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Basic information  

Ready-to-use autonomous industrial computer, tried and tested in installations in many countries of the world Full range of communications interfaces, including built-in GPRS communication*

Typical method of use (3-function use: C-L-V) 

 

protocol converter functionality (Convert) - downloading of data from input interfaces, Ethernet, and its subsequent conversion and transmission to output interfaces or GPRS to external modules data logger functionality (Log) - archiving of downloaded data with the option of its sharing in the form of a file, database, or data transmission to external systems (e.g. SCADA) function of access through web pages (Visualize) - creation of a visualization by means of an internet browser for the purpose of inspection and reading of processed data and alarm states

Integrated GPRS/EDGE modem* The modem enables transmission in the GPRS standard as well as sending and receiving of text messages. NPE automation computer possesses specially designed hardware-software properties ensuring the functionality and economy of a connection: 

In the case of problems with the stability of a connection, the modem module has a hard modem reset function. This ensures independence from problems that can arise in the modem firmware, resulting in e.g. "freezing" of the modem. The multiplexing server of the modem connection ensures 3 independent channels of communication with the modem. Thanks to this, it is possible to, among other things, send and receive text messages during GPRS transmission.

Software Preinstalled software (firmware)  

libNPE Library for servicing of device hardware interfaces and a tool for remote software updates (softmgr) 1-Wire Pack enabling scanning and reading of sensors located on the same bus*

Dedicated ready-to-use device software 

iMod - an innovative software platform allowing for fast start-up and full exploitation of device capabilities without the need for writing programs. A fully configurable system reflecting typical CL-V use (see clarification above). In order to learn more about the iMod platform, visit the page

NX Dynamics - a platform for fast and easy (drag and drop system) creation of WWW visualizations and a web panel for NPE automation computer management through an internet browser. In order to learn more about the NX Dynamics platform, visit the page

Expanded developer's platform, additional software packs   

An open and free programming platform based on the experience of thousands of programmers, a rich set of tools, and support of Linux system users A rich set of programming tools, among others, servicing of the C, C++, Java languages Tools for servicing ofdata bases such as SqlLite, MySQL, PostGreSQL

Other tools and servers for communication

NPE device search The SearchNPE Application helps to search for and configure NPE in the web. The application operates under the Windows and Linux systems

Ready-to-use autonomous industrial computer  

Ready-to-use autonomous industrial computer, tried and tested in installations in many countries of the world

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