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Communicating in Times of Crisis: The Corporate News Room Your Marketing and Communication budget has been reduced? Crisis makes you feel stressed when thinking about communicational strategies that may work? Are you tired of sending Press Releases to the media and not seeing them published? Do you have management reports or researches and you do not know how to spread them through the Web? Do you receive feedback or do you develop surveys on the contents you distribute?

How to Make a Good Use of the Current Situation and Restate your Marketing and Communication Actions: The Digital Solution Currently any search for information starts in Google. Through the Web, users track contents about products, brands, people, institutions and companies. The larger the volume of official materials we host in our site, the more hits we will have in the results.

How to Start? By Developing the Company’s NEWS ROOM The key is having an online News Room. It is the best tool of action to face these obstacles and to make the most of our budget. What is an Online News Room? It is a Website complemented with the corporate website of the company, especially designed to establish a direct contact between the organization and its audiences: reporters, consumers, clients and employees. The News Room is the official Information Channel on the Web. It hosts and comprehensively organizes all the strategic contents: press releases, information about products and services, press kits, photos, videos, studies and researches, training courses, multimedia presentations and any other kind of materials developed by the company.

Benefits of the Online NEWS ROOM

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It is the primary and official source of the Company on the Web, to which reporters, clients and consumers refer. It increases the communication flow, thus generating traffic towards the site and micro sites of the Company. It increases the interactivity between the Company and its different audiences. It works as an internal and external communication channel. In case of crisis, it provides fast answers in order to avoid rumors. It also works as a loyalty tool for current clients. It captures new clients. It reduces communication and marketing management costs, maximizing the ROI. Reporte Informativo has developed the RI NEWS ROOM platform that adapts both to large companies and to SMBs. We have identified and optimized organizations’ contest to maximize spreading throughout the Web. RI NEWS ROOM is quickly implemented and has a competitive fee. For more information and to receive free advice on the implementation of the NEWS ROOM to your Company, click here.

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Newsroom WP English  

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