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INSTITUTO DE INVESTIGACIÓN Y ENSEÑANZA IBEROAMERICANO A.C Lengua Extranjera I Portafolio Semestre “A” Guadalupe Rosas Jurado Primer Año Grupo B

Pofra: Laura Veronica Briones Lima

Index •

1.- Fist Part

1.1 My Family Tree

2.- Second Part

2.1 Professions

2.2 The News

2.3 WH Questions

2.4 The Wáter Museum

3.- PART Three

3.1 Demonstratives

3.2 Conversation

4.- Part Four

4.1 Our House

Part I My Friends , my family and I

Part 2

Part 3 My neighborhood

Part 4 Our House

In the first part we did a family tree of our family In the second, we look for the professions that exist In the third part we did a small demonstration of what they learned in class through a conversation In the partial quarter We identify the parts of the House. This semester, we cover many topics, this portfolio and their activities helped to reinforce the already previously seen in class.

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Semestre "A"

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