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The Ramblin’ Record Advisory Meeting Minutes Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Call to Order Chief of Staff Williams calls the meeting to order at 6:10pm

Business  

Wednesday January 12 from 8am-noon: GT Day at the Capital o Sign ups and publicity next week Presentation from SGA Sustainability Committee on “Sustainable Living on Georgia Tech’s Campus” o Sustainability- economic, social and environmental o Major areas of sustainability that we want to target  Food, water usage, and waste reduction o Food  Big push by GT Dining  Using more local and organic choices, vegetarian and vegan options  Composting  GT Dining through GreenCo  Students can use bins by Woodruff and Brittin o Can get fined for non-compostable items in bins  Recycling  Big push at GT (game day recycling) o Over 20 tons recycled this season  Still looking to expand and making it more available o Bicycling  Growing in popularity and many opportunities for obtaining a bike (or renting)  Need to work on motor-biking-pedestrian relations o Public Transportation  MARTA and GT Transportation o Academics on Sustainability

 Over 100 classes have some sort of focus on sustainability  Lecture series and research are also going on at Tech o What is being done for sustainability on a campus-wide level  A- on Green Report Card  All buildings must be LEED-EB  Low-flow toilets and sinks  Looking to build a net zero research building o What you can do  Sustainability Tip of the Week  Recycling  Phantom energy- unplug appliances when not in use  Reduce-Reuse-Recycle o GT Sustainability Administration People to Know and many student organizations  Cindy Jackson   SOS (Molly McLaughlin)  Environmental Alliance Georgia Tech  Starter Bikes  SGA Sustainability Committee  And more… UGA last year had a referendum to have a Green Fee, is this something we are interested in? o Currently looking at it being an optional fee- probably about $3 and this money would go to a group that is in charge of allocating money to different sustainability groups and projects. Could work as revolving fee that the money saved goes back into the fund and eventually the fee wouldn’t be needed. o In general it goes to a good cause that the students should support but the details need to be worked out more. I <3 GT Week o Goals:  Promote school spirit and love for the school  Bring faculty and students closer  Showcase the diversity of the campus o Schedule  March 7-11  Monday- Breakfast with Wreck  Tuesday- Bug Bud o Have President Peterson come and address open mic questions  Wednesday- open  Thursday- SCPC Festival  Friday- Sting Break o Shifting towards a speaker vs a concert, updates to come


We want your involvement to help bring together all aspects of campus  We will hold a meeting after winter break if your organization is interested in helping

Announcements  

This is the last Advisory for the semester, thank you for your time and please remember to let your new officers know about their committee to Advisory next semester Tech United Meeting immediately following Advisory

Meeting adjourned- 6:40PM

Advisory Minutes 11-23  

Minutes from the Advisory Board meeting on November 23, 2010.