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MEET CAPTAIN ANDREW Your guide to trophy fish




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COCINA NIKUL’S Top Chef Secrets


SIZZLING SPA TIPS Facial and body Scrubs


MEET GUSTAVO BETANCOURT Golf Pro & Director, Guacalito Golf Club


THINKING-THROUGH THE PERFECT PUT Winning Golf Techniques by Gustavo Betancourt


LIVING THE LEGACY... in their new Guacalito de la Isla home


ETHAN ‘GIVES BACK’ THROUGH HIS ART Inspired by Carlos Pellas Vision


MEET GEM Your pro surf instructor




TRES CEIBAS | Summer/ Fall, 2013


Letter From the DIRECTOR OF PROJECTS GUACALITO DE LA ISLA ‘ Welcome to the seventh edition of Tres Ceibas, your source of information on Guacalito de la Isla. In these pages you will find pleasant stories that show how motivating and enjoyable a stay at Mukul and Guacalito de la Isla can be: exciting surfing and fishing adventures, delicious cuisine, Spa and Golf, as well as inspiring experiences with the community. We are very proud to inform you that Mukul continued harvesting important achievements in January and February of this year, as a point of reference for high-end tourism around the world. Golf Magazine, the prominent magazine specialized in this sport, considered that Guacalito de la Isla has the best new international golf course. CNBC, an American TV channel owned by NBC Universal, advised his viewers to escape from the cold and go to Mukul, listed as one of the three best luxury places for the wealthy or the merely affluent. Mukul was also considered one of the 10 most important Spa/Wellness trends detected globally by Spafinder Wellness 365, and according to Hideaway, the respected high level tourism industry publication, Mukul is one of the 8 best small hotels of North and Central America to be visited in 2014. Food & Wine magazine, an authentic reference in the culinary world, exalted the beauty of Mukul, and Good Morning America, one of the most-watched TV morning shows in the US, recommended the bohio suites at Mukul as one of the 5 Most Romantic Hotel Rooms for Valentine’s Day. At the same time, the resort has obtained excellent results of permanence during the high season that began last November. In terms of real estate, Pellas Development Group is eager to present our most recent development, Antal Legacy Villas, which will consist of two exquisite models. The first Legacy Villa will be a single story 5 bedroom layout with indoor-outdoor living space, a pool house, service quarters and owner storage lockoff, and the second will be a 2 story 4 bedroom layout with indoor-outdoor living space, a pool house, service quarters and owner storage lock off, both options with the quality finishes that characterize us and with the possibility of adding a loft studio, which could be an additional bedroom or private office. With warm regards, John Pippet Project Director at Guacalito de la Isla

Summer/ Fall, 2013 | TRES CEIBAS





eet Captain Andrew, Mukul’s professional boat Captain at Guacalito de la Isla. Captain Andrew holds U.S. Coast Guard 100GT Master license, is CPR certified and has been running surfing and fishing charters in Nicaragua for nearly a decade. Captain Andrew brings a diverse background of expertise from lifelong experiences on fishing boats and private motor yachts. With 20 years of fishing tournament awards and ESA (Eastern Surfing Association) competitions in the States, he has earned a reputation for excellence. Since 2001 Andrew has surfed some of the hottest breaks along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and has honed his skills for accurately predicting surf conditions. With the ability to coordinate and cater to every level of surfing, fishing, snorkeling, and cruising, Captain Andrew invites families to venture aboard the 31 foot boat “Spirit of Mukul” for a full or halfday unforgettable experience. For larger groups, please inquire about the 3 cabin, 57 foot Viking fishing yacht, “Big Sugar”. Private boat charters with Captain Andrew are available for guests, homeowners and landowners of Guacalito de la Isla. Outside charters are open if reservations allow. For further information, please contact Mukul at:


Your Private



TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

Passions in Paradise With your private Boat & Captain


“Welcome Aboard!” proclaimed Captain Andrew as dignitaries boarded the “Spirit of Mukul”, a 31 foot, 600 hp boat available for charter at Guacalito de la Isla. The Captain headed southward, topping her out at 51 mph as guests passed breaths-taking views of twisted, jagged rock formations, breeching whales, pristine white beaches and crystal clear waters at Playa Blanca. “It’s the most upscale and fastest boat in the area,” stated Captain Andrew. “Smooth and dry!” Built with Pursuit’s legendary style, the boat offers yacht quality amenities including a 40 gallon live bait well, Ray marine electronics, depth finder, chart plotter, safety equipment, outriggers, mini-frig and a head (bathroom)… plus, one of the most experienced Captains in the area. “We offer world-class fishing and surfing destinations, snorkeling, dramatic sunset cruises, picnics, day-trips to San Juan del Sur, and creative requests… such as a romantic charter with the big question “Will you marry me?” said Captain Andrew. “By the way,” he added, “she said ‘Yes!’ “ Aboard the “Spirit of Mukul”, guests can cruise leisurely or opt to reach more destinations in less time. “It’s all at our fingertips,” said Andrew. “World-renown and secluded destinations are mere minutes away.” “The secret fishing spots?” retorts the Captain. “I share that with our guests,” he grins. Depending on the season, there’s the thrill of reeling in fish such as Sailfish and Marlin,

Roosterfish and Mahi Mahi (Dorado). “You release all of them except for the Mahi Mahi,” he stated casually. “Our chefs can prepare your catch at home, on the beach, in the restaurant or however you like,” he continued. In the winter months, the target species include Sierra Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, black or white Tuna and Roosterfish… which fight like crazy. “When you feel as though you’ve hooked the bottom of the ocean, it’s a Roosterfish!” he laughed from experience. Andrew and his mate recently won 1st place in the Ponga Tournament with a 50 lb. Roosterfish. “There was nothing even close to our winning catch!” he exclaimed. Surf’s up every day as the “Spirit of Mukul” beckons guests to explore legendary locations! World-class surfing destinations, such as Playa Colorado, Playa Santana, Ponga Drops and Popoyo are quickly accessible by boat. With Captain Andrew’s up to the minute lowdown on swells, tides and conditions, surfers can be enjoying the perfect break in minutes. The private charter will anchor nearby, offering guests a relaxing food and beverage refuge or an opportunity to quickly sample other swells. “Whether you are hanging out or hanging ten, we cater to every level of experience with every service detail.”

For a more laid-back outing the “Spirit of Mukul” can cruise to exclusive, protected beaches such as Playa Blanca for swimming and snorkeling. With crystal clear waters, fish are abundant in 8-20 feet and include Sergeant Majors, Blue Runners, Grouper, Snapper, Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, conch, lobster, and Eagle or Manta Rays. Other excursions include reefs plus whale, dolphin and turtle watching. “We often see Humpback and Blue Whales as well as endangered Green Sea Turtles,” said Andrew. Captain Andrew gazed across


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

the calm waters of Playa Manzanillo as he discussed future plans of a marina. “This is the beginning of Mukul’s developing, elite charters,” he said. The “Spirit of Mukul”, accommodates 6 people and “Big Sugar”, a 57 foot Viking fishing yacht, offers 3 cabins, and a galley (kitchen). “You can request a private chef,” lured Captain Andrew. He paused and added, “hopefully to cook your fresh catch!” Reservations can be made through Mukul at: Theme: Multi-generational: Something for everyone

Mark your calendars for your own private fishing frenzy aboard the 31 foot boat “Spirit of Mukul” or aboard the 57 foot fishing yacht “Big Sugar”. Captain Andrew reveals his savvy fish-forecast, giving our anglers a head-start on making reservations for reelin’ in the big ones! We expect the lake effect winds to hold strong, and that our period of “upwelling” will deepen. This upwelling brings the colder, nutrient rich water from deeper waters to the surface. February is the coldest month in regards to sea surface temperatures, which can plummet into the low 60’s. However, this is great for bottom fishing! We expect large numbers of small Red Snapper in the 1/2 - 1 pound range. Also hanging around the bottom are 2-10 pound Grouper and Triggerfish. All three are excellent table fare. Inshore trolling can prove productive for the Sierra Mackerel, black and white Tuna if the bait pods are prevalent.

The Red Snapper (up April is a great transitional month, to 3 lbs) and Grouper bite continues, both seasonally speaking. We can expect to gaining in size during see thick,enormous this month. Bottom fish trolling with deep diver bait pods of Thread Fin Herring near the lures is great for luring coastal hot zones. in those abundant Trolling and live Grouper. As the winds baiting are the key begin to lessen toward ways to pile up the the end of the month, Sierra Mackerel and we expect the sea Jack Crevalle as well as temperature to raise lots of Roosterfish which will fire up the in the 15-30 pound Jack Crevalle and range. April can also Sierra Mackerel. We bring in the first typically start to see Doradoand Sailfish of Roosterfish during the year, especially this month, although toward the latter part sparse in numbers. of the month.

March April

We expect May to be hot for SAILFISH! Anglers live for the blazing fast runs and incredible air shows of these huge fish. Half day charters can typically expect to release a few sailfish, while a full day charter offers an excellent opportunity for multiple releases. The Dorado are present in the 8-12+ pound range, and to top it off there are always a few potential larger “Bull” Dorado in the 20-30 pound range! Experience the thrill of world-class fishing! To reserve your private fishing charter, or inquire about reservations at Mukul, please contact us at: concierge@

May February

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014





Mukul Resort has been recognized as a 2014 Grand Award winner in the January issue of Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report. For 35 years Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report has published an annual report singling out the most memorable hotels and resorts in the world. “To be considered for our annual awards, properties must be relatively small in size, possess strong individual personalities, offer relaxing atmospheres and demonstrate a consistent devotion to personal service,” states the discerning, luxury travel publication. From North America to Europe, Africa, Australia and Central America, Mukul has been recognized as a Grand Award Winner among 19 top Hideaways in the world. Congratulations!


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


Feel like the only person on earth

Cocina NiKul’s

Secrets. Culinary Cuisine & Wine Paring Chef Cupertino Ortiz, Executive Chef of Cocina NiKul for Mukul a Guacalito de la Isla, shares exclusive, culinary secrets with homeowners, guests and select dignitaries! “Sautéed Shrimp NiKul” features a combination of flavors and textures to tantalize the pallet and ensure a beautiful dinner presentation. The delicate balance of fresh shrimp, enhanced with a unique combination of herbs, atop a bed of colorful vegetables is complimented with the fullness of sweet plantains and rice. A surprise twist is the tarter sauce with a gourmet touch of capers and a hint of chipotle pepper. Chef Ortiz, recognized for his “Inspirational Cooking”, welcomes you to his kitchen where you can experience this fast and fabulous culinary delight in a super spoil-yourself-moment, or share it with special friends and family. ¡Buen provecho! Suggested wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Terrunyo Concha y Toro D.O. Casablanca Valley, Chile 2012.



Preparation Time: 30 min. Cooking Time: 15 min.


Jumbo Shrimp, fresh (deveined and peeled) 4 Units Christopnene, cut into batons 4 Cup Carrot, medium size cut into batons 1/3 Cup Red Cabbage, shredded 1/3 Cup Garlic, chopped 1 Clove Parsley 1 Tbsp Cooked Rice 1 Cup Sweet Plantain 2 Slices Mayonnaise 2 Tbsp Capers, chopped 1 Tsp Dill Pickles, chopped 1 Tsp Lime Juice 1 Tsp Lime 1/2Wedge Blended Chipotle Pepper 1 Tsp Olive Oil 1 Tbsp

METHOD OF PREPARATION: Season the shrimp with salt and pepper then sautテゥ them in a hot pan with some oil.

For perfect shrimp, cook 5 minutes and serve directly from the pan to the table. Do not overcook. Sautテゥ all the vegetables together. Add garlic and parsley at the end. Fry the sweet plantain slices.


Mix the mayonnaise, capers, pickles, lime juice and blended chipotle pepper. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve sweet plantain slices on top of white rice. Garnish plate with lime wedge. TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014





Secret Tips from SPA Mukul Voted “Best of the Best” Spa in the world by Virtuoso®, SPA Mukul at Guacalito de la Isla shares two sizzling-hot tips for the exclusive readers of Tres-Ceibas.

HEALTHY FACIAL GLOW IN MINUTES! The secret is in the ingredients. Curcuma is a plant genus that contains the species turmeric. When applied to the face, Turmeric is absorbed through the skin offering natural, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties as well as beneficial properties of manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, copper and potassium. Combined with the relaxing, pure ingredient of whole milk, pampering patrons can lavish their skin in a moisturizing, anti-oxidant bath. The addition of jasmine essential oil soothes nerves and restores optimism, energy and feelings of emotional warmth. The facial finale is in the yogurt, which is rich in vitamin B2, B12 and B5, promotes cell growth and tightens pores. To see truly beautiful results, use the yogurt that contains fat and live cultures, which can contain up to 30.5% riboflavin - a beneficial vitamin for glowing, hydrated skin. Curcuma Natural Face Scrub 60g. Curcuma 40ml. of Whole Milk 60ml. Plain Yogurt (unsweetened) 2 drops of Jasmine Essential Oil


Gradually add turmeric to hot milk and mix until it gets a consistency of mustard. Blend in 2 drops of jasmine essential oil. Apply in circular motions until the scrub dries then remove with yogurt. This will dissolve the scrub and leave your skin bright and healthy.

SEXY, SILKY SKIND.... ALL OVER YOUR BODY Natural and chemical free, this luxurious body scrub is easy to make for sexy, silky-soft skin! The granular texture of salt or brown sugar exfoliates dead cells while the chamomile tea imparts healing, anti-oxidant, cleansing and moisturizing properties to help render a natural, healthy glow. Honey, one of nature’s best humectants draws water into the skin for hydration while lavender essential oils relax the mind and body.

SALT, HONEY AND CHAMOMILE SCRUB 1 cup of Salt (or brown sugar if salt is too aggressive for your skin type) 4 Chamomile Tea Bags (remove the tea from the bags) . cup Organic Honey 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil Mix the salt, honey and chamomile tea. Add 4 drops of lavender essential oil and blend. Apply to the body with upward circular motions. Rinse off in the shower.

* If you suspect sensitivity to any of the ingredients used the scrubs, do a test patch first on your hand and remember to start with clean skin. Enjoy!

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014




TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


states Gustavo Betancourt, Golf Pro & Director at Guacalito Golf Club. Born as the son of the Director of Golf at one of the most prestigious Golf Clubs in Venezuela, Gustavo was bonded with a love for golf and his family from his very first breath. Through years of intensive practice from such a young age, it was no surprise when Gustavo was not only part of the Golf team at Nimitz High School in Houston, Texas, but also the Team Captain for the AllDistrict Team. His abilities stood apart from the others earning him Director positions of the Texas Junior Golf Tour, Titleist and Cobra Golf Member and ultimately acceptance into PGA Tour’s apprentice program. In 2003 Gustavo furthered his skills through Cypress Wood School of Golf Teaching. After going pro in 2006, Gustavo became a professional of the Valley High Golf Club in Monterrey, Mexico and won the National Amateur Team Championship. Drawing on his international golfing experience, he organized what would become the first AJGA (American Junior Golf Association) in the High Valley Golf Club Tournament. Gustavo designed and developed golf programs and specialized equipment as he soon became the leader and representative of the Junior Country Club of Monterrey for golfers in high competition. Under his leadership, The Monterey Country Club achieved victory in the 2007-2008 Challenge Cup. Gustavo worked with organizational support committees for golfing events including Audi, Mercedes Benz, FMG, and the annual tournament at the Lorena Ochoa Foundation. Returning to his homeland of Venezuela in 2010, Gustavo became Director of Corporate Events and Golf for several national and international oil companies, as well as internationally recognized jewelry brands including Gerais and the popular, luxury watch Audemars Piguet. Guacalito de la Isla welcomes Gustavo as Director and Pro of the Guacalito Golf Club! From golf tips to clinics, Gustavo’s expertise is available for guests and members of the Guacalito Golf Club. For more information or to book a tee time, e-mail Gustavo at: or call 2563 7100 Ext. 5226. For more information including course overview, amenities and Emerald Coast Nicaragua Golf Vacation ideas, visit:






TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

1. 2. 3.

WATCH THE ROLL, NOT THE HOLE Good putting takes incredible precision. Just the slightest wobble, sway, or lift can result in disaster. If your body’s not stable from start to finish, you’ll miss putts you should make.

FORGET THE HOLE The simplest way to create a more stable stroke is to keep your head still throughout your motion. That’s easier said than done because if you’re like most players, you immediately look at the hole after you make contact. But since most putts feature some amount of break, looking at the hole means twisting your head away from your putting line and bringing your shoulders, hands - everything - along for the ride. This invariably disrupts your path, turning what should have been a solid strike into a push or pull.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE For ultimate stability, and because you’re going to peek anyway, look at your line, not the hole, after contact, this way your body moves with the putts initial roll which can actually improve your path and help your shoulders, rotate properly during your stroke. Just don’t overdo it. Swivel your head without rising out of your posture. Hey, you don’t have to see the ball drop to know that you’ve drained it. The sweet sound of it rattling in the bottom of the cup is more than enough. Have fun and enjoy your game!

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014






TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


rom the natural arroyos (rivers) to forests of huge, endangered trees… to the pristine sands along the sea, Guacalito de la Isla’s David McLay Kidd course was featured in Golf Magazine as the “Best New International Course”. The course, opened in February 2013, touts a prime real estate distinction along with other award winning Kidd courses ranging from St. Andrews to Bandon Dunes… but with a twist. This course utilizes the unspoiled, natural environment of Nicaragua including howler monkeys, mountain and jungle surroundings, and surprise touches such as suspension bridges to greens and an oceanfront crescendo of breaking waves along the Pacific. “It is likely his most playable and environmentally sensitive creation…” states the January 2014 article. “For seasoned players, there’s still much to savor,” the article continues. The “Best New International Course” has respectably put Nicaragua on themap as a new worldwide golfing destination.

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014



IN THEIR NEW HOME AT GUACALITO DE LA ISLA “We loved the family and friends concept,” smiles Monica as she prepares a Peruvian cuisine for a special dinner evening in their new 5 room Villa. Monica was referring to the main reason she and her husband Carlos Sandino purchased their new home in Guacalito de la Isla. “It’s our second home, and we come every two weeks from Managua for about 4 days.” She paused… “And of course every holiday and festive season.”

In their early 50’s, the Sandino’s have been married for 29 years, have 2 children and 2 grandchildren, ages 7 and 4. Although the family business is in the higher-paced automobile industry, the lure for the guys was the laid-back fishing, hiking and water sport activities. “They love the outdoors,” says Monica. “For me and the girls, we enjoy relaxing, maybe a visit to the spa, swimming… just enjoying life,”


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


she explains as the aroma of her Peruvian meal fills the air. “Multi-generational,” she adds. “They have activities for all ages… adults, children… everyone. This is great for my family.” Monica looks out her open-air balcony and gestures with a sweep of her arm toward the view. “After moving day, we woke up and saw the ocean from our balcony. We had breakfast on the terrace with an incredible view of trees and the sea… we loved everything,” she says. “We could feel the breeze and enjoy all the space of the house… it was the feeling of home. The spacious home blends nature into their lifestyle with sweeping open views of trees and the ocean, paintings of tropical fish and fast moving sailboats


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

against shades of Pacific blue, and the warmth of solid wood furnishings with a contrasting freshness of white upholstery. Reflecting nature’s up-to-the-minute art is the infinity-line pool as calm waters mirror trees and the ever-changing white clouds against a blue sky. Visually stunning against the gorgeous backdrop, the pool blends the beauty of nature back into the environmentally open lifestyle of the home.

Aside from being a world-class destination with incredible facilities and the Spas,”

Monica explained, it’s also about the welcoming of the people who work here. They are so detailed oriented… so incredibly warm inside.” Monica picked up one of her favorite nautical keepsakes from the living room table. She turned it over in her hands. It was a gift from her family. “I want my children and their children to be able to discover life’s beautiful secrets in an unspoiled environment,” she said. In thinking back to the first time her grand-daughter came to Guacalito de la Isla, Monica smiled warmly. “My grand-daughter said it was “like another world” with all the trees… it was like a carpet of trees.” When asked what was the “secret” to their 29 years of marriage and their happiness, Monica laughed, “I don’t know that I have the perfect recipe for that, but I can say we are very happy, and our priority has always been spending time with the family.” Home is where the heart returns.

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


E: W: TRES CEIBAS | Summer/ Fall, 2013 P: +505-2563-7150





TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

“Family means the world to me,” stated Ethan Altshuler, an award winning fifteen-year-old artist from California. That is what Ethan wrote in his November 2013 Newsletter, just before his trip to Nicaragua where he would be staying at Mukul in Guacalito de la Isla, a project founded on the philosophy that family is the most important part of home. Creating masterpieces since the age of 3, Ethan sells his art through his website, donating a portion of the profits to his school and local children’s charities. “I’m trying to make Los Angeles a better place through art,” he said. “It has that power. Just think what it can do.” In a parallel story, Don Carlos Pellas was implementing a vision to make Nicaragua a better place through creating a legendary masterpiece inspired from his childhood memories. His canvas, Guacalito de la Isla, was painted with the preservation of nature’s spectacular beauty, a desire to preserve Nicaraguan culture for future generations and a focus on social responsibility through “giving back” to local communities.

Inspired by the socioeconomic passion of Carlos Pellas, Ethan opened a door in his heart for the children of Nicaragua. The kindred spirit of philosophies brought Ethan and his parents to Mukul, along with 70 pounds of donated art supplies and an idea: Ethan wanted to teach local Nicaraguan children how to draw and paint. He wanted to teach them about art. In a partnership of efforts coordinated through Mukul, a two day course was arranged at the nearby El Coyol School. “Art is a way for me to express my emotions and my talents. I feel awesome when I am doing art, and I am so grateful for this opportunity,” Ethan said. Although Ethan had donated more than 40 prints of original paintings to raise money for children’s charities, he had never taught an art class in his life. In the first class, Ethan and his translator guided students through step-by-step instructions for drawing self-portraits. Each child was provided pencils, paper and art supplies as he explained how to layout the foundation for creating a painting. These third to sixth grade students had never taken an art class before and through Ethan’s guidance, they drew a face for their first project. Smiles filled the room as children created colorful, original artwork which they later held proudly for a group photo. The second class catered to middle school students. Ethan read a Spanish

translation to the children introducing his family and explaining the new art project: Painting an “Abstract” using masking tape. The lesson was focused on shapes with color, and the kids were given acrylics, brushes and a blank canvas. While local pigs, chickens and dogs roamed freely, abstract masterpieces filled the open-air classroom. Over the course of Ethan’s stay, electronics were put aside. He was never bored. Instead, he spent time fishing black tuna, riding bikes, hiking through jungles, spotting howler monkeys and watching the release of baby sea turtles. Ethan now understood what kids his age were like in another culture because he had become part it. Resulting in a winwin situation, both cultures had “given back”. “This is another way of families supporting families,” said Claudia, Marketing Director for Mukul. “A lot of guests want to “give back” and we were able to provide that opportunity,” she continued. “The difference of this experience is that most local art has been made for the sake of “function”, whereas Ethan’s art was created for the sake of “art”.” The new concept left behind an on-going sense of discovery for the community. In the words of Salvador Dali, which Ethan inscribed under one of his paintings, “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” To see Ethan’s art visit: 30




TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014

In a partnership between Tropicsurf, an international company specializing in luxury surfing trips and Guacalito de la Isla, Mukul is happy to introduce pro surf-coach Gemma Yates! Gem, originally from England, is certified in RLSS (Royal Life Surf Saving) with an ILSF status (International Lifesaving Federation). She holds an ISA (International Surfing Association) Surf Coach Award, in addition to being ISA surf coach qualified. Her memberships include ISSA (International Sports Science Association) with special emphasis in fitness nutrition, and she is CPR Certified with special training in First Aid and Open Water Rescue. In addition to her surf coaching qualifications, Gem has been entrepreneurial throughout her life including owning and operating The Blue Tomato restaurant in Cornwall where she learned about organic foods and diet fitness, pioneering a successful surf-coaching business in Costa Rica, snowboarding in France, and of course surfing around the world. Gem’s surf coaching is exclusively available to guests of Guacalito de la Isla well as private homeowners and landowners. For further information, please contact Mukul at:

TRES CEIBAS TRES |CEIBAS Spring/ Summer | Spring 2014

26 32


TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014


ne of the secrets of Mukul was a surprise!” said Federico, General Manager of Mukul. “We discovered we are located on a world-class hotspot for surfing.” In addition to being only minutes away from epic breaks by our private boat, guests of Guacalito de la Isla have the privy opportunity to go from their luxury accommodations to Mukul’s secluded beaches… and surf world-class waves of a lifetime. With our “Best of the Best” award-winning spas, unparalleled golf course, pools, pristine shorelines and unending customized activities, it’s the ultimate family fantasy touting a luxury twist as a surfing paradise. Mukul’s elite lifestyle with “Bed to Surf” amenities recently attracted Tropicsurf, an international company renown for luxury surfing trips. From Africa to Fiji to secret hideaways by seaplane, this Australian based company selected Guacalito de la Isla to participate in their worldwide family of 5-star, custom surfing destinations. The partnership brings discerning, international surf groups and families to vacation at Mukul’s upscale resort while offering private services of their pro surfcoach, Gemma Yates, to Guacalito de la Isla’s homeowners, landowners and guests. As an entrepreneur with extensive backgrounds in nutrition, organic foods, fitness training and eight years of professional surf coaching, Gem offers private lessons and a complete crosstraining program specifically targeted to the sport of surfing. “Body mechanics,” she states with emphasis. “It’s the standard of coaching you would expect of a golf pro and it’s tailored for every

level,” she continued. From beginners to professionals, Gem has coached up to sponsored and competitive surfers on a national and junior level. “Surf coaching provides an authentic experience whereby waves are matched to each person’s comfort zone,” she explained. Utilizing a world leading teaching system, Gem uses techniques that are tailored to teach, improve, and refine surfing skills including the use of individual performance videos that are matched against a skill progression master plan. “Diagnostic feedback is the secret to catching more waves and unlocking your skills faster,” she confides. There is something for everyone with daily surf conditions ranging from soft, easy breaks along Manzinillo’s sandybottom beach to more advanced reef and point break challenges. Some of the most famous nearby breaks are Playa Colorado and Popoyo which have an outer break and an area to tow-in with jet skis for world-class surfers. “This area is unique,” said Gem in her very English accent. “It has a 180 degree swell window which makes it one of the most consistent surf destinations in the world.” In other words, the surf is exceptional practically every day of the year! “Being here is like taking a step back in time. Nostalgic, simple. Mother nature provides everything you need,” Gem said when comparing Nicaragua to Costa Rica, France, and other areas of the world. “Especially the world-class waves!” she laughed. Future plans include a “Surf Shack” at Manzanillo Beach where guests can rent or buy top brand surf boards, clothing, rash guards and must have surfing goods. Paddle boards will also be available. Reservations can be made through Mukul at:

TRES CEIBAS | Spring 2014



MUKUL BEACH, GOLF & SPA SALES & RESERVATIONS  1-800-39 08 844 + 505 25 63 71 61

GUACALITO DE LA ISLA GOLF COURSE TEE TIME RESERVATIONS           Gustavo Betancourt 2563 7100 ext 5226. © GUACALITO DE LA ISLA, 2014

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