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Photo by Tom Cowell

There is definitely a theme in this month’s Waterlines. That theme is “Volunteerism”. Almost everything you will read in this issue has to do with the success of this club attributed to its many (and at times not so many) volunteers. There are a couple of very practical reasons for this. First, as you will note in the History notes, the club was founded by and dependent upon volunteers. Certainly in the early days, almost everything was done that way. Now, as the club has become more established, it’s even more important that we maintain that link with our traditions and rituals. Without that link, we’re just another bar. Second, Jim Dye (ex-membership chair) has always said, “GTYC is the best kept secret in the Grand Traverse region.” That’s because our membership costs are lower than most clubs and certainly lower than most comparable yacht clubs. That means more people who love sailing and boating and their families can be a part of this great experience. So the next time you have the opportunity to join in, have fun, meet great people, and become part of our great tradition, JUST DO IT!

Upcoming Events Craft Night!

Board Meeting

Cruisers Fleet

December 4, 2013

November 19, 2013

November 14, 2013


Meet at 5:30 and bring you craft projects.

For Up-to-date Information

Info at

Board meets in the main room of the Club at 6:00 PM

Program: Knots Extraordinaire Social @ 6:00, Dinner @ 7:00 Program @ 7:30

CLICK ON THE LOGO ABOVE FOR THE INTRO VIDEO You’ll be seeing this logo a lot in the upcoming months as TACS and GTYC prepare to host the Chubb US Junior Championships from August 4 through August 8th next summer. This championship is a “Ladder” event, meaning the competitors must qualify for the event by taking one of the top two places in their US Sailing Region (we’re in Area K, which is West Michigan and the upper midwest). The other difference is that this regatta is a development event focused on training the sailors to take charge of their sailing “careers” and lessen their dependence on parents and their coaches. Consequently the competitor’s parents are not present, nor are their coaches. US Sailing provides the coaches and the regatta hosts (that’d be you and I) provide the housing. We’re looking to see 93 of the top sailors in the country sailing on West Grand Traverse Bay this summer! We’ll be providing more details on what the event is and what the volunteer needs are from both organizations. But here’s the event timetable to give you a overview of what happens :



Registration, Boat Rigging, & Opening Ceremony Tuesday

(Clinic Day)

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are Race Days Saturday


There are two events in the evening of interest to our local junior sailors as well: One is a discussion of college sailing and the other is an intro to preparing for major sailing campaigns, i.e an Olympic campaign.

FROM THE HELM A Word From the Commodore Greetings! The astronomical winter (Northern Hemisphere) 2013 begins on Saturday, December 21, but for me it starts at dock out day! After the docks are out (and I hope you participated!) we settle down to winter activities, like checking the sail inventory for next year’s season or prepping the skis for this winter’s fun. In either case there’ll be much happening at your club over the winter.

JIM SORBIE Commodore Gregg Diehl Vice Commodore Jordan Owen Rear Commodore Jay Kraft Past Commodore Board of Directors George Kobernus Lisa Wilmeth Bill Allgaier Jed Mooney Steve Hutchens Rob Lovell Committees Financial and Admin Dave Skibowski Treasurer Dave Terrell Secretary

Several folks have talked about “Ski Wednesdays”, i.e. meet at the club on Wednesday mornings and ski at a local hill somewhere and then return to the club for Wednesday night dinner. Obviously this will eliminate those with gainful employment, but for those of us retirees or those with flex schedules it’s a chance to have mid-week fun. If you’re interested let me know. There is also another ski weekend being planned for this winter, so stay tuned for that announcement as well! Listening to the HS Sailors around the club, I hear the term YOLO (You Only Live Once). The geezer’s version of that is YODO (You Only Die Once) and in the vein I’d like to bum a ride on someone’s ice boat this winter, any takers (or offers)? If you’re interested in what’s happening on the ice you can keep track of the local ice boating scene at WWW.GTIYC.ORG. Lastly, congratulations to the new slate of officers elected at the last board meeting. Lifelong member Bob Cornwell was elected to serve as next year’s Rear Commodore. VC Gregg Diehl and RC Jordan Owen were elected to be next year’s Commodore and Vice Commodore respectively. Dr. Dave Phelps and Jessica Gerber will join the long line of dedicated members who have volunteered and been elected to serve you through membership on the GTYC Board of Directors. My thanks as well to the other candidates (Bruce Tyler and Howard Crisp) for volunteering to serve as well, your offers are well appreciated! Hope you had a great Halloween and we’ll see you at your club!

George Kobernus Webmaster Ian Sterling Club Manager

Jim Sorbie

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – November 2013 Issue

2013 Awards Dinner

Boat of the Year – Knockout Libby Tomlinson & Rob Lovell

Club Awards: Boat of the Year:  Libby Tomlinson & Rob Lovell - Knockout Cruisers of the Year:  results Fred &were Lisaannounced Wilmeth – Saturday Ritual Night. The lection Commodore’s Award: 2014 Flag Officers will be:  DaveCommodore: Gerber Gregg Diehl CulinaryVice Award: Commodore: Jordan Owen  Scott - IllusionBob Cornwell RearPorter Commodore: Election results were at Awards. 2014 -2015announced Board members: Dr. Dave Phelps The 2014 Flag Officers Jessica Gerberwill be:  Commodore: Gregg Diehl  Vice Commodore: Jordan Owen  Rear Commodore: Bob Cornwell 2014 New Board members:  Dr. Dave Phelps  Jessica Gerber

Cruisers Award –Ritual Fred & Lisa Wilmeth

Awards Dinner

A Brief History of Participating by Tom Cowell - PC 47

A Saturday or two ago was a busy day at the Club. All morning, members crowded every corner of the building and grounds for the annual dock-out and clean up. By evening the great room had been transformed into banquet space for the awards dinner. Yours truly spent the morning in the kitchen or, for traditionalists, the galley. Experienced volunteers and committee chairs realized that the two events were not independent and a quick conference in the kitchen established the logic that “clean up” had to precede “dinner” by several hours. (For those not so experienced, the kitchen is turned inside out for cleaning including taking that huge gas range down to bits for cleaning and re-assembly with no parts left over… hence the problem cooking dinner for a hundred or so!) A target of High Noon was set and met so the evening show could go on in time. So, you ask, what does that have to do with participating? First the morning. Clean up days are classic measures of participation. The Saturday was like the rest in my 20 GTYC years, maybe 3050 people working hard all morning giving GTYC their time that could well be spent on their own fall household chores or winterizing their own boat. Some of those folks were couples, several were past commodores, and too many the same faces year to year. The Club has about 300 memberships which translates in round numbers to let's say 500 potential participating people power. That doesn't even include the kids!

The bottom line is 50 out of 500. You do the math. If you were one of the 50, this PC says THANK YOU! You get it. GTYC runs on participating. As the morning clean up wound down, the thought occurred that participating is very satisfying and, maybe, for those who don’t participate, a different club would be an option. It was afternoon and the Club looked ready for the evening Awards Dinner. Commodore Sorbie awarded trophies and recognition for racing accomplishments, cruising adventures, service to the Club, and even the best spring Crew Dinner. You know - participating! It's what makes the Club what it is. His remarks wound up with election results and the unspoken satisfaction of soon passing the tiller to the next Commodore in line. Like every Commodore before him, future commodores will rely on everyone’s participation. You may ask, “What does all this have to do with GTYC history?” Simple. GTYC history is all about participation, the volunteer efforts of the members over the years. The Club today is the sum total of the collected efforts by all those members over the years. Looking over the old yearbooks, the Club has always been about activities and involvement. More involvement builds on the Club and its history. Going back to the '60's, '70's, and 80's yearbooks, each party or event was sponsored by usually four or five couples. Today it might be one or two acting time and again as the social committee for a whole year. GTYC is more fun with more participation.

Get involved! Make history!


ALL HANDS ON DECK for Dock Out Day

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – November 2013 Issue

What do we really know about water levels? by Eric Lind

Misc. Ramblings October was a fun and active month with the TACS Fundraiser and two excellent High School Sailing events, the Cornwell Memorial and the Michigan State High School Championships. Thank you all that donated, attended, and supported the TACS event and to all the volunteers that came out and supported both of the sailing events. It was a great season and I hope we did a good job of running the races. Thank you to my assistant for the season, Bob Bosch, and to Paul Davis for stepping to handle two races in my absence. I also want to thank all of the merchants who supported us with weekly prizes — in no particular order (and I hope I haven’t missed any): TUSCAN BISTRO, MANCINO’S PIZZA & GRINDERS, MOONEY MARINE SERVICES, BOATHOUSE RESTAURANT, VI GRILL in SUTTONS BAY, FRANSISCO’S MARKET & DELI, SPAGHETTI JIM’S, FILLING STATION, EMBROID ME, WARES BROTHERS, PHIL’S ON FRONT, and PASTIES by BARBARA JEAN. Please support these merchants and thank them for taking part. Reading one of my way too many newsletters that somehow make it to my inbox I came across a couple of articles on Great Lakes Water Levels (GLWLs) which most of us care about for one reason or another. Let me preface this story with a little known fact. I am one of the foremost experts, albeit unrecognized, in GLWLs as I have been studying them since childhood and am constantly amused by people’s reactions to their ever changing nature. Even more amusing are the multitude of explanations and theories surrounding them. The first article, Up or down? Which way are Great Lakes water levels headed?, is a further


example of the “experts” showing that they really don’t know what is causing the fluctuations and that they have no clue what the future holds. Ho hum, more of the same, however, at the end of the article I spied a reference to this article, SEICHES ON THE GREAT LAKES. Now here is a subject that has always intrigued me and I did find it very interesting. They concentrated mainly on wind and storm driven seiches, with very little mention of thosecaused by barometric pressure differences. Lots of additional references at the end of this article as well. The current “scapegoat” being used by the Army Corps and several other groups is that the dredging (by the Army Corps) of the St. Clair River in the 50’s is the cause of Lakes Michigan and Huron being 18” low. This theory was first floated by an obscure group in the Collingwood ONT. area and about 8 or 10 years ago and has since been adopted by the Army Corps as fact. Further, there is a push from some to spend billions on a massive restrictor system at the southern end of Lake Huron where it flows into the St. Clair River. (Makes one wonder what the residents of Lakes St. Clair and Erie will think when they slowly dry up!!!) The thought of spending huge amounts of money to “possibly” solve a problem is scary, but I’d like to think there are better ways to do this. Has anyone investigated the possibility of slowing the flow in the St. Clair River with hydro-electric generating facilities that would help solve another problem as well??? Or, maybe a levee in the Detroit River could also be used for a Bridge to Canada. Guess this is enough ‘Rambling’ for one month. Next month maybe we’ll tackle the “Looming Disaster of Niagara Falls”. Have a great November.

Our Cruisers Have Tales to Tell of Far Off Boating Destinations

Cruisers Begin New Season of Camaraderie All Boaters Welcome… GTYC Cruising Club meets the 2nd Thursday of each month fall through spring. All sailing and powerboat cruisers are welcome. A potluck dinner is followed by cruising stories, seminars, and planning for cruising destinations. For more information contact: Lisa Wilmeth


Verkennen Calliope Kismet

Cruisers met October 10th to begin organizing the winter season events. Several options were discussed including detailing the crew sponsored entrees, future speakers and programs, and important dates. Several options were discussed including: 

The Cruiser’s Fleet sponsorship of a week-end seminar on weather forecasting and understanding winds. A date has been selected in February and, pending Board approval, arrangements are currently being made for the workshop/seminar. More on that to come.

Planning is underway for the Christmas buffet to be held at the December meeting of Cruisers. All members are welcome.

There is discussion of the sponsorship of a ski trip in late January or early February. Plans are currently being made as to costs, room availability, and travel assistance. An announcement will be made as to the arrangements in the December Waterlines.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the November program will be GTYC’s own Glen Rauth who will be going over some of the decorative and intricate knots we all know and love but can’t seem to figure out. He will focus on the “Turks Head”. All supplies and instruction to be provided. DON’T MISS IT! Social hour from 6:00 till 7:00 PM. Dinner is pot luck. Program begins at 7:30.

Board Meeting Summary October 15, 2013 Meeting  

 

Discussion of waiting list for membership: 55 on waiting list. Board discussed Senior Membership and different interpretations of the By-Laws. Board to explore further. Discussed placing an article in Waterlines regarding final interpretation. Discussion of advertising charges for Waterlines under Treasurer’s Report. Policy to be set and potential advertisers notified in November and December for January inclusion. Discussion of where to mount AED’s for the club. Methods explored for linking members to alcohol purchases.

Committee Reports:   

New towel dispensers to be installed in restrooms Discussion of Junior Championships to be hosted by GTYC and TACS in 2014. Cruiser’s proposed to sponsor weather seminar in February, 2014. Proposal to Board in November for approval.

Discussed the up-coming Awards Night/ Commodores Dinner.

Discussion of Clean Up and Dock Out programs. Date set.

Rentals discussed. Hockey Team party approved; public event for Tasters Guild rejected.

Meeting adjourned.

For Sale 1986 Express 35—Racer/Cruiser

“TiME” Good Condition Well equipped Full Galley Nav Station Sleeps six $41,900

Optional three axel storage trailer

Race and cruise equipped

For more information contact Ken Stepnitz 231-590-4521 or

November waterlines  
November waterlines