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Healthy oceans, healthy planet

It’s World Ocean Day today, and Riwaka Primary School pupils Keaton Fry and Wayde Heffernan, pictured here (L-R) with Jarrod Fry and Steven Belk, know a thing or two about protecting our oceans. Here they are in Poor Knights Island, situated off New Zealand’s Tutukaka Coast, as part of their Experiencing Marine Reserves prize. Read more on page 8.

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Climate change, charcoal & compost






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Springs Junction Kaikoura

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The huge compost piles, 50 metres long, in all stages of completion as part of the innovative waste minimisation activities taking place at the Redruth Resource Recovery Park. Two Motueka women made the long journey to Timaru last Tuesday to check out the innovative waste minimisation activities taking place at the Redruth Resource Recovery Park. Lynda Hannah) a medical herbalist and Katerina Seligman, a counsellor, both working in Motueka in their people-oriented professions, are also are doing what they can to find solutions to environmental problems. The women are members of a local climate

action group, “The Renewables”, who want to see charcoal used to enhance soils and sequester carbon. Charcoal has the ability to retain moisture and nutrients in the soil and is an ideal habitat for microorganisms, making it an excellent soil amendment. Nutrient leaching and run-off, and fertilizer and irrigation costs are all reduced. To top it off, the carbon stays safely in the soil for hundreds of years, making it one

of the more hopeful solutions to climate change. For people who want to understand this process of carbon sequestration more fully, Katerina and Lynda recommend watching a half-hour video titled Biochar: the next stage in climate action which can be accessed online (Biochar is the name given to charcoal when it is incorporated into soils.) Timaru District Council and Waste Transformation Ltd (WTL) have a

Memorandum of Understanding which has granted WTL space on site to establish a pyrolysis (charcoal making) facility. The purpose of the facility is to progress an innovative process for turning a mixed wood waste stream into charcoal which is used commercially for fuel. The pyrolysis facility is a complementary addition to the Redruth Resource Recovery Park, which is the hub of the Timaru District Council waste minimisation activities.

The Timaru District Council established the first 'three-bin kerbside collection' service in New Zealand, in 2005, which now services around 20,000 properties. Green waste, recyclables and landfill waste are collected in the three bins and a 'materials recovery facility’ (MRF) sorts recyclables into aluminium cans, steel cans, glass, paper, cardboard and a range of plastics, which are all baled for various markets. The Timaru Eco Compost Facility is the first GoreTM covered composting system in the Southern Hemisphere and turns the green waste, including garden and food waste, into highquality compost. “A tour of many huge compost piles, 50 metres long, in all stages of completion blew us away”, exclaimed Lynda and Katerina. “What they are doing at the facility is groundbreaking stuff and is truly inspirational,” they said. “Staff at the facility were rightly proud of what they are doing and hope that other landfills around the country will follow suit.”

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Cider festival announced Nelson is poised to host the first ever New Zealand Cider Festival at Founders Heritage Park this November 12. The festival will be a celebration of the diversity of cider, including both traditional and new world varieties from around the country. Festival goers will have the opportunity to sample a range of products from our Cider makers in a relaxed and friendly festival environment which will include a great entertainment headlined by internationally acclaimed New Zealand singer songwriter Greg Johnson. Nelson Tasman has a creative and relaxed feel in the heart of New Zealand within easy reach of all main centres. With sweeping sandy beaches, stunning vistas of the Southern Alps and plentiful sunshine hours, the festival will make the most of its local environment. The event will feature regional cuisine from local artisan producers, a great kid’s activity area where children can press their own apple juice, as well as an array of the finest ciders New Zealand has to offer, making this a fantastic family friendly fun day out. Cider is at the heart of the Nelson Tasman region, produced in the nation’s apple growing capital; with over 30% of the industry’s ciders being produced by Nelson Cider makers. What better place to host the first ever New Zealand Cider Festival. The New Zealand Cider Festival has received sponsorship funding for this year’s event from the Nelson Events Marketing & Development Programme, which is funded by the Nelson City Council. The Programme’s objective is to stimulate the regions’ economy in the shoulder and off seasons by bringing new spending via visitors coming in for distinctively Nelson Tasman events. Tickets available at show/new-zealandcider-festival/ www.nzciderfestival. com.

Festival goers will have the opportunity to sample a range of products from our cider makers in a relaxed and friendly festival environment, headlined by internationally acclaimed New Zealand singer songwriter Greg Johnson, pictured above.

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Street talk What do you think of the decision to demolish the historic Takaka grandstand to make way for a car park?




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Takaka I’m against it coming down. It’s silly to havea show ground where people can’t sit and watch things.


Hokitika Even though it’s not my grandstand it seems an awful lot of history going to waste.


Waimate (Takaka 40 yrs) I think it bloody stinks. The old people sit in the grandstand and watch the whole show. Where are they going to sit!


Takaka Personally I think it’s been there a while and I don’t think it’s very safe.

Night school at Lower Moutere JANE WELLS

“Lower Moutere School is committed to supporting our students not to be just good readers – but great readers! “ said Principal Chris Bascand. “ Six families - parents and their children, come back to school in the evening this term , eat together and then learn how to make reading pleasurable and fun. This programme is all about our lead teacher, Nicky McCroire, getting alongside parents and their children and modelling with the child ways of making reading enjoyable.” Accolades from participating parents have been great. “I really enjoy reading with my child now,” said one parent. Another said it had changed the whole way reading was done. “It’s taken the fire out of homework. It’s very powerful.” The after hours course is designed to help children become more confident readers and to strengthen the relationships between parents, children and the school. Reading Together, a New Zealand based programme backed by the Education Ministry is a first in this area and it has been so successful that the school will run further sessions next term. Chris was also involved in the programme at Glentunnel - his previous school. Pictured above is Jonty with his Mum Katrina working together after hours at Lower Moutere School. They are one of the six families who come in regularly for the Reading Together Programme. “The environment that we have at Lower Moutere is perfect for encouraging and nuturing our families - and this has been confirmed by the very popsitive response we have had from our first parent group,” said Principal Chris.

Briefs Matariki 400 light years away! The light you see form the Matariki star cluster is 400 light years away. That means the light that we see today actually started its journey towards us at about the time William Shakespeare was born. Ka put te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi – When the old net is cast aside , the new net goes fishing.




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FAX 2282






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Pictured above: AIC training manager Alan White and NAC CEO Giles Witney are set to manage AirNZ’s Airline Integration Course.

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NAC set to fly high with AirNZ

PROOFED 4/02/2016 12:14:51 p.m.


PROOFED 4/02/2016 12:14:51 p.m.


Nelson Aviation College has been selected through a nationwide search to manage the Air New Zealand Airline Integration Course (AIC) it was announced last week. CEO Giles Witney said it was good for the school and the region, further highlighting some of the advantages the region has to offer. “It’s really special that Nelson Aviation College was selected after a formal process earlier this year.” AIC training manager and Motueka local Alan White, a retired Air New Zealand pilot himself, said the bridging course would help students transition into the airline environment. “The students from Nelson Aviation College and other colleges will be imbedded in the Air New Zealand culture for the duration of the Try Widex’ s newest hearing devices, called UNIQUE course.” Air New Zealand is set to hire a record number ENJOY SUPREME SOUND IN ANY ENVIRONMENT of pilots this year, working closely with their Flight Training Organisations (FTOs) to ensure theyAutomatically get adapts to your environment - Speech is heard clearly, even in the most dema the right people into the roles. group situations - Improved telephone conversation - Comfort, clarity and natural sound in Once a pilot has received their Commercial Try pigs’ Widex’ newest hearing devices, called devices, UNIQUE called UNIQUE, We needsituations 6 ‘guinea tostrial Widex’s newest hearing Pilot Licence (CPL), there’s still a way toNoisy go and Windy > ENJOY SUPREME SOUND IN ANY ENVIRONMENT before they are able to join the Air New Zealand risk free for an initial 7 days. ranks, and this where the Aviation Institute’s Automatically adapts to your environment - Speech is heard the clearly, evenday in the mosthearing demanding These 12 Unique devices can be fitted on participants same their is evalua → Free 15 minute hearing health Airline Integration Course (AIC) comes in. > group situations Improved telephone conversation Comfort, clarity and natural sound in Plus , You will save 15% The course has been running for nearly three In order to introduce this latest hearing technology during this 5down, dayno event, all hearing devic nochecks money obligations Noisy andPlus Windy situations years, providing trainee pilots with a detailed FREE earmoulds, FREE accessories, FREE batteries, FREE aftercare. be offered at a tremendous discount. On 12, 15, 16, 17→ and 18th Febaid our Audiologists introduction to the many demands of a multiFreeday hearing check & clean will These 12 Unique devices can beThat’s fitted on participants the same their hearing is evaluated. > over $1,500 in savings. crew cockpit, and the systems and operations of total ofIn6order vouchers of upthis tolatest 15%hearing OFF including Earmoulds, FREE Accessories, to introduce technologyFREE during this 5 day event, all hearing devices will modern turboprop and jet aircraft. → 60 Day Trial Periods Plus,After-Care, receive your $1,022 Hearing (T&C’s apply)in excess FREE be Batteries, which amounts to a further saving of $1500. Earlier this year Air New Zealand began look>Subsidy offered at aFREE tremendous discount. On 12, 15, 16, 17Aid and 18th Feb our Audiologists will offer a Unique Hearing Aids automatically adapt to&your environment ing for a quality training organisation to run the → ACC War Pensions Registered total of 6your vouchers of ENJOY up to 15% OFF FREE Earmoulds, FREE Accessories, $1022 Hearing Aid including Subsidy (T&C apply). SUPREME SOUND IN ANY ENVIRONMENT AIC, and Nelson Aviation College (NAC) will Plus take receive • Speech is heard clearly, even in the most demanding group situations •ofImproved > FREE Batteries, FREE After-Care, which amounts to a further saving inall excess $1500.00.telephon → Prices for budgets over the management of this course from 1 July Unique Hearing Aids automatically adapt to your DuringPlus thisreceive special event, each participant allowed to environment try conversation • Comfort, clarity andwill natural sound, even in their noisy and windy situations 2016. your $1022 Hearing Aid Subsidy (T&Cbe apply). • Speech is heard clearly, even in the most demanding group situations • Improved telephone Air New Zealand will continue to overseeUnique the devices RISK event, FREE for participant an initial 7natural days. Ifon Unique doesand not latest technology UNIQUE devices can be fitted trial participants the situations During this special each will be allowed to try their course, with both current and retired pilots shar- These conversation • Comfort, clarity and sound, even in noisy windy Bring this coupon into Hearing Plus Richmond ing their expertise. improve your hearing adequately, they can simply be returned with Unique devices RISK for an initial days. Ifon Unique does not same day their hearing isthis evaluated. If UNIQUE does not your to claimFREE special offer! These latest technology UNIQUE devices can7be fitted trialimprove participants the hearing The practical phase of the course will also be improve your hearing adequately, they can simply be returned with . adequately, they can simply be returned no your charge. day their hearing is evaluated. If UNIQUE does notwith improve hearing completed in the B737-300 simulator at theno Air charge same Hurryends offerthey ends 24December June 2016. be no charge . *Hurry adequately, can simply returned with no charge. New Zealand Simulator Centre. offer 23rd 2014. Max 10Max cards10 percards person. The four week course, which is the final step perConditions person apply. for those completing the Airline Preparation Please strand of the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation, is present also an important element for students achieving coupon for *conditions apply Free hearing test applies to 50yrs andthth savings Air New Zealand’s ‘preferred pilot’ status, with over, Subsidy applies toward purchase of new hearing devices. a commitment to the ‘preferred pilot’ strategy, especially as the demand for pilots increases. Be UNIQUE Like LUCA Be UNIQUE Like LUCA Students who have completed their training through a preferred flight training organisation and completed the AIC are recognised for receiving their qualifications in an environment geared towards Air New Zealand’s culture, brand values and leadership traits.4. 201

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For more information on the journey to become a pilot visit

09 489 3412

Washbourn Medical Centre Washbourn Medical Centre Community Hospital Oxford Street, Richmond 11 Courtney MotuekaRichmond Ph 03 543 3788 12 OxfordSt,Street, Community Hospital, Motueka

Melissa Markley Audiologist

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HURRY DAY EVENT ONLY HURRAY 5- 6 VALENTINE EVENT ONLY HURRY -6 DAY EVENT ONLY HURRAY 5DAY DAY VALENTINE EVENT ONLY tteries 12,15,16,17 and 18 FEB 11, 14,14, 15, 17 & 18 March 12,15,16,17 and 18 FEB 11, 15,16, 16, 17 & 18 March bloom™ 125 Kitchener Rd, Milford 0800 788 543433 3788 cial offer!

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Collingwood Area School welcomes new principal SAFIA ARCHER Collingwood Area School’s new principal Caroline Gray has child-centred education and community connections at the top of the agenda. Welcomed to the school with a powhiri last Monday, Caroline, the former head of Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School in Wellington, said she wanted to continue work with area schools. “It’s a really authentic way of understanding children’s educational pathways, because you go from year one all the way through to year 13 … you can actually look after them all the way through, “It’s a really great way of building your own community because often children drop off at different times in their schooling career, and area schools can guarantee a really sustained, careful education system for them.” While Caroline has always been a mainstream teacher she said, she went into Steiner education for a short while to understand and look at practical curriculums with integrated learning, and she is looking at bringing that to Collingwood. “It means that for all aspects of learning there is a practical component to it, so it’s real life enquiry work with the child at the heart of everything – completely child-centred education.” From London originally, Caroline has lived in New Zealand since 2002 she said, after trekking across the globe with her husband and two small children from England in a land rover. “It was a good time to have a really big adventure, and we wanted to come to New Zealand, but we thought we wanted to build a story as we travelled. After living for a decade in the far north, the family moved to Wellington, and Caroline specialised in Maori boy’s achievement as a Te Kotahitanga facilitator, which she will be able to use in her new role she said. “I’m looking at authentic achievement for all students that puts them right at the heart of all learning pictures. “My main focus is child centred education which is inclusive for the community, good communication, high levels of achievement, but most of all engagement.” And that’s engagement across the board, with children, parents, local bodies and the wider community, having already met with the local principals in Golden Bay, the Nelson principals, and the Ministry. “Networking is absolutely essential to me

because we can’t do anything to really shift children’s achievement unless we know who all of the stakeholders are. “My aim is to make sure all stakeholders are involved, we have really good communication systems, high expectations, and parent involvement. Caroline said parents are her key stakeholders with the support of other outside agencies, but really it has whanau involvement and tangata whenua at the core. “Tangata whenua will be essential and I’m really looking forward to making sure we have stronger really sustained links.” The powhiri on Monday was absolutely delightful she said. “I felt really welcomed by the community, and they’ve been incredibly friendly. My office has been full of people for the last few days coming in and welcoming me.” “My husband and I are really looking forward to being part of the community, my husband’s an artist and a beekeeper. “He’s always been involved in community art projects, so he’s really looking forward to getting involved with the area and seeing how he can support the community with creative connections. “I’ve worked in education for a long time and I can really see the potential that this school has. “It’s a real taonga for the community, and I’m looking forward to making sure it’s here for a long time.”

Pictured left: Collingwood Area School welcomed their new principal Caroline Gray with a powhiri last Monday. Caroline has child centred education and community connections as her focus.

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Underwater classrooms with Experiencing Marine Reserves

Keaton and Taylor of Riwaka Primary School on their free day out with Stu Robertson from Abel Tasman Eco Tours. Taylor won this trip from his effort in completing an Experiencing Marine Reserves Work book to a high standard. Below: Snorkelling is part of the challenge. Photo credit: Darryl Torckler

The annual competition trip was organised by Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) and is made up of representative students from each school that participates in the programme, from Northland and Auckland, as well as representatives from eight regions where EMR is operating including Taranaki, Coromandel, Gisborne, Wellington, Nelson and Otago. Sponsored by Dive! Tutukaka and the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation the trip took place last week, having kicked off in 2002 with just three students from three Northland schools, this year EMR had another 25 schools from 8 regions and 32 students participate. Since 2002, a total of 223 schools and 347 students have participated in this trip. The participation of EMR representative students from the regions is thanks to the Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation (including flights, transfers, accommodation and charter for the parents). Students were selected based on their action projects undertaken and enthusiasm they show when studying & experiencing the marine environment. The EMR programme involves leaning about marine biodiversity in the classroom, snorkelling in the pool, and investigating the local marine environment before experiencing a marine reserve and taking action with regards to marine conservation in their communities. The national expansion of EMR in the regions is supported by the Tindall Foundation and the DOC Community Fund. Programme coordinator Jude Heath said Riwaka Primary School Students from Room 8 were involved in a variety of projects that address local marine issues; such as keeping the Riwaka Estuary clean. “Monitoring the Tonga Island marine reserve, creating a nonstop motion movie clip to educate students on how to protect New Zealand’s marine environment speaking to tourists on the Abel Tasman Sea Shuttle about the importance of keeping the Abel

Tasman National Park clean, and educating tourists about Tonga Island marine reserve and ongoing work with Stu Robertson from Abel Tasman Eco Tours campaigning council, and writing letters to the editor.” Programme director Samara Nicholas said this competition offers the students added incentive to produce projects and positive actions towards marine conservation within their community. “It is not only a special opportunity for the students, but for their parents/guardians too, as they also get a chance to experience the magical Poor Knights, which is a new opportunity for all from the regions.” In addition to the opportunity to represent the school or region for the EMR ACTION prize, we offered the Bobby Stafford-Bush – EMR Ocean Art prize. The Bobby Stafford-Bush Foundation supports this special prize for young kiwis that have experienced the marine environment with EMR and display that passion and experience through art. On board the vessel ‘Perfect Day’ the team snorkelled at the stunning Blue Mao Mao arch at South Harbour, named by Jacques Cousteau as one of the top ten dive sites in the world, and part of the Poor Knights Islands that have been protected by no-take status since 1981. By the end of the day many students had made new friends and could not stop smiling with parents commenting on what an awesome opportunity it was for everybody. The dolphins at the end of the trip were an added bonus. Now EMR will celebrate World Ocean’s day with them ‘Healthy oceans, healthy people’. The young people on this trip are an inspirational group of ocean kaitiaki (guardians). For more information visit Experiencing Marine Reserves website

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Return of Saxcess The Motueka Music Group will again welcome the Saxophone Quartet Saxcess, in their fifth visit to Motueka on Saturday 18 June at the Chanel Arts Centre in association with Chamber Music New Zealand, as part of their 2016 Encompass Series. Saxcess has had great appeal to Motueka audiences in the past, performing exciting concerts with an informal and at times humorous approach. This concert will continue in the tradition that has been so popular in this town in the past. They will offer a kaleidoscope of music illustrating the fascinating story of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone. The group will give an entertaining narration of his life along with playing some of the extraordinary music that has become so well suited to the saxophone. The music covers Saxcess’ trademark diversity of styles ranging from classical and baroque, to tango, cutting edge contemporary and jazz. Formed in 1992, Saxcess made its debut in the Sydney Opera House at a concert staged by the Royal Australian Air Force to commemorate the battle of the Coral Sea. In 1994 the group travelled to Belgium for a three week tour in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the death of the founder of the saxophone, Adolphe Sax. It is the music and life of this inventor that forms the narrative of this concert. Currently Head of Woodwind at the New Zealand School of Music, Debbie Rawson (soprano saxophone) studied clarinet at Canterbury University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, London. This will be Reuben Chin’s first visit to Motueka with Saxcess. Reuben (alto saxophone) graduated from the New Zealand School of Music with First Class Honours in classical saxophone performance, and a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese and Music Studies. Currently Director of Music for the RNZAF Band, Simon Brew (tenor saxophone) graduated from the Artez Conservatorium, the Netherlands, in 2010 with a Masters degree in classical saxophone under Johan van der Linden. Prior to taking up the saxophone in 1994, Graham Hanify (baritone saxophone) had for many years been a virtuoso brass exponent, having twice held the NZ champion cornet title, and being principal trumpet for the Wellington Sinfonia for 25 years. The Saxcess Saxophone Quartet performs at the Chanel Arts Centre, Saturday 18 June at 7.30pm, Tickets are available from Floral Affaire, High Street Motueka. Adults $20.00, High School Students $5.00 For more information visit Pictured above: Saxcess, Graham Hanify (baritone saxophone), Simon Brew (tenor saxophone), Reuben Chin (alto saxophone), Deborah Rawson (soprano saxophone).










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The Shakespeare The Lover Blonde Ale 500ML, 5% It won’t take much for this blonde to seduce you. This single hop, single malt beer tempts you with hints of passionfruit and grape thanks to the finest Nelson Sauvin hops. Light and refreshing with a subtle bitterness.


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Visit: or call 0800 SUPERL (0800 787 375) for your local store. Over 120 stores nationwide, 100% locally owned and operated. Offers end close of trade 19th of June 2016, while stocks last. Available at participating stores only. Limits may apply at participating outlets. Trade not supplied. Terms and conditions may apply. Available 7th – 19th June 2016 inclusive. Please see for details.


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Calendar set to promote Motueka's top spots

A 2017 calendar featuring photos of Motueka's attractive parks and scenery is being developed in time for the Christmas and tourism retail season. Keep Motueka Beautiful hopes the calendar will help promote the town and surrounds to a wider audience, and in particular celebrate the work done by the group to create and improve parks and walkways. The product will be targeted for Motueka residents to send as Christmas presents to friends and relatives overseas, and for tourists wanting a pictorial souvenir of the town to take home. The project organisers are asking for people to submit photos that may be considered for each of the 12 months plus the front cover. They have asked members of the Motueka Camera Club for donated photos, but anyone with sharp, highresolution, colourful shots can offer them for inclusion. They will be looking for photos taken in and close to Motueka and possibly Riwaka that include parks, reserves, walkways, recreational areas and plantings. Preferably they will also include people, although far enough away to not be identifiable. "The key thing is for the calendar to highlight Motueka's attractions for residents and visitors, and provide a souvenir for visitors and residents' friends and relatives outside town,"

KMB secretary Paul Mosley said. "We also want to highlight Keep Motueka Beautiful's efforts, in conjunction with TDC, to make the town an attraction and a great place to live." Funds raised will also help the group to maintain the existing gardens and walkways they have created. Paul says that as well as donated photos they would also "welcome enquiries from local businesses, particularly in the tourist sector, who would be willing to sell calendars on our behalf". For any further information about donating photos or offering to sell calendars, please email nz. The deadline for submission of photos to be considered is Monday, June 20.

Pictured left: Keep Motueka Beautiful secretary Paul Mosley in the Sanctuary Gardens, which Keep Motueka Beautiful and the Tasman District Council have been upgrading.

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Ram raid on High Street



DEALS To celebrate Matariki


4X FLY BUYS when you spend $50 or more.

Martin Thompson of Stirling Sports Motueka in front of his damaged store front on High Street. Motueka High Street’s Stirling Sports was targeted in an attempted ram raid robbery in the early hours of Friday morning. Store owner Martin Thompson said retail assistant Sarah Sauer happened upon the scene as she went to open the store. No one was hurt and the culprit did not gain access to the store Martin said, but substantial damage was made to the shop front and there were visible jimmy marks at the back entrance. “It’s disturbing to think that retail businesses are being targeted that way. “We’re thankful that they weren’t able to get in.” CCTV on High Street captured the assailant he said. Community Constable Grant

Heney said police are following a positive line of enquiry in the investigation. Police were on the scene within half an hour, and they have been keeping the store owners up to date with progress reports as needed Martin said. “We’ve had a great response this morning. “They’ve [Police] been proactive in that sense.” Martin and his wife Susanna have owned the business for 14 years, and while they have been burgled before, they do not want to have to add security bars to the store windows as a last resort. “Our shop front is the window of our store, we don’t want that covered with ugly grills.”

Briefs “In Dark Places” Teina Pora confessed to a crime he didn’t commit and spent 21 years in jail. How did it happen? Come to Motueka’s Library on June 24th between 6.30 and 8.30pm and hear Michael Bennett, the author of the book, tell about the fight for justice. Michael is a multi award winning writer and director of high end television drama and documentaries. Light refreshments will be available and entry is a gold coin donation. Banish the blues Saturday June 18th there’s to be a Matariki Party at the Lower Moutere Hall. Music begins at 6.30pm with popular local musicians including Irie Vibes, Tillerman, Lemongrass, Love Mafia, and Derailleur, plus DJs including Taxi Collectico performing in aid of the Motueka Music Network. This will be a family friendly BYO event with food available. It promises to be an energetic and entertaining night out – a definite winter blues banisher! Congratulations climbers The Motueka Volunteer Fire Brigade team , headed by climb veterans Tracey Hovenden and Alan Ball along with first timers Daniel Wooding and Daniel Breakspeare made it up the 1103 stairs of Auckland’s Sky Tower in great time with Alan getting to the top in a time of 17:4 .Last year his attempt was scotched by exhaustion. In her third ascent of the tower, Hovenden finished within striking range of the top 50 open women. Just over $1,161,000 was raised for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand by the 850 fire fighters from 234 brigades from around the country. The Motueka crew raised $4452. Well done ! Fifth best Travellers have voted the Nelson region as the fifth-most favoured destination in an online poll. Experience Oz + NZ has released its annual top 10 destinations. Fiordland was voted number one. .


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Due to current Licensing Trust laws, liquor not available at Elles Road, Windsor & Gore.

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Upper Takaka Substation open for business

Consumer-owned lines company Network Tasman officially opened its new Upper Takaka Zone Substation on Friday, June 3, unveiling a project that local farmers are hailing as a welcome investment in the region. Building the new substation involved installation of 66/11kV transformers and switchgear at the site and local farmers have already noticed an improvement in the quality of the electricity supply. Sue Brown, Provincial President of Federated Farmers, says that a better electricity supply has given farmers confidence that their dairy farm operations will run smoothly in the future. It has also meant that local farmers the Harwoods have been able to invest in additional plant for their on-farm hydro-electric power station that powers the property’s irrigation system. “The Upper Takaka substation project was driven by the need to reinforce Network Tasman’s distribution system in the Takaka Valley,” said the Chairman of Network Tasman’s board of directors, John McCliskie. “Dairy, irrigation and other load increases were pushing the limits of supply to many of our rural customers to its limits”. “The Harwoods’ hydroelectric station is an example of what this project is all about - providing electricity infrastructure that meets the needs of consumers on our network in Upper Takaka by providing a safe, reliable, fit-for-purpose lines network. We expect that the new zone substation will serve consumers in the Takaka Valley for at least the next 50 years. “This project is just one of many ongoing capital investments that Network Tasman is making throughout its coverage area to ensure that consumers on its network have access to reliable and secure electricity supply. “We see such investment in the network as underpinning and supporting the community’s economic and social wellbeing. As a consumerowned company we are focused on looking after the present and future needs of the homes and businesses that are connected to our network.” The Network Tasman board of directors approved the $1.95 million budget for the project in August 2013, with work beginning in earnest once the Motueka and Golden Bay 66kV assets were transferred from Transpower to Network Tasman in 2014. Edison Consulting was engaged to complete the detailed design and manage construction through a competitive tender process. Electronet Transmission was the successful tenderer for the build itself. “I am delighted to see Network Tasman investing in its network in this way,” Tasman District Council Mayor Richard Kempthorne said, who attended the event. “This is important for Tasman businesses and residents and we know that the community it serves will benefit greatly.” Local farmer David Harwood said the new substation will have a significant positive impact on his family’s business. “It has given us the confidence to purchase plant for our power station and means we can continue to plan for future growth. It’s a huge boost for us and for other farmers in the area.” Pictured above L-R: Jim Williamson (Network Tasman Ltd Director), Sue Brown (Provincial President, Federated Farmers), John McCliskie (Network Tasman Ltd Chairman of Board of Directors), Elva Harwood, David Harwood, Murray Hendrickson (Network Manager for Network Tasman Ltd), and Tony Reilly (Network Tasman Director) at the substation opening.


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MHS showcases young talent

Letters Dear Sir / Madam , I wondered about democracy in New Zealand once again when I visited the Richmond Tasman District Offices last week . Hanging proudly in the foyer , side by side , the “Old Flag “ .... viz the correct new Zealand Flag , AND the “New Flag “ , which Mr. Key tried to foist onto an evidently unwilling Public via a referendum . Perhaps I misunderstood the issue . Pehaps they don’t have a ladder . As a voter I objected to the 24 million bucks plus wasted just for our Local Authority to hoist their own flags of choice . Confused , ratepayer ,

B. M. Crutchley

MHS Talent Quest Results Vocal Solo: 1st Tagan Stringer 2nd Mokotoa Mosen Vocal Group: 1st Motueka Singers 2nd Suono Bellissimo Vocal Solo with Instrument: 1st Max McAlpine 2nd Quin Vuiyasawa Dance Group: 1st 7030 2nd Maia Piggott & Franziska Lerbs Instrumental: 1st Will Davis 2nd Jazz Combo – Max McAlpine, Kase Walker, Noah Appleton, Johan D’Hondt Vocal Duo: 1st Stella Stevens & Isabella Braxton – Bailey 2nd Charlie MacLennan & Jack MacKenzie Band: 1st James Inglis Tobin, Quin Vuiyasawa, Jacob Bowdler, Will Davis 2nd Tagan Stringer, Corbin Rowling, Bayley Wilson

After a week of talent the quest is over! The talent quest crew (picture above) did such a fabulous job last Wednesday night, and operated at a very high standard and many audience members, about 400 in the school hall for the evening, commented on how slick the presentation was. Supervisor Mark Wentworth and Stage Manager Emily Tait (not pictured) were, of course, also pivotal. There were many excellent performances on the night as there had been three days of preliminaries the previous week with the 23 best acts selected to appear in the final competition. Guest judges Mel Stewart and Damara Sylvester had a demanding task selecting the winners. Jack Ayres and Ella Doty, the MC's for the evening, conducted themselves with style and humour and got many laughs from the audience throughout the evening. As the judges deliberated the staff band fronted by Principal John Prestidge entertained the crowd with their unique renditions of ' Don't Worry be Happy' and 'Why Does Love do this to me'. Further results from last week’s MHS talent quest: Best New Comer - Tagan Stringer Best Stage Presence - Selena Christie, Lucy Bradford, Jesse Williams, Celia McGhie Best Audience Appreciation - Awatea Teaukura & Quin Vuiyasawa Best Dressed - Awatea Teaukura & Quin Vuiyasawa Most Promising Future Performer - Kayden Richards, Jessiah King, Elliott Frampton Most Entertaining - Max McAlpine STAR PRIZE - Max McAlpine

Motueka High School Students of the Week

Samantha and Daniel Trevurza competed in the National Age Groups Swimming Championships. Both achieved 3 personal bests and broke 2 Nelson Marlborough records each. Samantha also won bronze in the 50m butterfly.

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Mr Darcy Colin Firth loves racing down the hill for coffee at Collingwood’s Court House Cafe, with his ‘parents’ Don and Rosamund Mead.”I found him in the SPCA in Darwin. He’s a Lhasa Apso - a Sydney Silkly cross!” said Rosamund.

This wee family was making its way to the Steiner Kindergarten in Wallace Street on a frosty Tuesday morning when they were captured. Here is Colleen with her children Paul, Jane and baby Cora. Jillian, Sam, Andrea and Dee display their delightful works of ceramic art at Community House last Thursday. They were in the second week of a ten week course.

Tapawera School pupils L - R Janette Chetham, Kete Mytton, Ollie Borrelli, Addison Searle and Connor Sexton with their winning prizes at Kiwi magician Elegroe’s performance. He delighted with his live magic show last Thursday while also spreading a message as he pulls a red light on school yard bullying.

Six year old William Connor, his sister Maddison aged 8 and Laura Lowe busked in the Takaka sun last Friday before their appearance at Golden Bay’s Country Music awards, held at Pohara over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

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Matariki - one of the most significant celebrations in the Maori calendar

The Room 12 Potiki class with their teacher Whaea Sarah in Parklands School’s Library, with their brilliant Matariki poster behind. Each child contributed a colourful feather to the Matariki cloak. Alongside are two of the popular children’s books about this special celebration - “Matariki” and “The Seven Stars of Matariki”.

Matariki - as well as the start of a new year, Matariki also signals other beginnings. Traditionally it was the time for planting trees, preparing land for planting crops and to renew associations with whanau, family and friends. It’s a good time to reflect on your place in the world and to reawaken old skills and to try new ones and to set new goals

Growing awareness

There has been an upsurge of awareness amongst most New Zealanders of the place of reo Maori in both history and future of Aotearoa. As we become increasingly conscious of our unique cultural identity we begin to appreciate wider cultural traditions like Matariki. During the coldest time each year the Matariki star cluster comes rising up for the first time in the eastern sky. This marks the beginning of an important time of the year – the Maori New Year.

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Our indigenous New Year “One of the traditional stories about Matariki is that she is the mother surrounded by her six daughters, Tupu-anuku, the eldest pays special attention to growing different plants. Tupu-a-rangi loves to sing and her beautiful voice revives the forest and the creatures within. Waiti and Waita, Matariki’s twin, care for the smallest creatures because they know about sharing and being a team and about appreciating differences in working together. Waipuna-a-rangi watches over water and reminds us of the water cycles, season cycles and life cycles and Arrange is eager, excited and positive about the new planting season to come. Her hugs and cuddles help Papatuanuku to regain a happy mood after cold and dark of winter. In the time of ancestors , when Matariki and her daughters first appeared they were greeted with songs lamenting the loss of those who had died in the previous year. But the singers’ tears were joyful too, because the New Year had begun. By rising in the pre-dawn sky Matariki and her daughters help Tama nui ti ra (the sun) to rise as his winter journey from the far north has left him weakened. Te Kahui o Matariki, the family of five stars journey together across the sky to come and visit their tupuna, Papatuanuku and each help him to prepare for the coming year. Using their unique qualities or gifts they bring Mauri (life force/energy) to her different environments and in turn learn new skills and gain knowledge from her. So what of Matariki? Well she does what all good mothers (and other caregivers) do. She watches over and helps out her tamariki.With her support, encouragement and supervision they will be able to do their very best. Matariki, the mother star, reminds us to be the best and to be nurturing and caring guardians.”

Parklands special assembly

Tania Corbett, Parklands School’s Cultural Advisor shared her wisdom and interpretation of Matariki with all the pupils, teachers and parents at a special assembly yesterday with many of the previous words. “Parklands School values encourage us to be the best Aroha (by being considerate, loving and respectful) Manaakitanga ( through kindness and caring)) Whanaungatanga (by developing happy and healthy relationships with others) Rangatiratanga ( by being good role models and leaders) Mana Maori ( having cultural pride) Matariki is a caring and kind guardian. Let us be the right kind of Guardians too” The focus of yesterday’s assembly was Mr Tony Kyle, until recently the school caretaker. “We wanted to show our appreciation of his efforts over the years. We all appreciated his skills and talents.”

Early vigil

Very early Monday morning a group gathered at the Kumaras in the pre dawn to look for the constellation. It was difficult to spot as dawn broke. Tania thought a 5.15am start would have given everyone a clearer view.


In a fortnight’s time the bilingual class will be hosting classes at Te Awhina Marae. And Upper Moutere is coming to Parklands to play Kiorahi.

This traditional game features seven posts representing the seven stars of Matariki.”This will be a cultural exchange,” said Tania. “Then at the end of Matariki there’ll be a school hangi where we’ll all share kai.”

Upper Moutere’s 7 braziers

Upper Moutere’s celebrations began today when everyone gathered at 7.15am to breakfast together. “We saw the stars before the sun rises,” said Grant The Principal. “We also have seven braziers. After that the community hangi will conclude the commemoration on June 30th. The older students will be working with the younger one learning about Matariki in general and around the school’s present theme – Making Choices. They will explore the way other cultures celebrate too.

Rudolf Steiner School, along with a number of other schools will visit Te Awhina Marae June 17th and they are preparing a song. Back at school June 23rd it’s the Lantern Festival. The lanterns the children have made at school will be paraded about the street and then to the Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital before returning to school to share Apple Crumble.

Kaumatua celebrated

At Te Awhina Marae there’s shortly to be a special lunch for the Kaumatua. The biennial Degustation Dinner and Art Auction, a major fund raiser for the Marae, takes place on 25th June. Participants enjoy up to six small courses with accompanying Kono wines. Entry is by ticket and this is almost completely sold out. On Saturday July 16th “ just outside the Matariki timetable, a Matariki Whanau Dinner and Fun evening is on to say thank you to all the helpers and to celebrate our own people,” said Tumuaki, Ann Martin. So all in all there’s a growing interest in and awareness of Matariki. The renaissance of this ancient Maori celebration and its traditions is a chance for all new Zealanders to remind themselves of the very special place we occupy in the world.

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Open Day next Tuesday

There are so many wonderful people involved from those working with folk seeking help with their literacy, budgeting advice, to those with family members with mental health issues to assisting women with family violence problems. There are in fact so many services based there that it’s difficult to list them all . That’s why Rae and the team have decided upon having an Open House on Tuesday 14th June between 10am and 12 o’clock. Everyone is welcome to come in and over hot soup and a roll learn more about the great services available.

Rae’s 15 years

Rae has 15 year’s work experience as a Support Worker in community organisations. She loves her new role. Rae is also the Community and Whanau Meeting Co ordinator which means she often can work with up to 25 agencies each month. It was she who coordinated a recent meeting of over 88 people from Golden Bay through to Nelson to hear Brain Development presenter, Nathan Wallis. Rae now works four days a week at Community House alongside respected receptionist Gaile Douglas. Community House is partly funded by Nelson Bays Primary Health with the aim making it easier for local folk to get to those who may be able to help them.

Collaborative work

Rae Dozell ( above) has taken over the Community House reins from stalwart Gaile Douglas. For 25 years Gaile was the first friendly face at Community House. Rae’s really happy in her position and she’s very experienced.

A warm welcome awaits you

Motueka’s Community House is a warm and welcoming place and it’s an excellent stop for those wondering what services and networks are available in the area. Co-ordinator Rae Dozell will be there to greet you and after listening to your concerns she’ll point you in the right direction. Rae has taken over the reins from community stalwart, Gaile Douglas who was the face of Community House from its beginnings 25 years ago. She’s semi retired now working just one day a week.

“We work collaboratively with health agencies –SVS Living, Te Awhina Marae, Te Piki Oranga, the Family Service Centre and the Salavation Army – to name just a few. We link with doctors and practice nurses who are sometimes guest speakers at our Womens and Men’s health nights. We also run many other workshops. Rather than duplicating services we work with other groups to enhance each others skills within Safe Families Motueka group and with both government depart ments and NGO groups. “We provide free tea and coffee for those who are seeking help and support. And we are able to photocopy and laminate,” said Rae.

Motueka Womens Group

Motueka’s Women’s Group meets in the warmth of Community House every Thursday between 9.30am and 12 noon. It is a time for women to develop their personal strengths, confidence and empowerment through connecting, caring and creativity. The sessions are facilitated by “seasoned professional and well known artist Pam Nixon.

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“We can help you to understand your family member’s mental illness and how you can best support them in their recovery. “All services provided by SF Nelson are free,” she said. “We can provide information and support which may reduce fear, help with expectations and provide advocacy, Often it is just somewhere to tell the family’s story.” To reach help please telephone 528 7790 and leave a message if there’s no one about. Your call will be answered as quickly as possible by the support worker.

Motueka Women’s Support Link

The women from the Motueka Women’s group work in the warmth creating their individual mosaics. The women working on their individual mosaics last week are looking forward to the next two months when an array of craft techniques will be on offer as well as a chance to share experiences and talk over issues. Comments abound - like “ It’s awesome. I look forward to it all week” , “It’s all about empowering each other”, “We share our stories”. To register telephone Women’s Support Link 528 8161.

Adult Learning Support

Jenny Richards is the Adult Learning Support tutor at Community House. Most of her clients arrive through referrals from other agencies but some people walk through the door of Community House seeking help. “The majority of my clients are dyslexic and it is a long process but I am able to use Lexia, a computer programme, for dyslexic people to work through with me and at home. Others come with a defined goal of getting their driver’s licence. I also help people with maths skills, study for unit standards, and life skills such as goal setting, and I often work one to one on basic computing. The help is available to people who are over 16 and not at school. A.L.S. has been providing literacy and numeracy tuition in Tasman for 30 years. “ “Winter is a great time to upskill, “ said Jenny, “Our service is free.“

Community Law

Community Law offers free legal help to the residents of Motueka and the surrounding towns. Office hours are on Mondays and Tuesdays at Community House. “It is recommended that you call 0800 246 146 to make an appointment. It is a free call for cell phone users. Should you need immediate attention please call the 0800 number. Before we make an appointment for you we are required by our funders , the Ministry of Justice, to check whether you fit our guidelines. We will ask you about your income and dependents. Community House has copies of the guidelines,” said Peter Riley. “We need a brief summary of the legal problem. Our website www. is easy to use and it is packed with useful legal info and advice.

Family whanau support

Jeannette Bent is the Family Whanau Support worker for Supporting Families with Mental Illness. This service works with the families of people with identified mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, clinical depression or other mental health issues

The Motueka Women’s Support Link has been operating in our area for over 30 years. Support and advocacy is offered to any woman for any issue however our core business is supporting women affected by family violence. “Sometime we can feel overwhelmed by what is happening in our lives, especially when we are unhappy in our relationship or going through other difficult situations,” said, Lisa Whittaker. Lisa is the Service Manager for both Support Link and SASH. “Most of our referrals come from the police after they attend a family violence incident, however we welcome those who want to call without a referral to see if there is anything we can help with.” There is a free counselling service available with trained counsellors and a support worker who will accompany you to lawyers and help to guide you through the process of obtaining a protection or parenting order. “We are available ot attend all appointments at W.I.N.Z., doctors, police, CYF etc and we can liaise on your behalf if necessary. Sometimes it is helpful to simply talk with someone about what is happening in your life .” assures Lisa. The office is open daily from 9am until 12 noon as a drop in or telephone if you would like an appointment 03 528 8161.

Sexual abuse support & healing

Aligned with the Womens Support Link is SASH – Sexual Abuse Support and Healing. It has a crisis team of five who all have pagers and there are two support workers. Most of the clients come via Community House but some are referred by other agencies. “We deal mostly with historic cases,” said Lisa, “We work with women and children seeking help from rape and sexual abuse – both recent and historic. We offer a 24 hour service for immediate assistance, intensive support and counselling to women , children and their families/ whanau following a sexual assault.”

To access the service and talk in confidence to someone who will understand phone Motueka SASH Support Link 03 929 8008. “Remember every person coming through our door is never a number. Everyone is so connected it makes a difference to the quality of our work,’ said Lisa “We can help someone in the right direction, reassure them and provide access to services.”

Grey Power

Grey Power, founded 25 years ago, gives super annuitants a voice on Government policy affecting their superannuation. There are 70,000 financial members over the age of 50. Grey Power’s lobbying has led to substantial benefits in the quality of life of older New Zealanders. Motueka Grey Power Motueka, based at Community House, is a community “stakeholder” and is very involved with TDC policies and decisions regarding Motueka; it works closely with the Community Board on matters such as rates, and the proposed plans for the Waimea Dam, water reticulation, the Motueka Library and river stop banks. It is extremely concerned over Council’s rising debt, and lobbies for Council to increase financial transparency, and to prioritise spending on items of community benefit. Basic repairs and maintenance of kerbs and footpaths - for safety of mobility scooters, wheelchairs, prams and indeed pedestrians - should have priority over projects like resealing serviceable car parks. The current President is Barry Goodman. New members are always welcomed. Over 40 local businesses offer members generous discount.

Red Cross

Red Cross has been involved at Community House since it opened . “It’s an awesome place to be, “ said President Elaine Wilson.”Our op shop is open every working day.”

Fresh FM

Fresh FM, an amalgamation of the earlier Harvest and Boulder Radios, has been broadcasting for 22 years. It’s a true community radio making programmes by, for and about the community. “It’s a broadcasting platform for the community to access,” said Station Manager Helen Reynolds, “Our Motueka coordinator is Maureen Unwin on 528 6690. Fresh FM broadcasts on 104.8 locally and on 95 in Golden Bay.”

St Vincent de Paul

Twice a week St Vincent de Paul is open at Community House – Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1.30 and 2.30pm. Spokesperson Malcolm Garrett and other volunteers spend a lot of their own time helping out. If it’s not gathering, chopping and sorting and delivering firewood to the needy in the community the St Vincent de Paul team offer help with food vouchers. “It’s a leg up,” said Malcolm, “Not total support. Food is the most urgent need and we keep a data base of who comes in, and we send folk on to other appropriate agencies when needed. For instance the Family Service Centre has budgeting advice available and we like to ensure those with monetary issues have their entitlements. We work in closely with the Family Service Centre., Women’s Support Link and the Salvation Army. The Sallies Food Bank is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and we are here Tuesdays and Thursdays so there’s always somewhere to go for help. We quietly do what we do.”

Keeping in touch

Each month there’s a Whanau meeting of all agencies offering support to the community through Community House. This keeps everyone in touch.

Don’t forget our Open Day next Tuesday, 14th June between 10am and 12 noon.


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LOOKING BACK we’re always on the lookout for interesting photos of ‘locals doing things locally’... from the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s, 30s and beyond! Bring your photo in and see us at The Guardian Newspaper, 19 Wallace Street, Motueka.

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Rifle Club Tasman Smallbore Rifle Club results May 30: Congratulations to High School student Jack Tibbs who shot the evening high single-card score of 100.5 – that is getting near to perfect! Pete Walker 97.2 Jack Tibbs 100.5 Martin Willetts 93.2 Riley Congdon 97.3 191.6 Viv Tibbs 97.3 Andy Scott 92.1 Dave Adams 91.0 Heather Adams 93.4 Vinny James 81.0 Ethan Martin 92.2 Heather Sinclair-Wentworth 92.4 Kaleb Walker 70.0 Reuben Prestidge 73.0 Sebastian Mataric 76.1 Susie Adams 93.1 Awatea Teaukura 92.0 Fletcher 79.1 Stella Stevens 74.0 Tyreece 58.0 Atawhai Teaukura 92.2

Bridge Championsip Round 2, June 6: North/South 1. Joan Lloyd& Charmaine K Satherley 58.57% 2. Angela Janes & Natalie Vonk 50.36% 3. Patricia England & Mary Girvin 49.29% East/West 1. Bet Gelngarry & Mary McCallum 67.08% 2. Phil Donaldson & Clive Thomas 60% 3. Barbara Wilson & Lorna Wilson 53.75%

Netball ANZfutureFERNS - year 3-4 in basketball stadium 10am = All teams please meet in the stadium Duty teams - to take resources and goal posts into the stadium Week 2 – Ball Skills - Skill session to be run by team coaches Coach to warm up team on court - 8 minutes. Skill session 15 minutes Transition 2 minutes. Game 4 x 8 minutes. 10.00am Court 1: Rink end of stadium. Court 2: moving down the stadium towards climbing wall 10am 1. Ngatimoti 2 vs. Motueka South 2, SPC vs. Riwaka 3. Parklands Pixies vs. LMS Stars 4. Parklands Power vs. Brooklyn Stars 5. Ngatimoti 1 vs. Tasman Sparks ANZ Future Ferns - year 5-6 9.30am 1. LMS Ferns vs. Brooklyn - Dayna K/ Katelyn Y 2. Parkland Panthers vs. MSS White - Ria K/Emma L 3. Steiner Stars vs. Ngatimoti Ferns Samantha C/Liarna T 10.15am 1. Tasman Mercury vs. MSS Green Charlee S/Jade Y 2. Riwaka Red vs. UMO - Lily N/Cassidy H BYE: Riwaka Black Intermediate and senior games: 10am 3. Parklands Gold Parklands B - Zoe/ Alexa 4. Tasman Lynx vs. Brooklyn - ROG Royal/Rochelle 11am

SCORES & DRAWS 1. MSS B vs. Ngatimoti Diamonds - B Boyes/Zoe 2. Riwaka Seniors vs. LMS Hot Shots Sophie Paaka/Shannen 3. MHS C vs. Chanel Junior - L Jury/ C Thain 4. Rangers FML vs. Huia Black - Caleb/ Raelene 12 noon 1 SPC vs. Parklands A - S Inch/ B Boyes 2. GBHS C vs. MHS 9B - L Betts/Rangers FML 3. GBHS B vs. MHS International - C Thain/S Fry 4. ROG Royal vs. GBHS A - Caleb/ Raelene 1pm 1. MSS A vs. Steiner Gold - MHS Ax2 2. MHS 10C vs. MHS 9C - Huia White/T Binns 3. ROG Junior vs. MHS 9A - S Fry/A Richards 4. Vikings B vs. Huia Export - Rochelle/ Raelene 2pm 2. Huia White vs. Wilsons - MHS Ax2 3. Rangers Social vs. MHS 10B - Vikings B/L Jury 4. MHS B vs. MHS 10A - Steph / Caleb Grade 1 = Monday June 13 6.30pm - Vikings A vs. Chanel A 7.30pm - Rangers A vs. MHS A

Collingwood Murchison 1 13:15 Huia vs. Taylors Wanderers Sports Park Motueka 1 13:15 Takaka vs. Aqua Taxi Riwaka Takaka 2 BYE - Rangers Car Company Under 18 13:30 Tasman Combined vs. Waimea Old Boys - Greenmeadows Stoke 2 Car Company Under 16 11:00 Takaka vs. Garin-Marist - Garin College 12:30 Waimea College vs. Motueka High School - Waimea College 1 Car Company Under 14 10:30 Motueka High School vs. Wanderers - Motueka High School 1 Car Company Intermediate 1 11:30 Huia vs. Waimea OB - Sports Park Motueka 1 Car Company Intermediate 2 11:30 Mot United vs. Nelson Blue Motueka High School 11:30 Waimea OB vs. Takaka - Jubilee Park Richmond 2 12:30 Huia vs. Marist - Sports Park Motueka 2 Car Company Under 11 10:00 Huia vs. Rangers - Sports Park Motueka 10:30 Nelson vs. Riwaka Neale Park Nelson 1 11:30 Waimea OB Red vs. Takaka Jubilee Park Richmond 3 Car Company Under 10 11:15 Huia vs. Motueka United - Sports Car Company Senior Women Park Motueka 2a 10-Jun 19:00 Motueka High School Girls 11:15 Huia Green vs. Nelson White 1 vs. Waimea Old Boys Women - Jubilee Sports Park Motueka 2b Park Richmond 2 Car Company Under 9 Car Company Secondary School Girls 10:00 Waimea Old Boys Red vs. Riwaka 8-Jun 16:00 Nelson College Girls vs. - Jubilee Park Richmond 3b Motueka High School Girls - Neale Park 1 10:15 Huia Black vs. Waimea Old Boys 15-Jun TBC Marlborough Girls College White - Sports Park Motueka 2b vs. Motueka High School Girls 11:00 Nelson Blue vs. Rangers - Neale Marlborough G C Park Nelson 2a 11th June 11:00 Wanderers Gold vs. Motueka Car Company Nelson Division 1 United - Lord Rutherford Park 1a 15:00 Kahurangi vs. Taylors Wanderers - 12:00 Stoke U9 Red vs. Takaka Sports Park Motueka 1 Greenmeadows Stoke 3b Car Company Nelson Division 2 Car Company Under 8 13:15 Tapawera/Murchison vs. 10:15 Huia vs. Waimea Old Boys Makos


WEDNESDAY 8 JUNE 2016 23 - Sports Park Motueka 2a 10:30 Tapawera vs. Rangers - Tapawera Car Company Under 7 9:30 Huia vs. Waimea Old Boys Red Sports Park Motueka 2b 10:15 Stoke U7 Red vs. Riwaka Greenmeadows Stoke 3b 10:15 Wanderers Blue vs Rangers U7 Black - Lord Rutherford Park 2b 11:00 Nelson vs. Motueka United - Neale Park Nelson 2b 11:30 Murchison vs. Nelson Blue Murchison 1b Car Company Under 6 9:30 Stoke U6 Red vs. Rangers Greenmeadows Stoke 3a 9:30 Huia U6 Green vs. Marist - Sports Park Motueka 2a 10:15 Stoke U6 White vs. Mot United U6 Red - Greenmeadows Stoke 3a 10:30 Riwaka U6 Blue vs. Waimea OB U6 Red - Riwaka 2 11:30 Tapawera vs. Riwaka U6 White Tapawera

Golf Motueka 7/6/2016:





18 hole players played Hudson Cup (2) Division 1: 1st Barbara Simpson - 1 down 2nd Shirley Wisnewski – 2 down 3rd Jacquie Martin -4 down Division 2 : Suzanne Park – square Anne Lawrence – 2 down Robyn Frater – 4 down Nett eagles Penny Brown x 2 9 holes ladies played Merle Hyland (4 ) Group A : Winner Meredith Rayner 36 r/up on c/b Lois Cocks 38 Group B : Pat Bell 38 Ladies 9 Hole Golf 7th June 2016: Dunn Trophy - Putts Winner - Pam Roberts 16 Putts 2nd Equal - Raewyn Bailey, Jean Daubney, Jackie Hall 20 Putts

L-R Jack Petorukalani Jacob Preston Cameron Marikura Kiriwai chilling out before the Tackle 7’s Tournament 2016 final put on by the Tasman Rugby Union. The team came together when Tasman Bay Christian school joined with St Peter Chanel to form a winning combination.


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garage sales

TASMAN Carpet Cleaning services. Great deal from $25 per room, professional clean, eco friendly. Phone Greg 0274 300 626.

SATURDAY 11 June, 9am. 105 Trewavas Street. Wet or fine.


SUNDAY 12 June. 12 Westbank Road, Motueka, 8am. Beds, dining room tables, crockery, chairs, miscellaneous.

DRAWING Term 3. Beginners. No talent required. Mot/Upp Mout. Enrol with Carol Day & evg classes.

SATURDAY 11 June. Signs out from 8am, Poole Street. Outdoor furniture, clothes, toys.

firewood DRY Manuka firewood for sale $450 3.62. Free delivery Tapawera, Motueka, Nelson. Ph 027 391 7215.

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MOTUEKA Women's Support Link Annual General Meeting to be held at 1pm on Wednesday 29 June 2016. Phone 5288161.

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public notices

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to let MOTUEKA Rooms to let. $100 pw power and phone included. Long term preferred. Phone 03 527 8578 or 0274 305 051.

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stump grinding STUMP Grinding, tree felling. Stumps ground to mulch for ready gardening. Ph: Andrew 021 081 82 123, AH (03) 553 0633.

to let COSY bach available to Sept-Oct. 25 min from Motueka. Rent negotiable. Ph 527 8200.

vehicles for sale

HOUSE to rent. 3 bedrooms, central location. Internal wood burner. Big backyard. $385p/w. Ph 021 022 77815.

TOYOTA Caldina 1999 4WD. 5 speed, 2 NZ owners, well serviced. 256,000km, new tyres/ WOF/Rego. $3,800. Ring 527 8200. ALWAYS Buying and selling good tidy cars. Finance and trades welcome. Open 7 days. Motor-eka Ltd, 8 Whakarewa Street (next to McDonald's). Phone 528 8885.






8 JUNE 2016

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Trees to be felled on Mapua Drive

The Council has received an application for resource consent, which has been publicly notified in The Nelson Mail. The application and supporting information may be examined in any Council office. The full public notice may be found online at Council’s website ( Any person may make a submission on the application in accordance with Section 96 of the Resource Management Act 1991. Submission forms are available from Council offices and on Council’s website. Please note that the following is an abridged advisory notice only. Applicant: Anthony Brown & Joanne Smart Location: 102 Carlyon Road, Mahana Consent Type, Application Number and Proposal: Subdivision Consent (Application RM160225)

Apply for a Community Grant online

To subdivide Rural 2 zoned land contained within a property legally described as Part Lot 16 and Part Lot 18 Deposited Plan 626 (CFR NL11B/50) to create two allotments.

Are you planning a great community event or project – but need a little help to make it happen? We may be able to help. Applications for our Community Grants are open, and there is funding available for Tasmanbased projects that meet a community need, join communities together and have community support. Priority is given to projects that can show financial support from other sources as well. We’re moving to a simplified, online-only application form this year. To help you get started, we will be running sessions at our local libraries to show you how to fill in the online form. Details of these will be posted on our website and publicised in future editions of Newsline. Applications close on 31 July 2016. Grants are available for projects that fit into the following categories: • Arts/culture/heritage/museums • Festivals and events • Youth and children • Social services • Environment • Emergency services • Sports and recreation facilities.

Lot 1 would have an area of 2.5543 hectares and contain the existing dwelling and accessory buildings with existing access from Carlyon Road. Proposed Lot 2 would have an area of 2 hectares and building site. A new vehicle crossing is proposed onto Carlyon Road.

Apply online: Visit to fill in the online application form. For more information: Visit our website, or email Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones,

Rates rebate You may qualify for a refund of a portion of your rates. You have until 30 June 2016 to apply for a rebate for the 2015/2016 rating year. You will have automatically received a rates rebate application form and guide if you have received a rates rebate in the past. These were sent in mid to late August 2015. You need to pay your rates account as usual. We will credit the rates rebate amount to your rates account and notify you once your application has been processed. For more information go to

Have a say on Moturoa/Rabbit Island proposals Consultation is now open on a draft reserve management plan to guide Moturoa/Rabbit Island for the next decade. Over the summer of 2015/2016, 660 individuals and groups let us know what they love about Moturoa/Rabbit, Rough and Bird islands, what they think should change and what should stay the same. That feedback was used to develop the Draft Moturoa/Rabbit Island Reserve Management Plan. That’s not the end of the process though – we still want to know if you think we’ve got it right. There are 12 key proposals we’re seeking specific feedback on, but you’re welcome to comment on any part of the draft plan. Have a say You can read the full draft plan and make a submission by visiting our website,, or in hard copy at Council offices and libraries. Submissions close on Friday 8 July.

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

COMMUNITY NOTICES Wave pool closed for maintenance The wave pool at the Richmond Aquatic Centre has been emptied and is currently closed for maintenance. We’re expecting the wave pool to be back in action in mid-June. In the meantime, the Aquatic Centre’s other pools, the sauna, gym, café and other facilities are all still open seven days a week. More information on the pool’s opening hours and facilities can be found at

Second Hand Sunday returns Clear out some clutter or grab a treasure or two when Second Hand Sunday returns on 12 June 2016, starting at 10.00 am. It’s easy to participate: To offer items, complete the registration form online by 9.00 am on Thursday 9 June 2016. This form can be found at [search phrase = second hand sunday]. You can also register at any Council service centre. On the day, put your items out on your driveway or front lawn and attach the downloadable poster (also available at Council service centres) to your letterbox so people can easily identify your address. Please remove any uncollected items at the end of the day. For treasure-hunters, the final list of addresses for those offering free stuff will be available on our website by midday Friday 10 June.

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COUNCIL MEETINGS Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at Environment and Planning Committee Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 9 June 2016, 9.30 am. Public forum Full Council Tasman Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 9 June 2016, 1.30 pm or at the conclusion of Environment and Planning Committee. No public forum Extraordinary Hearing Panel Meeting (Deliberations) – Motueka Top Ten Holiday Park Lease Heaphy Room, Tasman District Council, 189 Queen Street, Richmond, Thursday 9 June 2016, 3.30 pm or at the conclusion of Full Council. No public forum

24 Hour Assistance Richmond Murchison Motueka Takaka

Submissions due: 4.30 pm on Monday 4 July 2016

Golden Bay Community Board Collingwood Fire Station, Elizabeth Street, Tuesday 14 June 2016, 9.00 am. Public forum

join our community: Twitter • Facebook • Website

Motueka Community Board Motueka Service Centre, 7 Hickmott Place, Motueka, Tuesday 14 June 2016, 4.00 pm. Public forum

10261 HotHouse Communications

A large group of tall pines and blue gum trees on Mapua Drive will be felled after an inspection identified them as being a safety risk. The felling, which includes trees lining both sides of Mapua Drive near the exit from State Highway 60, is expected to take three to four weeks and may lead to short traffic delays. Early-morning traffic should not be affected, but people travelling on that route during the day are advised to allow a little extra time, as vehicles will be stopped for short periods while a tree is being felled. After a pine fell on the road in April, other trees in the area were inspected and found to be under stress and at risk of falling. To ensure public safety we therefore have to remove the trees. Anyone with enquiries about the felling can contact the Council by calling Ph. 03 543 8400.





Southland based Tulloch Motorsport has taken the opening round race win for the 2016 North Island Endurance Race Championship - held in foggy conditions at Taupo's Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park Saturday 4 June. Photo: John Cowpland/Alphapix.

Tulloch team take race win toward North Island endurance title

Winning the first of three races for the 2016 North Island Endurance Race Championship is now reality for Southland’s Tulloch Motorsport team and their German built SaReNi Reiter Camaro GT3. Held at Taupo’s Bruce McLaren Motorsport Park the majority of the three-hour race was held behind the Safety Car as a thick blanket of fog affected visibility. Emerging to take the chequered flag first team drivers John McIntyre (Nelson) and Simon Gilbertson (Hawke’s Bay) worked to a strategic plan – set by team owners Ian (Inky) Tulloch and his wife Annette. Starting from pole position after dominating the earlier held qualifying session, Gilbertson led the field behind the Safety Car. At exactly one-third of the way through the race he pitted to a strategy McIntyre credited to being the race winning move. “During that hour Simon had to keep the tyres warm, brakes warm and use minimal fuel to reduce time spent refuelling – just in case there was a break in the weather and the racing started,” McIntyre said. Taking his turn behind the wheel, McIntyre said the speed at which they changed positions was their edge. “About two hours 20 minutes in the weather lifted enough we got into racing and it was having that quick stop done that meant we had a time bonus.” What followed had those present riveted to the action of the two front runners of McIntyre and V8 champion Simon Evans. “Simon and I had a see-saw battle – it was fantastic racing. We had multiple passing moves on each other plus working around others racing. “Add the variable visibility and it really made it exciting. It really caught people’s attention – the hard, fair and clean racing – we really had to work for it.” Lasting for just over 20 minutes McIntyre was focused on getting a gap on the chasing Evans. “Our strategy was simple; we had to factor our fuel and pit stop plan would keep us in the lead when and if the fog returned and the Safety Car came out.” That is exactly what happened. With 14 minutes remaining and deteriorating visibility the Safety Car brought racing to a halt and led the field to the chequered flag at the three hour mark. “The race officials did the best job at coping with the conditions and allowing racing when it was safest. For us it was the ultimate result. It was an earned result from a pole position start and the best way to begin our title defence. “As a team it hands Inky and Annette the trophy they set the operation up to achieve. “So [it] has a lot of meaning to me, to be able to deliver that as a team.” The series second of three rounds will be contested at the emerging Hampton Downs circuit in three weeks’ time. It is the venue where McIntyre and Tulloch scored their first win in the car last season.

8 june 2016  
8 june 2016