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The Guam Recorder


ModestaL. Unlalan Nicolasa D. Cabo Ignacio D. Palomo Ana J. Meno Enrique B. Roberto Juiia C. Mendiola Teresita C. Concepcion MERIZO Juan S. A. Taguacta Joaqquin and Rosa C. Barcinas, a daughter MaVicente F. Pangelinan riana Gloria N. Castro PITI Antonio F. Castro Joaquin and Isabel B. Finofla, a daughter Lourdes tr'ranciscoS. San Nicolas &Iaria R. Unpingco Jesus and Carmen B. Cruz, a son Antonio Consolacion C. Torre SINAJANA Maria C. Torre Antonio and Maria R. Tertaotao, a son Tomas Maria T. Santos Santiago and Trinidad S. M. Guerrero, a daughtqr Annie C. Grey I Brigida Engracia C. Quintanilla Henry and Regina M" Reyes, a daughter Doris Joaquin C. Baza Carmen BARRiGADA Jose and Trinidad A. Crisostomo,a son Jose Lucas and Felecita G. Tertaotao. a son Jose Antonio B. Santos Jose and Maria T. Gumatactao,a son Antonio AGAT Francisco and trmi1ia F. Santos, a son Joseph Antonio C. Chargualaf Manuel and Rosalia M. Tertaotao, a son Santiago Luis and Dolores C. San Nicolas, a daughter Rosalia Felipe and Maria C. Esteban,,,a daughter Jovita Jesus and Rosa C. Matanane, a son Emeterio Silvino Joaquin and Ana L. Rivera, a son Juan

3 years 3 months



Enrique and Maria C. Cruz, a danghter Aurelia Francisco arid Rita Q. Babauta, a claughter Leonila Manuel and Maria Leonora S. Calvo, a son Jose Mariano and Ana B. Santos, a daughter Bernice Dolores Joaquin and Tomasa D. Tolentino, a daughter Judid Jose and Isabel D. Chargualaf, a daughter Maria

27 years 74 years 77 years 1 year 34 years 18 years 1 year 1 year 51 years 10 months 31 years 3 months 62 )'s2Ys 35 years Stillborn Stillborn Stiilborn 35 years 51 years

Carlos M. T1'dingco

77 5rears PITI

Roman:r C. Cruz Ru{ina C. Mufla

37 years 73 years S IN A JA N A

Vicenta &I. Quitugua

6 months UX{ATAC

Pedro A. Sanchez

1 month


Manuel and 'Ieresa A. Mantanofla, a son Jose UMATAC

Francisco and Josefina S. Quinata, a son Fedro Vicente and Carmen A. Quidachay, a son Juan

Department of Industries Notes

The Department's se-reral maiirtenance crews r.epairing, weeding a.nd ditching the vai:ious roads throughout the Island. The project of reYONA surfacing Flarmon Road is progressing. The proManuel and Bartola P. Balajadia, a son Jose ject of repairing and re-constructing the Inarajan-Mer"izo Road is approximately 4 miles comDEATHS pleted. AGANA The Department has commencedon the project Nieves D. Lujan 85 years of consl,ructing a bridge across the Agafla River, Carmen B. Sanchez 32 years also resumed v"'ork on the new Agafia Springs Ana C. Santos 4 years Water Shcd road.

The Guam Recorder (1924 - 1940) Seventeenth Anniversary  

In partnership with the Micronesian Area Research Center, Guampedia is e-publishing the Guam Recorder. The Guam Recorder was a monthly maga...

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