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Ferdinand Magellan

Ido one knows the actual place in Guam where the inLrepid Portuguese navigator, Ferdinand Magellan, landed when he is said to have discovered the Marianas Islands. No one has any authentic information either as to when the first Chamorros settled in Guam. And even though Magellan left no records of his exploits after his death, the date was set to be the sixth day of the third month of the year 1521 and the major scenewas in the tiny village of Umatac where he was said to have landed, it still being a very effective cliche of contemporary historians. Probably it was Umatac.

CIelobration prominent businessmen from the neighboring towns and many hundreds of citizens of Guam in automobiles,blrsses,some afoot and in bull-drawn carts came and participated in celebrating the discovery day. Magellan named the group of islands "Islas Latinas Latieras" or "Islands of the Lateen Sails," in reference to the fast-moving "proas" of the aboriginal natives, but when Padre Diego Luis de Sanvitores, Spanish Jesuit, flrst settled in Guam in 1668 for the purpose of converting the natives to Christianity, he changed the name to that of "Marianas Islands" in honor cf Maria Ana de Austria, who rvas the Queen of Spain and patroness of tlie expedition. The ruins of the three Spanish forts and of the chui:ch rvhich were built in the 18th century and have been destroyed by the earthquake catastrophe of 1849 were overcrorvdedwith visitors. The forts are situated on strategic high spots on the east and west sectionsof the town overlookins the entrance of the sn'iall harbor. The Penguiru,nestled in Apra Harbor, was seen

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Nevertheless, the celebration of Magellan Day at Umatac on March 6, 7940, according to Mr. Francisco Q. Sanchez,Assemblyman of that district and Principal of Magellan School, was the most successful held in recent years. From the capital city of Agafla arrived the Aide for Civil Administration, Commander S. D. Jupp, U.S.N., accompaniedby other Naval Government officials. Several U.S. Marine officers and men, including representatives of the Pan American Airways' Company came from Sumay. Some

Pageant Scene at Umatac

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