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Local President Application – 2019.20 AIESEC in Ecuador

Timeline Application Launch September 11th.

Application Deadline September 15th, 22:00 hrs.

Interviews September 16th -18th

Election September 20th –22th

To be a nominated applicant you must get a score of at least 75% ▪ ▪ ▪

Application and requirements (45%) LCP 2018.2019 interview (35%) MC (can be coach or MCP) interview (20%)

Guidelines Application document must be sent in PDF format Send your application pack to: Application document must be named as: “LCP1819_Application_LocalCommittee_NameSurname.pdf” [e.g.: LCPP1819_Application_Galapagos_IgnacioPérez.pdf]

Application APPLICATION DOCUMENT The application is divided in 4 parts:

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• • • •

PART I: Profile PART II: AIESEC Experience PART III: General questions PART IV: Specific questions

The entire application document must be maximum 10 pages in minimum font size 10 points. It must be one (1) PDF only. Application answers must be complete to be considered. The application package can be made in English or Spanish.

*Late applications won’t be received. No exceptions


APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS The following requirements don’t have to be attached in the application document, they must be uploaded in the application link:

Video: A 3 minute (max) Youtube video with your motivation to apply, goals and main strategies Personality tests: PDF with the result of both of your tests

Endorsement letters: The letters can be in Spanish and must be signed. 1. From a person you have led. 2. A person that has led you. 3. A co-worker. *Before you finish your application, check the application link

Application Profile PART I: Profile

PART II: AIESEC Experience

-Full name -Date of birth -Place of birth -AIESEC email -Educational background -Phone & Skype

-Main roles and responsibilities in AIESEC -Conferences and learnings from them -Functional experience (Areas of expertise and results)

General Questions

Why do you want to be a LCP? What’s your vision for your entity by the end of your term? What do you want to deliver?

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How is your LC aligned to achieve AIESEC 2020?


How does your LC ensure that AIESEC in Ecuador would be the generation that “Rompe Barreras para desarrollar el liderazgo que Ecuador necesita”?


Which are your main strengths and weaknesses? How this affect or improve your role as LCP? As LCP elected what do you propose to ensure that you are going to have applicants for EB 19.20?



Specific Questions


Make a SWOT analysis of your entity. Define strengths and bottlenecks of each area in your LC (oGV, iGV, TM, FNZ). How do you propose to solve the work between them?


Develop an operational plan for every area that you are envisioning for your Entity, make sure to include KPIs and MoS for these topics: • oGV & iGV: Goal, membership structure, conversion rates. • PM: membership, productivity, retention rate. • FNZ: proposed budget.

3 4

According to your vision (General question #5) what’s the role you play to achieve that? Make your personal Job Description related to your vision. If our Local Vice Presidents and Project Managers are the direct leaders for our members, as LCP what do you propose to develop so they develop your members?


Application document • • • •

10 Pages Only 1 PDF General questions Specific questions

Video •

Video uploaded on Youtube

Endorsement letters • • •

Someone I have led Someone that has led me Co-worker

Personality tests (2) •

1 PDF with the results

Information If you have any question concerning to the application or the questionnaire please contact your LCP 2018.2019 or the MCP to this mail:

Recommendation: Check the requirements TWICE. Check your links and video more than once and don’t be afraid to ask. Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.

Maria Fernanda Ramón Fundadora AIESEC ESPE LCP 2016-2017 Año 1

Milton Jácome Fundador AIESEC ESPE LCP 2017-2018 Año 2

Guadalupe Reinoso Fundadora AIESEC ESPE LCP 2018-2019 Año 3

? LEGADO LCP 2019-2020 Año 4

Somos la generaciรณn Que Acciona y Transforma, buscando la Excelencia

LCP Application 19.20 Second Round  
LCP Application 19.20 Second Round