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PLANTER CUBES SCOPE Four custom Flat packing Scalable for Stand up to

planter boxes for economy shipping rates future additions to landscape outdoor elements

M AT E R I A L S Fully welded aluminum We s t e r n Re d C e d a r Stainless steel fasteners

F O L D I N G TA B L E SCOPE Create a table that folds away when not in use. Use for a dining table that gets used only when having guests

M AT E R I A L S 3/8� x 2 1/2� hot rolled mild steel Stainless steel hinges FSC certified white oak plywood Tr a d i t i o n a l E n g l i s h b e e s w a x p o l i s h These types of tables used to be a common item in Irish households. They were easy to move away when not needed but as is often the case, pulled out when guests a r e o v e r o r i t s t i m e f o r d i n n e r. T h e c l i e n t , who is from Northern Ireland, wanted a table that reflected her memories of her grandmother and the table that sat in her kitchen when she was a young girl.


SCOPE To f i n d a s o l u t i o n t o a c o m m o n a r c h i t e c t u r e p r o b l e m u s i n g kinetic movements and machines To r e p u r p o s e u s e d p a r t s Clerestory windows are notoriously hard to reach. But they serve a very useful purpose when it comes to air flow and interior environment comfort. Unfortunately due to the difficulty of opening and closing them they are more often left closed. Used motorcycle final drive systems were sourced and integrated into the project. The look of the project was decidedly industrial and worked with the general aesthetic. Showcasing the gears w a s i m p o r t a n t a s t h e p r o j e c t a d v i s o r s w e r e Tu r n e r E x h i b i t s , a Wa s h i n g t o n s t a t e c o m p a ny t h a t s p e c i a l i ze s i n k i n e t i c a n d p a s s i ve architectural details.



4 TRACK MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SCOPE An object that Reads & Reports Rechargeable using a 5.7V solar powered device (Solio MUD device) Using modified and hacked products Fully functional prototype

B u i l t t o b e w a t e r r e s i s t a n t , d u s t p r o o f, h e a t a n d s h o c k r e s i s t a n t ; the Solio Mobile Utility Device (M.U.D.) is designed for daily use in the harshest of conditions. With an on board 4,000 mAh LiF e ( P O 4 ) b a t t e r y, t h e M . U . D . p o w e r s m u l t i p l e n a t i v e U S B d e v i c e s at once, and is the first Solio powerful enough to charge tablets such as the iPad. Fa m i l i e s i n Ke nya u s e S o l i o t o p o w e r t h e i r e n t i r e h o m e . S o l i o has learned to make some of the most durable and reliable solar chargers out there. Solobox was designed to work perfectly in these scenarios.

Sketch modeling the size and layout of the Solobox.

An experiment in casting the electronics in resin. It was decided to not go this route as this device needed to be easy to hack into as well as fix.

Early rendering of the Solobox.

Te s t i n g o f t h e c i r c u i t s . U s i n g $ o . 9 9 t o y s , they were hacked and recycled into the brains of the Solobox.

Creating a simple amplifier to get a better volume from the recording circuits in order to be able to play the recordings through the speaker in the Solobox.

Rendering of the final shape and layout of the Solobox.

C L I C K TA G O N ARCHITECTURAL BUILDING TOY SCOPE Create a toy for all ages Semi Automated process Main elements to be Baltic Birch Repeating elements Non toxic finishing

M AT E R I A L S Baltic Birch Spring loaded bullet catches Wa t e r b a s e d p a i n t a n d f i n i s h i n g

W h e n w o r k i n g w i t h a s i x y e a r o l d c o d e s i g n e r w h o l o v e s h o c k e y, rings and discs were elements that seemed to gain the most i n t e r e s t i n t h e y o u n g b o y . H o w e v e r, i n d e a l i n g w i t h t h e b o y s mother she wished for the final product to engage the boys building skills. When trying to create the building toy the problem was in trying to find a simple solution to the connection of the rings. A friction fit had the tendency to fail before the toy could be built up to a satisfactory height. The solution was using spring loaded “bullet” catches that would seat in the small holes spaced around the octagon rings. The loaded ball bearing would “click” into the hole and announce t h e c o n n e c t i o n . T h i s i s a d e s i g n e l e m e n t t h a t g i v e s t h e u s e r, n o matter the age, the confidence to move on to the next connection.

Production Project SCOPE Engineer a production ready product Bicycle light Solid modelling (Solidworks)

M AT E R I A L S Cast aluminum ABS Billet aluminum Polycarbonate

WAT E R S T U D I E S I N A C C E S S I N G A LT E R N AT I V E WAT E R S U P P L I E S SCOPE Research the imbalance of water use and conservation within the EU. Research the water exporting and importing nations within the EU. Find alternative methods of accessing water Wo r k i n g w i t h H u s q va r n a , d e s i g n a s y s t e m o r p r o d u c t a l l o w i n g people to access water outside of the normal methods



rainwater harvesting E U c ountri es most dependent on wa t e r im p o r t s

87% Ku wa it

87% M al ta

82% H ol l and

80% B el gi um



Rainwater that is collected in community cisterns is accessed using personal garden tools. The pump can be integrated into the hand held and be battery operated or as a stand alone separate p u m p r u n o f f 2 2 0 v.

HAVENRIG FA I R I N G M O U N T E D S H E LT E R C A S E SCOPE Create a case to store a tent, tarp and motorcycle cover The case must be quickly removable from the mount Sub frame mounted to the motorcycle Light weight

M AT E R I A L S Aluminum Mild steel (sub frame mount)

DEAN CLOUTIER Bachelor of Design, Industrial Design AFFILIATIONS/AWARDS Red Seal sheet metal fabricator Recipient of 2009 Outstanding Business Achievement: BC Aboriginal Business Awards Recipient of 2010 Macleans Foundation Scholarship Recipient of 2011 Irving K. Barber Scholarship Recipient of 2011 BC Hydro Scholarship Recipient of 2011 & 2012 Elsie Boone Scholarship EXHIBITIONS Grande Entry: Aboriginal Exhibition The Exchange Show: Concourse Gallery SKILLS M a s t e r M e t a l Wo r ke r Carpenter Mac OS/Windows Adobe Creative Suite - InDesign - Photoshop - Illustrator - After Effects - Premiere S o l i d Wo r k s Rhino 3D SoftImage Bunkspeed Shot Microsoft Office

Industrial Design  
Industrial Design  

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