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A fire crew to be proud of It has been an exceptional 18 months for the Takaka Volunteer Fire Brigade Combat Challenge Team and the recent second place at the nationals in Wellington, coming just two seconds behind the winners, it was another competent show of strength and teamwork. Story page 2. Photo: from left, Neil Gardiner, Kyle Gardiner, Gawen Howard, Tim Connell and Grant Lawrence under their nationals finals time.

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2 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 Cover story

Brigades, took part. Proud father Neil will be racing with him The team, who have been together in a Tandem Team at the Scott Firefighter for three years, posted the second Combat challenge in Sacramento USA quickest time on record. this coming October. Both Tim and Neil Tim Connell and Neil Gardiner con- competed at the last world’s where Tim tinued to dominate the over forties indi- received his induction as a member to vidual category, placing 3rd and 4th. A the exclusive and elite LIONs Den and highlight was Kyle Gardiners unofficial Neil, also a LIONs Den member, had junior world record, for under 18’s. This a very credible 7th placing in his age was his second time competing. group. Kyle will need to repeat his excepThe journey tional run at the World Challenge in America, for the time to become offiWhen Neil started competing at the cial. Kyle was twenty seconds quicker Combat Challenge some ten years ago, than the current world junior record. he certainly didn’t envisage the success The season starts in NZ in October or the times that the team currently holds. with regional events then both the “The team gets better both nationally and South and North Island events are internationally, each year.” held in the following March, followed “We have come a long way from our by the National Event in April. Team humble beginnings of dragging an old members run as individuals, in tandem tractor tyre around the yard at the Fire teams and a relay team, over two days Station to having a purpose-built Rescue of competition. About 160 competi- Dummy and specialised kit. Both making tors from Volunteer Brigades, Career training more fit for purpose and aiding in Brigades, Army, Airforce and industrial the success of the Team.”


A local community initiative is underway to provide shrubs and seedlings to cyclone/flood-affected Ruby Bay residents. Three months on from a double whammy of severe weather events which resulted in a wide range of effects from properties being utterly destroyed, gardens and land decimated and streets debris-strewn, work to rebuild and regenerate continues. Local sisters Gill Bartlett and Jenny Allsopp have been well aware of the upheaval and life-changing effects that residents around them have been

already on May 5 and many donations of plants. One local resident donated 50 small flaxes. Mapua Landscapes donated compost. Sarah and Miriam of Rhodolea Nurseries donated 100 shrubs. Assistance will be given by NELMAC, Bunnings are going to help in early spring with volunteer staff to give advice on vege garden planting. A second planting is planned for May 19 at 10 to 12 noon, at the old church hall in Aranui Road. New volunteers are welcome as are those who need help to re-establish their garden.

The team could not manage what it has achieved without the support of their families, employers, fire brigade members and the Takaka Volunteer Fire Brigade Trust. The external tower stairs of a Fonterra building is the only multi-storied building suitable to train for stair running and haul aloft hoses, “a big thanks to Fonterra, without the use of their stairs over the last five years the team would find it difficult to train.” The opening a year ago of Crossfit Mohua at Patons Rock introduced a new dimension to the training regime. “This has helped to make the team stronger and faster. A big thanks to Ian and Sam for their continued support.” Neil and Tim along with the team would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors for all their generosity and the Golden Bay Community for their support.

Growing hope in Ruby Bay

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Mapua Motueka Tarakohe Collingwood

H 10:39am 11:12pm L 4:29am 4:47pm H 10:13am 10:47pm L 4:14am 4:29pm H 10:10am 10:44pm L 4:04am 4:20pm H 9:43am 10:17pm L 3:30am 3:45pm

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Motueka Tarakohe Collingwood

H 12:41am 1:00pm L 6:39am 6:57pm H 12:15am 12:36pm L 6:29am 6:52pm H 12:11am 12:33pm L 6:17am 6:41pm H 12:06pm L 5:45am 6:08pm

H 1:28am L 7:25am H 1:02am L 7:22am H 12:58am L 7:10am H 12:32am L 6:38am

Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

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1:52pm 7:43pm 1:30pm 7:44pm 1:27pm 7:33pm 1:00pm 7:00pm


SUN - MOON - FISHING Rise 7:31 am Set 5:15 pm


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Maori Fishing Guide by Bill Hohepa

going through and so they thought of a way to help in a manner that would bring members of the community together to reclaim what had been taken from the area and homeowners. The idea is to provide and plant free locally grown plants to residents whose gardens were destroyed. “I have been so amazed at the level of support this project has received from businesses and community volunteers. Mapua is a community with great heart. Working together with other groups and local businesses is helping to make this a success,” said Gill. There has been one major plant day

Story continues on page 5.

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Resilience and inspiration in the face of adversity

In the wake of ex-cyclone Gita, there are still residents of the Riwaka and wider area who are a long way from life getting back to any kind of normal. Along with clear up’s, rebuilds, insurance and other battles comes the psychological toll of the event and the ongoing effects. The community has shown great resilience and kiwi ingenuity, in that a group of local residents recognised a need for a co-ordinated grassroots people helping people collective, that would allow those who need help most to be identified and helped in whatever way possible. Enter, Beyond the Bridge and its five committee members; Melissa Girvin, Claire Hutt, Linda Glew, Debbie Bowdler and John Fisher. Beyond the Bridge sees themselves as a group of local volunteers who can mobilise other volunteers, businesses, services and organisations to support those still affected by ex-cyclone Gita. “We have access to some donated funds and on a case by case basis, we can give some financial and practical support. We can act as a vehicle for advocating and problem-solving for longer-term issues,” Beyond the Bridge committee member Linda said. Beginnings BTB began as a community page to showcase and be a social media resource for the area’s businesses

and residents. Previously the page was used for typical local everyday happenings or news. When ex-cyclone Gita struck Melissa realised that it could serve a much bigger function and it has been a primary focal point for residents to communicate, organise and for the outside world to understand what is going on and offer help or pledge funds. Melissa used the page to inform others of the volunteer food and supply packages. As that need depleted, her and others on the committee wanted to know in what other ways the community needed support. Generous donations were being collected and they needed a co-ordinated body to distribute them and see that hopefully no one in need was left out. The committee, all active community members, co-ordinate and match the pool of volunteers and tasks in the area. They assess needs and distribute financial assistance. It could be a food or petrol voucher or the offer of a respite break to residents still living in unlivable circumstances. Raising funds The group hosted a recent unique style fundraiser event, An Evening with Diana Whittaker, a professional medium, through which they raised over $3,000. “Thank you to everyone who came along and the many hands behind the scenes most importantly Diana Whittaker for donating her time and Claire Hutt for organising the evening.

It was a successful event that will help those who really need it,” said Melissa. The Beyond the Bridge group has been highly praised by those they are helping. “They are identifying needs that external organisations are not, they are listening and responding without bureaucratic process and they genuinely care,” says one local woman. Rozmeri at Little Shaggery Farm in Riwaka has suffered from severe quantities of debris on their land and the task of sorting out the clear up is far from resolved. “What’s hard for me is that we don’t just have a lifestyle block, the property is our livelihood and family business. Beyond the Bridge, volunteers have been there to help from the beginning and are still there to help. What they have done and continue to offer is amazing. I feel truly thankful and humbled for the community in which we are a part of,” said Rozmeri. A big thank you “The Committee would like to thank all the businesses, individuals and organisations who have given so much to help others in need. We live in an awesome community and have been overwhelmed by the generosity,” said Melissa. “If you or someone you know may benefit from the service we are offering then please get in touch. You can email, or message us through the BTB facebook page, said Melissa.

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Will you be watching the Royal Wedding this weekend?




New models

Takaka “I may watch the wedding but it depends if the rugby league is on.”


Takaka “Yes I will be watching it as my wife is wrapped up in it.”


Takaka “Yes, I probably will. It is a great occasion of pomp and ceremony.”


Takaka “No we don’t watch TV at our home, so we will wait for the photos in the papers.”

And Classics From $39.00

Restoring the native landscape

190 High StreeT Motueka

Help restore our native landscape, raise money for a great local cause and get the first look at what will be a new local reserve and clifftop walkway - by joining weekend community planting sessions. Residents and nature enthusiasts are invited to the Tasman Bay Estates site off Aporo Road, where you will help restore native vegetation for the planned reserve and clifftop walkway that will be a superb addition to the area’s publicly accessible open space. Tasman Bay Estates has agreed to donate $1 for every tree and shrub planted to the new Tasman Community Pool at Tasman School, which is nearly complete and should be open to the community this summer. The planting sessions are being

run in partnership with the Tasman Area Community Association and the Tasman Environmental Trust. Experienced tree planters will be on hand to guide the planting process, which will run for two hours on Sunday mornings and afternoons, with morning and/or afternoon tea provided. Tasman Area Community Association Chair David Short said: “This is a great opportunity for the local community to get involved and raise some money for the Tasman Community Pool, as well as enhance what will become a new public recreation area along our beautiful coastline. This is a great win/win for everyone.” If the community gets behind the planting days, more will be planned for other public recreation areas on Tasman Bay Estates, including new walking and cycle-

ways along a network of restored streams. Tasman Bay Estates is a major new 178 hectare, 96 lot development with lots in the first stage - the coastal cluster - almost sold out. A second stage, Horton Road, was recently released and is also selling fast. Tasman Bay Estates planting days - meet at Decks Road, will be signposted off Aporo Road. Sunday 20 May and 27 May, 10 and 24 June, 10am - 3pm. “Drop in whenever and stay for as long as you like or help us all day long to raise as much money for the Tasman Bay Pool as possible.” Participants are asked to register - contact David Short or email chair@

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 5 other,” Gill said. “It is more than plants we are growing, we are hoping, in a small way, to grow more community connections .” The project has gained momentum through old-fashioned word of mouth and the community have responded with vibrancy and a resilient positive attitude. “There are so many ways that people are helping each other behind the scenes From sharing food or giving food vouchers, to checking in with each other and showing true neighbourly care. In the face

of adversity this community is showing its true strength and great heart,” said Gill. “Perhaps we could find more ways in the future to share the lessons we are learning in times of crisis, not only as residents but as communities as well. Recovering from such a devastating event will certainly take time but it seems that there are so many people in our community who are prepared to lend a hand. It certainly does take a village”. Further details are on the Mapua and Districts Assn facebook.

Story from page 2 “We are so grateful for all the support. Behind closed doors, people are still suffering. It is heartening to see people pulling together to support each other in whatever way they can. We can not rely on Government or local bodies for this help. We have to recognise what’s needed and help each




YOUR INVITATION TO OUR FREE INFO EVENING Congratulations to Nerrette and Scott Sinclair on their Diamond Anniversary, May 10. They were married 1958.

Heart talk The Heart Foundation is sending a clear message to Marlborough residents living with atrial fibrillation (AF) – you are not alone. An information session for people living with AF, a heart condition that causes an irregular heart rhythm and greatly increases the risk of stroke, will be held on Friday, 8 June. Averil West, Heart Health Advocate says living with heart disease or recovering from a heart event can be lonely and challenging for many people. “We want to reach out to bring people living with atrial fibrillation and their families together in a warm, supportive environ-

ment that allows them to meet, learn and share their experiences.” Dr Garofalo will discuss the condition, treatments for AF and lifestyle modifications. There will be an opportunity to ask questions following the presentation and to share experiences of living with the condition. Family and whanau are more than welcome to come along and share with the group. The Heart Foundation Living with Atrial Fibrillation information session will take place at 10.30am on Friday, 8 June. Please register by contacting Averil on 03 545 7112, or email averilw@

Are you an avid cruiser? Keen to embark on your very Thursday, 24th May first voyage? Or perhaps you’re sitting on the fence 6pm (venue TBA) about this whole ‘cruise’ thing? Where ever you find yourself, you’ll be sure to find your Seats strictly limited perfect cruise holiday at our FREE information evening. RSVP essential by Large ship, small ship, river ship, expedition ship, Friday, 18th May luxury ship, sailing ship, even freight ship Refreshments provided - we’ll discuss them all! MEET OUR CRUISE EXPERT FROM AUCKLAND · 2018/19 CRUISE SPECIALS OUT NOW!

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Call out for photos for KMB’s Motueka 2019 calendar

Keep Motueka Beautiful chairman John Fisher and Specialised Print owner Melissa Girvin with the 2018 Motueka calendar, which sold 1300 copies.

The success of the Motueka 2018 calendar means a repeat for 2019, and Keep Motueka Beautiful (KMB) is again calling for photo contributions from the community. About 1300 copies of last year’s calendar were sold, netting a profit after costs of over $8500. This has enabled the committee to advance several beautification projects in Motueka’s reserves and parks, as well as ensure the High Street flower baskets could be displayed again this spring. KMB has already requested Motueka Camera Club members to contribute from their selections of photos showing Motueka to the world, and now the call is out for anyone who has taken some great shots to submit them for consideration. The deadline for submissions is June 14th, to enable selection, design and printing to be done by mid-August ready for sales in the supermarket, i-Site and selected cafes. A total of 17 photos will be used - one for each month, one for the front cover and four for the descriptive pages. Feedback from the last two years of sales suggests most of the calendars ended up overseas, with Motueka people buying them for gifts for friends and relatives to show them the beautiful area we live in. While there are no payments for photos used, successful photographers receive two calendars for themselves and a friend. Their work is also acknowledged with their names under their photos. The rules are simple: • hotos ust show views or sub ects such that people seeing them can identify them with Motueka and not just any place. • he selection panel will be looking particularly (but not only) for photos showing Motueka that include people doing things appropriate for the setting, such as bike riders on the cycle trail, swimmers at the beach, kayakers on water, walkers on tracks and picnickers in parks. • hey ust be of shape landscape orientation, and have a high-resolution version available for quality print. (Low-resolution versions may be submitted initially if sent by email.) • t will help if photos fit the seasons for each calendar month - summer, autumn, winter, spring. Entries need to be emailed (or delivered on a USB stick by hand) to nz. Maximum of 15 entries per person.

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atourlibrary Opportunities Beyond School Motueka Library and Motueka High School have teamed up to provide a “Stand” at the Careers Expo at the High School on May 16. Students can find out what resources the Libraries can offer them in preparation of leaving school. The Libraries have organised speakers to present talks on topics like job seeking, CVs, flatting and renting, insurance and managing your money. These will take place over the next few months. Choir Music for New Zealand Music Month Motueka Library is hosting a Choir from Motueka High School. Join us to enjoy this remarkable local talent. Special Thanks to Hilary Sinclair the Head Music teacher for organising these concerts for us. Friday May 18, 1.30-2pm. Teen Read around the world e the world through other eyes. Borrow and read 3 books from the Tasman District Libraries and go into a draw to win a Jansport backpack. Read fiction, non fiction, graphic novels or ebooks, enter these on your passport and enter the draw. Promotion ends 26 May Celebrating Samoan Language Week, 27 May – 2 June The theme this year is Alofa atu nei. Alofa mai taeao. Kindness given. Kindness gained. Discover our range of Library books on display celebrating the Samoan culture, history and language. 27 May – 2 June

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Local Flavour

Manuka Hot Smoked Salmon Created by Chef Ruth Sicely 1/2 cup sea salt 1/2 cup brown sugar 700g side salmon 2 cups Manuka chips

Coat the salmon with the sea salt and brown sugar. Leave to cure overnight.

Line a baking tray with foil, spread the Manuka chips over the foil. Place a cooling cake rack on top of the chips. Wash the salt and sugar off the salmon, pat dry with paper towels. Place the salmon on the cooling cake rack. Place a second baking tray the same size on top of the salmon so it is fully encased in the tins. Either using a BBQ or a gas hob, you will need a space with good ventilation or outside. Place the tins with the salmon on a high heat until it starts to smoke then turn down to a medium/low heat and leave for 20/30 minuets until salmon is smoked and cooked right through. Enjoy! Follow my food journey on or

Police Report Crimestoppers: totally anonymous information line: 0800 555 111 Hi all. Great to report another week of low crime in the area , long may that last. This month is road safety month and extra operations are happening to improve people wearing seatbelts and not talking on cellphones, along with all other aspects of safety and speed. It is really annoying to see people looking down at their phones when they are driving along. The number of accidents caused by this is increasing so use Bluetooth or a speaker phone if you must use your phone, and set it up before you drive !! Keep safe out there Intoxicated 15 yr old female fighting on Pah Street. Taken home at 2am 40 yr old Motueka male arrested for wilful damage and disorder Motueka Valley Burglary in Douglas Road – Stihl 20 inch chainsaw and a grey caddy weilder stolen


Dear Editor, Chairperson of the local group, Carbon Action Aotearoa Inc., Katerina Seligman thinks that many of the solutions to climate change are simple to implement and relevant to our region. One solution is to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by growing plants and then turning the “waste” into charcoal. The charcoal can be safely locked away in the soil, unchanged for hundreds of years. If charcoal is made in the most efficient way, the by-products of syngas and heat can be put to good use. Nothing need be wasted. Biochar is the name given to charcoal when it is incorporated into soils. We have so much waste wood in our region which mostly ends up in the atmosphere causing troublesome local air pollution and contributing to greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The Motueka based Carbon Action group is on a mission to establish a biochar industry in our region. At the end of this month they will host a day-long workshop on the making and use of biochar on vineyards and orchards. Biochar experts Dennis Enright and Trevor Richards will conduct the workshop which will take place at a vineyard in Brightwater on Tuesday 29th May 9am-4pm. Bookings can be made through the website allblackearthevents. There will be a free introductory talk in Motueka on Monday 28th, at Parklands School, in the MOTEC building opposite the library in Pah st. Everyone is welcome.

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PASQUA MAGNUMS Range 1.5 Litre Includes Montepulciano, Sangiovese, Merlot

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10 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 11


Rolling Meadow Cheese 1kg

Les Simpson

Les Simpson, Motueka born, dedicated over 45 years of his life to the Motueka Fire Service, enrolling at just 18 as a crewman and ending up as Chief before retiring in 2003. On April 10, he passed away peacefully and family, fire crew personnel and many friends remembered his contribution and service years at his funeral at Motueka Cemetery, April 13. Les came from a family who were well known in the fire service, from the service of his grandfather, Don Simpson, Uncle ‘Brick’ Simpson and brother Rex Simpson, so it seemed natural that Les too would play his part. Les progressed to a First Officer, Deputy Chief for 20 years and then spent 12 years as Fire Chief. During that time Les attended uncountable fire and other emergency incidents and witnessed many historical events in the region. Les saw the picture theatre burn down, attended the Jade cottage blaze over Takaka Hill and even saw the fire at the fire station, which occurred whilst they were dealing with another blaze at Unilever. In all the years Les and his crew lost no fire personnel in any emergencies and this testifies to the knowledge and professionalism of Les and the crews. “We were married in 1964,” says wife Maureen, “and Les’s commitment to

Edam, Mild or Colby

799 ea

Visit orld tore w w e n e in setails. e s r o re d o m r fo

his service was a big part of my life and our childrens’. There were many nighttime callouts and you never knew when the next one would be. We all lived the life together.” Maureen explained how the service used to have great family social events and it was a real feeling of community and comradeship to be a part of the fire family. Les received several medals including a 14-year long service and good conduct medal and at 25 years’ service, he was presented with the Gold Star. These commendations come in spite of Les suffering from a heart attack at 37 and undergoing a triple heart bypass at 42, showing the measure of dedication and personal strength. Aside from his volunteer fire service Les worked in several roles over the years including work

for Highways and Roading Companies, driving for TNL, Unilever and then later became a foreman for Tasman District Council, previously Motueka Borough Council, before retiring. Children, Corina and Ward also kept Les and Maureen busy parents. Six years ago Les suffered from a stroke from which he needed a certain level of care; care that Maureen was never short on giving. Les passed at age 77, peacefully and with the legacy of four grandchildren. Les is mourned and will be sadly missed by family and friends. The level of commitment, skill and expertise Les demonstrated saving peoples lives, property and livelihoods’ is commendable at the highest level, Motueka has a lot to be thank full for. Thank you, Les.

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Photo: from left, Rex Simpson with brother Les at his Gold Star medal ceremony, Blenheim.

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12 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018




2 Lower Moutere 5 School Road

3 1.5530ha A 3 B 1 C 3 I 6 K

Exciting Lifestyle/Location/Sheds

For Sale

Look at this tranquil lifestyle option that offers an attractively remodelled Villa style home, mature gardens, fruit trees, chicken run and so much more. On approx 1.5 hectares (over 3.5 acres) of flat lush grazing fields just 6 to 8 minutes from Motueka town. Other improvements include an enormous ex freighting type high clearance shed, huge tunnel house, dual water and a walk to primary school address. Give us a call and secure your Exclusive Viewing appointment before someone else snaps up this awesome opportunity near town.

Price By Negotiation View by appointment

Graham Durrant & Rebecca Greaney M 021 526 815    M 027 355 1324 Property Sales Nelson and Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008



Motueka 1644 Motueka River Westbank Road Excitingly private parklike lifestyle grazing property boasting almost one hectare of land. The 1980's home offers a huge games room, 2 bathrooms and storage for Africa. Clad in solid plaster this home appears built to last. Huge garaging for at least 4 vehicles and large workshop space. Cattle yards are just another feature to be found here. This gem of a property is located within an easy 20-minute drive of Motueka. This tranquil beauty has a sunny disposition in a quiet valley setting surrounded mainly by serene farm land. Come take a closer look and see how many boxes it ticks for you.

9969sqm A 4 B 2 C 4 I

For Sale

$748,000 View by appointment

Graham Durrant & Rebecca Greaney M 021 526 815    M 027 355 1324 Property Sales Nelson and Real Estate Ltd Licensed Agent REAA 2008

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 13

Caravan park opened

Photo: from left, Ross Hamilton and David Miller cut the ribbon at the new NZMCA park. There is a new NZMCA, Motorhome Caravan Association, Park in Motueka on Old Wharf Road, which was officially opened last Saturday, after four years in the planning. Over 100 members and the general public attended the ceremony in which Nelson Chair, David Miller opened and gave the welcome address. Kaumatua Any Joseph blessed the park as the rib-

bon was cut by Bob Greer and David. Celebration included a special cake cut by the Nelson/Tasman Committee. Members had been working hard before the opening to plant 260 native trees around the perimeter, enhancing an area already popular with visitors. The park is the associations 39th in their portfolio. The NZ Motor Caravan Board are keen to support

Mary Lafrentz cuts the celebration cake made by Motueka’s Beefair, as part of the opening ceremony. Chairman David Miller said he was delighted with the attendance and the way the official opening flowed. David thanked all the volunteers for their help in developing the park and was glad they got to enjoy the lunch and cake in celebration.

responsible camping in NZ and the Tasman region. There were numerous hurdles and obstacles that occurred in the four-year-long journey to acquire the park. “Today is a special day for all the volunteers in the region and special thanks must go to Lorraine Gear, Lindsay Dennis and Dave Millar for their tenacity and determination,” said Ross Hamilton, NZCB vice president.

David Ogilvie representing the Motueka Community Board spoke on the advantages to the Motueka retailers, service and tour operators of members visiting Tasman. Ross stated that the group as a whole were very pleased to be part of MP Kelvin Davis’s, working group on Freedom Camping to give advice on promoting responsible self-contained camping, throughout NZ.

14 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 15

The power in us all to keep safe Kidpower came to Ngatimoti School recently and had the five to ten-year-olds feeling more safe with people they know as well as people they don’t know. Several mums also took part. The Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower Trust is a registered charity. Their mission is to teach people of all ages and abilities how to use their own power to stay safe, act wisely and believe in themselves. “We provide safety and communication programmes teaching people safety skills. We provide a safe learning experience for people of all ages to take positive effective action to avoid or stop bullying, abuse and violence,” said tutor Maree Learning Children face challenging situations every day at home, at school, online, and in their communities. Sometimes adults are aware of these issues, often they are not. Kidpower teaches children positive, practical and effective ways to think, move and speak to stay safe in personal safety situations. Kidpower ensures that students have the opportunity to integrate essential safety skills through realistic practice with carefully formatted role-plays. Skills include: • Setting boundaries for better relationships • Solving conflict without violence or aggression • Safety plans to prepare for the unexpected • Speaking up for oneself

and for others • Self-protection to prevent trouble • Self-defence skills to stop emergencies These skills can prevent situations which people find intimidating from escalating and getting out of control. Even though the issues we deal with are serious, the Kidpower approach is evidence-based, empowering, dynamic and fun. Since 1993 the programme has taught over 57,000 people through interactive workshops. Powerful aims Kidpower has several aims of what they would like to see happen in daycares, schools and homes. One of their aims is to see children at school learn to avoid situations where they may become victims; use their body language and voices to assert their boundaries; speak out when things are wrong; persist in getting help when needed and to de-escalate rather than rise to triggers. Not just for kids Kidpower has 10 core programmes for all ages and abilities. These include the popular, Mates & Dates Programme – facilitating ACC’s High School based healthy relationships programme and Collaborative Culture- Specific programme development to keep children safe. If you would like to know more email

Estate planning solutions? (Wills, EPOA’s, Estates, Succession) Amanda Crehan Senior Associate

Specialist legal advice is now available in Motueka. No need to leave town to get the best legal advice, we’ll come to you. Our Estates team is now available from our Motueka office, call 528 9590 to make an appointment. 218 High Street, Motueka.

Tarryn Saville Estates Clerk

It’s easy to do business with us.

Hamish Kennedy Resident Partner

Motueka’s Heat Pump Specialist Next time you are passing by the clock tower, call in to Think Water Tasman Bay and meet Phil Collins their dedicated heat pump specialist. Phil is a refrigeration engineer with over 20 years of experience in his field and more than qualified to offer advice, install service or repair all brands of heat pumps. Known for his friendly knowledgeable service, he is a person that can ‘think outside the square’ when it comes to a more challenging installation. Phil can help you with any of your heat pump questions; he’s a wealth of information. Have you seen the new heat pump display wall at Think Water Tasman Bay? They have a range of stylish Mitsubishi Heat Pumps on display, including a very sleek ‘Rich Black Diamond’ model. Mitsubishi heat pumps consistently win consumer awards; they have become more durable, less costly to operate, quieter, easier to install and maintain, and better able to distribute air evenly throughout any kind of interior. Autumn is an ideal time to have your heat pump serviced, and during May and June, Think Water Tasman Bay is offering a special on Heat Pump sales and services. Give them a call or head into their High St store and talk to Phil, Motuekas heat pump specialist. Advertorial

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Karma Kegg gives back Andrew Geldard, general manager of Armadillos Restaurants New Zealand, including Motueka’s, is a second-generation publican; Andrew’s parents ran hotels around New Zealand for many years. His father is now battling lung cancer and it is the amazing treatment and support of the Cancer Society that sparked the inspiration for Andrew and his colleagues to give back through a novel idea of a six weekly Karma Kegg day. The first Karma Keg at Motueka’s Armadillos is on May 27. “Karma Keg is simple. All funds raised from any purchase from our Karma Keg are donated to the Cancer Society of NZ. We will also have donation boxes in the venues for

HORTICULTURE DEMO EVENT WHEN & WHERE: • Wednesday 23rd May, 10am - 3pm. • A B Wood Ltd., Home Block, 458 Central Rd, Lower Moutere, Motueka. • Sign posted on the day.

ON DEMO: • John Deere compact & specialty tractors • John Deere turf & ride-on mowers • John Deere Gators • Polaris ATV’s & side x sides • Galaxy & Trimax mowers • Alpego mulchers • Duncan vineyard seeder • Bogballe & Sitrex spreaders • Bertolini Sprayers • Rata & Hustler loader attachments

CONTACT • David Jeffery - 027 568 3501 • Kevin Renwick - 027 459 8787 • Chris Mason - 027 615 8951

NELSON | 70 Gladstone Road, Richmond | Ph: 03 543 8041 Freephone: 0800 432 633 | W:

those who would like to donate without engaging in a drink from the keg, so if you are in the area please pop in and put anything you can afford in the box, it all helps,” says Andrew. Support Andrew explained that he took the idea to Tony Crosbie, Armadillos CEO, and he loved it. “From there we floated the idea with all our venue managers and both Lion and DB Breweries and they have all supported the concept,” Andrew stated. As the feedback from communities, patrons and suppliers had been overwhelming the decision was made to hold this fund-raising day every six weeks at all Armadillos and donating the proceeds to a charity that the local community suggest. Ongoing giving The funds raised will be announced on Armadillos website, in the venues and on social media. “We have set up a page on our website where people can submit charities they would like us to consider raising funds for. Feel free to contact us,” said Matthew Freeman, manager of Armadillos Motueka. “I believe it I really important to help causes that help us all and help fund the support they provide. We are thrilled to do what we can and give back,” says Andrew.


Secondary school students around the region can start planning their entries for Showquest, as a Ministry of Education backed music, dance and drama event that will run in ten regions from Dunedin to Whangarei, starting in June. Rockquest Promotions, which has 30 years of success with the country’s only live, nationwide school music contest, has worked fast to book venues after winning the contract for an event to replace Stage Challenge just two weeks ago. Event Director Matt Ealand says Showquest is an opportunity for students to express themselves by drawing on their personal experiences and cultural heritage. “They design and direct their own performances and, if they want to, can write and perform their own soundtracks too,” he said. “The timing this year means we’re coming at schools late, however, we will do everything we can to make it easy for them to give their students the opportunity to enter.” Ealand said Showquest had a wider focus than Smokefreerockquest and was accessible to more students. “Without excelling on a musical instrument or as a vocalist they can develop their creativity, express themselves and have fun, and gain a strong sense of achievement as a team,” he says. “Showquest is structured on a competitive framework, but the driving rationale, as with Smokefreerockquest, is to encourage participation, creative growth and teamwork.” Ealand said feedback after the Ministry of Education announcement showed schools were thrilled to have a dance and music performance event back on the school calendar. “Showquest lines up with the curriculum and with NCEA standards across several subject areas, “he said. “It inspires kids to put what they’ve learnt into practice in a professional stage setting, with a live audience.” Matt Ealand heads the team that will run Showquest from the Rockquest promotions Auckland office. The first event is at Whangarei’s Forum North on June 20 and other events will follow in Dunedin, Christchurch, Nelson, Wellington, Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, Hamilton, New Plymouth and Auckland. A national online final will name the top entry nationwide in September. Entries close on June 20, schools can either enter via the website: or by contacting Matt Ealand, Showquest event director

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Blue Moon going international     

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NOW weekly in(07) RICHMOND For appointments 571 6360 For appointments (07) 571 6360 Resthome clinics by appointment

0800 400 403 Resthome clinics by appointment


Blue Moon, a feature movie that was shot in Motueka earlier this year and directed by local stef Harris, has been selected to screen at the NZ International Film Festival. Congratulations to Stef and the team. “Having our film selected for a major film festival is fantastic! When you make a film on a very low budget everyone is asked to contribute their hard work, skills, resources and passion for free. Actors and crew worked long hours in the middle of the night, local businesses donated products and loaned us vehicles, buildings, a crane, food,

accommodation and more. The only payoff is the sense of satisfaction in contributing to a creative goal, to build something unique,” says Steff. He explains that the New Zealand International Film Festival screenings will be an opportunity to celebrate that commitment and achievements so far. The premiere screenings will signal the start of a worldwide film festival campaign which will include festivals in Australia, the United States and Europe. At present Dark Horse Films is busy fundraising for post-production tasks, to finish editing and create music and sound design for the film to be ready in time to screen in NZIFF.

Find out how Find out we wehow can put can put money money back back in in your your pocket pocket



You’re invited to meet our tutors and have your questions about study options answered. Join in demonstrations and activities.

Wednesday 23 May, 4 -7pm NMIT Nelson campus 322 Hardy Street

Information Evening Anything Is Possible - Tukuna Kia Rere

 EarHygien Re moval


Photo: Steff Harris, Writer, Director of Blue Moon and producer at Dark Horse Films.

For Adults and Children With specialised Registered Nurse For Adults and Children

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Photo right: Three of The Doctors Motueka, nurses, from left, Alice, Jen and Hilary. They had looked forward to celebrating International Nurses Day and they had a great time at The Smoking Barrel. Photo below: The audience at the recent Beyond The Bridge fundraiser, An Evening with Diana Whittaker, a professional medium, through which they raised over $3,000. Picture credited to Karaena Vincent Photography.

Photo: Part of the Beyond the Bridge committee, Linda Glew, Melissa Girvin and Claire Hutt at the BTB fundraiser evening, An Evening with Diana Whittaker.

A crowd of members of the NZCMA and general public gathered for the start of the opening ceremony for the new NZCMA park, Old Wharf Road, Motueka.

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Happy vibes, warm laughter and welcoming smiles. Their warm smiles brighten up the darkest days and their hard-working hands pick the delicious seasonal fruit that our region produces, we’ve now been enjoying the positive benefits of RSE workers for 11years. The Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme was established in 2007 and allows the horticulture and viticulture industries to recruit workers from overseas for seasonal work when there are not enough New Zealand workers. Horticulture is one of the largest industries in our region and if it wasn’t for RSE workers the industry would have been unable to grow and thrive. Around 60 percent of New Zealand’s total horticultural production of fruit and vegetables is exported, valued at just over $3.4 billion. In fact Horticulture in New Zealand experienced spectacular 40 percent growth rate in export earnings between 2012 and 2014 and the industry continues to grow. In Nelson Tasman we have the lowest unemployment rate in New Zealand it currently sits at 3.5%; creating quite a challenge for orchardists to find reliable local workers. Vanuatu RSE Workers and their String Band, raising money at the Motueka Markets for cyclone relief. We are all island nations in the South Pacific. In Samoa their unemployment rate is almost twice as high as ours, work in Samoa is scarce and hard to find; their youth unemployment rate is currently over 50%, opportunities are limited and wages are low. It makes perfect sense to work with our Pacific neighbours and create the best outcome for all involved; we all live on islands in the south pacific ocean, but some islands (such as ours) have more opportunities than others. Around eleven-thousand Pacific people have been working in New Zealand under the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme this season. Protection of workers rights in New Zealand In the past there have been concerns about some employers; New Zealand’s new coalition government are taking steps to ensure Pacific seasonal workers’ rights are protected. RSE Workers taking part in Motueka’s annual KaiFest, their drumming skills were a highlight of this local festival.

This year Workplace Relations Minister, Iain LeesGalloway introduced the Employment Relations Amendment Bill which aims to ensure Pacific seasonal workers’ rights are protected.

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20 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Life changing opportunites

RSE Workers on-site at Wrattens Orchards; Onosai, Meauli, Lila, Paogoui, Pelesasa, Luaupu, Siatunuu, Sapini, Faamanu, Tanielu, Sinia, Noasina, Malili, Alatise, Tuailevao, Kingafa, Avaga, Kirisimasi and Tautala, pictured with Jo Wratten (RSE Manager), Sue Naylor (Q.C) and Clive Busbridge (Orchard Manager). At Wrattens Orchard in Lower Moutere, Jo Wratten describes their RSE workers as part of her family. The Wratten family have been growing apples for over 70 years; their family run business has been employing RSE workers for near on a decade. Most of their workers are pickers, some work in the packhouse; this season they’ve employed 55 workers from Samoa and 12 from Vanuatu. Wrattens are also involved in the NZ Seasonal Workers scheme which brings in workers from other regions to help with the seasonal worker shortage. Jo explains that they hardly get any backpackers coming into pick anymore, she’s not sure why; while writing this piece I wonder if the boom of freedom camping has contributed to the lack of overseas backpackers looking for seasonal work. One of Jo’s responsibilities is Pastoral Care of their RSE workers; “It’s about team work and mutual respect, especially within different cultures.” She explains.

Wrattens Orchard are well aware of the housing shortage so they provide their workers with purpose-built accommodation on the orchard, a place to relax and socialize after a day’s work. Vans are available so that workers are able to go into Motueka and do their shopping, banking, go to church and enjoy our region. Jo organizes social events for their workers, getting them out and about exploring our community and the kiwi lifestyle. Some of their workers play for local rugby clubs Huia and Riwaka, others are involved in the Harvest Volley Ball League; an inter orchard competition which is thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. Many of Wrattens RSE workers come back year after year and Jo goes to Samoa to visit their families as well. It’s a real highlight for her to see first hand the progress her workers are making in their home countries due to the opportunities RSE work has given them in our region.

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 21

Most of the management team at Wrattens Orchard have visited Samoa, their RSE workers are using their earnings to help with community builds, build new homes and strengthen their existing homes.

Jo goes on to describe Wrattens relationship with their RSE workers; “It’s a family business and these guys are our family.”

The Cyclones took quite a toll on the Islands over the years and their RSE earnings have played a valuable part in post-cyclone recovery.

Helping communties with cyclone relief

School fees are rather steep in the islands and many of their workers are now able to help put their families through school; being able to afford an education for their children is life-changing for them.

“It’s a family business and these guys are our family.” Jo Wratten, RSE Manager, Wratten Orchards

RSE workers are highly valued employees at Wrattens Orchards, Jo emphasises their importance; “They are an amazing hard working workforce, their skill and dedication is top notch and their work ethic and production levels are a huge asset to our business.”

Kono has also been involved in the successful RSE scheme which has provided many benefits for their company and the workers they employ. “Kono has been part of the RSE scheme for 10 years now. It’s great for us to have the team from Tonga as part of our seasonal workforce. The RSE scheme also makes an important economic contribution to families back in Tonga. This year, while we had some challenging weather events to contend with, overall we had a positive season,” Marty King, General Manager Horticulture Operations, Kono says. “Tropical cyclone Gita made its presence felt both here in the Nelson region and in Tonga. The homes and villages of many of our Tongan team were badly damaged, and we knew it was tough for the team being away from their families. One thing we could do as a company to support them is to help out with a shipping container with much needed practical goods such as building supplies. Our Kono team got behind this, and contributed with their own donations.”

Piukala Fatafehi and Kyle Hodge of Kono with some of the donated items they arranged to help families inTonga after the destruction of Cyclone Gita.

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22 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Celebrations at Takaka Memorial Library There has been a celebration happening in Takaka, it’s their new library’s 10th Birthday and they’ve held a number of wonderful events to mark the occasion; which was topped off with a special event on Friday. In the ten years since they have been in their new building the Takaka Library has grown from strength to strength, they are more than a library, they are a hub for the whole Golden Bay community. Branch Librarian Tish Potter started at the library a month or so before they moved to their current location and loves their new library. She’s a vibrant, positive lady who loves her work and thoroughly enjoys interacting with library users. One of the highlights of their birthday celebrations was the gifting of a three piece acrylic on canvas work of art by one of Golden Bays most talented and respected artists, Robin Slow. Robin created “Whare Wananga” especially for the Takaka Library it’s an outstanding art work, and has pride of place on the wall behind the issues desk. The works use the motif of the manu as means of expressing various attributes. The tui is known as the guardian of the esoteric knowledge, the kawau the chief and leader, the pipiwharauroa, the carrier of messages and ruru the kaitiaki of the night, the white toroa is the manu of peace.

“Whare Wananga” created for the Takaka Memorial Library by Golden Bay artist Robin Slow The composition is arranged around a traditional taniko pattern, with the first ‘diamond’ form containing the whakatauaki, the second with the Whare Wananga (House of learning) and the third the tree of whakapapa. Within this taniko pattern is the various kowhai that relate to the winds, the tohora, taniwha and ancient manu of the area in Mohua. “The food of knowledge leads to extended sessions in the house of learning.”

Two of Golden Bay’s musicians composed a moving piece of music to echo Robin’s paintings, Alice Williams (violin) and Rennie Pearson (flute) stirred many emotions on Friday evening with their enchanting composition. There was also an unveiling on Friday night as the crowd of around 90 enjoyed the celebration; Heritage Golden Bay funded and unveiled six informative plaques outside the Takaka Memorial Library. These stunning plaques tell a story of all the libraries past and present in the Bay, you can find the plaques directly outside the library, providing a fascinating historical insight for locals and visitors.

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There have been many events over the last few weeks, to mark their 10th birthday including the very talented New Zealand author and member of the Order of New Zealand Joy Cowley who spoke about the Power of Story, which was a sell-out event. Tony and Gillian Cunningham came and spoke about their unique perspective on policing the Bay in the 70’s and 80’s as part of the Library’s Blast from the Past series. Their talk attracted a large crowd of around 80 people.

WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 23

Free Ugandan concert in Motueka Over the winter the Takaka Memorial Library will be providing a series of talks. Keep an eye out at the library for more information, their talks are both fascinating and well received by the community.

The Blast from the Past series is held on Fridays at 1pm and this Friday 18 May you can come and enjoy a fascinating visual presentation by Kevin Durkan and Paul Kilgour featuring some well-known locals, who will speak about the Golden Bay Alpine and Tramping Club History. On Saturday there was a Magic Show with popular children’s entertainer Ms Fizzberry, and the children loved it. They came all dressed up as their favourite book character, prizes were given for the two best dressed costumes. Have you met Bosun the dog? He is a familiar face to library users, creating ambience and providing love and snuggles to visitors and book borrowers. He’s gorgeous, loving, friendly and very popular with library users.

Librarian Sarah organising a stack of books

Library users Grahame and Christine with Branch Librarian Tish Potter The benefits of the new library have helped bring the community together. They now have a children’s librarian and there is more space for children, enabling the Takaka Memorial Library to hold holiday activities and children’s programmes. They also offer a highly popular house bound service, providing and delivering books to those who are unable to leave their homes due to illness or disabilities.

A Ugandan children’s choir that has enraptured audiences around the world will perform a free concert in Motueka, on May 24 at the Alive Church of Christ, 7pm. The Mwangaza Children’s Choir, is in New Zealand for the first time and will present their Light Up Tour, giving Kiwi audiences a taste of African culture on behalf of Tearfund. The 18 children aged between nine and 14, will light up the stage with vibrant costumes, joyful music, energetic dancing, infectious smiles and inspirational stories. Mwangaza, pronounced m-wahn-GAH-zah, means Shining Light in Swahili, and that was exactly what the audience would see in the faces of the children as they performed, according to Tearfund marketing manager Brenda Won. “The children of Uganda have been greatly challenged by poverty, HIV/AIDS, and many have been taken by the Lord’s Resistance Army and forced to become child soldiers,” she said. “These kids are representing all the children of Uganda, and showing that, with the help of child sponsorship, Uganda’s children can rise above these things and make the country a different place. “These talented youngsters are sure to light up the stage and your heart, sharing hope for the children of their country through song, dance and inspiring stories about how their lives are being changed.” The internationally acclaimed choir had travelled and performed across the US, Holland, the UK, Germany, Singapore and Australia, and had also released six albums.

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24 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Advice for winter roads. Winter is one of the most challenging times of year for driving, weather conditions can change rapidly, bringing with it plunging temperatures, rain, ice and snow. But it doesn’t need to be driving hell, as long as you and your vehicle are prepared.

Batteries and electrics

Allow extra time for winter journeys.

Turn off electrical loads like lights, heated rear window and wipers before trying to start the engine.

Try to get up at least 10 minutes early, to give you time to de-ice the car. Check fuel levels – keep at least a quarter of a tank in case of unexpected delay.

Car batteries rarely last longer than five years, and there are extra demands on them in the winter, thanks to lights, heating and wipers.

If the engine doesn’t start quickly, wait 30 seconds between attempts. Restock your roadside emergency kit

Don’t drive off like a tank-commander, with a tiny hole cleared in the windscreen, clear all windows using a scraper and de-icer.

If you don’t already keep an emergency kit in your boot, the prospect of being stranded in a winter storm makes putting one together now a smart idea.

Ensure you vehicle is in top condition

The typical roadside emergency kit includes: a blanket, extra gloves, an extra set of warm clothes and boots, a plastic jug of water and some food, a flashlight, a first aid kit, paper towels, spare windshield wipers, flares, jumper cables, a basic tool kit, tire chains, a tire gauge, a fully aired spare tire and tire-changing equipment, a small shovel, and a bag of something like sand, salt, or kitty litter to sprinkle on the ground to add traction if you get stuck in snow.

Wintertime is no time for a mechanical breakdown. Since wintery weather can pose challenges to your car’s systems, now’s a good time to take advantage of milder weather to ensure your car is in tip-top condition for the cold winter months ahead. Tyres Your tyres are what lies between you and the road, it’s crucial for your safety that they have a reasonable amount of tread at least 3mm and a trusty spare before starting on any long journeys. Don’t let air out of your tyres to get more grip – it doesn’t work and it’s unsafe. You may wish to stash some tyre chains in your car boot, these can be a lifeline when the weather turns.

Black Ice If you hit a patch of black ice and start to slide, lift your foot off of your car’s accelerator, but do not hit the brakes. Braking will lock your wheels and you’ll drift even farther. Hold onto the steering wheel and make small corrections if you can (like steering into the slide), but do not oversteer or you’ll just make the slide worse or spin out.

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WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 25

Incentives The Athletics Academy is in its eighth year and currently has 25 members. There are three levels of incentive awards: bronze, silver and gold. There are performance standards for each of the levels with a gold award requiring athletes to be in the top three in New Zealand. The award is a personalised travel jacket and $100 towards travel to Nationals in Dunedin in December. The purpose of the incentive awards is to help athletes set realistic performance goals for the season. These goals currently range from getting a place at the Regional Championships to New Zealand records and gaining places in New Zealand teams. Photo: Tony Aikenhead( Coach), Fletcher Pickworth( 1:59 for 800m), Joelle Post ( Silver medal Nationals 4 x 400m relay), Shannen Smith( Bronze medal Nationals triple Jump), Emily Bryan( Gold medal Nationals javelin), Kyla Rayward( Silver medal Nationals 4 x 400m relay), Davis Sundbye( Silver medal Nationals 4 x 400m relay), Izzy Neal ( Gold medal Nationals 400m) Holly Young( Silver medal Nationals 4 x 400m relay), Heath Wilkins of Golden Bay Fruit who are the sponsor of the Athletics Academy Gold Incentive Awards.

Mother Earth netballers show their stuff On Saturday, May 12, Motueka Netball Centre hosted the year three and four Mother Earth FutureFERN players festival day. The programme for this age group has its focus upon skill development, fun, heaps of activity and a modified game to practice and apply these skills. All schools are encouraged to have their coaches participate in a workshop to unlock the Netball New Zealand resources applicable to the programme and as part of the foundation Coaching programme. “Motueka is very fortunate to have five coaches through the foundation level and who are looking at the Community Coaching level 1 programme,” say festival organisers. The workshops and resources build upon the capacities of the coach – not an expert telling coaches what to do, more an introduction to a variety of activities, programmes and tactics skill

development, to enhance the players and teams coaches are responsible for. Motueka Netball centre is facilitating the programme for 12 year three and four teams this year. “The teams will come to their scheduled game on a Saturday have a warm up and a skill session with their coach and then play a modified 5v5 game to complete their session.” On the festival day, the players rotated around six stations to practise body balance, pivoting, shooting, dodge protect skills and a ball routine to introduce the players to a variety of passes. “The laughter and activity reflected the enjoyment of the game, and players were well supported by their parents and whanau. Thank you also to the wonderful coaches and avid netballers who stepped in to run a station for the players. Volunteering your skill and support is invaluable,” said Vicki Karetai.

Rugby updates

It was perfect Rugby weather on Saturday around the district for the latest round of JAB matches. The under 12’s travelled to Brightwater where they completely shut Wanderers Gold out of the game with a superb team effort by backs and forwards. Tries were shared between Kompton Dixon, Damani Cullen, TK Bedggood, Marshall Rowntree, Elijah Heal & Michael Rowntree. Elijah Heal added 2 conversions. POD Kompton Dixon & TK Bedggood. The under 10’s were home to Marist Black and although going down showed plenty of fight. Nuggy Tahana-Turner, Kyson Heal & Jacob Gough scored tries with POD Taylor Hurinui & Khorus Poulsen. The under 8’s were at Greenmeadows and played well in patches before going down to Stoke Red. Levi Angus scored a try with POD Tane Pivac & Riley Knight. The under 6’s took on Wanderers Blue at Brightwater and played out a classic match. Manakore Wilkins 3, Zyan Rhodes 2 & Tomas Fraser scored tries with POD Rydah Kaahu-Gear & Zyan Rhodes.


26 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Golf 18H Mens Stableford - 09 May 2018 1 Mike Howell 39 pts 2= Eric Satherley/Rob Bloor/Neil Irwin 35 pts Two’s: George Jameson 18H Men Saturday 12 May 2018 Nearest the Pin: Robin Knight Twos: Robin Knight, Jim Hunter, Colin Rush, Pete Dunn Largest wins on the day: Wayne Robinson and Tony Fleming 5 and 4 over Alan Tait and Paul Heathcote Jim Hunter and Paul Walters also 5 and 4 over Mike Howell and David Coeland Rush Cup Semi Finals: Mike McGee and George Jameson beat Derek Gray and Chris Jones 2 up Pete Dunn and Colin Rush beat Al Ashcroft and Louis Lucas-Perry 1 up 9H Women Sue Bunt Salver Best Net, Rd 3-14 May 2018 1 Valerie Docker 34 pts 2 Marita Hattersley 35 pts 3= Pam Rober & Jill Gillan 37 pts Saturday saw the very successful completion of the Club Champs. It was terrific to see all finals being played in a great spirit. While conditions were wet underfoot thankfully it was dry above. Mens Champs. Senior Steve Vercoe Intermediate Ralph Meikle Junior A Pete Cederman Junior B Tony Fleming Ladies Champs Senior Pam Chapman Intermediate Jan Overall Junior Grace Latimer 9 Hole Colleen Irwin. Those who weren’t watching the finals played a stableford. This was won by Peter Neil with 41 points 2nd Bryan McKay 40 3rd Harry Bell 39 4th Stu Dixon 37 5th John McRae 37. Closest to the pin Murray Jewell Motueka Women’s Golf Results for 8/5/2018 18 Hole Ladies play Wilton Cup R/3. Match of the day Stableford 1st: Irene Fell 38 2nd: Grace Latimer 36 3rd = Rita Mitchell & Anne Lawrence 35 5th: Jackie Hall 33 6th = Rhonda Heckler & Fiona McKenzie 32 Closest to the Pin: Robyn Hawker Nett Eagle: Helen Dryden 16 ( not struck) 9 Hole Ladies played Stableford R/2 Group 1 1st: Christine Horridge 19 2nd: Colleen Irwin 16 Group 2 1st: Joy Bawtree 18 C/B 2nd: Helen Hughey 18 3rd: Bev Elliot 17

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Indoor Bowls On Sunday the qualifying tournament was held for the NZ Mixed Fours,with only 4 teams entered it was played on around round robin format. Three teams ended up with 2 wins so a count back on ends was required with the winners being the team of Greg Edwards,Wayne Tibble,Fiona Prosser, Colleen King with Motueka Bridge Club Championship 19 ends over Keith Hunter,Carolyn LeComte,Noeline Hunter,Ivan LeComte 18 ends and Session 5 Ron Inglis,Rae Inglis,David Watson and Karen Goodall 16 ends. Results The winners now go on to the zone finals in Nelson on July 7th. North/South 1st Mary McCallum & Anne Cegarra The previous weekend the first representative match of the season was held with Golden Bay - Motueka challenging Nelson for the McNabb and Boucher trophies. 62.87% After a very tight tussle throughout the day Golden Bay- Motueka won the McNabb 2nd Karen Daly & Adrienne Paine Trophy by 37.5 points to 34.5 points and the B team won Boucher Trophy by 38 points 60.63% to 34. 3rd Bet Glengarry & June Tippett This coming weekend we travel to Blenheim to take on Nelson and Marlborough for 54.77% the Scott Trophy for the ladies and the Adams Trophy for the men. East/West 1st Vicki Adnams & Jane Morris 61.32% 2nd Diana Whitten & Brian Field 59.12% 3rd Barry Simpson & Phil Donaldson 51.41%

Shooting Barry Fickling 97.6 John Greenhough 95.2 Pete Walker 91.1 93.0 Rod Trevurza 93.3 94.1 Ethan Martin 92.3 96.1 Errol Boyes 95.5 Mark Scales 96.2 Viv Tibbs 97.3 95.2 Martin Willetts 91.2 96.4 Tim Greenhough 95.3 Andy Scott 91.2 Dave Adams 93.2 Heather Adams 90.0 Atawhai Teaukura 98.3 Krystal Thawley 91.2 Susie Adams 87.3 Heather Sinclair-Wentworth 89.2 Bryn Stevens 88.2 Bradley Gale 78.1 82.0 Zahli 78.0

Darts RSA DART RESULTS 3/5/18. STACEY: 100x3, 125x2, “180” well done Stacey. PHIL: 100x2, 100b, 126. CAM: 100x5, 134, 140. CLIVE: 100x7. PAUL: 100. 10/5/18 STACEY: 100x5, 112b, 121x2. ROBERT: 100x8, 110b, 121. JULIE: 100, 107, 113b, 118b, 125. MANUEL: 100x4, 102b, 105, 125. JAMIE: 100x5. PAUL: 100x3, 103b, 125. BARRY: 100x2. CLIVE: 100x7, 140x2. RACHAEL: 105. PHIL: 100, 132, 140.

Football Second Division men Motueka won 7-0 vs Nelson Suburb Third Div men Motueka lost 2-4 vs fc Nelson Bay Joinery Fourth Div men Motueka won 3-2 vs Nelson Suburb Women Second Div won 3-2 vs Mapua


Krammer Holdings 2-4-2 1st Jamie Hoult and Rae Peterson 3 wins, 24 ends, 41 points. 2nd Tony Fowler and Sheryl Riordan 3 wins, 20 ends, 49 points, 3rd Barbara McGregor and Di Potts, 3 wins, 19 ends and 50 points. 4th Diane Merritt and Dave Merritt, 3 wins, 19 ends, 31 points. 5th Cherie Lecarth and Trevor Hodgkinson, 3 wins, 18 ends, 38 points.

Netball 9 am 1 2 3 4 5

LM Shooting Stars TAS/TBC Coach led LM Green Mixture Ngatimoti Stars Riwaka Red Riwaka White Parklands Pixies UM Tactix Brooklyn Stars Please note these games 5v5 now happen over 2 3rds of the court. 10.00 am 1 Motueka South UM Magic 2 UM Stars MS1 Naomi Lang / Ari Miller 3 LM Diamonds Ngatimoti Ferns Tasmin N-k / Alex T 11.00 am 1 Riwaka Black TAS/TBC Naomi Lang / Ari Miller 2 Parklands Penguins Brooklyn Magpies Jade J / Alex T 3 SPC MS2 Arnika / Lily Year 7 & 8 and Senior Games 10.00 am 4 Huia White Chanel Jnr MHS A x 2 5 MHS 9A MHS 10 Black Rochelle / Lynda J 11.00 am 4 Rangers Social Reps MHS A x 2 12 noon 1 Riwaka B Ngatimoti Diamonds Rose / Arnika 2 Tas / TBCS Steiner FML Rangers (Dayna) / Toni 3 MHS 10 Yellow Kahurangi Homes Huia Diamonds Lily / Amber B 4 FML Rangers ROG Royal Lou / Raelene 1.00 pm 1 UMO Ferns LMS Hot Shots MHS 10 Yellow / Paige G 2 Riwaka A Parklands Seniors Meighan N-B / Rosie N 3 MHS 9 Yellow MHS 9 Black Amber H / Vanessa 4 Huia Kaha Huia Mana Bryn / Raelene 2.00 pm 1 MSS A Brooklyn Ferns Huia Kaha / Huia Mana 2 MSS B Tridents Angela B / Paige G 3 Huia Ora Huia Warriors Bryn / Mel 4 MHS 10A MHS Stinger Amanda / Steph Wednesday 16th May 6pm MHS B Vikings Blue Bryn / Raelene 7pm Huia A TNT Helicopters MHS A Raelene / Steph 8pm Rangers A Vikings Maroon Steph / Stacey

Rugby NPD Tasman Trophy - Division 1 Waitohi: Crafar Crouch Div 1 V Moutere: Div 1 13:15 LANSD: 1 Fraser Hannon Sub Union semifinal Car Company Nelson - Division 2 Huia: New World Div 2 V Takaka: Div 2 13:15 SPMOT: 1 Brett Crombie Riwaka: Aqua Taxi Div 2 V Huia: Birdhurst Div 2 13:15 RIWAKA: 1 Andy Malcolm Combined: Valley Stags Div 2 V Collingwood: Div 2 13:15 UPMOUT: 1 Todd Austin Tasman Women - Senior Women Motueka HS: Senior Girls V Wanderers: Taylors Senior Women 13:15 MOTKHS: 1 Jamie Merriman Moutere: Senior Women V Awatere: Senior Women 13:15 AWARUA: 1 Dominic Calder Tasman U15 Section A 19/05/2018 Motueka HS: U15 V Nelson College: U15 Blue 11:30 MOTKHS: 1 Gary Reilly Tasman U14 Section A 19/05/2018 Marist: Garin U14 V Takaka: U14 11:30 TAHUNA: 1 Justin Morrison Tasman U13 Section A 19/05/2018 Huia: U13 V Waimea Old Boys: U13 11:45 SPMOT: 1 Stephen Petrie Car Company Nelson U12 Section A 19/05/2018 Huia: U12 V Wanderers: U12 Blue 10:30 SPMOT: 1 Provide own ref 19/05/2018 Motueka United: U12 V Nelson: U12 11:00 SPMOT: 2 Provide own ref Car Company Nelson U11 Section A 17/05/2018 Riwaka: Aqua Taxi U11 V Waimea Old Boys: U11 Red 17:15 RIWAKA: 1 19/05/2018 Nelson: U11 Blue V Huia: U11 10:00 NEALE: 2 19/05/2018 Stoke: U11 V Takaka: U11 11:30 GREENM: 2 19/05/2018 Rangers: U11 V Waimea Old Boys: U11 Mako 11:45 UPMOUT: 1

WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 27

Phone 03 528 2088 Email

CommunityNotices Community Notices are free to charitable trusts, gold coin entry where any monies gained go back into a community project. Notices for businesses and organisations who charge for courses or events cost $12.50+gst. No AGMs, sports notices or church notices. DEADLINE: 12 NOON MONDAY. 30 WORDS OR LESS BY EMAIL ONLY. Please send to: BLOOD CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Meet monthly for more information phone Graham 544 2636 or Lloyd 544 2636 BREAST CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Cancer Society Nelson 102 Hardy Street, if you have or have had breast cancer come along to this friendly atmosphere. Register (03) 539 1137 or CHOOKEE’S COMMUNITY BAZAAR Wednesday May 23 1-3pm, 25 Woodlands Ave. *FREE* Womens clothing and accessories. Afternoon tea. All WELCOME. DO YOU HAVE A DRINKING PROBLEM? Join us at Motueka Alcoholics Anonymous meetings 7pm Wednesdays and Fridays, and 5pm Sundays at the Family Centre Talbot Street. Friendly confidential support. JP AT COMMUNITY HOUSE On Thursday mornings between 9.30-12. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE SERVICES Free JP services, including copy certification and witnessing signatures, are available at Elevation Café, 218 High Street, on the first and third Saturday every month from 10am to 12 noon. MINDFULNESS AND RELAXATION Tuesdays 1pm Fairfield House $3 donation to Cancer Society (03) 539 1137

MOTUEKA AIKIDO Childrens-Adults classes Tuesdays & Thursdays. Children 5pm-6pm, Adults 6.30pm-8pm. Old Wharf Road. Contact: Julie 021 205 0143 MOTUEKA REBUS CLUB Our Combined Meeting for Retirees, will be held in the Motueka Bands Room, May 18th, at 10am to Noon. Refreshments, and good speakers. Guests welcome anytime. Contact - Grace 52 89629 MOTUEKA SENIOR CITIZENS 10 PAH ST Bowls on Monday and Wednesday 1.15-3.00 contact George 5287960. Housie this Friday 18th 1.153.00 contact Ethel 5287707. SOCIAL is planned for FRIDAY 25th MAY entertainment SONGS and PIANO by Judith Garrett-Brown. All welcome to come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. 25th MAY 1.30-3.00.Contact Gordon 5287703. PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP Meet 1st Thursday of month Broadgreen House 276 Nayland Road, 1.30 to 3.30pm. Contact Bill, phone (03) 544 8635. SENIORNET MOTUEKA Run courses and workshops for adults. These courses are not only for computers and laptops, they also include iPad tablet and iPhones, also Android tablets and Android phones. For more information check in on our website

MONTHLY CARERS SUPPORT GROUP For Partners / Family / Friends who are supporting someone with cancer, or recovering from cancer. Come and meet others and discuss what you would find helpful from this group. Register (03) 539 1137 or

SURVIVORS AND THRIVERS If you have or have had cancer, supporting someone with cancer come along and meet others in this friendly atmosphere. Phone (03) 539 1137 for details

MOTUEKA CAMERA CLUB Meets 1st Monday of month, 7.30pm, in the SeniorNet Rooms, 42 Pah Street, Motueka. All levels of experience welcome. Contact. Cushla 5286548.

THE WAKEFIELD APPLE FAIR Organising committee wishes to thank all local businesses who generously provided sponsorship and support, and the many volunteers who gave up their time to make our 2018 event possible.

acknowledgement TWEEDY Gavin Bruce. 23/08/1949 - 07/05/2018. Ange and the family would like to pass on their sincere gratitude to The Motueka District Nurses, The Nelson Hospice and our friends for all there care and support during Gavins illness.

antiques $$$ for your antique furniture, paintings, china, clocks and jewellery. Plus quality restoration & reproduction service. Call at Mariri Gallery, Coastal Highway, Mariri, or telephone 027 448 4430 (weekdays 9am - 4pm). FURNITURE, Art. Collectables, Toys etc. Fresh estate lots arrived from near & far. Selling, buying, valuing. 6 rooms to browse. Open Mon-Sat 9.30 to 5pm, Sat 10-4pm. Souchebys Antiques, 75 Gladstone Rd (SH6), Richmond. Ph 544 0723. FURNITURE: Tables, Chairs, Desks, Chests of Drawers, Wardrobes, Dressing tables, Sideboards, Mirrors, Lamps, etc at Souchebys Antiques, 75 Gladstone Rd, Richmond

death notices NEAL. Carl Archie. JP: Of Motueka. On Saturday, May 12, 2018 at Woodlands RestHome Motueka. Aged 86. Dearly loved husband of Dawn. Deeply loved father and fatherin-law of: Carl Wayne Neal, Kevin and Pauline Neal, Carolyn and Michael French, Rose and Russell Scott, Justin and Susanne Neal. Loved Grandfather of 14 Grandchildren and 11 Great Grandchildren. The family sincerely thank all the wonderful staff at Woodlands Rest-Home for their loving care and support. The Funeral service will be held at St Thomas's Anglican Church, High Street, Motueka on Friday 18th May at 1pm. Golden Bay Funeral Directors www.gbmfs.

28 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Phone 03 528 2088 Email entertainment


public notices YOGA Classes - Vinyasa Flow • uesdays and ridays a - a at iverside o unity entre ain oad ower outere • hursdays p - p at arklands School niwaniwa oo ah Street otueka rop-in class ontact o -

property for sale firewood

for sale

Garage sales are free for up to 16 words and must be either emailed or brought into the office. Phone calls not accepted. Businesses will incur normal charges. SATURDAY th ay a - p Seaton alley oad apua ousehold shed books clothes toys etc

public notices

We will be closed Saturday 19th MAy Due to stock-take, Farmlands Motueka will be closed on Saturday 19th May. We apologise for any inconvenience.


MACROCARPA ough sawn ry ea s litches Sleepers i ber ood rices uantities h

Farmlands Motueka 393-395 High Street, (03) 528 1100

WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 29

30 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018

Phone 03 528 2088 Email situations vacant

storage STORAGE Systems Motueka. Secure self storage available from $6 a week. Ph 528 4060. TASMAN $5.90pw. Insurance 528 0071.

church services

Storage units Clean, dry, approved. 24/7

available from secure units. access. Phone

HANDYMAN Storage. Motueka's newest most secure storage unit. Security cameras. Insurance approved. 26 Huffam St, Motueka. Ph 0274 344 254. Courtesy trailer available.

stump grinding

to let

STUMP Grinding, tree felling. Stumps ground to mulch for ready gardening. Ph: Andrew 021 081 82 123, AH (03) 553 0633.

Transport Coordinator / Freight Dispatcher Talley’s is a successful and well-known brand, operating several plants throughout the South Island, as well as having many diversified Nau Mai Haere Mai interests in seafood, frozen vegetables, meat All Welcome and dairy products. A position has become available for a Transport Coordinator/Freight 10am Sunday Dispatcher based in Motueka, covering Talleys Chanel Arts Centre, Cnr High &freight Fearon Sts operations across the top of the South Enquiries to Jeanette Dickson on 528 and 4461West Coast. Island Reporting directly to the Northern Freight Manager, your duties will include: • coordinating all freight movements and dispatching trucks efficiently to meet target dates and requirements • receiving information and entering the relevant data into our freight management system (iCOS) for dispatch • allocating tasks and freight ready for dispatching to drivers • documenting, manifesting and dispatching our driver’s for their daily tasks • communicating directly with our team of driver’s and other branches. Ideally you will possess the following attributes: • be motivated with exceptional communication and time management skills • ability to problem solve and make quick justified decisions • friendly positive phone manner and effective email writing/computer skills • can multi task and cope well under pressure • having knowledge of our iCOS dispatch system and Eroad GPS would be an advantage, however full training will be given to thevacant right applicant. situations

raffle results

in the Freezer

RIWAKA Bowling Club Mother's Day Raffles. 1: Table Runner No.153 Craig Milne. 2: Basket - No.198 Vinny. 3: Basket - No.6 Bev Hunt. 4: Gerbera Plant - No.4 Pat Newport. 5: Gerbera Plant - No.210 Shirley Burrows. Sincere thanks to our supporters.

An understanding of the transport industry legislative requirements, along with knowing NZTA compliances and a good knowledge of the truck loading code would all help towards securing this position. Having a Class 5 licence, along with an F endorsement would be an advantage, however not essential.

Transport Coordinator / Freight Dispatcher Talley’s is a successful and well-known brand, operating several plants throughout the South Island, as well as having many diversified interests in seafood, frozen vegetables, meat and dairy products. A position has become available for a Transport Coordinator/Freight Dispatcher based in Motueka, covering Talleys freight operations across the top of the South Island and West Coast. Reporting directly to the Northern Freight Manager, your duties will include: • coordinating all freight movements and dispatching trucks efficiently to meet target dates and requirements • receiving information and entering the relevant data into our freight management system (iCOS) for dispatch • allocating tasks and freight ready for dispatching to drivers • documenting, manifesting and dispatching our driver’s for their daily tasks • communicating directly with our team of driver’s and other branches.


Tenants Waiting for Properties Now!

We provide expert advice, a large tenant database and no add-on fees. Call us today! Avei Douglas 528 4001 027 658 0077

Amanda Richards 528 4001 027 658 0077

Ideally you will possess the following attributes: • be motivated with exceptional communication and time management skills • ability to problem solve and make quick justified decisions • friendly positive phone manner and effective email writing/computer skills • can multi task and cope well under pressure • having knowledge of our iCOS dispatch system and Eroad GPS would be an advantage, however full training will be given to the right applicant. An understanding of the transport industry legislative requirements, along with knowing NZTA compliances and a good knowledge of the truck loading code would all help towards securing this position. Having a Class 5 licence, along with an F endorsement would be an advantage, however not essential. An attractive salary is offered to reflect the degree of experience necessary and standard of applicant required. If this opportunity interests you and you have some or all of the qualities mentioned above, please apply with a CV and two current references to or post to PO Box 244, Ashburton. Confidentiality assured.

vehicles for sale

wanted to buy

ALWAYS Buying and selling good tidy cars. Finance and trades welcome. Open 7 days. Motor-eka Ltd, 391 High Street, Motueka. Phone 528 8885.

Applications close Friday 1st June 2018.

An attractive salary is offered to reflect the degree of experience necessary and standard of applicant required. If this opportunity interests you and you have some or all of the qualities mentioned above, please apply with a CV and two current references to or post to

to let

window cleaning

PROFESSIONAL window cleaning. Good rates inside and out. 0210 225 1221. Excludes Golden Bay.




WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018 31


Significant construction work is underway in Stephens Bay to upgrade sewer pump stations at the Stephens Bay Reserve and Tapu Bay Reserve. The work is the second stage of a major wastewater project to increase the capacity and efficiency of the wastewater network in the area. The first stage of the project was to install a new sewer main in the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Road from Cederman Drive to Goodall Road, replacing the existing pipe under the Tapu Bay estuary. Moving the pipe into the road means it is more easily accessible for maintenance and protects the estuary from any accidental spills or overflows. The two pump stations now need to be upgraded to push wastewater in the opposite direction to the new main in the road. The work requires significant upgrades and modernisation of the pump stations and changes to the pipelines between the pump stations. The work at the two reserves will take until July to complete and will mean some disruption to access to the reserves. Some parking spaces at Stephens Bay and an area to the north of Tapu Bay reserve will be fenced off while construction is carried out. There will also be some construction traffic on the roads around Stephens Bay. People using the reserves should take care when accessing the steep access road to Tapu Bay Reserve and be aware there is construction taking place. To minimise disruption in Tapu Place, Anarewa Crescent and Stephens Bay Road, the new pipelines will be ‘slip-lined’ inside the current pipes. However, trenches are required where the pipeline changes direction, so there will be some open trenches on the route.

Special Grants Fund open for applications The Special Grants Fund, designed to encourage and support significant new events or projects within Tasman District, is now open for applications. The fund allows us to provide a larger financial contribution (upwards of $10,000) to special events that will benefit our community, providing a range of opportunities and experiences to residents and visitors. Up to $50,000 is available each year, providing we make a surplus as a result of extra growth throughout the District. In years where there is no surplus, Special Grants funding will not be offered. Find out more: You can read more about the criteria and application process for Special Grants on our website – visit, search term “Special Grants”, or contact Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman Jones on Ph. 03 543 8400.

Scholarships for Tasman's youth leaders Are you aged between 15 – 20, live in the Tasman District and keen to attend a youth leadership opportunity this year? Then we can help, with $200. Tasman $200ships are available any time of year to support young people in our district attend courses like Outward Bound or Spirit of Adventure. The application process is simple – visit


Battle for the Banded Rail

Rating information is publicly available

Lend a hand at a community planting day on the Waimea Inlet. • Sunday 27 May, 9.00 am – 1.00 pm, Manuka Island. Follow sign to Manuka Island from Redwood Road.

Our rating information database includes information such as the property location, valuation number, capital and land value as at 1 July 2017, and current year’s rates. Rating information is available for you to view at any service centre during office hours. You can also search online at Notice given under section 28, Local Government (Rating) Act 2002.

• Sunday 10 June, 9.00 – 1.00 pm, Bronte Peninsula North. Park on Cardno Way (off Bronte Road East). Please bring gloves, spade and drinking water. Wear solid footwear and clothes suitable for the weather conditions. Morning tea will be provided (coffee courtesy of Pomeroy’s). Battle for the Banded Rail is a Waimea Inlet Forum project working with local communities. It aims to increase the number of banded rail and other estuarine birds on the Waimea Inlet by restoring habitat and trapping predators. For more information email or phone Kathryn on 544 4537.

Planting days at Dominion Flat Volunteers are wanted for another planting push in this fantastic reserve. The growth this year has been phenomenal – come and see for yourself. We have 4000 more plants this year so we need all the help we can get. • Dates: 19, 20 and 26, 27 May • Time: 9.00 am until midday

03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020


Are you planning a great community event or project – but need a little help to make it happen? Applications for our Community Grants are open now and close on 31 July 2018. Funding is available for Tasmanbased projects that meet a community need and have community support. Priority is given to projects that can show financial support from other sources as well. Online applications: This year we’ve shortened the time you’ll need to spend online. Visit grants to download the Community Grants from Rates Application Form. Work on the application at your own pace – and save as you go. Send the completed application back to us using a simple online form. Find out more: Visit our website, grants or email Community Partnerships Coordinator Mike Tasman-Jones,

• Location: Dominion Flat, cnr Mapua Drive and the Coastal Highway Wear suitable footwear and clothing and sun hat. Morning tea provided. A great social occasion and a chance to make a difference.

New ID cards for Total Mobility scheme All current members of the Total Mobility scheme should have received a personalised photo ID swipe card to replace the voucher system. The card entitles you to the current local discount rate of 50% - to a maximum discount of $10 per trip. I haven't got my card - what should I do? Simply contact the agency who referred you, for example Age Concern, CCS, Blind Foundation. In the vehicle The taxi or driving company have machines in their cars to read the cards. The driver checks you are the person in the photo, before swiping the card at the beginning of the journey. When you arrive at your destination, the fare is calculated, minus the subsidy. You pay the driver, who should issue you with a receipt. The trip and transaction data are then sent to Council who pay the subsidy. What is Total Mobility? Total Mobility is a door-to-door passenger transport scheme that people with disabilities can apply to use. Total Mobility passengers use discount vouchers for travel in regular taxis or taxis modified for wheelchair access. The Nelson City Council administer the scheme on behalf of the Tasman District Council. These cards can be used in other regions of New Zealand, replacing the old paper vouchers.



Community Grants open

All of your Tasman District Council information at:




03 543 8400 03 523 1013 03 528 2022 03 525 0020

Council Meetings Agendas and Minutes for Council Meetings can be viewed on Council’s website at

Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held at Council Chambers, 189 Queen Street, Richmond. Full Council Thursday 24 May, 9.30 am. Public forum Commercial Committee Friday 25 May, 1.30 pm. No public forum Community Grants Subcommittee Tuesday 29 May, 9.30 am. No public forum Community Development Committee Thursday 31 May, 9.30 am. Public forum Everyone is welcome to attend our public meetings. There is a public seating area where you can observe the meeting, with many of the meetings having a ‘public forum’ providing an opportunity to speak to the meeting if you wish. At the beginning of ordinary meetings up to 30 minutes is set aside for public forum. Each speaker is allocated five minutes. You don’t need to pre-register your intention to speak – just take your turn when invited by the chairperson. These presentations don’t form part of the formal business of the meeting – a brief record will be kept of the matters raised. Any matters requiring further investigation may be referred to staff by the Chairperson.

14846 Hothouse Creative

Kaiteriteri Wastewater Upgrades move into next stage

1 6 M AY 2 0 1 8

32 WEDNESDAY 16 MAY 2018




Total Dominance at Ray Anderson Memorial The top of the VMX club held their annual Morley Motorcycle and Marine Ray Anderson Memorial and Club Champs on Sunday 6th of May. With a record number of 70 riders signed up numbers were good in most classes. With a new track this year, all the riders had a great day. This year the Ray Anderson Memorial Trophy was raced for in the Open 2 stroke class. One rider has dominated the Ray Anderson Memorial over the last few years has been Pete Guthrie having known Ray since he was a teenager was determined to get his name on the trophy for the 4th time but it was not to be this year with Blenheim’s Steve Lange on fire all day to take the trophy with 3 clear wins to take the trophy. Steve had entered 5 classes winning all the races and classes apart from the Vets when he missed the start so dropped to 3rd with Chris Matthews taking the win and the class win with Chris McQuade 2nd and Steve 3rd. There were some good battles in the Junior class with a good turnout of riders. Kruger Griffith and Celeb Burrell were passing each other all day but Kruger came out on top winning all 6 races Celeb 2nd and Ivan Gordon 3rd. Tim Davison had a good day winning the Pre-75 class and the best local effort trophy. All the riders points were added up to find the over-

Steve Lange #65 winner of the Ray Anderson Memorial and Club Champs. all club champ which was no surprise with Steve Lange with 359 points 125 more than 2nd placed Pete Anglesey with Ross Duncan 9 points back in 3rd .

The club ran a BBQ fundraiser for the Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter. The club would like to thank Ian Robinson from Morley Motorcycle and Marine for his

continued support for this event and the club and Motueka Septic Tank Services, Daygo, for his support of the club and all the people that helped make the

event a success. The clubs next event is round 1 of the Mainland Series on the 10th of June. For more info on the club see www.

16 may 2018  
16 may 2018