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Arch.Gabriele Guastella

GABRIELE GUASTELLA mob studio mail

LICENCE TO PRACTICE OTIA Ordine degli Ingegneri e Architetti del Canton Ticino CH 23.01.2009 Ordine degl'Architetti P.P.C della Provincia di Varese n. 2701



Master of science in Architecture, Accademia Architettura, Mendrisio, (CH) Thesis Tutor Prof. Elias Zenghelis High School Diploma Liceo Artistico Sperimentale Architettura e Design A. Frattini, Varese

WORK EXPERIENCE _2012 _2012 _2012 _2012 _2012 _2012 _2011 _2011 _2011 _2011 _2011 _2010 _2010 _2010 _2010 _2010 _2010 _2010 _2009 _2009 _2009

Render of a new high-school in Caslano (CH) Vegan Resturant, Offset studio,via como Milano IT) New chapel Madanna of Luordes, Campione d’Italia (IT) Extension House, Lake Como (IT) House B Spazionove,via Manzoni Como (IT) Render for a new Bulding Swiss Bank for Tibiletti associate, Lugano (CH) Project Apaprtament in Lugano, North Lugano (CH) House A, Lake Varese, Laveno (IT) Render/interior for funicolar station in Courmayour, Aosta (IT) Apartment M Renovation, Offset Studio, Milano (IT) Lounge bar Tempesta, Offset studio, Venegono Inferiore (VA) (IT) Dental sugery, viale Europa, Offset studio +sho-ko, Varese (IT) House and greenhouse, Offset studio, Varese (IT) Exibition Designing for Ettore Sguera Expo, Offset Studio, Capalbio (IT) Apartment V Renovation in Viale Isonzo 31, Offset Studio, Varese (IT) Light Designing and Restyling for TONY&GUY SHOWROOM, Offset Studio, Milano (IT) Apartment Renovation in Viale Bianca Maria 6, Offset Studio, Milano (IT) Competition New Elementary school + swimming pool, Genevre (CH) Foundation of OFFSET STUDIO beyond Architecture, Milano (IT) Preliminar Project for Multifuncional Building, Varese (IT) Collaboration with Studio Fantoni Leoni e Associati, Varese (IT) Renovation of a kindergarten in Besnate Competion for a kindergarten in Cazzago San Martino Preliminar Project for a Housing Building in Varese _2009 Collaboration with Spazionove, Varese (IT) Competion for a kindergarden in Roncofreddo _2009 Competition for Bennetton New Building in Teheran _2009 Collaboration with Arch. Giuseppe Iovino Project for Housing Building for Loli Immobiliare in Casciago (IT) Renovation of a house in Casciago (IT) Project for Housing Building in Luvinate (IT) _2008-09 Collaboration with Osvaldo Martorell Ass., Tucuman (AR) Preliminar Project for Science and Biology University in Tucuman (AR) Project for a Multifuncional Building: Bank offices and Housing in TafÏ Viejo (AR) Competition for a high-rise Building in Cordoba (AR)

0039 3494529215 0039 0331864453

_2007 _2007 _2006

_2005 _2005 _2003


_2002 _2002 _2003 _2004 _2004 _2005 _2005 _2006 _2006 _2007 _2008

Competition Parco Boboli in Firenze (IT) Competition New Gym in Varese (IT) Collaboration with ASMA Space Design for Chiasso Jazz Festival (CH) Competition for Museum of Morden Art in Monza (IT) Logo for a band “SalenBass Sound” , Bologna (IT) Graphic Design for a Manifesto “Little Stars School” No Profit Association, Milano Practice at Arch, RICCARDO BLUMER ,Varese (IT) A glass House For Santino, Arcore (IT) Interiors of Teatro Alla Scala, Milano(IT) Practice at NMBW Architects, Melbourne (AUS) North Fitzroy House South Melbourne House Somers House, stage 2 _2008 Accademia di Architettura-Mendrisio, (CH) Professor arch. Mario Botta, Mendrisio (CH) (double semester) Stage NMBW architects (AU) and Riccardo Blumer (ITA) Professor arch. Michele Arnaboldi, Mendrisio (CH) Professor arch. Elia Zenghelis, (OMA), Athens (GR) + arch. Joseph Acebillo Barcellona (ES) Professor arch. Phillipe Rahm, Paris (FR) Professor arch. Henz Tesar, Wien (CH) Professor arch. Valerio Olgiati, Olten (CH) Professor arch. Henk Hartzema, west 8, Roterdam (NL) Professor arch. Aires Mateus, Lisboa (P) (double semester) Professor arch. Elias Zenghelis (OMA), Thesis project

WORKSHOP AND SEMINARS _2008 Locarno Winter School of Production Design, Prof. Marco Müller, Locarno (CH) _2007-2008 Production Design Lab, Accademia di Architettura, Prof. Marco Müller _2007 Workshop on Ecological Construction wi th Arch. Mina Bardiani in Granara (IT) _2007 Locarno Winter School of Production Design, Prof. Marco Müller,Locarno (CH) _2006-2007 Production Design Lab, Accademia di Architettura, Prof. Marco Müller _2006 Architectur and Design Workshop “Order and Fragments” whit Arch. Riccardo Blumer Varese (IT) _2006 ShortMovie “Vortex Ledoux”, direction Romolo Ottaviani, (FR)

EXPOSITIONS _2007 _2007 _2011

Housing, Accademia di Architettura di Mendrisio (CH) Vacios Urbanos,Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa, Lisboa (PT) Exhibition students work : MANIFESTE PENTRU BUCURESTI

LANGUAGES _Italiano: mother tongue _English: good in speaking, reading and writing

_Spanish: good in speaking, reading and writing _French: beginner speaking,reading and writing

COMPUTER SKILLS Autodesk, Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, In-design, Acrobat), MS Office, Cinema 4D, SketchUp, Maxwell Render, Vray

TEACHING _2009 _2010 _2011

Invitation for final critics_thesis degree whit prof. Osvaldo Juan Martorell Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Facultad de Arquitectura y Urbanismo Tucuman (AR) Invitation for final critics_thesis degree and teaching in a first workshop in Urbanism“Spiru Haret” University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucarest (RO) Invitation for final critics_thesis degree and teaching in a first workshop in Urbanism“Spiru Haret” University of Architecture and Urbanism Bucarest (RO)

A p p a rt a m e n t


Anno 2011, MIlano, 75 mq Internal reconfiguration of an apartment in a building located in the heart of the '50s Milan. The interior of the apartment boards, removed completely, leaving way for a series of volumes whose interactions govern space. A neutral space and abstract of which is increasingly perceived by its magnitude but different views reveals an unexpected complexity.

A p p a rt a m e n t


Anno 2010, MIlano, 125 mq Internal reconfiguration of an apartment in a building located in the heart of the '70s Varese. The project is located in a typical apartment building 70 years. Services have been placed into the stairwell and the central part of the building. Sliding panels modular ephemeral form a curtain that reveals deep. At night, the lights at full height on the heads of seven walls, turn this division into a lantern that illuminates the space and gives play of light and dark complexes.

T o n y & G u y Anno 2010, via Monti MIlano, 70 mq whit Ambra Fabri e Arch. Laura Giliberti Interior design

Toni & Guy is internationally one of the most 'important icons of hair styling. Toni & Guy's atelier in Via Monti in Milan, the first flagship salon in Italy, is on two levels. Objective of the project is to enhance this aspect and accompany the client along this passage. Large screens, immersed in a dark environment characterized by cuts of light, projecting trends from the world and entertain the audience by immersing it in a unique atmosphere.

H o u s e + S e r a

Anno 2010, Varese, 150 mq project The project is developed in wheat fields in the town of Casciago. It is spread over several levels with complex interactions between the spaces. The living area situated under eighty centimeters from ground level. The greenhouse gases such as swimming, they also located at the level of living, they lean against the walls of the house for maximum energy intake.

H o u s e in C o m o 0

2.8 3.21 2

The new extension of the house facing the lake Como. You have chosen to keep the old house without acting on it. In doing so the rooms and bathrooms are in the bedroom area situated within the old building. With this arrangement we can use a long corridor where we come daily to discover the area brightly lit totally facing the garden and the lake.


Anno 2012, Como, 450 mq project whit spazionove

C h a p e l

l o u r d e s

Anno 2012, Campione d’Italia, 70 mq Project whit spazionove -2,84






+1,32 3,115


60,57 m2


-0,10 CIRCA

+0,78 +0,32

+0,14 CIRCA



After a careful study of the Virgin of lourd. The main theme that was addressed is that of the apparition. Then re-create the original story with the details. The water, the mirrors, the eighteen holes on the facade that symbolize the eighteen apparitions, are all very important elements in this project.

H o u s e A

Anno 2011, Laveno (VA) 250 mq Project whit spazionove

The villa dates back to the early twentieth century and its nature will be kept outside. What we do is upset with a few essentials is the interior layout of rooms. You can see the ceiling along with the floor do emphasize the individual tracts. This logic is more noticeable at night because the lights applied to ceilings reproduce the various areas

guest toilet

tv lounge

living room


dining room


main entrance 128 mq

New undergrood Gym

Anno 2007, Varese (IT) Project/Render for Arch. Andrea Ciotti. whit Arch. Luca Ponsi

New Elementary school whit swimming pool Anno 2010, Genevre Swiss Project and render whit Arch. Laura Guffanti


New Elementary school


Anno 2009, Roncofreddo (IT) Project and render whit Arch.Carlotta Fantoni Arch. Erik Bianchi Arch. Ivan Iemma Arch. Andrea Barbieri

New kidergarden Anno 2009, Cazzgo San Martino (IT) Project and render whit Arch.Carlotta Fantoni


South side Appartament in Lugano Anno 2011, Lugano (CH) Appartament: 5947 mq Staircase and atrio: 703 mq Total: 6654 mq project’s note: Appartament: Magazine: Car parking resident: Car parking no-resident

41 45 94 18


Office funicular of Courmayeur

Anno 2011, Courmayeur (IT) Render for Arch. Cristina Bazzi.

Banca dello stato del Canton Ticino Anno 2011, Lugano Render for Tibiletti associati.

Esternal view Bar Spa


portfolio of arch. gabriele guastella

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