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34 of the richest of merchandise that ever passed these seas." The Sunta Ana was commanded by Tomas de Alzola. Althoug'h the Santa Ana had a tonnage of 600 as against 130 for the Desire and 60 for the Content, she had practically no guns, whereas the Desi,remounted eighteen and the Content ten. Roman, the royal treasurer at Manila, reported that the Santa Ana carried 2,300 marks of gold, equivalent to almost 85 pounds avoirdupois. She probakrly carried other gold that was not registered, in other words being carried illegally. Among other treasures were pearls, rich silks, cotton goods,muck and civet. Probably the total value of the ship's cargo was around 2'000'000 ; pesos. The Spaniards were enraged at the capture.

Bishop Salazar wrote: "The grief that affiicts me is not because this barbarian infidel has robbed us of the ship Santn Ana, and destroyed thereby the property of the citizens; but because an English youth of about twenty-two years, with a wretched little vessel of a hundred tons an'd forty or fifty companions, should dare to come to my own place of residence, defy us and boast of the damage that he had wrought. He went frorn our midst laughing, without anyone molesting or troubling him." Shortly after his arrival in the Philippines (Note. The Contenf was lost at sea on the trip across the Pacific) Candish attempted to burn the galleon Santiago, which was being built at Arevalo on the south coast of Panay, but was unsuccessful. (To be Continuecl)

Former Editor Writes and to the luncheon given by the Charleston Chamber of Commerce. At the luncheon I was asked to talk about the R.L. Barnes, and I gave Dear Sir: a brief summary of its present status and duties. Mr. Julius H. Barnes and his little granddaughter, Of possible interest to the Guam Recorder and Margaret Barnes Fiertz, who was sponsor of the its readers was the launching yesterday in new ship,'were much interested in hearing about Charleston of the Motorship Juli'us H. Barnes. Guam and the R.L. Barnes. This ship, 300 feet long, and similar in original The Julius H. Barnes, powered by Fairbanks purpose and construction to the U.S.S. R. L. Morse Diesel engines, is the first vessel to be man in honor the is named of Barnes at Guam, completed under the U.S. Maritime Commission name. the Barnes ships of who built all the and is probably the first all-welded ship in the Mr. Julius H. Barnes, originally of Duluth, world. It is the largest ship ever built in a comMinn., one of the leading citizens of the United mercial yard at Charleston, where it was conStates in the transportation and business world, structed by the Charleston Shipbuilding and Drywas present in person at the launching. He is dock Company. The building ways of this comnow President of the Erie and St. Lawrence pany are close to the Navy mooring buoys where Corporation, the owners of the new ship. Also the U.S.S. Cole moors when in port standing by present was his son Mr. Robert L. Barnes, after for neutrality patrol. whom the Guam Oil Depot ship was named when Hoping that the above information will be of it was built at Duluth in 1916-1917. The younger interest, I remain, with best regards to my friends years old when the R.L. Mr. Barnes was seven in Guam. Barnes was launched at Duluth. Editor, Guam Recorder.

As forrner Commanding Officer of the Guam vessel I was invited to the launching ceremonies

Sincerely yours, (Sgd) Paul F. Dugan

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

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