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Week 1 – EOI: Case for Innovation: Architecture as a Discourse Week 2 – EOI: Case for Innovation: Computation in Architecture Week 3 – EOI: Case for Innovation: Parametric Design Week 4 – EOI: Research Project: CUT: Develop Week 5 – EOI: Research Project: CUT: Develop Week 6 – EOI: Research Project: CUT: Develop Week 7 – EOI: Research Project: CUT: Fabricate Week 8 – EOI: Research Project: CUT: Fabricate


Architecture as a Discourse

I examine rathcr more what has been said about them; in other words, the dlscourse around them. As win hecome clear, architecturc is as much a philosophical, social or professional realm as it is a material one, and it is through the consideration 01’ architecture as discourse that one can cngage with it as visual culture. -Richard Williams

The structure was designed by Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid; its freestanding concrete auditorium set within an audacious exposed granite and glass-clad steel frame took over five years to build. The dramatic structure was the source of inspiration behind fashion designer Vivienne Tam’s fall ‘10 collection. Although the function of this building is an opera house, but the meaning of this building is far more beyond an opera house. The building brings us the contrast between it and the surrounding environment, there are all high-rise skyscrapers around it. The building itself also looks like a huge sculpture, like a piece of art work, it is quite intersting to put a sculpture in this scale at the centre of CBD. In the context of Wyndham council’s Gateway Project, we can create another contrast or comparison. This will contribute to the architecture.

Thie building is designed by a Chinese architecture Yansong Ma, the main architect of MAD. The project is called urban forest, located in chongqing, china. drawing on the mountainous landscape of the country, the commercial high-rise building, is made up of curved, abstracted shaped floors which have been layered slightly off-center from one another. connected by a core cylindrical structure, each level’s interior is protected by full length glass windows with a seethrough, wrap around balcony. this provides transparency throughout the building, and makes the floors almost seem as if they are floating on top of one another. the overall design brings together nature and the urban metropolis, with the incorporation of green space and large expansive views of the city. The design involves the ideas of modern city and natural environment, with the computation techniques, we achieve this complex form. In Wyndham council’s Gateway Project, we can employ similar innovatives.

Computation in Architecture Computers, by their nature, are superb analytical engines. If correctly programmed, they can follow a line of reasoning to its logical conclusion. They will never tire, never make silly arithm etical mistakes, and will gladly search through and correlate facts buried in the endless heaps of inform ation they can store. They will do all that quickly and repeatedly, by following a set of instructions called a program, which tells them in minute detail how to manipulate the electrical impulses in their circuits. They can present the results of these manipulations in the form most suitable for hum comprehension. -Yehuda E. Kalay

Personally thinking, as the rapid technological advancement, computer aided design plays a more and more important role. Compare to traditional design, computers provide us a better life with its never tire, accuracy, efficiency and creativity. Especially as the rise of the Parametric Design, we can easily achieve complex form or structure, and that will certainly push the movement of architecture.

Parametric Design scripting culture

Scripting can also be the antidote to standardisation forced by an ambition to lower production costs, rather than any more sophisticated motivation. -Scripting Cultures, Burry

Scripting is not new to designers, it is always part of the design, however it is just recently been regarded as an integral rather than a specific techniques. By scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It enable the opportunities for designers to blaze new trails, it provides an opportunity for designers to customize their software around their individual preference and experience. In other words, by scripting the computer programmes, the user actually become a new software maker. Scripting makes the design process more sufficient and reasonable, meanwhile the whole design process is hastened, and it will bring more economic benefit to us. It also frees the designer from the software, so designers can spend more time on design thinking. Digital fabrication technologies also take advantages from scripting. In the Wyndham council’s Gateway Project, the site condition is complex, but with scripting, we can make our design easier.

Cut and develop

Case Study

10 Hills Place/ Amanda Levete Architects/ London

Amanda Levete Architects has harnessed high quality ship hull technology to create an ingenious sculptural facade for a new office building just off London’s Oxford Street. Lack of daylight in the narrow streets around this major retail artery was a key issue. Inspired by the art work of Lucio Fontana AL_A slashed the aluminium skin with large glazed areas orientated towards the sky to maximise and channel natural light into the office space. The facade is fabricated using curved aluminium profiles assembled on-site. Self cleaning glass and hidden gutters within the eyelids ensure the facade remains low maintenance. The fine faceting of the aluminium strips creates beautiful and complex reflections of sky and street, making the building highly visible from Oxford Street. At ground level a bespoke glass, mesh and dichromatic film sandwich is animated with fibre optics to create visual depth of field and a dynamic moirÊ pattern on an otherwise blank facade

Own design



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