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The volunteers saving iconic treasures

Bob Cooke centre, and his band of merry volunteers were hard at work last week maintaining the Motueka Salt Water Baths. Pictured left to right are Nigel Duff, Paul Galloway, Bob Cooke, Bill Keast, & Bruce Gribbon. The TDC says without the time and passion volunteers put into these amenities, we simply wouldn’t have treasures like this throughout the District. Read the full story on page 3.

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Peanut butter tours How about a free tour of Pic’s Peanut Butter Factory during the school holidays? They’re very popular so bookings are essential! (They hate having to turn away disappointed kids!) “Come and see the world’s best peanut butter being made! We’ll even give you a taste at the end to prove it really is the best. “ Parking can be difficult but Bunnings allow Pic’s tour folk to use their car park. It’s a three minute walk all up. The factory is the second Pic’s building you’ll come to on Elms St, where the road finishes and next to Pomeroy’s Cafe. For a handy map and to register go to www.picspeanutbutter.com

N.Z. a republic? There’s a movement gaining momentum calling for New Zealand to revive and update its constitution. According leading proponents, former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Constitutional lawyer, Dr Andrew Butler the present constitution is a hodge podge of rules and regulations that are difficult to fathom. “Our proposal : a modern constitution that is easy to understand, reflects New Zealand’s identity and nationhood and protects the rights and liberties and prevents governments from abusing power.” At the moment parliament can change or remove fundamental rights and protections without consultation or a popular mandate. Find out more www.constitutionaotearoa.org.nz There’s a Facebook page too

Food Forest Working Bee Come and help us maintain the edible park at Goodman Ledger Reserve, at the end of Ledger Ave, and meet up with likeminded folks. Working bee every first and third Saturday of the month from 10am – noon. We’ll be there this Saturday October 1.

Be in ItsOn Early December 5,000 copies of the Summer Events Guide will be distributed throughout the region. If you want your event to be considered for inclusion ensure your event is listed on ItsOn no later than this coming Friday – 30th September. Go to www.itson.co.nz/organisers

You can still enrol If you’re not enrolled it’s not too late! If you head to www.elections.org.na/enrol or call 0800 36 76 56 to enrol before October 7th youcan vote.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass .. it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

I have been a successful and effective leader of our Council team in delivering:

reduced debt low rates increases new community infrastructure Authorised by Richard Kempthorne 11 Hillplough Heights Richmond

Let’s keep going. RICHARD KEMPTHORNE Mayor, Tasman p. 027 223 4000

e. kempthorne.rj@kinect.co.nz

a. www.kempthorne.co.nz w.

Bearing the cross

JANE WELLS Kim and Joan Rusden left Puponga bright and early Monday morning, Kim carrying the cedar cross and Joan with the car and caravan. They’re bound for the bottom of the South

Island but not quite yet. By the end of these school holidays they hope to reach Blenheim – and maybe beyond. And they’ll be back next school holidays to carry on south. Their mission is

to remind everyone of God’s love. “The message behind the cross is a message of love, hope and forgiveness of sin to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ,” said Kim, “It’s a message of restoration and reconciliation back to God.” “The world is looking for hope and truth and we believe Jesus Christ is the answer.” . Kim has been a Christian for the last 21 of his 56 years. “Before that his life was hard, rough and dangerous,” said Joan “I was brought up in a loving Christian family.” The couple are both self employed near Feilding. They have already ’done’ the North Island. This is Kim’s first trip to the South Island. Above: Joan and Kim about to tackle Takaka Hill last Wednesday afternoon.

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WEDNESDAY 28 SEPTEMBER 2016 3 A brief history of the Motueka Salt Water Baths

Early 1920s - The beach at Motueka was considered dangerous for bathing as there were sharks in the bay, so in 1926 money was raised by a gala to enclose an area with galvanised wire. 1938 – The wire soon rusted away in the salt water, so a pool was built with three concrete walls and wings extending up the beach which made the pool the depth of the high tide. There was no concrete bottom to the pool just the beach sand. Eventually the wings were removed by order of the Harbour Board as it was believed they were causing erosion. 1950 - A Domain Board was formed. The area behind the baths was levelled and grassed, toilets were installed and a short time later the fourth wall of the pool was built. 1992 - The baths had deteriorated badly so once more a committee was formed to upgrade the whole area. A concrete floor was added to the baths with steps at both ends and a paddling pool was included. A floodgate, childproof gates in the fence around the pool, decking on the shore side and a walkway to the beach were also added. In the domain itself a new unit containing changing rooms and toilets was built to replace the old facilities and night lighting was installed. -TDC

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Authorised by Richard Kempthorne 11 Hillplough Heights Richmond





Bill Keast, another fellow volunteer recruited by Bob, said if you cannot think of an excuse quick enough, Bob will have you out volunteering. “I admire his dedication. It’s just as well Bob Cooke’s around or there wouldn’t be much done sometimes!” As for what Bob thinks of it all: “I’m a good arm twister,” he said. Tasman District Council Engineering Chairman Trevor Norriss said the saltwater baths are synonymous with Motueka; used and loved by generations of residents and visitors alike. “The ongoing maintenance of the baths is but one example of the local partnerships shared between the Council and volunteer groups. “Without the time and passion our volunteers put into these amenities, we simply wouldn’t have treasures like this throughout the District. “The Council and residents cannot thank them enough.”


SAFIA ARCHER Bob Cooke was part of a volunteer group that revived the iconic and popular Motueka Salt Water Baths in the nineties, and now some 24 years later he’s at it again. “We rejuvenated them in ’92, and this is the first update since then – replacing all the nails and screws with stainless steel,” Bob said. They were expecting a 25-30 year life-span Bob said, but years later and the timber is still strong, it’s just the nuts and bolts that need upgrading. “In hindsight we should’ve used stainless - It’s just one of those things, the timber seems to have lasted.” Volunteer Paul Galloway was recruited by Bob along with three others for the project. “They’re really nice little baths, and kids love it in summer – it’s a beautiful walk along the foreshore and this is part of it.”


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Motueka landmark maintained by volunteers


Paul Galloway & Bill Keast taking a break during their volunteer maintenance of the iconic & popular Motueka Salt Water Baths.

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What do you think about New Zealand passing a law to go plastic dinnerware free by 2020 as France has?

Holiday Time




Definitely. I think it would be easier to do it here than in France because I think people are more environmentally aware in New Zealand.

Yes I guess so. There’s an awful lot of waste … mountains of it.

No, because what would we use when we have get-togethers?

We can do it earlier! We already have importers bringing in bamboo & paper dinnerware at an affordable price.


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2 year guarantee

132 High Street, Motueka

The fleet surges up the Mapua Channel Credit: Sally Daniels photos


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Loyal Grossi Point Yacht Club Poker Rally 2016



Authorised by Richard Kempthorne 11 Hillplough Heights Richmond








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Although the day began cool and drizzly, by the time the fleet of 18 powerboats set off on the Poker Rally, it was a silver day in Mapua, and the weather and the event just got better as the day went on. The goal was to pick up a playing card from five dealers stationed around the estuary, with the boat collecting the best poker hand being the winner. The fleet set off in a mass start from Grossi Point and fought the incoming current to a rounding mark near the Mapua Wharf, then it was back past Grossi Point to Winch Bay and the first ‘Table’. This was the “Flat Bottomed Floozie’ with Dealers, John Ward and Liz Tod-Hunter. The next ‘Table’, further west towards Thawley’s was the trailer yacht Wizard, with dealers Clare Kininmonth and John Leydon on board. By then the fleet had worked out a very efficient system of approaching slowly, queued up in a large semi-circle. This enabled the boats to come alongside to pick up their card with great efficiency. It was then back to a rounding mark at Grossi Point and off up the channel to Bronte, a left turn


around a mark there and over towards Hoddy’s Road. Here the next table was the Mapua Boat Club’s mooring raft. Anne Hilson was the dealer marooned here. The fleet next headed east and joined the main channel at Hunter-Brown and went down towards the Rabbit Island Bridge to the next mark. From here it was back to the Traverse where Mike Perry on his launch ‘Ruru’ was the last floating table. A¬fter leaving Ruru the fleet crossed the now outgoing tide to Grossi Point where after signing off on the safety sheet, the players received their final card from Marion Leydon. The winning hand was that of Richard Winn from Richmond, and his crew, with four nines. Second best hand was held by Rob and Hue Smith from Mapua, and third best was Peter Murton from Richmond in the 100 year old ‘Angelina’. The prize was a 50 year old unopened pack of Port Line playing cards, and after the prize-giving Richard presented them back to the club to be competed for again next year. This was a very sporting gesture and may be the beginning of a new tradition! The fleet comprised a vast range of small boats including classic clinkers, tinnies, inflatables, small yachts and even a Hobie 16 catamaran with an outboard. The eight foot dinghy Rob and Hue used has the distinction of being the only boat that has participated in the sailing, rowing, and powered events of the LGPYC this season. Members from the Picton Clinker Club, and from their Nelson Branch, brought 6 boats and the rest of the fleet were local. Harold Gratton from Picton presented the club with their club’s pennant after thanking the local organisers for an enjoyable day on the water. Thanks to Graham Battersby for his help with the course setting, and TDC harbourmaster Dan Cairney for his role as rescue boat and Tail End Charlie. The after-match was hosted by the Mapua Boat Club in their club rooms on Mapua Wharf and participants were welcomed with hot drinks and plates of food. Thanks to the crew at MBC. It was a great ending to a great day. If you would like to be notified of future events, register your interest at loyalgpyc@ gmail.com.

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mayoralcandidate Maxwell Clark

The Waimea Community Dam? I am the only mayoral candidate who is opposed to the dam. This is not a dam for the community and should not be known by this name. It is a dam for the irrigators, and the general ratepayers of Tasman District should not have to contribute via their rates to pay for this dam which essentially will benefit private enterprise. Most Tasman residents are unaware that there are no plans to pipe the water for domestic use and this needs to be clearly spelled out.The dam is too big and too expensive and if it was to go ahead it would financially cripple the ratepayers of Tasman for many years to come. There are viable alternatives which need to be thoroughly investigated.

A new library in Motueka?

Of course Motueka needs a new library. A library can quickly become the hub of a community and we need to be doing all we can to assist our residents in this regard. Funding for this project should be brought forward to enable this project to get underway.

What are your views on environmental sustainability and pest control in the region? Why should you be mayor of Tasman? After nine years it is time for a new mayor to take Tasman forward. I am a new broom and here to sweep this entire Council clean. I promise to not only listen to the voices of the community, but also to hear what you are saying and implement what it is that you want and need. I seek to empower the community so that more decision-making is made at your level rather than behind closed doors in the Council chambers. I am determined to end the continued commercial and legal disputes between Council and ratepayers such as we have been experiencing in recent years. How do you propose to reduce Council debt? The most important factor is not to make the debt any bigger than it already is. For every $10million of debt everyone’s rates right throughout the district will have to increase by 1%. The Tasman District Council have already allocated $28 million to the dam – without any spending in any other area, this means that our rates will rise by nearly 3%. I shall appoint an independent “watchdog” to ensure that the commercial activities of the Council are brought back on track. Focus must return to core services. Do you support: The removal of the Takaka Grandstand? In my opinion the community of Golden Bay need to be the ones making the decision about the future of the grandstand – Council should not be making that decision for them. I do think that we need to be mindful of our heritage and history and the grandstand can certainly tell many stories of earlier times in Golden Bay.

Our National Parks, marine reserves, lakes and rivers are integral to what makes Tasman unique. All need to be appropriately funded and maintained to ensure that they remain for our children and grandchildren. The work already done by volunteer groups in trapping pest species in the parks and the Richmond foothills is to be applauded. Council needs to encourage and support these groups in the very valuable work they are doing. Development of sustainable industry around our natural resources should be encouraged and actively promoted. How will you maximise growth opportunities? We have three of the country’s most popular and outstandingly beautiful national parks within our district. Tourism is our lifeline to economic growth. Facilities to provide for those who choose to visit our region need to be brought up to an appropriate standard. Funding for Information Centres in Takaka, Motueka and Murchison which was withdrawn by the current Council will be reinstated. Control must be taken back from the Council employees and reinstated to the Council who represent their local communities. Local industry must be encouraged and supported. Council does not have a role in commercial activities such as the development at Mapua Wharf. We should not be competing with our ratepayers to provide these facilities.


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retreats, cabins, sheds, studios, granny flats, 022 0703045 022 0703045 022 1600342 1600342 playhouses ts, cabins,garages, sheds,022saunas, www.eurowood.co.nz www.eurowood.co.nz saunas, playhouses 022 0703045

022 1600342 022 0703045 Peter Wakeman pictured with his first winning WOW garment, Chica Under Glass, 2013. 022 www.eurowood.co.nz 1600342

From garage to glory: WOW Supreme Winner’s new venture


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Authorised by Richard Kempthorne 11 Hillplough Heights Richmond








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SPRING SALE Great range of Exotics, Native Trees and Shrubs

10% OFF All Plants 20% OFF Selected Lines Begins this weekend Open 7 Days 9.00 - 5.00. Eftpos facilities available Your local country nursery 33 Lansdowne Rd, Appleby, RD1, Richmond Ph: 544 5569 www.deansnursery.co.nz

SAFIA ARCHER From self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades to World of Wearable Arts (WOW) Supreme Award Winner 2015, Peter Wakeman has finally found his passion. A chance encounter with a WOW garment at Nelson Airport in 2012 sparked a freedom of creativity that appealed to Pete, even though he’d never heard of the iconic show. “I must admit I didn’t go researching it. The way I operate is I connect with my imagination, and contemplate thoughts and ideas as they form pictures in my mind,” he said. The Devonport born father of three who

now calls Motueka home doesn’t draw, he doesn’t “do computers,” he said - rather he projects his creative image directly into his work. “I think I may have discovered what my passion is, what excites me.” Pete, who currently works as a commercial cleaner, has worked with variations of fibre glass, plywood and stainless steel across his works, and had no idea the movement and impact his garments would until electric pink ‘Chica Under Glass’ was unveiled in 2013 and won the WOW Avant Garde Section. The designer hasn’t changed his process,

but he has changed the way he refers to the top, middle and base of his unique garments – now using collar, waistline, and hemline to avoid confusion. “I’ve certainly enjoyed the experience, and being absorbed in the WOW environment.” Some designers need to be told they’re on the right track he said, but he’s very self-motivated himself - once Pete has set a goal he’s totally absorbed in the creative process to the extent that if wife Teresa didn’t call him in for meals he’d probably work until he dropped he said. As for that momentous award in 2015

with his piece ‘Diva’s Dreamscape’, Pete didn’t have an inkling as far as winning the Supreme Award went he said. “I’m quite a competitive person - I wasn’t there to make up the numbers, but I was totally bloody bowled over really! “Initially I was a bit shocked, a little numbed, not really realising what I had achieved.” But he certainly realises it now, and he’s projecting his passion into new business venture Wakeman Creation. Pete said he’s just about ready to open with his first functional art piece due for release during the first week of October. “A bit of pressure, plenty of excitement, and I’m good to go.” His WOW works helped him grow the “garage to glory”, a term Pete coined during his acceptance speech at WOW, and as his business continues to grow, so will his garage – he’s on the hunt for new premises come the New Year. Pete’s also set to be an honorary judge at the A&P Show this summer, and he’s got some advice for those looking to venture into WOW territory: “Concentrate on what you’re doing, don’t worry about anyone else, and just give it the biscuit because anything is possible - it really is.” Pete’s creations will consist of a selection of one off handcrafted pieces, encompassing Functional Art, Fashion Accessories and standalone art works. They’ll be available for purchase directly from his website, http://wakemancreation.com/

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Time for a Change

Claire Hutt on the Motueka Community Board & Starlight Parade

SAFIA ARCHER As one of the fresh faces soon to sit on the Motueka Community Board, Claire Hutt may new iting at be the Waimea River to local poliof good quality water and our great tics, but community and family values are at the core of her deciContact details: sion making. KIT MALING 261 Pugh Road RD1 Richmond With a background Ph 5440536 Cell 0275440536 Email cmaling@xtra.co.nz in banking and child-

ing man, he does so much for the town. He’s inspired me to feel like I can make a difference.” Being approachable is key to making that difference Claire said, as the Board are the link between the Council and the public. She takes this a step further by connecting directly with her constituents through social Maling for Mayor media. Maling for Mayor Wearing her Our Authorised By: Kit Maling Town Motueka hat, 261 Pugh Road, Hope Ph: 544 0536 Maling for Mayor (Claire is Secretary) she is coordinating the annual Starlight Time for a Change Parade this year, to be held Friday December 2. Float registration is already proving popular for the ‘Magical Christmas’ themed parade, and they’re for Mayor collaborating with local iting at the Waimea River of good quality water and our great charity Riding for the Disabled on Santa’s float. The Motueka Library Claire wants it to be Contact details: KIT MALING Discussions re the library and it’s enlargement have been ongoing for five years. An magical she said.The 261 Pugh Road RD1 Richmond Ph 5440536 Cell 0275440536 affordable solution to increase the size is the second priority for Motueka. Tasman Gymnastics Email cmaling@xtra.co.nz Club are going to be fairies and elves, whipAuthorised by Kit Maling, 261 Pugh Road, RD1 Richmond ping up the crowd with

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Maling for Mayor Maling for Mayor Maling for Mayor

d 1

care, the mother of two suffered a workplace accident that took her out of action for a few month year, and forlast Mayor caused her to rethink her priorities. After deciding upon considerable lifestyle changes, Clair now works from home, planning ahead to

Kit Maling

balance work commitments and family time. It was long standing Community Board member David Ogilvie that approached Claire about standing for the Community Board, reasoning a young female voice was just what they needed. “David is an amaz-


Kit Maling for Mayor

Kit Maling

15/07/13 12:47 PM

for Mayor

Kit Maling

Authorised By: Kit Maling 261 Pugh Road, Hope Ph: 544 0536

Kit Maling for Mayor

15/07/13 12:47 PM

a sprinkling of fairy dust. The Motueka Night Market will make its resurgence, unveiling food stalls, musical whimsy, arts and crafts, and loads of entertainment before the parade, and well into the night. “It is absolutely for the kids, to see their faces with all the floats.” And there’ll be plenty of culture too, with Parklands School’s afternoon kapa haka, a theme Claire hopes will to follow through into the parade. The 2016 community board line is set to include Brent Maru, Claire Hutt, Richard Horrell, and Paul Hawkes. Should Paul Hawkes successfully secure a TDC seat as Motueka Ward Councillor however, there will be a by-election. For more information on the Starlight Parade or to get in touch with Claire, email claire.communityboard@gmail.com.

Claire Hutt, a fresh face to sit on the Motueka Community Board, is coordinating this year’s ‘Magical Christmas’ themed Starlight parade. www.facebook.com/clairehuttdcommunityboard

Information Evenings You are invited to meet our tutors, have your questions about study options answered and join in demonstrations and activities.

Wednesday 19 October 4 - 7pm Find out more about our Civil, Automotive, Mechanical and Aviation Engineering, Construction, Maritime, Superyacht crewing, Adventure Tourism, Tourism, Horticulture, Trainee Ranger, Conservation, Hairdressing, Beauty and Body Therapy, Cookery, Hospitality, Arts, Design, Music, Writing and Interior Design programmes

Thursday 20 October 4 - 7pm Find out about our degree and postgraduate study options as well as other information about our: Aquaculture, Viticulture and Winemaking, Business, IT, Counselling, Social Work, Nursing, Health, Fitness, Ma-ori Studies, Business Administration and Bridging programmes

Nelson Campus, 322 Hardy Street

You’ll be so glad you did

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Briefs ‘Teaspoon’ is tops The Four Foodies from Motueka High who put together a stunning recipe book are to be congratulated. It’s a colourful, interesting collection of easy to follow recipes interspersed with suggestions from well known foodies like Donna Hay and Michael van de Elzen. Surely this is a must have for every local kitchen? It’s not too early to buy a unique Christmas gift. The Guardian has the books on sale at its counter – just $20! Spooning Saturday October 1st between 10am and 3pm there’s a spoon making workshop at Woods and Co Gallery in the Upper Moutere village “Learn to make ethically produced works of art using natural and found objects whilst combining them using basic silversmithing techniques. Join us in this workshop to create your own unique spoon. You do not need to have previous skills or knowledge, just bring your curious and experimental self. $80 covers tuition, use of tools and equipment and some basic materials. Bring along your own favourite beachcombings and other treasures to personalise your creation.” Contact via email jacky.morren@gmail.com Grafting This coming Sunday, October 2nd the Nelson branch of the NZ Tree Crops Association invites you to an apple grafting day from 10 am to 3pm outside the Mapua Country Store on the corner of Aranui Road and Mapua Drive. This will be an opportunity to come along and learn about grafting (and if you wish, take home your own grafted apple tree, for a small fee grafted trees from $10). Helpful Treecroppers will be on hand to assist. There’s access to an ample covered area so it will be able to go ahead rain or shine. Further information at www. mapuacountrystore.co.nz and www.treecrops. org.nz Your debt? The latest Newsline announces everyone’s share of the Tasman District Council’s assets is $27,000. It has trumpeted its shaving $12 million from its huge debt in the past year as it stays ahead of its self-imposed rates and debt limits, a new report shows. However, the council’s debt is still forecast to increase from $129m to $166m by June 2017. Wonder what our debt is per person? Bureaucrats cut red tape – lengthwise! GB launch This Friday 30th September Golden Bay poet , Gordon Challis is launching his latest collection – ‘Selected Poems’ 1pm at the Takaka Library. You’re invited to join him and to stay on for a cup of tea afterwards. Gordon has been writing poetry for much of his life. Selected Poems is his fourth published collection after ‘Building’, ‘Other Side of the Brain’ and ‘Luck of the Bounce’. is poems have also been published in The Listener and Landfall.Selected Poems will be available for purchase at the book launch. Beware stink bugs! MPI is on high alert to stop the invasive brown marmorated stink bug from making a home in New Zealand. The season for us runs from September to April MPI believes the bug is most likely to establish itself in an urban setting if it gets past the border.. “We want anyone that sees a stink bug to catch it and call MPI.” Air passengers are also advised to check their baggage and notify MPI if they find anything. It’s a voracious eater of horticulture produce, including apples, grapes and tomatoes, leaving them unmarketable. In the U.S.A. where the bug is established crop losses are of up to 95 percent. It is resistant to many insecticides, making it difficult and expensive to control. MPI border staff intercepted 406 brown marmorated stink bugs between January 2015 and April 2016. Please call MPI Nelson on 03 5481069 if you find any of these dangerous creatures. The photograph at top of next column will help you identify the enemy.

Inhouse? Commission needed Leaked documents show the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) has been aware of widespread fish dumping for years, yet not acted to prosecute the offending commercial fishers. These papers highlight deeply rooted problems with the management of fisheries. Now recreational fishing and environmental interests are calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the Quota Management System (QMS).Recreational fishing group LegaSea says that there are obvious and longstanding issues with the QMS that must be addressed. One sticking point is the video surveillance and monitoring of the commercial fleet. MPI has recently awarded the contract for this work to an industry owned company. Another issue is the close relationship between MPI and commercial fishing interests where often the lines of separation are blurred

Go sea! Operation Neptune presents “The Complete History of the Royal Navy” at Nelson’s Theatre Royal Sunday 23rd October at 6.30pm- during Labour Weekend. It’s just one of many worthwhile events on the Nelson Arts Festival programme. Tickets are $25. A freebee with a similar theme is “Commander Claire” and “The Pirates of Provence” on the same day, same place at 11am and 1pm. Both of these are written by Mark Hadlow and it’s important to.claim tickets from the Theatre Royal in advance. All three production commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Navy. The Nelson Arts Festival October 12-24 October.


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Limited time only

FREE Seedling Kit with every 40 you spend! *


John Fisher Chairman of Keep Motueka Beautiful, and Melissa Gray of Specialised Print, view the first copies of the Motueka 2017 calendar.

Motueka calendar ready for holiday season

Collect all 24 and grow your own Little Garden

LittleGarden.co.nz Fresh Quality Mark Beef Bolar Roast


99 kg

A 2017 calendar featuring photos of Motueka's attractions has been printed and is ready for sales leading into the Christmas and tourism retail season. Keep Motueka Beautiful hopes the calendar will help promote the town and surrounds to a wider audience, and in particular celebrate the work done by KMB to create and improve parks and walkways. The product is targeted for Motueka residents to send as Christmas presents to friends and relatives overseas, and for tourists wanting a pictorial souvenir of the town to take home. Tip Top One thousand copies of the high-quality product have been printed and Supersoft are available at selected outlets initially. As tourist numbers build up the Bread calendars will be made available at other participating cafes and accom700g modation providers. At present the calendars, priced at $10 including an envelope, can be bought at Motueka i-Site, Muses Cafe, Kaiwaka Cafe and Elevation Cafe. Some will be sold at times from a table at the New World supermarket entrance. Time for a Change Specially featured in the calendar are 17 photos of local scenes taken and donated by a dozen photographers, most of them members of the Motueka Camera Club. The design and pre-production of the calendar was done by Melissa Gray, of Specialised Print, free of charge. "We hope the calendar highlights Motueka's attractions for residents and visitors, and provides a souvenir for visitors and friends and relatives Persil Laundry Powder outside town," says KMB chairman John Fisher. 1kg Mayor "We also wanted to highlightfor Keep Motueka Beautiful's efforts, in coniting at the Waimea River with TDC, to make the town an attraction and a great place to live." of goodjunction quality water and our great Funds raised will also help the group to maintain the existing gardens and walkways they have created, and take on some new projects in the planning stage. Contact details: KIT Calendars MALING may also be ordered and collected from project coor261 Pugh Road RD1 Richmond Ph 5440536 Cell 0275440536 David Armstrong by emailing david@visionmotueka.org.nz. Emaildinator cmaling@xtra.co.nz

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Kit Maling

Maling for Mayor Maling for Mayor Maling for Mayor



Authorised By: Kit Maling 261 Pugh Road, Hope Ph: 544 0536

Kit Maling for Mayor

Kit Maling

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Time for a Change

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for Mayor

Kit Maling for Mayor

iting at the Waimea River of good quality water and our great

Storm Water An upgrade and an audit of existing storm water is my first priority for Motueka. People getting flooding in normal rain events is unacceptable and the upgrades must be brought forward and should have happened before any commercial building was built at Mapua.

Contact details: KIT MALING 261 Pugh Road RD1 Richmond Ph 5440536 Cell 0275440536 Email cmaling@xtra.co.nz

Maling for Mayor

Authorised by Kit Maling, 261 Pugh Road, RD1 Richmond

Kit Maling

Specials available South Island only, price valid until Sunday 2 October 2016 or while stocks last. Trade not supplied. Specials may not be available at all stores. Club Deals are only available to Clubcard Members at New World South Island stores when they scan their Clubcard at the time of purchase.*Excludes cigarettes, tobacco, gift cards and Lotto purchases. Promotion runs from 12th September – 23rd October 2016, subject to availability. Little Garden seedling kits may vary at New World stores and are not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. Adult supervision required. T&Cs apply, see in-store or visit LittleGarden.co.nz for details. Foodstuffs (N.Z.) Limited.


Every vote counts. Voting closes Saturday 8 October at 12noon.

1.3 billion reasons to vote Your local council manages $1.3 billion worth of community assets. As one of the 48,000 people living in Tasman, your share is worth $27,000. Make sure you vote for the people you want in charge of your assets. For more info visit www.tasman.govt.nz

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Sunday Market offers Kai Fest full support Pictured left: The Motueka Kai Fest event coordinator, Terri Everett (left) and team manager Petra Stephenson study layout plans for stalls and activities in Decks Reserve.

The new harvest celebration event, Motueka Kai Fest, will be even bigger thanks to the Sunday Market operators offering their full support. The Kai Fest, which will run on Sunday, April 9th next year, will centre on Decks Reserve, with the popular Sunday Market adjusting its time and positioning so that the two events work well together. When learning of the plans for the inaugural Kai Fest event, Sunday Market organiser Judy Roper was enthusiastic about each event benefiting from the other. "Given the high-energy profile the Kai Fest is generating, the Motueka Sunday Market just couldn't miss the opportunity to join up," she says. "It will be the most amazing day for Motueka, and definitely a win-win situation for all stallholders." She has spoken with the market stall holders and they agree that it will be of benefit to them being on site to complement the festivities. Prior to this agreement, the team planning the Kai Fest had felt it necessary to run the festival only in the afternoon, so as not to interfere with the normal Sunday Market. With the agreement to work together, that means the festivities can begin in the second half of the morning, allow for lunch, and continue into the early afternoon with a programme of activities and entertainment. On the festival day, the markets stallholders will begin sales at 10am and if they wish continue selling through into the afternoon. One of the biggest problems envisaged now will be parking, and the event coordinator Terri Everett is working on options to allow people to get to Decks Reserve without having to walk too far. Terri is excited about the support of the Sunday Market. "With the event set to coincide with the Sunday Market, it's going to be real testimony to the community and commercial collaboration to celebrate together our abundant and unique kai harvest," she says. "I'm sure this will be our signature event for years to come, not only celebrating with locals but encouraging a flurry of visitors at a time when activity often slows down." As event planning continues over the coming half year, people interested in what will be involved can follow progress on the Facebook page, "Motueka Kai Fest". The planning team are continuing to look for people and businesses, especially those with commercial or community interests in local food, who can contribute to the pageantry, information stalls and games which will make up the bulk of the festival. To find out more contact Terri at motueka. kai.fest@gmail.com.

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Bay Art Exhibition The Golden Bay Arts Council proudly presents the annual Bay Arts Exhibition & Awards this October 14 to November 30. Bay Art aims to encourage and recognise the diverse range of high quality artwork produced by amateur and professional artists and artisans resident in Golden Bay. A firm favourite on the local arts and cultural calendar, it attracts over 100 entries and hundreds of visitors over the exhibition week. Golden Bay residents are invited to submit artwork in any medium and theme, and children ages 71-17 years have their very own non-competitive exhibition Young@Art. Entry forms and T&Cs available at Art Bank, Takaka. ART BANK: Entries are to be delivered to Art Bank 57 Commercial Street, Wed October 12, 3-6pm, or Thursday 13 October, 8am-12pm; October 14, judging; October 15-30, open to public. YOUNG@ART: Entries are to be delivered to Golden Bay High School Hall, Wed October 19, 3-6pm. Grand opening Friday October 21, 4pm, High School Hall. Get back down to Earth! There’s a new community planting project thanks to support from the PHO through Motueka Community House, with the Down to Earth Home Vegetable Growing programme. Grant Douglas is running four free workshops September 27 to October 8. If you want to get involved sowing seeds in this fantastic community initiative, register at Motueka Community House. This week’s workshop is Compost making, worm farming, direct sowing/plating & cultivation this Saturday October 1, 1pm at Trewavas Street and Main Road, Riwaka (The Pulsing Patch). Spotlight on hunting after dark The Department of Conservation will be turning the spotlight onto anyone found hunting during the hours of darkness. Hunting on any land in New Zealand requires the permission of the landowner. On conservation land, this permission is gained by obtaining a hunting permit from the Department of Conservation, which must be carried while hunting and produced on demand. DOC will be checking for permits. The DOC website contains information on hunting permits, species to hunt, areas where hunting is permitted and the conditions in those areas, where pesticides have been laid, hunting safety, and good hunting practice. Permits for open hunting areas can be applied for online, while other permits can be obtained from DOC offices. http://www.doc.govt.nz/parksand-recreation/things-to-do/hunting/ Last Days to Have a Say Consultation on Golden Bay’s Outstanding Natural Features and Landscapes closes on 30 September. Make a submission at www.tasman. govt.nz/feedback. To find out more visit the TDC website: www.tasman.govt.nz/feedback. Information and feedback forms are also available at Council service centres and libraries. Apply to the Sport NZ rural travel fund Are you a Tasman rural based club or do you have rural based players? If so, the Tasman Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund can help meet your travel costs. Sport NZ Travel Fund reduces the barriers for young people (aged 5–19 years) taking part in local sports competition by offering grants to subsidise travel costs. The clubs must apply on behalf of players and the next closing date is 31 October. Find application forms and further information online at www.tasman.govt. nz/grants-funding. Tourism fund opens targeting regional NZ The fifth funding round of the Tourism Growth Partnership is open. It has awarded $20.7 million to 28 projects and attracted co-funding of $60.5 million since it was established in 2013m and applicants can now also apply for co-investment of up to $25,000 towards a feasibility study enabling them to assess the costs, potential market and risks of their business proposition. More information is available at: www.mbie.govt.nz/ info-services/sectors-industries/tourism/tourismgrowth-partnership.

Your vote counts!

UNICEF takes High Street The Syrian Crisis is the worst humanitarian crisis since WW2 said UNCEF volunteer Stevie-Anne, pictured above holding the nutritious sachet that contains minerals, vitamins and nourishment to starving children for just 67 NZ cents a packet. Stevie likens it to peanut butter. You can sign to Time for aupChan become a “global parent” through the UNICEF website to give at least one of the six million displaced children a chance at survival. “Everyone seems very interested in what we have to say - a lot of the problem is people are not aware,” she said. https://www.unicef.org.nz/syria

Don’t run out of time, vote early on ‘Vote Day’! Voting packs have been sent to enrolled voters and to make sure your vote is recorded Tasman District Council is urging people to post their papers well before polls close. Postal voting for the 2016 local elections has been open since 16 September and all voting Indie comedy adventure film in Motueka this Monday papers must be returned to the relevant council Director Christian Nicolson of new NZ Comedy Feature Film, This Giant by midday on 8 October. Papier Mache Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy, will be at the Gecko As part of the Vote2016 campaign to lift Mayor Theatre Monday October 3 for for a question and answer session. Head along voter turnout to over 50 per cent for the first Kit white baiting at the Waimea River see the indie An example of goodto quality water and our great comedy adventure about three guys that get sucked into a time since the 1980s, Councils and outdoors. Local B Grade Sci fi universe when watching an old 50s sci fi movie. Government New Zealand are urging people to The film has won several awards overs seas and was released nationpost their papers on Saturday 1 October – or wide wide on September 22. details: ‘Vote Day’. Tasman Electoral Officer Sandra Contact KIT “It MALING has taken 5 years of hard labour and it is a real kiwi do-it-yourself story. Pugh Road RD1 Richmond Hartley says we need to encourage people to 261 Ph 5440536 0275440536 It’sCellall totally self-funded and to say that it is now ending up in cinemas and Email cmaling@xtra.co.nz get their papers mailed in time to be counted. is a well-liked movie is worth a look at least.” “Some of the main reasons people give for not voting are they forgot, ran out of time or were too busy,” Sandra says. Kitthe Maling for Mayor “So to make sure people give themselves Kit Maling for Mayor best chance to have their say we are encourAuthorised By: Kit Maling 261 Pugh Road, Hope Ph: 544 0536 KitIt’s Maling for Mayor aging people to vote early on ‘Vote Day’. a Saturday and good week out from the close of the polls so the perfect opportunity to make a day of it and get involved in the democratic Time for a Chan process. “It is important Kiwis participate in the selection of the people who will make decisions that affect most people’s lives on a daily basis. The local government elections are a one-inthree-year opportunity to have your say and be counted. “Voters can still post their papers after 1 for Mayor October, but there is no harm in doing Kit it white earbaiting at the Waimea River An example of good quality water and our great lier”. outdoors. What: ‘Vote Day’ When: 1 October 2016 Trucks on the High Street Why: Make sure you ave your say by votContact details: KIT MALING Working with Transit to ensure trucks use an alternative route, particularly over the three ing early 261 Pugh Road RD1 Richmond Ph 5440536 Cell 0275440536 month summer season is another must in the next term of Council. How: Visit https://www.nzpost.co.nz/tools/ Email cmaling@xtra.co.nz postshop-kiwibank-locator to find your nearest post box or office. Authorised by Kit Maling, 261 Pugh Road, RD1 Richmond

Kit Maling


Kit Malin for Mayo

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Kit Maling

for Mayor

Kit Maling

Kit Maling for Mayor Kit Maling for Mayor Kit Maling for Mayor

39216 Kit Maling 3Fold.indd 1

Authorised By: Kit Maling 261 Pugh Road, Hope Ph: 544 0536

Kit Malin for Mayo

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Sept 2016


Oct 2016

Fri, Sat & Sun 10–5

Nelson Home & Garden Show



Transform Your Surroundings at the Home & Garden Show! The Nelson Home & Garden Show is packed with all the ideas and information that you need to transform your surroundings into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Be thrilled by the variety, amazed by the innovations and impressed by the expert advice. Save with fantastic showonly specials, preview the hottest trends, enter the draw to win a fabulous show prize, source accessories for a new look, listen to free daily seminars, or simply turn up and prepare to be inspired. Better still, it’s all under the one roof and there’s free parking!

» Landscaping, plants, outdoor furniture, garden art, BBQs ‘She Sheds’ for the girls, outdoor fireplaces, awnings & much, much more » Kitchens, bathrooms, home décor, solar energy & everything in between! » Fantastic show-only bargains » Be in to win an oven, dishwasher & range hood prize package from Kitchen Studio Nelson, worth $6,000! » Fine foods, arts & craft section » Free daily seminars by industry experts on landscape design, kitchens, bathrooms, urban beekeeping, solar solutions & choosing colour » Resene Paint-a-Pot/Home family fun from 10-2 on Sat & Sun

The ‘Transform Your Space’ Seminar Series Free daily seminars – Fri, Sat & Sun (located near the show entrance) Hot tips by professionals on how to... 10.30 am Paint Like a Professional Resene Colour Expert 11.30 am Benefits of Landscape Design & Consultation Ollie Sage, Sage Landscapes 12.30 pm Kitchens – from Inspiration to Installation Avesh Vather, Kitchen Studio Nelson 1.30 pm Designing & Planning a Small Bathroom Alec Arnold, Lennox Bathroom Nelson 2.30 pm Solar - Reducing Power Bills Forever Patrick Green, Sunpower Solar 3.30 pm Benefits of Urban Beekeeping Wendy Lane, Backyard Bees

Saxton Stadium Saxton Rd, Stoke Adult $7, Senior Special $4 (Friday Only), Under 16 Free


» Over 180 exhibitors showcasing the latest trends & innovations to beautify your home

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A super special Father’s Day with Precision Painters

Jonty Pickworth presents the winning prize for Father’s Day.

They put the challenge out: “Why is the Dad in your life super special,” with the winner receiving a 10 Litre of paint on the house! The competition was fierce with strong efforts coming from Carlisa Limmer who said the dad in their family was “an amazing father to our kids, active in every part of each of their lives,” and De’Anne Fraser who said her father “is so happy and friendly all the time despite many health issues, he is still always positive”. These two came second equal and will also receive a paint prize, but the number one winner of the Super Special Father’s Day competition was Rachelle Stenhouse (pictured with her two children). Rachelle and her husband have just purchased their first home, and painting the exterior is on their to-do list. It was an exciting competition and Precision Painters congratulate everyone who participated.




Focus - Fresh Approach - Community Involvement I am locally educated and have lived most of my life in Richmond. I have seen our district grow dramatically especially in the last ten to fifteen years. As a local business owner and Managing Director of MediMax Ambulance Services for 18 years I have developed an extensive working network throughout the district and have a strong sense of what the people of Tasman want from their Council.

• I shall listen to what the people of Tasman want. • Local and rural communities must be included in decision making. • I am the only mayoral candidate that does not support the building of the Lee Valley Dam. • Core services must be prioritised. • Council spending must be reined in. We need to live within our means. • We must balance growth of our local industries with protecting our unique environment.

Clowning around in the Moutere Inside Out Circus and Physical Theatre’s Damara Sylvester is hosting an 8 day Physical Theatre training retreat that kicked off on Saturday, September 24. The course is run by Lynne Bradley, director of Brisbane's Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre Company and is offered as a high-calibre professional development for theatre practitioners and drama teachers from around New Zealand. Ms. Bradley has run these "Stomp" trainings all over Australia, as well as Hong Kong and Vancouver. This is the fourth time she has come to the Moutere to teach the New Zealand Stomp. The training event is being held at the Riverside Community and Cultural Centre, Lower Moutere, where Damara Sylvester runs classes five days a week in circus, aerials and physical theatre for both children and adults. Damara has trained extensively with Zen Zen

Zo, and decided in 2013 to bring this world class training to her own home, and offer it to the New Zealand community. This year, 15 participants from all over New Zealand are taking part, as well as three from Australia. It tends to draw in theatre practitioners looking to get creatively reinvigorated, and high school drama teachers looking for some professional development and new curriculum ideas. The training goes from 9-5 each day, and consists of two Japanese training forms: Suzuki Method of Actor training and Butoh Dance theatre, as well as the Viewpoints (from New York). The course will finish with a short "showing" on October 1. For those who are interested in learning more about this training, or are keen to know more about Damara's Thursday night physical theatre classes, contact insideoutcircus@gmail.com


Massive savings on the Ideal range of buildings!

on Garages, Carports, Sleepouts and Cottages.

03 546 6526 Terms & conditions apply, visit idealbuildings.co.nz

In the 2016/17 Annual Plan, the current Council have approved a budget for the debt to rise to $166million of borrowing. The following year in Council’s Long Term Plan, including the dam project, debt will rise to a whopping $193million. This debt is out of control and will financially cripple all TDC ratepayers. Every $10million of debt translates to a 1% increase of rates for every ratepayer. The dam is too big and too expensive – alternative options such as weirs, reservoirs and domestic rainwater collection tanks must be fully investigated.

Rates will rise with the dam

Weirs, Reservoirs – No Dam

Refresh Tasman and vote Maxwell Clark for Mayor Contact me on 03 544 1484 or 027 457 7575 or medimax@xtra.co.nz Authorised by Maxwell Clark, 418 Queen Street, Richmond

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Troglodyte heaven -The cave of the Rockfella If you’ve already visited the Rockfella at Clock Tower corner you’ll know what a wonderful selection of rocks, jewellery and crystals exist and what a great atmosphere you enter. If not, and you are fascinated by things geological you’ll love it. Not only is there a vast array of all sorts but you’ll be infected by David The Rockfella’s enthusiasm and love of his daily doings there. Once upon a time David was a busy and successful sales executive but this was not where his heart was so he decided it was time to do what he likes. Actually he loves what he does and as he insists it’s “not an average crystal shop” because there’s a full workshop attached. “Here it’s about the experience. Just walk through and look about. You can wander about, relax and recharge. There’s free energy here for everyone.”

David and his son, Jon beside David’s pride and joy. A 62kg uncut crystal from Brazil.

A master of his craft

David has an extensive workshop and store room. There are saws, a diamond cutter and at least eight varying grades of polisher. Anything can happen! He’s master of his craft. “Creations are limited only by imagination. In fact David has almost every workable stone in the world within his emporium. And every stone has a story.

Beautifully crafted

A stunning Blessing Rock made of local dunite. Ideal to place beside your front door for your guests on their way in and out of your home. “This area of the country is incredibly interesting geologically. With three major fault lines affecting the landscape a lot of our rocks are metamorphic,” said David. He spoke of the variety of treasures to be found in the Motueka River, in the Aniseed and Lee Valleys and on D’Urville Island. And of New Zealand rubies and local garnets that score 8 on the Mohr hardness scale (diamonds are at 10!), and beautiful soap stone, from the Cobb Valley, at the other end at 2. “Every rock we find on the beach comes from a river. It’s a gift. Calling out to you it is time for it to change its course. Bring it in here we can bring out its beauty for you.

One of the many delights in the cave was an argillite cheese board. You just had to stroke it! The rock came from the Aniseed Valley. “Argillite pakohe”, David’s son Jon added. Keep the beautiful platter in your fridge overnight and it keeps the cheese cool upon serving. Great for entertaining. A large beautifully delicate cross of local nephrite stone was shown off to best effect in the morning sun.

From life’s beginning to end!

The Rockfella can see to your needs regarding jewellery, headstone design – even for your beloved pets and he’s able to create inlays and beads. “We have cutting services, we polish, we set up your stones. And there are workshop sessions where you may create your own masterpiece. There you can work with New Zealand or overseas’ stone, or bring your own.” Another fascinating masterpiece that David had created for a midwife was a special knife for the cutting of the umbilical chord. “In some cultures this is buried after the birth with the placenta. Or it may have the child’s name and date of birth engraved upon it”

Holiday programme/workshops

Don’t forget the Rockfella’s school holiday programme. It runs daily Monday to Friday depending upon numbers. Participants will be taken rock hunting at the Kumaras and after finding their treasure they’ll return to base and create something special. Please telephone first. There are workshops too for those who can’t spare a whole day. And David’s always keen to share local knowledge for rockhounding. If you’ve never popped into The Rockfella give yourself plenty of time for a special treat especially if its rocks that tickle your fancy.

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Cohan, 6 “and a half”, Harley, 7, Tyson, 7, Levi, 9. Parklands welcomed Parklands at Te Awhina powhiri last Friday morning. Cohan, “six and a half”, Tyson, 7: “We’re hosting our school,” Tyson said. “I hope we beat them at singing … I like powhiris because the kai is yum … and we have to say a karakia for the food.”


Ngawhakaara & Sean Delany before the Parklands School powhiri at Te Awhina last Friday morning, and what a day superb it was!

Happy birthday Faith Wells! Faith became an octogenarian last Friday, and is pictured here with her fabulous piano birthday cake from her 80th birthday celebrations. She was out volunteering for Arthritis New Zealand on Motueka’s High Street!

Riwaka School was feeling creative last week with their Mini Mask Festival. Students paraded and shared their learning from mask making this term with parents and other visitors. Wellington based Kate Ricketts of the NZ Art Foundation’s crowd-funding agency Boosted writing her “rule” for the 52 day evolving House of Cards exhibit at Jester House Cafe in Tasman yesterday. Head along to Jester House to take part in the intriguing performance art piece by co-owner and part time artist Steve Richards. The last card will be drawn November 12.

Parklands students before their waiata at the Friday morning powhiri Te Awhina.

Star rugby player Nardy, 5, & Levi, 9, enjoyed the sun before welcoming their classmates onto the Marae last Friday.

Sarka was volunteering at Jester House Cafe yesterday for the Eel Festival. Want to know what it’s all about? Head to the Tasman based cafe this school holidays to find out.

Charli, 7, from Motueka South School, skipped her way to health last Friday afternoon during the school-wide Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser.

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Kaiteriteri Mountain Bike Park - from strength to strength This superb mountain bike park is a wonderful community asset created by resolute volunteers with sponsorship from involved local businesses, and with support from the Kaiteriteri Reserve Board. It has gained an international reputation. Each Sunday a group of volunteers gather to work on the latest track. Often whole families arrive and while some children play in the bush, others get stuck in and help out. It’s quite common for the group to involve people from age five to those in their mid sixties.

A reward for their efforts is camaraderie and the morning tea that is donated weekly by Motueka’s New World. The volunteers aim to work during the winter and spring months and to enjoy the variety of rides themselves during the rest of the year. For years, from it’s inception in 2008, until last year Guy Trainor led the dedicated band who have developed the Kaiteriteri facility. The new man at the helm is Ross Maley. “I am responsible for the maintenance of the

A view from our magnificent MTB Park.

by Dave Ryder

tracks and for the building of new ones.” Ross too gives his time voluntarily. With tracks being built by volunteers the big expense is when diggers are necessary. “The committee has just paid a $5,000 invoice so ongoing fundraising is vital. We’re always developing and making the park bigger,” said keen and dedicated committee man Craig Skillicorn. “If you’d like lend a hand the working bees are held every Sunday between 9am and 12.30pm. All ages are welcomed.” Rock ‘n Roll is the old name for an earlier firebreak track that volunteers have been working on over the past two years with the aim to make it more challenging. It’s soon to be renamed.

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A Sunday volunteer group. Park Manager Ross Maley is third from left at the back. Night riding. Most nights there are 10 to 12 cars parked near the entrance to the Kaiteriteri Mountain bike track indicating that there are night riders out there having fun and keeping fit for forthcoming full on summer rides. With light technology there’s great visibility these days for riding after sundown. Keen young folk Sunday Craig was chuffed to spy four youngsters in the park despite the rain. “It was so good to see three young guys, probably aged between 12 and 15 biking in the park. How much better than sitting at home in front of the Playstation!” he said.

Handlebar tags. A new way to show your support is to purchase a red handlebar tag. The suggested donation is $20 for individuals or $50 per family - or bigger if you like! Here keen mountain biker, Di Stead, adjusts the new supporter’s tag. See example above.


New sponsors Business sponsorships give naming rights. The latest Silver Sponsors to add their support are the new Mot Bike Company, which is sponsoring the new jump line track which will open shortly. This has been one of the winter projects. It’s all downhill with large jumps and caters for another skill level. And Riwaka’s Hop Federation is to have its name attached to the Pump Track and Skills area. This area challenges riders to practice their skills before venturing into the park – or instead of. Coppins has become a Gold Sponsor and it is involved with the formation of an easy loop track that will be suitable for families and learner riders, keeping them inside the park, rather than having to venture on to the road for the return journey. A Gold award ranking Our area has deservedly won the title Mountain Biking Capital of New Zealand, along with Rotorua we are the only location outside the U.S.A. to be given a gold award ranking for our mountain bike facilities. We’re a Mecca for mountain bikers from everywhere.

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The great Great Taste Trail enjoyed by all! But frustrates some!

With the remaining stretch of Tasman Great Taste Trail still a while away frustration is mounting. More funding is needed and the last of the trail could be still two years away. The trail recorded over 200,000 rides in 2015, adding to the wealth of biking tourists visiting the Tasman region. But for Tapawera, the small farming town awaiting construction of the next leg of the trail, the anticipated tourist boom couldn’t come soon enough. It is planned to run along the West side of the Motueka River.. Jo Leyland, a resident of Tapawera on the Nelson Cycle Trail Trust’s board, said they had fought to keep the project on track. “We’re keen to push Tapawera a bit more as the gateway to the Kahurangi National Park. “As soon as we complete the whole trail … then there’ll be a real steep

jump from visitors coming in, and a real boost to the economy,” she said. Some businesses in the town have already expressed interest in scaling up, but the community was limited in its ability to assist in funding the project.

Families pleased

One family commented - “It’s a great track. It suits all levels and you can join the track off the road at a number of points. We wouldn’t ride on busy roads with our kids and this is therefore our only option which is valued and appreciated” “This is a fantastic addition to the region. All my family have had a good ride on the track as it is off road and enjoyable”. One family commented on their appreciation for a wide gates“trailer for our two-year-old able to fit though the gate on the trail, thank you - unlike Alps to Ocean” Over the three-year period 2014-2016 results show a steady increase in family groups represented by an increase in the 29-39 age categories. The growing popularity of the Trail as a shared pathway and multi-use facility for cycling, commuting, jogging and walking was very positive.

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Spooners open again soon

Spooners Tunnel was added to the GTT in April, but closed in July when cracks appeared. It’s 1352 metres long and was built between 1891-93. Tasman District Council hopes to secure full reimbursement from the Government for a $117,600 fix of Spooners Tunnel. (To provide some context for this investment, the total trail maintenance budget is $93,000 per year,”) The popular addition to Tasman’s Great Taste Trail was closed in July after a routine structural inspection identified movement in a small crack at the northern entrance. The 125-year-old former railway tunnel was added to the expanding cycle trail in April this year. The work is expected to be completed by the end of October-start of November.


An invitation to the A.G.M. The Nelson Tasman Cycle Trail trust (Heart of Biking) is a voluntary, not for profit, organisation. They really value your thoughts on how you think they can better promote cycling of all types in the Nelson/Tasman region. Visit www. heartofbiking.org.nz for information about the trail, about marketing and about becoming involved. The Trustees of the Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust cordially invite you to attend the 2016 Annual General Meeting. Please join us for a light lunch at 12pm. AGM to commence at 12.30pm on Monday, 10 October 2016: 12.30pm at Sport Tasman Boardroom, Sports House, 142 Saxton Road East, Please register (for catering purposes) should you wish to join us for a light lunch beforehand. admin@heartof biking.org.nz

The Great Taste Cycle Trail – so far!

Of the 174 kilometre length of the planned trail 109 kilometres is up and running. Distances are :- Nelson to Richmond 15km Richmond to Mapua 20km Mapua to Motueka 26km Motueka to Kaiteriteri 16km Richmond to Wakefield 15km Wakefield to Spooners 18km The missing link is the 65 km Spooners to Riwaka. Why not swap car keys half way and do the Nelson to Kaiteriteri ride in a day?

No need to study maps on the Great Taste Trail. It’s straighforward and all well signposted.





Motueka South School’s Mini Oylmpics

Mitchell,7, Benny, 5, wearing Japanese colours!

As an inclusive ‘School for Everyone’ Motueka South School, along with their Special Needs (ORS) Centre, held an event that included all students and their families last month, the Mini Olympics! Student Council organised and set up the activities with the help of the sports coordinator, and teachers manned the stations with Student Councillors. Planned activities that included those appropriate for students with disabilities such as ‘wheelie races’ and a ‘blindfold trust’ obstacle course. ORS students in wheelchairs made a grand entrance to rousing applause, with the official MSS torch to open the event. The Student Council read an MSS Oath aloud, centred on being ‘good sports’ and ‘super MSS learners’. Everyone gave a “thumbs up”, promising to do their best, take turns, encourage others and stay positive. Special ‘Good Sports’ medals were given out to those MSS Learners that showed very good sportsmanship. The school-wide event was organised and run as a culmination and celebration of a schoolwide Olympics study. Each teacher was associated with a team flag from countries selected by connections within the school community, and students were spread across each of the 10 different national teams represented. Older students supported the younger learners as ‘Big Buddies’. Unfortunately showery rain meant they had to finish early, but fun was still had by all.

Billy, Lily Rose and Taeish.

Proud Tongans: Back row: Kayden 7, Eli 9, Saumaki 10, Harrison 6; Front: Kerwin 9

Wheelbarrow racing: Luca 5yrs & Ty 10

Alex is 5, nearly 6, and he won his MSS Mini Olympics ‘Good Sport’ medal, like all the other medal winners, for being a super ‘MSS Learner’ in the sporting context. They had three rules or expectations for our MSS Learners and they cover everything: MManage Self, S- Show Respect, S- Strive to Learn.

The South Africans: Back: Ande, 11, Front: Isabelle 7, Jasmin 7, Sophia 10, Mitchel 9

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Feeling the Good Vibes at 13,000 feet! A couple of stunning days contributed to another successful Skydiving Boogie according to Skydive Abel Tasman. “We’ve had passionate sports skydivers coming from all over New Zealand for the special occasion. Everyone enjoyed themselves – who doesn’t have a good time doing what they love?!” They had a beautiful display from Combat Pyrotechnic on Friday night, and it was even better than last year! Skydive Abel Tasman received great feedback from all over town. The fireworks were sponsored by CEO Stuart Bean, BNZ, and Combat Pyrotechnic too - as a retired skydiver John Ivanof loves putting on a great show every year! http://www.skydive.co.nz/

Sports skydivers getting ready for their jump - Photo Credit Riki Jongenburger.

Nine-way formation above beautiful Motueka - Photo Credit Riki Jongenburger.

Freediving around a tube held by James Ross - Photo Credit Ben Short.

James Ross, Taylor Cook and other 'sporties' jumping off the plane 13,000ft above the ground - Photo Credit Ben Short.



Motueka Gold Club Saturday saw the men compete in the monthly Nett Medal. The result saw five players tied on a Net 68. Two of the players, Brent Thomson and Craig Heuvel, had won previously so this resulted in a putt off between the remaining three, Mike Inwood, Bill Agnew and Rex Edwards. After a closely fought contest, Rex emerged victorious. Other results were; A Grade Best Gross Mike Inwood 77 Best Nett Malcolm Scholes 69 2nd Nett Daryl Graham 73 B Grade Best Nett Brent Thomson 68 2nd Nett Kevin Riddle 69 3rd Nett Darryl Beveridge 70 C Grade Best Nett Craig Heuvel 65 2nd Nett Bill Agnew 68 3rd John Frater 20

D Grade Strachan Adams 70 Rob Guild 74 Roger Hall 74 Twos were struck by; John Inglis, Joseph Hippolite, Bernie Hedges, Rex Edwards and Dal Janes (Nearly a hole in one Dal!) Nearest the Pin; Dal Janes and Jocelyn Thomson Those ladies not involved in the ladies champs played a 4BBB Stableford and this was won by; June Patching and Tania Appelman with 45 points. Tasman Golf Club MENS Results from the day's play Saturday 24 September: Net Round (hidden partners) Derek Gray and Paul Stringer 137 Rob Bloor and Johnny Malcolm 138 Nearest Pin: Ralph Meikle Twos: Ralph Meikle, Miles Chamnberlayne LADIES 18H – All irons – Judi Salisbury

Barry: 125 2x132 133 140 Shirley: 102 103b Robert: 123 140 Mel: 100 2x125 2x140 Kane: 100 140 Dane: 121 4x140 John: 133 134 Sarah: 108

Phil Donaldson & Clive Thomas - 51.57% East/West Handicap: Vicki Adnams & Mary Hamilton - 64.58% Mike Howell & Warren Keith - 64.07% Malcolm Macleod & Katrina Mataric - 53.20%


Motueka Bridge Club 26/9/16 North/South: John Keene & Diana Whitten - 55.71% Barry Simpson & June Tippett - 54.29% Phil Donaldson & Clive Thomas - 50.36% East/West: Vicki Adnams & Mary Hamilton - 64.58% Joan Lloyd & Adrienne Paine - 64.17% Malcolm Macleod & Katrina Mataric - 50.83% North/South Handicap: Barry Simpson & June Tippett - 55.21% John Keene & Diana Whitten - 55.03%

James Ross landing at Motueka airfield - Photo credit Tim Ransby.


Phone 03 528 2088 Email guardian.motueka@xtra.co.nz death notices

garage sales MASSIVE Moving Sale. Rain or shine. 19 Goddard Road, Tasman. Oct 1-2, Sat-Sun, 9am-1pm. Everything must go.


SATURDAY 1st October, 10 Wilkie Street, 9am to 1pm. Bargains for everyone. MONSTER Garage Sale. 1st and 2nd October, 59 Easton Loop, Mariri. After 8.30am. Inc. furniture, whiteware, linen.

health & fitness

antiques $$$ for your antique furniture, paintings, china, clocks and jewellery. Plus quality restoration & reproduction service. Call at Mariri Gallery, Coastal Highway, Mariri, or telephone 027 448 4430 (weekdays 9am - 4pm).

First for



carpet cleaning TASMAN Carpet Cleaning services. Great deal from $25 per room, professional clean, eco friendly. Phone Greg 0274 300 626.


for sale ROOFING Iron. 10 sheets at 4.8 metres. Excellent order. Ph 027 606 3291. MARINE Seagull outboard motor. 2 H.P, excellent condition. Runs well. $200. Ph 027 606 3291.

19 Wallace Street, Motueka P. 03 528 2088 F. 03 528 2089

BRAND new ladder $95 ono, Bicycle-stand, basket, bell, carrier $450 ono, sea biscuit $200 ono, life jackets $20 ono, wetsuits $20, water pump $400 ono. Phone 022 430 3969.

personals NEW Dentures, relines and repairs. Phone John Turnock 528 6769.



Phone 03 528 2088 Email guardian.motueka@xtra.co.nz church services

property for sale

to let

public notices

storage STORAGE Systems Motueka. Secure self storage available from $6 a week. Ph 528 4060.

 property wanted

TASMAN Storage units available from $5.90pw. Clean, dry, secure units. Insurance approved. 24/7 access. Phone 528 0071. HANDYMAN Storage. Motueka's newest most secure storage unit. Security cameras. Insurance approved. 26 Huffam St, Motueka. Ph 0274 344 254. Courtesy trailer available.

stump grinding

public notices

STUMP Grinding, tree felling. Stumps ground to mulch for ready gardening. Ph: Andrew 021 081 82 123, AH (03) 553 0633.

to let

trades situations vacant

LEAKS - building and roof. Find and repair service. Gutter clearing. Fred 022 430 9630.

situations vacant

vehicles for sale ALWAYS Buying and selling good tidy cars. Finance and trades welcome. Open 7 days. Motor-eka Ltd, 2 locations - 391 High Street and 8 Whakarewa Street, Motueka (next to McDonald's). Phone 528 8885. www.motoreka.co.nz

guardian the





K e e p i n g yo u i n fo r m e d a b o u t n e ws a n d e ve nt s i n Ta s m a n D i s t r i c t



Are you planning a community art project?

Intention to dispose of abandoned vessel

Creative Communities provides funding to support community involvement in the arts, whether that’s music, theatre, festivals, mural painting, outdoor sculptures, art in public spaces, kapa haka, singing, art workshops or something else. If you have a great community arts project needing some dollars to make it happen, the Tasman Creative Communities Scheme may be just what you’re looking for. There are three rounds of applications per annum. The next round closes 10 November for projects starting mid-December. There is $39,000 allocated per annum. Average allocations are $1,000. For application forms: www.tasman.govt.nz/grants-funding⁄ or phone Lani Evans 543 8980 for further information.

Tasman District Council intends to dispose of an apparently abandoned vessel (pursuant to Section 33L of the Maritime Transport Act 1994). The vessel is lying on a swing mooring on the mudflats at Port Motueka. The vessel is ~28 feet long and is distinctively painted with white port side and a black starboard side hull.This vessel is in a derelict condition. The owner of this vessel is requested to contact the Tasman District Council Harbourmaster by Ph. 03 543 8400 or Email harbourmaster@tasman.govt.nz within 14 days of this notice.

NetHui is New Zealand’s most inclusive and diverse internet event - and it’s coming to our neck of the woods on Thursday 13 October. It’s been hugely successful and in the past has been run as one large conference. This year InternetNZ are shaking things up a bit and bringing NetHui out to the regions – and guess what – we’ve got the only NetHui for the South Island. So who takes part in NetHui? Nethui is open and accessible to everyone, and InternetNZ only charges a very small amount for anyone to attend. If you want to know more, including how to register, get involved or become a sponsor – head online to 2016.nethui.nz/. Alternatively, contact Karen Lee, the NRDA Digital Coordinator at karen@nrda.co.nz or Ph. 027 644 9800.

Special direction from Harbourmaster Vessels are only to tow one device and a maximum of 3 people PURSUANT TO SECTION 33F(1)(c)(i) OF THE MARITIME TRANSPORT ACT 1994. For the purpose of ensuring maritime safety within Tasman District, the Harbourmaster for Tasman District Council directs as follows: There is inherent danger in towing more than one Ski Tube and carrying more than 3 people on a Ski Tube. Various accidents and near misses have been reported from this activity including collisions between Ski Tubes, collisions between tow boats and Ski Tubes and collisions between tow boats and persons in the water. 1. No vessel may tow more than one Ski Tube, except with permission of the Harbourmaster. 2. No vessel may carry more than 3 persons on a Ski Tube, except with permission of the harbourmaster. The direction shall have effect from 1 October 2016 until cancelled by further notice. Contact Duty Harbourmaster, Ph. 03 543 8400 or 027 246 1904.

Summer sport codes sport NZ rural travel fund Are you a Tasman rural based club or do you have rural based players? If so, the Tasman Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund can help meet your travel costs. Sport NZ Travel Fund reduces the barriers for young people (aged 5–19 years) taking part in local sports competition by offering grants to subsidise travel costs. The clubs must apply on behalf of players and the next closing date is 31 October. Application forms and further information is online at www.tasman.govt.nz/council/grants-funding or contact Mike Tasman-Jones on Ph. 543 8403 for further information.

2016: Godwit (Kuaka) blessing Friends of Motueka Estuaries welcome the godwits (kuaka) to our shores on Friday 30 September. We would like to formally invite the public to join us for a dawn blessing (Kaupapa). In attendance will be representatives from DOC, members of Te Ātiawa, Ngati Rarua (and associated groups) and Birding NZ members. Note the change of date and time from earlier years. This is a dawn blessing. Date: Friday 30 September Time: 6.30 am – 7.30 am Place: Motueka Old Wharf, Located on Motueka Quay Stay for complimentary soup and buns (courtesy of DOC). Further details contact Dana Wensley danawensley@xtra.co.nz or view our website at godwit.weebly.com/.

Keep up with the Tasman District Council Lowdown Hear news items from the Council about current public consultations, Council and community projects, topical interviews, plus a range of notices about activities and events in the Tasman District. Tune in to Fresh FM on Monday 11.40 am or Wednesday 3.40 pm. Nelson-Tasman 104.8, Golden Bay 95.0.

St John needs volunteers in the Tasman District urgently to maintain services in the area at the current level. If you are physically fit, hold a full drivers licence, have some time and want to help your community we would love to hear from you. St John offers you NZQA recognised training from the country’s leading provider of pre hospital emergency care. You will work alongside both paid and volunteer staff and interact with health professionals and people in your community. The role requires the volunteer to be community minded, committed, and motivated to respond as part of a skilled professional team. It's through the commitment of our volunteers that we are able to be New Zealand's most trusted charity, and a leading health-provider in New Zealand. If you are interested in becoming a St John Ambulance Volunteer or would like more information please visit: www.stjohn.org.nz and click on the join St John tab to find our more.

The Summer Events Guide 2016 – 2017 In early December 45,000 copies of the Summer Events Guide for Nelson and Tasman will be distributed throughout the region. The calendar of events at the back of the guide will have a listing of community events in the region – this information will be lifted directly from www.itson.co.nz. Event organisers – if you want your event to be considered for inclusion, you must ensure your events are listed on ItsOn no later than 30 September 2016. To list your events go to www.itson.co.nz/organisers.

COMMUNITY NOTICES Food Forest Project Working Bee Ledger Park, Motueka, 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. 10 to 12 noon. Bring spade, fork, and gloves. All enquiries, Ph. Dawn Jones 03 528 9368.

All of your Tasman District Council information www.tasman.govt.nz

24 Hour Assistance

Phone your local Service Centre Richmond Murchison Motueka

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022

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NetHui is coming to our backyard

Your time can make the difference to others


Torpedo 7 Spring Challenge competitors rafting their way to the finish line last Saturday. Photo credit - Evan Barnes, Shuttersport.


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Spring Challenge storms Golden Bay

Big name adventure racers and famous faces flocked to Golden Bay last weekend for the tenth anniversary of the iconic Women’s Adventure Race, the Torpedo 7 Spring Challenge. The wet weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of the 1300 plus strong event, with 450 teams registering for the annual event that sold out in just two days according to Event Director Jodie Fa’avae. “This makes it the biggest Adventure Race in the world and the fact that it is only women is quite incredible. “ The event contained mountain biking, hiking, rafting and navigation, had teams of three women race on one of three course options, the three, six and nine-hour events, with the course opened for 20 hours and teams racing into the night. Majestic scenery and expansive views are just a few of the reasons fellow Race Director and renowned adventure racer Nathan Fa’avae decided to hold the event in the Bay, having previously been staged in diverse South Island locations each year since inception. This is the third time the event has been held in the Fa’avae’s home, the Tasman region, in 2009 at Nelson Lakes, and 2010 in Motueka. Nathan said Adventure Racing is typically a 4-person team with the ruling being it must be mixed gender, which often transpires to 3-men and 1-woman in a team - but Nathan had a sense that more women would be interested in adventure racing as a sport as an all-women event. “I wanted to run an all-women’s adventure race with the hope that it introduced more women to the sport, and offered outdoor challenge opportunities for them. “I decided a 3-women team would be a manageable size to organise and I replaced kayaking with rafting. “Kayaking is the more common adventure race water discipline but it requires more expertise, rafting is easier and safer as we use professional guides on each raft, plus it opens up more scope for places the race can go.” Jodie said Golden Bay has been an excellent choice of venue for their tenth year. “The local people have been incredibly welcoming and supportive, especially the land owners who have opened their private land for the event. “There’s no benefit to them to have people race on their land, especially as spring is their busiest time, but they see it as a positive thing for their community - it’s awesome.” The event attracted teams from throughout the South Island and a few from the North Island. The majority of teams are from Canterbury, Nelson, Tasman and Marlborough. While the race was largely focused on participation and personal challenge, it is also a legitimate sporting competition and that integrity is important for the Fa’avae’s to preserve. “While we don’t want the event to get dominated by competition, it is a race and there are strong teams coming for that reason. “I think we have found a winning balance catering for the elite female athletes and the first timers, each year our field age range is from about 13-65, but we have also had a few World Champion adventure racers take part (Elina Ussher, Sophie Hart).” For results and further information visit www.springchallenge.co.nz

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28 september 2016  

28 september 2016