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Rio Mississippi

Cycling Route

The plot of land we were to intervene is found in a low density area currently zoned for mixed use and medium density. The lot is found between two streets, and has two existing structures. The structures currently house a low end supermarket, and a small strip mall. The larger front of the lot (120m) faces Rio Mississippi, an active commercial street, with a saturation of signage and advertisement for drivers. The shorter front (69.60m), currently used as a service entrance for the supermarket, is on Rio de la Plata, a calmer street which has mostly single family homes, many of them transformed into offices now, an elementary and jr. high school, and two small strip malls with less intensive advertisement. In order to help reduce the predominance of the automobile we decided to propose replacing the parking lanes of Rio Mississippi with a cycling route connecting the linear park of Calzada with another park on the edge of the commercial area. This strategy would include a parking garage at the start of the route.

Rio de la Plata

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