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MAY 2014

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May Not Be A New Boat But Some of Us Are Almost As Excited May not be as romantic as a new 40 foot Valiant but, for some of us, the new stove/ovens/fryer is just as exciting. Many thanks for the generous gift from the Van Westins' making it possible.

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Greilickville-Suttons Bay: The Elmwood Township 150th Anniversary Race, Saturday, May 24th. The Suttons Bay race returns to the GTYC race calendar on Saturday, May 26th celebrating both the beginning of the summer sailing season and the 150th anniversary of Elmwood Township. As the first long distance race of the season, racers can choose between two courses: out and around Mission Light for the more experienced racers and up the western shore of the Bay and around Stony Point for more casual sailors. After the finish, all are welcome to stay for "apres-sail" social to follow at the Suttons Bay Marina. Registration for the all this season's races is now open online at and at the bar at the club.

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Tuesday, May 20th 6:00 PM -Meet at Club in Main Room

Saturday, May 17th 12:00 Noon at GTYC.


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FROM THE HELM A Word From the Commodore The Bay froze February 3rd and the ice moved out April 20th. Seventy-six days of freeze. The ice was still moving around and it came back April 22nd. It might be gone now. The first Wednesday night race is scheduled for May 7th. Dig your boats out of the snow and join us for a sail dodging icebergs on the Bay. Probably won’t need the cooler. Entry forms are available online and behind the bar. Club Clean-up Day was April 19 and it was well attended by selfless Members who cleaned the interior and grounds for your use. Thank you volunteers. They rolled up the sleeves of their blue blazers, rolled up the Khaki pants and with their epaulettes and scrimshaw buttons shining, got their topsiders wet cleaning trash cans and everything else in their path. Again, Thanks.

GREGG DIEHL Commodore Jordan Owen Vice Commodore Robert Cornwell Rear Commodore Jim Sorbie Past Commodore Board of Directors David Phelps Jessica Gerber Bill Allgaier Jed Mooney Steve Hutchens Rob Lovell Committees Financial and Admin Dave Skibowski Treasurer Kim Marian Secretary Jim Sorbie Webmaster Ian Sterling Club Manager

The Hutchens and friends put on a great yooper pasty dinner with over a hundred members and families attending. Some say up to two hundred. Profits of the event benefitted the adaptive sailing program at TACS. A worthy cause and great Member family, the Hutchens, even mom Hutchens was there. I hope you were there to join in the fun and if not don’t miss the next Club event. The Flag Officers, their families, some Board Members and Members attended the Cadet Groups of Great Lakes Maritime Academy Captain’s Dinner & Ship Tour. It was a fundraiser for the Maritime Academy’s Cadet Groups, Women On the Water (WOW), the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers and the GLMA Sailing team. We were given a tour of their facilities and the training ship State of Michigan. Among the classrooms, navigation rooms, machinery rooms and individual simulators they have a simulation room. It holds a dozen people with a helm and almost 360 degrees of video monitors. It was simulating a ship at anchor just outside of port with light winds and five foot swells. With sailboats, tugs and ships sailing around you in the harbor the simulation actually tricks your mind into believing the floor is moving like you are on a ship. It was quite the experience. If you ever get the chance to visit it do so. It’s better than any movie theatre or video arcade and I was surprised that this piece of machinery even existed in Traverse City. I’ve been on a Battle Ship, an Aircraft Carrier, a Submarine and even the Queen Mary. I like the State of Michigan, she is a great ship. Twin screws driven by electric engines, a working ship. They could close down the school and charge admission for tours of the facilities and ship instead of turning out professional sailors with a hundred percent placement upon graduation. We had the pleasure of meeting Rear Admiral Jerry Achenbach, USMS, Superintendent of the school and Captain Joseph McGuiness, Captain of the training ship State of Michigan. Down to earth seriously professional sailors. Can you say that in one sentence? It is my honor to announce to the Membership that the Board of Directors of the Grand Traverse Yacht Club, in the spirit of building lasting connections with other sailing organizations in our community, have awarded Mr. Achenbach and Mr. McGuiness along with their families honorary membership in our Club. They will fit right in with our sailing club. Welcome them when you see them. See you at the club. Gregg Diehl,

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Misc. Ramblings It doesn’t happen very often and it’s not always perfect, but we were able to hold the Iceboat Fun Regatta at the Club the last weekend in March and it was AWESOME!!! The best part of the weekend was seeing Dick Wollam, Julie Richards, Dick Hirtreiter, and many others taking people for rides and showing them what ice sailing is all about. We definitely have some new devotees. We did get two races in on Sunday and awarded the world famous Bird House Trophies to the winners, but the best part of the weekend was hearing Bill Cutting tell about his two kids, Bink & Bobbie, sailing their Ice Opti in stiff wind and coming back with huge smiles on their faces. Our High School sailors have finally gotten wet!!! The ice is out of Boardman Lake and they have been practicing for a couple of weeks now. At their first regatta in mid-April on Lake St. Clair the TC Central team took 1st place. The TACS Red 8 Regatta is scheduled for Saturday, May 10th and is currently scheduled for Boardman Lake which will make it a spectator friendly event. Interest is high and we are expecting as many as eight to ten teams from downstate to compete. Read an article recently in one of the cruising newsletters about learning how to use a piece of safety equipment. The author was relating his experience in recertifying his life raft. The technician had him unpack and inflate his raft and then get inside for a while and also went over every each part of the raft. I found this interesting as the same could apply to any piece of safety equipment. How many of us have actually USED any of our safety equipment??? Maybe it’s time for another Safety at Sea Seminar. Thank you to Doug & Sarah for doing that back in ‘98(?). We were fortunate to be able to attend and it was an eye opener.

by Eric Lind, PC- 40 Speaking of safety, I renewed my CPR/AED skills recently at the Leelanau Twp Fire/Rescue hall and will go back in a few weeks for first aid. The interesting thing is that it was either free of charge or at least very inexpensive. Check with your local fire/rescue service or with Munson and find a class near you. If there is enough interest I will schedule a session or two at the yacht club. The Club now has an AED (defibrillator) in the lobby that we all hope is never needed, but can all have some comfort knowing that it is there. The unit was purchased by Wes & Janie Schulz, Dave Phelps & Sherry Small, Rick Newman, and Steve Tripp. If you are interested in learning how to use this particular unit, Wes and/or I will be available on Wednesdays and Fridays to demonstrate or watch the training video online at learnaed/Defib_HeartStart.php. App o’ the Month – Intelligent Maintenance announced the launch of the My Boat app for iPad. Providing tools for maintenance, trip planning, photo sharing, inventory tracking, and more, My Boat will help make sure you have everything you need before you are ready to ship out. It is currently available for iPad for $19.99 in the iTunes App Store. Their website is Saw this paragraph a week or so ago in some Olympic Sailing newsletter and it made me wonder ‘who the heck picked this place?’ — “Responding to our direct questions about the water quality in Rio de Janeiro, specifically at the 2016 Olympic sailing venues, the communications department for the Rio Secretary of the Environment in Rio de Janeiro provided figures that showed that 800,000 tons a day of untreated effluent is currently (Continued on next to last page)

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

CAN YOU HELP? Help for Past Commodore Katie Hovarth As many of you know Past Commodore and good friend of GTYC members, Katie Horvath has been in treatment for cancer for some time now. All of us have inquired as to how we can help and we recently received this note from Mom, Libbet Terrell with an opportunity to do so: “As many of you already know, my daughter Katie Horvath was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer last December and is currently in a 12-month course of chemotherapy to treat it. Many GTYC members have indicated to me that they would like to help Katie & her daughter Elayna, and we sure could use some help with meals this summer 2x a week. I have put together a meal plan at with a meal calendar of each Tuesday & Thursday, June through September. In September we will regroup to figure out what to do next. Elayna's school community at the International School at Bertha Vos has generously provided meals for them January through May of this year.” To sign up to provide a meal, please go to and give the last name Horvath and password GTYC.

Inside the webpage (Illustrated Below) you will find a note from Katie, along with her dietary restrictions...whew, it’s a list! On that page is a calendar where you can sign up, if you want to help with a meal. (Continued Next Page)

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

(CAN YOU HELP? Continued)

Katie's home is 10110 San Remo Blvd. which is located off M-22, north of Pathfinder School in the LaRiviera West neighborhood. We would welcome meals delivered there, or alternatively to GTYC...we hope to place a cooler labelled "Meals for Katie" by the door, so as not to interfere with kitchen operations. We will have a family member pick up anything delivered to GTYC before 6:00 pm on Tues & Thurs. Your help is so very much appreciated!!! We hope to see Katie & Elayna occasionally at the Club, as she is feeling up to it. I know she misses everyone and would appreciate cards & e-mail or cell phone calls/texts 231.313.7572 as she is isolated most of the time. Visitors to her home are welcome for brief visits, as long as they are in good health. Elayna also greatly enjoys "play dates" with friends.

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014

Pasty Fun-raiser 2014 By Steve and Barb Hutchens

Benefits to TACS Adaptive Sailing Program On Friday April 18th our popular “Yooper Night” was held with 146 dinners sold and 70 “to goes” out the door. Even though it was Easter weekend attendance was strong, and the dinners were SOLD OUT. The evening included a prize for the best costume, jokes, and other miscellaneous silliness. Pasties, both beef and veggie were served with slaw and a pickle. Tables were covered with brown paper, grandma tablecloths and plastic flowers in a beer glass. This upscale, classy event was held to help fund the adapted sailing summer program. On Tuesdays and thursdays from 4:30 – 7:30 individuals with disabilities are able to sail in adapted boats at the Cornwell Sailing Center on Boardman Lake. Barb and Steve Hutchens were master chefs and Fred and Lisa Wilmeth were kitchen slaves. Also helping with the crew were Christina Sanok, Jinny and Eric Lind, Shannon Petaja, and Jasen Hutchens. Thanks also to John Johnson and Steve Rutkowski, TACS board member, for keeping the RIFraff at bay by watching the door. (Many thanks to the individual who donated $50. at the door.) TACS Adapted Sailing is a unique program in the U.S. because it allows people with both Physical and Developmental disabilities to participate. For more info, to make a donation, or to volunteer contact

Our Cruisers Have Tales to Tell of Far Off Boating Destinations

Cruisers Explore National Park Islands Sleeping Bear Ranger Discusses History & Geography of the Manitou Islands

All Boaters Welcome… GTYC Cruising Club meets the 2nd Thursday of each month fall through spring. All sailing and powerboat cruisers are welcome. A potluck dinner is followed by cruising stories, seminars, and planning for cruising destinations. For more information contact: Lisa Wilmeth


Verkennen Calliope Kismet

The last cruisers meeting provided an enjoyable and informative evening exploring North and South Manitou Islands with the National Parks Service Ranger, Miss Fredericks. The discussion focused on the history of the Manitous’ and their development as lumber and agriculture economies and, later, their return to a more origianl natural setting and subsequent inclusion by the National Parks System. Today’s islands, especially South Manitou Island, offer boaters an interesting place anchor and explore. That exploration includes sunken and abandoned ships, old growth forests, beaches, wild bird preserves, amazing dunes, camping, and, well you name it. And right on our doorstep!

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Discovery Center Proposes New Pier & Harbor This proposal has huge potential economic, recreational, educational and cultural benefits to the residents and visitors of our region as an ACTIVE working waterfront with offerings such as:                

Major waterfront attraction - economic driver Port of call for cruise ships and excursion boats Public Fishing Pier Base for Fishing Charter fleet Base for Tall Ship fleet Water Taxi to Power Island and Clinch Park Scuba Diving Charters TACS High School Sailing Team practice base Bareboat Sailing Charters and Sailing School Access to boating through rentals, charters, memberships Pedestrian access point to the water Environmental and scientific learning opportunities Recreational activities for all ages and capabilities Maritime history education Community events like regattas, fishing derbies and Kid's Free Fishing Day Expanded Discovery Center Programs

Active, working waterfronts are quickly disappearing and the public interest is being crowded out with private development. What better use can there be of this public asset? The chance to do something like this is historic and can provide monumental benefit to the region's citizens and visitors forever. For more information about the Discovery Center Community Harbor, Marina, and Pier follow these links, then "Share" and "Like" on Facebook, Linked In and other social media and tell our City officials that you support this project. More information on the Community Pier, Harbor and Marina project can be found at:

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Discovery Center Proposes New Pier & Harbor Community Plan for Coal Dock Area We are striving to make the public aware of our efforts to convert the surplus coal dock property into a vibrant, informative, and fun attraction for our community and the region. We believe that this project with bring new life to a former industrial waterfront and fill a much need niche in our community's mix of waterfront activities. A presentation will be made to the City Commission on Monday April 21 (late on the agenda, probably around 8pm), which will be televised live on Charter Cable Government TV channel 191 and will be available to view on-line live or later at your convenience. We need you support to help convince the City Commission to work with us to move this project forward. Links to more information appear at the bottom of this message. This exciting proposal has huge potential economic, recreational, educational and cultural benefits to the residents and visitors of our region as an ACTIVE working waterfront. Please read on and pass on!

Proposed Community Pier and Public Access Hub Note that we are the first to admit that parking on the dock is not desirable or highest and best use, but it allows this project to proceed until safe methods of getting users across the busy highway to remote parking are in place. Once that happens, parking can be removed from the dock in favor of activity space.

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

GTICY Annual Fun Regatta at GTYC GTYC By Julie Richards

The GTIYC hosted its annual invitational event, the Fun Regatta on March 29th and 30th. Always the last event of the season, we got lucky and had sailable ice out in front of the Yacht Club. Having the event at the club was a treat! The sailors enjoyed the convenience of our beautiful facility and a lot of GTYC members stopped down to watch. Some of the more adventurous tried iceboating for the first time. The weather cooperated, but there was some shale ice from the recent warm temps and rain. It made for some challenges racing.... hitting the shale slowed or even stopped the boats if tacking or not up to speed. It showered pieces of ice into the cockpit of my boat a few times. We had 2 races on Sunday before the wind died at about noon. We had lunch and gave out awards, plus prizes to all the 19 registered competitors. Jim Dye and company entertained us with music. The trophies are fitting for a regatta with an emphasis on FUN! They are whimsical birdhouses, hand painted and each one unique. Collector’s items all, these trophies are treasured by those who have earned them.

Local winners this year are:  Silver fleet - 1st place Mike Burns, 2nd Chris Stoppel, 3rd Geoff Harris.  Gold fleet, 3rd place Julie Richards. The wind came back up and some of us sailed until almost 7 pm. A great end to the season? Not quite... we sailed the first weekend in April, too, out in front of the club under sunny skies and 50+ degree temps. This late season sailing after the single digit temps earlier this year was absolutely delightful. The ice is still on the bay as I write has been an amazing season! Hard water sailing is done for now... it's time for soft water sailing....see you on the water soon!

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014

SPRING AND SUMMER SERIES Wed, April 30 PHRF Skipper’s Meeting Wed, May 7 Sat, May 10 Wed, May Sat, May 17 Wed, May Sat, May Wed, May 28

Spring Series #1 High School Red 8 Regatta 14 Spring Series #2 Lasers Spring Babel Cup 21 Spring Series #3 24 Greilickville to Suttons Bay (LD #1) Spring Series #4

Wed, June 4 Wed, June 11 Sat, June 14-15 Wed, June 18 Sat, June 22 Wed, June 25

Summer Series #1 Summer Series #2 GTYC Invitational - The Hound Dog Summer Series #3 Interlake & Friends Bay Chase Summer Series #4

Wed, July 2 Wed, July 9 Mon-Tues, July 14-15 Wed, July 16 Wed, July 23 Sat, July 26 Wed, July 30

Summer Series #5 Cherry Festival Bye Week Smythe Triple handed Area K U.S Junior Qualifier Twilight Series #1 Twilight Series #2 Round the Island At Night Race (MD #1) Twilight Series #3

Sat-Sun, Aug 2-3 Mon-Fri, Aug 4-8 Wed, Aug 6 Sat, Aug 9 Sun, Aug 10 Wed, Aug 13 Sat-Sun, Aug 16-17 Wed, Aug 20 Wed, Aug 27

Interlakes Great White Northern Championships US Sailing Chubb U.S. Junior Championships Twilight Series #4 Traverse City to Northport (LD #2) Northport to Traverse City (LD #3) Twilight Series #5 Melges 24 Invitational Twilight Series #6 Nan-C-Jay Race (See GTYC.ORG for FALL Series Schedule)

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Chubb Update! CLICK ON THE LOGO ABOVE FOR THE INTRO VIDEO If you’ll notice the sign this week at the club there’s only 14 weeks to the big event. Your coordinating committee is meeting every week to plan for the first week in August! One of the best suprises in this task is the fun and companionship that surrounds the organizing committee as we work through the issues. I personally am amazed at how many times I hear things like “Don’t worry, I’ve got that covered” and then people get things done. Need a place to meet, yep I can arrange that, Need another boat? I can talk to …… and they might volunteer. Nothing brings people togather like seemingly insurrmountable obstacles that team work and cooperation can’t overcome. So it’s been an adventure so far, but a fun one. Want to get involved? Well there certainly are opportunities yet abounding! At the moment we’re looking for a event coordinator for the Host / Member party on Thursday night to work with the sponsor (Chubb) to create an adult event at the club that is intended to thank the GTYC members for hosting the event. Another opportunity is for a publicity chairperson. When we took on the opportunity for hosting the nationals our first thought was how to promote the local sailing scene, especially the local youth sailing environment. We’ve seen great growth in our high school programs and we’d like to extend the enthusiasm around that acticity to the sailing scene on the bay as well. People will notice 100 yound sailors on the bay that week. We’d like to create enough public awareness around this event so that all the locals can say “hey there are those kids competing for a national champioship that the Grand Traverse AYcht Club is hosting”. We can’t think of a better opportunity to portray GTYC in a better light and enable YOU a GTYC member to say proudly “Yup! I’m part of that”.

As for the event itself, last week VC Jordan Owen hosted a training meeting for the on the water group of volunteers with nearly 30 volunteers showing up. We are gratified by that response and look forward to further training events. GTYC has always had a great core of volunteers to run regattas and our P.R.O. Eric Lind has assembled a terrific group of volunteer to run a race. The difference for this regatta is that (1.) we’re running two simultaneous courses and (2.) the event is four days and (3.) we’re using a trapazoid course ( 4 marks). All of these factors will require more people on the water than we’ve ever used before. As a consequence, we’ll be using more people, some of whom may be there for the first time. So we’re planning more on the water and classroom training sessions.

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Chubb Update! (Continued)

CLICK ON THE LOGO ABOVE FOR THE INTRO VIDEO The next opportunity is a practice regatta at the Cornwell Sailing Center (TACS homebase) on the Boardman on May 3rd. HS sailors wil provide the racers and PRO Lind will provide the training. What we want to familaize people with are procedures around rescue, mark sets, postioning on the race course, etc. Believe me nothing is worse than telling the PRO in the middle of race that you’ve lost the anchor to a mark and they need to hold up a race (sadly, I’ve done this!). The next opportunity will be assisting in a “for real” regatta on May 8th. This will be the HS R8 regatta, we’re expecting 8-10 teams from the midwest to compete in a one day event, and after this past winter the sailors are geeked for racing, come and join us! If you’d like to volunteer please drop me a note at We’ll be providing more details on what the event is and what the volunteer needs are from both organizations. But here’s the event timetable to give you a overview of what happens : o o o o

Monday (Arrival)  Registration, rig boats & Opening ceremony Tuesday (Clinic Day) Wednesday, Thursday & Friday are Race Days Saturday (Departure)

There are two events in the evenings of interest to our local junior sailors as well: One is a discussion of college sailing and the other is an intro to preparing for major sailing campaigns i.e an Olympic campaign. Our organizing committee (listed below) is meeting weekly to plan for the event, if you’re interested in helping in that planning feel free to contact any of us! Jim Sorbie - Co Chair

Dave Gerber - Co Chair

Eric Lind PRO

Jim Menzies - Transportation

Jordan Owen – On the water Coordinador

Liz Zimmerman – Treasurer

Janie Schulz – Housing Co-Chair

Bob Cornwell – Sears Cup Coordinator

Allyn Kay Cornwell – Housing Co-Chair

Spring Clean Up 2014 Photos by Gregg Diehl

Spring clean-up took place Saturday morning and was an awesome success!!! We started at 9:00 AM and completed much of the work right around noon. It is estimated that we had approximately 50 people participate. We washed walls, raked lawns, trimmed trees, cleaned out the gardens, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned inside and outside chairs and tables, washed windows inside and out, wiped down the bar area, washed and disinfected the children's toys, washed grills, power washed patio, and the list could go on and on. We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your efforts and taking a morning out of your Easter weekend to work at the club. Thank you from Building and Grounds!

Grand Traverse Yacht Club – Waterlines – May 2014 Issue

Tech Talk “What Flavor Are Your Anodes?

Article Deleted at Autor's Request

Marc, Thought I’d share my experience with replacing my anodes today. Here’s an easy way to tell the difference between Magnesium and Zinc. My old anodes have virtually no corrosion after over 8 years in fresh water while the new Magnesium ones weigh less than half of the old ones. I have two bolted-on pairs of 5” round anodes on the rudder and skeg, a 12 “ anode on the stern and one 2 “ anode for the bow thruster. I pounded and banged on the rudder and skeg anodes for a while with a chisel and hammer with little success. I finally got smart and drilled out the heads of the stainless steel bolts, hit the bolt in the center and they popped off. That’s probably the best way to tell what your anodes are – by the weight. George Kobernus

Sailing Quotes – Wisdom, Fear, Funny, and Fast Compiled by Diehl - “Sailing is a good sport. You don’t have to beat up the other guy like you do in boxing and football’ you just try to outsmart him, and then you go out and have a beer with him.” – John Kolius. -“You can’t believe how bleeding scary the sea is! There’s, like, whales and storms and sh*t! They don’t bloody tell you that!” – Libba Bray. - “Waves are not measured in feet or inches, they are measured in increments of fear”. – Buzzy Trent. -“One of the reasons there are so many terms for conditions of ice is that the mariners observing it were often trapped in it, and had nothing to do except look at it.” – Alec Wilkenson. -“I grew to judge every purchase by how many bronze screws I could buy for the boat if I didn’t spend on this or made do without that.” – Lin Parday. - “A ship is always referred to as “she” because it costs so much to keep her in paint and powder”. ADM. Chester Nimitz. - “The perfection of a yachts beauty is that nothing should be there for only beauty’s sake”. – John MacGregor. - “The thing I realize this last few days is that the earth is a big place”. – Paul Cayard. - “Tomorrow morning before we depart, I intend to land and see what can be found in the neighborhood.” – Christopher Columbus. - “A tourist remains an outsider throughout his visit; but a sailor is part of the local scene from the moment he arrives”. – Anne Davison. - “Any damn fool can navigate the world sober. It takes a really good sailor to do it drunk”. – Sir Frances Chichester while loading his boat with gin. - “I know who you are, but you’ll have to wipe your feet”. - Capt. Richard Brown of the schooner America to Prince Albert of England, 1851. - “I’ve never sailed a schooner. Never even been on one.” – Dennis Conner. - “We don’t just want the Cup, we want the whole damn island!”. – Tom Blackaller, on retrieving the Americas Cup from Australia. - “The Americas Cup is a race of management, money, technology, teamwork and, last and incidentally, sailing”. – Bill Kock. - “I don’t know. I’ve never won the America’s Cup. But I can tell you this: it certainly isn’t worth a hundred million dollars to lose the America’s Cup.” – Larry Ellison. - “Fun? You think we’re here for fun? Do you think losing is fun? I don’t. This is professional sports, not a third-grade T-ball game. Is sailing fun? Yes, if you want to sail to Sausalito and sit and do a little fishing or sunbathing out with your family, that can be fun. If you’re sailing in the America’s Cup, if it’s your job, you are supposed to work very hard. We are here to win. Winning, that’s my idea of fun.” – Larry Ellison. - “Forget everything I just said. The answer is simple. I never give up.” – Larry Ellison after a long answer.

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