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Employee drug testing in Work place In Most of the countries, drug testing is become mandatory. In some organization the drug testing are conducted during interview process itself which is even the nice idea too. Specifically, in US as per 2010 national survey on Drug Abuse and Health (NSDUH) around 60 million normal drinkers and 17million heavy drinkers, among this 74% are employed. Similarly, when it comes to illegal drugs, approximately 20.4 million drug users are with the age of 18 among this 66% are employed. Safety and Healthy environment:If the employee works under the power of drugs, then it leads to accidents as we all know very well about drugs it cause impaired thinking, decreased alertness, short term memory loss improper balance and coordination. Drug abused men/women not alone hurt themselves, but also hurts the co-worker or the visitors of the workplace. For getting those drugs, they may commit aggressive crimes for purchasing drugs. This statistics show that it is much important to track and find the drug or alcohol abused employees to ensure safety environment. Increasing employee productivity:Already, there were so many proven records that ensure that the organization with drug abuse employee will produce only less production. Because, the employee committed with drugs are mentally disturbed and this may leads to accidents, injuries and so on. Drug testing will helps the employer in finding the drug abusing employees and replace them with fit employees. Thereby the production of the organization will increase. Reputational risks – Avoiding:Employee with drug or alcohol addiction will spoil the reputation of the organization. Drug abusing will replicate completely on the company, employee with the drug abuse will fails to show their professionalism in work. This obviously, damage the company brand, therefore the company should conduct the random drug testing programs to avoid and to filter the drug abusers. Increasing organization efficiency:By using various drug testing kits, the company can sort out the drug abusers from the concern easily from non-abusers. This helps in creating the professional and healthy team who can helps in maintaining the company reputation. Drug test not alone helps in productivity but also helps in reducing the cost of the organization. The above discussion clearly says that drug testing will helps in increasing the productivity of the organization. Make sure the drug testing should be followed randomly which aids the business owners to know about their employees behaviors. The major goal of drug testing kits is to create the drug free workplace environment.

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Employee drug testing in Work place