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After you sign up, you will be able to use the advanced search tool. It will help you search for extra materials to integrate in your lessons. It runs on 8 variables to make your life easier and faster. Have a look at it:

An idea of each variable: Gender This is the general area (systems-related, skills-related, teaching-related or teachereducation-related) that this material deals with. For instance, ‘writing’, ‘assessment’, ‘grammar’, among others. CEFR This is the level according to the Common European Framework of Reference, like A1 and B2. Level This refers to the general level of learners. For example, ‘true beginners’ and ‘advanced’. Topic This is the theme of the extra material, such as ‘relationships’, ‘work’, and ‘transport’. Type This will help you choose from different kinds, such as ‘jigsaw reading’, ‘quiz’, and ‘info gap’. Focus This refers to the specific focus of a task, ranging from ‘non-specific’ to ‘grammar’, or ‘test practice’. Coursebook Many coursebooks will have extras prepared specifically for them. Extra Here, you will find information about different institutes to which we design tasks.

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