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Department of Education Notes (Continued from Page 18) Grateful are we to our other schoolmatesfor they have taught us the true meaning and value of cooperation. 8. Grateful are we to the Department of Education for having provided the necessary facilities for our education, which has protected us from the evils of mischance and ignorance. 9. Grateful are we, that, though our pleasant school associationsare to be severedtonight, we are carrying away within our hearts many beautiful and cherished recollections of our school. 10. And last, but not the least, we are grateful to the Great Country under whose protection we live and which, for the past forty years, has showered upon us, unasked,all the Privileges and opportunities which the peopleof this Island have enjoyed and do enjoy. MAY GOD BI,ESS AII,{ERICA! (The audience joined the graduating classesin singing "God Bless America" written by Irving Berlin). 7.

Sixth Grade Examinations Three hundred fifty-nine pupils took the examination conducted by the Department of Education for pupils in the sixth grade on 2 March 1940. Of this number the following have been found qualified to enter the Washington Junior High School on 1 Juiy 1940. 147 Leary 12 Dyer', Piti 6 Cook, Merizo -.,----.-----|) Gilmer, Talofofo 8 Jalaguag 13 Maxwell, Sumay e Magellan, Umatac 2 Machanao 7 Potts, Inarajan 5 Price, Maflgilao 8 Olaiz, Agat . -- . a Sanvitores, Dededo 2 Shapiey,Asan --------Servell,Yofla ---- -22L Total -

FIRE PREVENTIOII{ IN TTIE HOUSE (Courtesy of the Bog Scowts of Am-, The fire loss in the United Stat"s and outlying possessionsreaches an enormous figure each year resulting in a large economic waste. This waste increases the cost of living for each person through an increase of taxes to maintain lire apparatus. 80% of all fires are due to careiessness. Observance of the suggestions below will eliminate many of the principal causes of fires. 1. Don't flll keroseneoil lamp or heater while lighted. Fire and explosionwill follow due to the kerosenevapors becoming ignited. 2. Don't look for a gasoline leak with lighted candle, match or open flame. 3. Don't go into a dark closet or storage space with an open flame. Use a flashlight. A Don't put hot ashesinto a lvooden receptacle. 5 . Don't ]eave current switch on in an electric ilon. ir. Don't use cleaning fluid around an open flre. 7. Don't have storage closetsunder stairwaysa bad flre in this space would prevent escape from floor above. 8. Don't allow rr"rbbishto collect about premises -spontaneous combustion is one of the greatest causesof fires. L Don't keep loosematches around your home where children can get them-matches should be kept in a metal container well out of reach. 1 0 . Don't hang clothes near a lvood stove to dry. 1 1 . Cooperate with the authorities, help them in their efforts to prevent carelessnessin connection with fire-nrevention. Swanson School This seernsto be the year for High Schools in Guam. The Claude A. Swanson Schoolcan boast for the first time of a complete High School course. At a simple ceremony held at the school on the morning of 29 March 1940 the Governor-Commandant, Captain James T. Alexander, U.S.N., presented Diplomas to the first graduates of the CLAUDE A. SWANSOT{ HIGH SCHOOL. These graduates were: Stanley Dexter Jupp, Jr., and Donald Richard Meinke. Prior to the presentation of these coveted diplomas, certificates of promotion were given to the children of the other srades.

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

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