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The Plants of Guam


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Indigof era suffruti.cosa Miller (also called IndtlWHOLESALE AND RETAIL STORES gof et'a anil), anilis, the commercial indigo dye plant. An erect, weedy shrub, found in waste places, such as the savanna hills, back of Piti. No. 1 Store 47 Santa Cruz Street, Agana Its branches reach a height of 3 to 6 feet, with No. 2 Store 32-3 San Ignacio Street, Agana short appressedhair:s. Leaves 2 ot:3 inches long, i,vith 5 Lo 17 elliptical-oblong leaflets, l/2 to I United States - Japanese - Chinese - Philippine inch long. Flowers small, red, or greenish-purple, Merchandise in sessil axillary racemes about an inch long. Dry Goods - Groceries - Hardware - Chinaware Pods numerous, crowded, curved, like tiny sauKirin - Asahi - Union - Yebisu Beer sages, 5/8 inch long, each with 6 to 8 seeds. A weed, common in open piaces;apparently an early No. 3 Store 4O Hernan Cortez Street, Agana introduction from tropical America. Since the fce Cream Sodas - Candies - Cigars - Cold Beer development of aniline dyes, commercial growing The choice of many standard brands of Whiskies of indigo has largely been given up. and Fine Liquors. Indigof era ti,nctoria Linnaeus, also called anilis. An erect, slightiy pubescent shrub, 3 to 5 feet high. Leaves 2 to 4 inches long, with 9 to 13 Gasoline Service Station obovate-oblong leaflets, up to an inch.long. 40 Hernan Cortez Street, Agafla Flowers smali, reddish or reddish-yellow, in lax, Cable Address "DEJIMA" Telephone 64 sessileracemes,I to 2 inches long. Pods nearly straight, slightly swollen at intervals, nearly an inch long, with 8 to 12 seeds. A weed in waste places; widely distributed in the tropics of both Cli.pper Passengers - - hemispheres. A dye plant of early introduction, but, like the preceding,not usedby the Chamorros. Tep'h.rosiahookeriana Wight and .Arnott. An erect, perennial herb, with ascending, pubescent branches. Leaves large, the rac.hisabout 3 inches long, with 13 to 19 oblonb-linear,obtuse leaflets, 3/4 to l-l/2 inches long, giabrous above, white and shining beneath with appressedhairs. Flowers rather large, in long, lax, erect, ter.minal Special Rates Near P. A. A. Station racemes; petals 3/8 to 1/2 inch long. Pod 1-L/2 to 2 inches long by l/6 inch wide, densely clothed rvith silky, brownish hair; containing 6 to 10 OUR HOME BAKERY seeds. It is said to be cultivated in Guam, but it is so much like the common, widespread Tephrosi,a purplLrea, used throughout the Paciflc to poison Pastries of all kinds fish ,that the identification may not be correct. Found in India, Ceylon, and Malaysia. Fresh Bread Available Everv Afternoon Tephrosi,am,ariana De Candolle, goat's-rue. An undershrub, with erect, long stems, with shaggy Deliveries to your Home Daily hairs. Leaves with about 9 sessile,oblong, smooth leaflets, 2 inches long by 1/3 to 1/2 inch wide, smooth above, silvery-silky below; stipules lance- Ask For Our Price List of Raisin Cakes

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