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Association of State and territorial solid waste management officials

Guam EPA Zero Waste Pacific Sustainable Materials Management Workshop, May 89, 2014

ASTSWMO – What & Who ASTSWMO formed on October 22, 1974 in Georgia Non-profit trade association Represent all 50 States, Five Territories, and the District of Columbia 14 member Board of Directors govern the Association

Board of Directors

Subcommittee Chairs & Staff Executive Director: Dania Rodriguez Office Administrator: Barbara Hall

President: Ryan Benefield, AR Vice President: Mike Forbeck, PA Past President: Jeff Steers, VA Secretary-Treasurer: Nancy Marker, DE Region 1: George Desch, VT Region 2: Ken Kloo, NJ Region 3: VACANT Region 4: April Webb, KY Region 5: Bruce Oertel, IN Region 6: Jon Roberts, OK Region 7: David Haldeman, NE Region 8: Joe Scheiffelin, CO Region 9: Dave Emme, NV Region 10: Wendy Wiles, OR Ad Hoc Workgroups Strategic Plan

Task Forces & Focus Groups

CERCLA & Brownfields Research Center: Jennifer Roberts, AK Sam Puffenbarger

Sediments, State Superfund, Long-Term Stewardship, Removal Action, Brownfields, CERCLA Site Evaluation

Federal Facilities Research Center: Bonnie Buthker, OH Charles Reyes

Remediation & Reuse, Radiation, State-Federal Coordination, Community Involvement

Hazardous Waste: Tammie Hynum, AR Kerry Callahan

Corrective Action & Permitting, Compliance Monitoring & Enforcements, HW Recycling, Program Info. Management, Training, Program Ops.

Program & Information Exchange: Karen Hale, OH Allison Goldberg Materials Management: Mark de Bie, CA Kerry Callahan Tanks: Chuck Schwer, VT Charles Reyes

ASTSWMO Organizational Chart

Greener Cleanups Workgroup

Municipal D Waste, Beneficial Use, Training & Technology Transfer (T3), MSW Recycling, Product Stewardship UST, LUST, State Funds, Federal Regulations Revisions Work Group, Alt. Fuels Work Group, Core Report Work Group

Committees • CERCLA and Brownfields Subcommittee

REPRESENTATION Under each committee, there are Task Forces/Focus Groups that work on projects

• Federal Facilities Research Subcommittee • Hazardous Waste Subcommittee • Materials Management Subcommittee

Each Region is represented on each Task Force

• Tanks Subcommittee • Program Steering Committee

Region 9: AS, AZ, CA, CNMI, GU, HI, and NV

Partnerships ASTSWMO – GUAM Partnership

Provide Assistance: • ASTSWMO has circulated several information requests from Guam to States and other Territories related to: the development of Guam’s UST program and regulations municipal solid waste landfills, including permit programs

• Partnership: Guam’s zero waste activities were showcased in presentations by Guam in a plenary session and two Materials Management breakout sessions at the 2013 ASTSWMO Mid-Year Meeting Registration assistance for this training/conference

Materials Management Subcommittee Work products are posted on the MM Subcommittee Publications Page at: Materials_Management.htm Work Products include: •Publications Webpage with State, Territorial and Regional Recycling Links Product Stewardship Framework Policy Document Coming soon: Update to the Commercial Sector Recycling Reference Sheets Product Stewardship Evaluation Tool •Webinars: Construction & Demolition Recycling Emerging Engineering Technologies

These are all topics that are brought up in discussions of State issues during ASTSWMO roundtables. •Food waste •Bottle bills •Tires •Glass •Paint Subcommittee could develop future white papers/fact sheets on these topics

Future of ASTSWMO

Check us out on:

• Fiscal Strategy • 40th Anniversary •

October 29-30, 2014

• Future Meetings • Webinars •

Organics Management (in early development)

Newsletter (quarterly distribution and also archived on homepage) Facebook ( Instagram & Twitter – coming soon!

Future Continued Strategic planning

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