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All living things of the Earth are one. A supplement to the Pacific Daily News, Friday, April 20, 2012

A message from the Acting Administrator Hafa Adai and thank you for reading our first edition of One Land, One Island. We hope this information will help all residents of our island look at under used properties differently. I encourage everyone to look around your village and have a vision for tomorrow. What can that old building be used for? What else could a empty lot be? As our island continues to grow in population, it is critical we utilize areas

within developed parts of Guam to the maximum extent. This preserves our pristine limestone forest and beach areas, but also encourages economic growth within communities. So take a minute this month and dream of how your village could look if we used all properties to the best of our ability. Thanks for reading. Si Yu’us Ma’ase, ERIC M. PALACIOS Acting Administrator

Guam EPA receives support grants ADELUP - Guam Environmental Protection Agency continues to receive money from U.S. EPA to identify and assess potential sites for the Green Parcel Program. The first grant for the Green Parcel Program was worth $400,000. It included two separate grants, one worth $200,000 for hazardous substances. The second is was $200,000 for petroleum assessment. COMMUNITY INPUT The hazardous substances grant funds are still being used be used for community outreach activities and continued development of a site inventory. “Making an inventory of

Land set for reuse Many Green Parcel Sites were left storage areas, or transition sites used after typhoons. The Program assesses what is at the site and then determines the best way to clean it up.

sites based on community input that we need to assess is a key part of the Green Parcel Program,” said Program Manager Walter Leon Guerrero. “These grants will help us identify sites, understand what each site includes and help the sites be used to their fullest potential.” ASSESSMENTS The money will also be used to do Phase I and, if required, Phase II environmental site assessments in at least

three of the 19 island villages. The assessment, possible cleanup and reuse of the island’s Green Parcels will enable redevelopment of these sites and create new jobs and tax revenues, which will benefit the entire island community. If an assessment reveals a site does have contamination, Leon Guerrero said there are other grants that can be given to specific cleanup projects.


Eric M. Palacios, Acting Administrator Maria Duenas, Board Secretary R. Happy Rons, Legal Counsel Connie Aflleje, Administrative Services Officer Lisa Santos, Administrative Assistant Rose Perez, Administrative Assistant Maggie Mendiola, Clerk Katrina Borja, Clerk Galo Baluran, Computer Systems Romeo Zacarias, Computer Systems Tammy Jo A. Taft, Public Information Officer

DSMOA/Brownfields Walter Leon Guerrero, Program Manager Mike Cruz, Environmental Health Specialist Ed Aranza, Planner

Air and Land Division Conchita S.N. Taitano, Division Head Peter Cruz, Air Pollution Program Mgr. Vince Pereira, Hazardous Waste Program Mgr. Roland Gutierrez, Solid Waste Program Mgr. Betwin Alokoa, Pesticide Program Mrg. Michael O’Mallan, Environmental Health Specialist Don Quinata, Environmental Health Specialist Laura Kanai, Environmental Health Specialist Glenn San Nicolas, Environmental Health Specialist Sabrina Sablan, Special Projects Coordiantor Karl Olson, Environmental Health Specialist Luong Truong, Environmental Health Specialist

Water Division Benny Cruz, Water Resources Program Mgr. Angel Marquez, Safe Drinking Water Program Mgr. Ray Calvo, Planner Margaret Aguilar, Program Coordinator Abdur Rahim, Special Projects Susan Marquez, Engineer Elvis Ventura, Engineer Francis Mendiola, Inspector Jerry Aquino, Engineer Carmencita Cortez, Engineer Edguardo Ibay, Environmental Health Specialist Johnny Abedania, Engineer Maricar Quezon, Engineer Rustico “Ogie” Joya, Engineer Helen Gumataotao, Special Projects Mateo Paet, Inspector Verony “Ron” Charfauros, Inspector Jim Farnum, Special Projects Jun Quezada, Special Projects


Jesse Cruz, EMAS Administrator Annie Leon Guerrero, Biologist Bob Salas, Biologist Danzel Narcis, Environmental Technician Del Yanit, Chemist Rudy Paulino, Chemist

One Land. One Island  

Guam EPA is publishing inserts in the Pacific Daily News to increase awareness of programs available to the public. This first insert featu...

One Land. One Island  

Guam EPA is publishing inserts in the Pacific Daily News to increase awareness of programs available to the public. This first insert featu...