial applications.

List of Extracted Products from Guar Seeds 

Guar Gum Powder is fine particles produced by processing guar plant seeds.

Guar Gum Split is obtained from cluster bean or guar seeds.

Guar meal is a by product obtained after the guar seed is processed.

Usability of Guar Dust 

Guar Gum also known as goma guar is soluble in different conditions of water and it has good viscosity that keeps the product preferred for wide industrial usages.

It is also used in variety of industries for its water solubility, thickening and binding properties.

Industrial Applications of Guar Powder 

Food industries found the major application of guar powder for its stabilizing and thickening capacities.

Other industries include mining, oil field, textile, construction, cosmetic and pharmaceuticals, etc.

Challenges Faced by Manufacturers and Exporters 

Certain important regulations imposed on guar gum powder extract due to the presence of hazardous materials present in guar powder.

Manufacturer need to obtain proper certification to carry on with guar gum production and extract.

How Agro Gums Succeed in Guar Business? 

Since three decades Agro Gums leads the guar gum powder market by maintaining the quality of their products.


Agro Gums works with qualified scientific analysts to check the quality of the product they supply; hence, they stay successful in guar business.

Conclusion Guar gum is found to offer viscosity and thickening properties and the quality of guar product helps to obtain completeness of application. Hence, buying Guar products from genuine manufacturers like Agro Gums will stay a right option.

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