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It’s all about Guyana ISSUE 13 April 2012

In this issue Beauty of the Month P.2 Wedding Expo 2012 P.3 Painting the Spectrum 8 P.4 Fashion for Men P.5 Fashion for Women P.7 Self improvement for Men P.9 Self Improvement for Women P.11

Beauty of The Month Melissa Leacock Written by Joel .R. Frank

This month’s Beauty is the alluring Melissa Leacock. This Libra beauty is a teacher by profession, Melissa enjoys hanging out with her friends, reading and listening to music. She is, by nature, a very caring person, although she notes that “When I draw that line it is well drawn”.


Entertainment & Events Wedding Expo 2012 Written by Joel .R. Frank Imagine if you can; proprietors of every single service related to weddings gathered in one place for three days. Everyone from Cosmetologist to Caterers and every one in between, even a car decorated for the bride and groom! What you’d be imagining ladies and gentlemen is Roraima Duke Lodge’s Wedding Expo 2012. The event got under way on April 13th and although GT Magazine could not make it to the launching, which we understand from looking at the photos was quite an event. Like I alluded to earlier the event was held at Roraima Duke Lodge, which regardless of your political affiliations, you’d have to agree is a nice premises. Most of the building and land was utilized for the purposes of the Exposition, one would be hard press to find a wedding service that wasn’t represented at the Expo. Coming through the gates you were greeted by the Bravo Arts Strolling Table, as you proceeded forward you found yourself immersed into every young woman’s fantasy. Though, granted most young women may or may not dream of riding in a limo. During our jaunt we found an insurance company had set up a booth, I was at first taken aback … like really what was an insurance company doing at a Wedding Expo? But alas, a marriage is an investment ; one may want life insurance or home insurance. With out a doubt the biggest attraction would have to be the model segment where local designers and models show cased traditional ethnic wedding fatigue. All in all, while not overly packed, I believe that Wedding Expo is the ideal place for those looking to get married to literally shop early and in some cases try before you buy. It’s also the place for persons offering services usually required at weddings to showcase their trade.


Entertainment & Events Painting the Spectrum 8 Written by Vidyaratha Kissoon Painting the Spectrum 8, SASOD's Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (link to is set for June 2012. The festival will continue the tradition of presenting a wide range of feature, documentary and short films dealing with the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons from different countries. SASOD had its first film festival in October 2005, and has continued every year. The films are sourced through purchases, donations and loans The audience over the years has included people from diverse backgrounds and occupations, and included lay priests, a Minister of the Government, sex workers, medical practitioners, LGBT people and persons who were simply interested in different kinds of films. The 2011 film festival opened with the documentary, My Wardrobe, My Right which featured the lives of Peaches and Gulliver, two transgendered sex workers in Guyana. Another part of the film festival is the Spectrum Night at which patrons are encouraged to share stories, poems, songs, music or dance. The closing night of the festival features an interactive Painting exercise to show support for equality and human rights for all citizens The views of patrons can be heard in this podcast from the closing night in 2011: mf/play/n7az6p/sasodpodcast1.mp3 The festival is the only of its kind in the English speaking Caribbean. It has been featured in regional media such as Caribbean Beat. It has become an important part of the Guyana cultural calendar.


Fashion for Men Dressing for your body type: Skinny Written by Joel .R. Frank A skinny body type defined

Dress your body type: the guide

Skinny body types are sometimes described as ectomorphic. Whether you’re tall, of average height or short, this kind of body is characterized by a light build, lean muscle, small joints, long limbs, a flat chest, and small shoulders. Ectomorphs typically also have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight, no matter what they eat or how many weights they lift.


Pros and cons of dressing a skinny body A slim frame is significantly easier to dress than a large one simply because clothes hang better on thinner bodies. Another benefit of having a slender physique is that it’s easy for you to be in style because trendy clothing not only looks good on you, it’s made readily available to you by the fashion industry. And, if you’re into high-end apparel, your size is more frequently available in stores because your body shape is what designers prefer to dress (for both aesthetic and sample/pattern size reasons).

While there are obvious benefits to dressing a skinny body type, there remain, however, a few challenges. Notably, wearing ill-fitting clothes will result in coming off as a boy playing grown-up. A further and rather vexing problem this body type faces is finding clothes that fit at budget-friendly mass retailers, which -- in America -- frequently size up (offering sizes up to 3XL). To solve this problem, become a fan of European imports like Zara, H&M, and Topman, which are skinnybody type- and budget- friendly.

No matter what your body type, proper-fitting clothes are vital to being a well-dressed man. Though a frequent mistake made by men with skinny body types is wearing oversize clothing in an effort to bulk up visually, skinny men actually benefit from having their clothes tailored more than any other body type. Hunting down a reputable tailor and taking all recent purchases to him will ensure you're showing off your frame to its best advantage.

When deciding what to buy in the first place, favour body-skimming dress shirts and tees that permit some movement in the fabric (look for “Slim Fit” models at your mass retailer). Check the label on your tops too, avoiding anything that contains elastic as these garments tend to stick too closely to your body rather than gliding over it. For a similar reason, skinny jeans should also be banished from your closet as they will either make you look malnourished or like you're wearing leggings -- neither of which is attractive in the least. When it comes to denim, stick with straight-leg or slim-fit boot cut jeans instead.

What advice do we have regarding hairstyles, colours and patterns?

things you don’t like about your body. First off, you should know that recent research has revealed that vertical stripes actually make people look larger, which flies in the face of conventional fashion wisdom. Opt, therefore, for dress shirts, T-shirts, blazers, and suit pants with a vertically striped pattern. For suits and dress pants, pinstripes are a classic, flattering choice. For patterned tops, such as plaid or windowpane, midsize patterns are much more flattering than smaller ones.

Where color coordination is concerned, wearing all of one or, more specifically, dark colors like black from head to toe will emphasize your skinny body frame, so take advantage of breaking up your outfit when you can with lighter hues here and there such as white, light-gray and pale-blue. Dress your best: more tips Hair In addition to the fit, color and pattern of the garments in your wardrobe, there are additional points to consider when dressing a skinny body type. To begin with, impeccable grooming is a surefire way to enhance any man's appearance, be he thin or not. As skinny men tend to have slimmer, angular faces, use this fact to your advantage by asking your barber to give you a great haircut that will show off your prominent cheekbones and jawline. Fashion trends

Colours and patterns If you're on the slim side, there are a few tricks you can use to play up your assets and minimize the 5

Additionally, much like with their hairstyles, men with slender physiques can pull off an impressive array of fashion trends. Because

Fashion for Men Dressing for your body type: Skinny Written by Joel .R. Frank designers prefer to dress this body type, many clothing lines are designed with your body type in mind, and you can use this knowledge to your advantage by regularly incorporating one or two trendy pieces into your wardrobe each season. If you're not into following fashion, at least consider slipping into some trendy footwear.

A tailor

Building your wardrobe With regards to the particular pieces slim men should have hanging in their closets, single-button and twobutton jackets are a good choice for smart-casual occasions, while double-breasted blazers is this body type's best friend for dressier events. In terms of outerwear, toppers that cover your rear should feature more heavily in your wardrobe than cropped jackets. Crew necks are a better choice than V-necks, and in cold weather, feel free to add turtlenecks into your winter wardrobe as they're warm -- and your body type is one of the few (if only) that can get away with wearing them and still look good.

Thin men can also enjoy the benefits of layering -namely, that you stay warmer but look cooler. Lastly, skinny men can have lots of fun experimenting with fabrics as they can get away with wearing a wider variety compared to other body types -- heavy tweeds, corduroys and anything with a chunky-knit texture are good examples that look fantastic on a slender frame, but would overpower other body types.

Checklist: your wardrobe staples Double-breasted blazers Heavy-knit sweaters Pinstripe suits Trendy footwear (say, a pair of combat boots) Crew-neck tees Straight-leg or slim boot cut jeans Flat-front trousers A pair of corduroy pants Single or double-button blazers Vertically striped dress shirts Military-style jackets 6

Fashion for Women Hide your thinning hair: Three easy steps Written by Tonya France Thinning hair is not limited to the aging crowd. Many who are young and middle age have fine or genetically thinning hair. Luckily, there are three reasonable solutions that work and will leave you looking your finest. With this brief guide you can consider whether (1) Hair Cuts, (2) Camouflage or (3) Hair Pieces will work best for you. Since none of these ways are difficult or expensive, why not try all three and use them all at different times. One: Hair Cuts/Styling

Two: Camouflage Whether called hair loss concealers or in-fill powders, all of these camouflage powders come in different colours to match your hair colour and cover your scalp so that it disappears and looks like hair. Examples are products like Joan Rivers’ Great Hair Day, Toppik, Couvre, and Derma Match. Any of them can work for men or women. The camouflage powder has healthy hair-growth fibres in it and you sprinkle it where your hair

To give your hair a fuller look women can turn to their hair dresser to style their hair with the perfect cut to disguise thinning hair. For women, one of the best looks for thinning hair is adding curls. They make it harder to see your scalp while providing a full and buoyant style. Limit the length of this style to your shoulders. Layer your hair with shorter layers at the top while increasing the length and blunting the ends. “Sprunch,” or curl, your hair with a gel by balling up handfuls of your hair in your hand and then blow dry it upside down–while you continue “sprunching” your hair–to give it volume. Or, use a curling iron to add those curls. The best women’s styles for thinning hair are short. A shorter cut will put some bounce and fullness back into those thinning tresses. It takes a bit of gel and the right temperament to know that this contemporary look is for you. Another short cut is the bob which is a cut that is not layered. It has blunt ends that fall at your jaw line and gives a sense of fullness and thickness. These shorter looks can also be varied with curls or bangs.

this area that even reasonablypriced hair pieces can be made of human hair and have enough subtlety to appear like your real hair. Some very small hair pieces will cover only one problem area, like the crown, the part line, and the bang area. With a little research, you can find a piece that matches both the color and texture of your hair. It may require some trial and error, but you can properly “cut in” a great piece. Online or in person, someone can teach you how to apply the hair piece correctly and it will look like your own. So many women wear extensions to get the look of a full head of long hair that a hair piece or extensions, should be considered a common practice and not something to feel embarrassed about wearing. A Note Regarding Permanent Concealment

parts and in any areas where you are seeing the white of your scalp. The powdered area becomes closer to your hair colour and it is not as noticeable. Only if someone is examining your scalp with a magnifying glass can you tell that your hair is thin and that you are actually seeing your scalp. You must use these powders sparingly because they can clump. They can also show up on your shoulder so use a towel during application to avoid this. Three: Hair Pieces These do not have to look awkward and false as they have in the past. There are so many advances in 7

Re-growing your own hair is the ideal way to conceal, and end, your thinning hair. However, it takes months or years, daily dedication and a process of finding the right nutrients for you. On the other hand, the one way to permanently change (not simply “hide”) your thinning hair is the surgical process of transplanting hair follicles from the rear of the head to the thinning top and forehead. While many don’t have the money, interest or a sufficient enough case of thinning hair to want re-growth supplements and creams or hair implant surgery, then the three best ways to simply conceal and hide your thinning hair are (1) a hair cut with flattering styling, (2) camouflaging your scalp with powders matching your hair color, and (3) a

Fashion for Women Hide your thinning hair: Three easy steps Written by Tonya France hair piece with colour and cut to match your real hair. These are great methods that will make you feel wonderful about simply enhancing your own hair.

Extracted from: -your-thinning-hair-three-easy-ways/ March 17, 2012 By YML Staff Beauty


Self Improvement for Men Nail Care Written by Joel Frank When was the last time you took a look at the hand you want to caress that woman’s skin with? I can guarantee you that if you haven’t taken a look at it, she has and if she doesn’t want you touching her lately… then guess what? It may just be your dirty nails. This month I’d like to take a look at nail care; it’s beneficial to both men and women. However this article is more geared toward men, as this is the Men’s section.

comes into the room to examine you--especially if you don't see them scrub up right away or do so carelessly. 3. As guys, our nails are germier. According to experts, men have more germs camping out under their fingernails than women. Yes fellas, you might want to wash your hands now and

1. Prepare your nails: Wet your nails before you cut them, as this softens your nails and makes them easier to cut. This will also avoid splitting your nails. This step is especially important for toenails, because they're usually pretty tough.

Remember that one of the marks of a true Gentleman is that regardless of what he wears he is always well groomed.

Let us first take a look at why one should worry about nail care:

1. Your nails may be harboring germs that can make you sick. Researchers have found that bacteria that cause vomiting and diarrhea are often found under people's fingernails. The culprits? Changing diapers, poor bathroom hygiene and handling raw meat--all can leave behind unwanted guests under your nails. 2. Potentially "fatal" germs can lurk under hospital workers' nails. Ugh, just when you think hospitals are safe places unsettling research notes that dirty fingernails could be the source of deadly infections passed from doctors and nurses to patients. An important note: Don't be afraid of hospitals, but also, don't be afraid to ask your health care provider to wash his or her hands when he or she

Now that we’ve gotten the part about washing your nails out of the way, lets talk about trimming your nails. For those readers that know me, you probably know that I used to keep bot of my little finger nails long. I stopped and cut them off. Why? While it looks good long nails can cause injury to yourself and others. So lets take a look see at the recommended way to trim and cut your nails.

2. Cut your nails: Cut your nails straight across until they no longer extend over your finger or toe, so that they don't show any white. It will grow back much stronger than before. then--especially before getting romantic! 4. Well, well looks like nail biters may actually have cleaner nails. But, the good news stops there. According to research, while the act of biting nails may clear out bacteria, nail biters ingest more germs.

So, after having read those four points, I’m almost certain you guys will be washing your hands more regularly. I don’t need to point out why, do I?

Trimming your nails 9

3. Wait for your nails to dry: Wait for a little bit until your nails are dry and are no longer soft. Filing wet nails can make them jagged, and may also cause your nails to split and crack. 4. File your nails: Use a nail file to make sure the edges of the nail are smooth. Jagged nails can catch on clothes, socks, and pantyhose and potentially cause nails to tear or break. Your nails should be slightly triangle or oval and not pointed. This will prevent them from breaking. When filing, file gently in one long stroke, from the side to the center of the nail. Nails can

Self Improvement for Men Nail Care Written by Joel Frank weaken if you file too low into the corners and sides. 5. Look them over: Look your nails over to ensure that your nails are all the same length and shape, and also that they're smooth and not jagged or pointy. Keep clipping and filing until they all look the same and are smooth. Once they are, you're done!

That it for this month, until next time; keep them nails clean and trimmed fellas!


Self Improvement for Women 10 Things you probably didn’t know about sex 1. Genetics Can Affect When a Per-

as the visible part certainly makes it

son Will Lose His or Her Virginity:

the most noticeable, but more so,

Obviously, each person makes the

researchers didn't start to learn

individual decision of when to have

about the amazing expanses of the

sex for the first time, but recent

organ until they were able to view it

studies show that your genetics can

through an MRI machine, something

play a role in how early you make

they couldn't do until the 90's. It

the decision. In fact, a study of twins

wasn't until 2009 that the world was

who were separated at birth shows

introduced to a complete 3D sono-

that there is a strong genetic link in

gram image of the organ.

the age a person chooses to lose his

Written by Tonya France women have sex their estrogen levels double, making their hair shinier and skin softer. “Estrogen seems to be the fountain of youth for wom-

or her virginity.

Of course, the little bump we're all

en,” says Patti Britton, PhD,

familiar with is pretty darn im-

clinical sexologist.

"It's not like there's a gene for having

portant. In fact, it has over 8,000

sex at a certain date," says Nancy

nerve fibers –more than twice the

Segal, a psychologist at California

number found in the head of a penis.

State University in Fullerton, who led

decision, although social mores play a major role as well. In fact, there was less of a consistent genetic effect in twins born before 1948 than those born after 1960.

flow from an orgasm makes their cheeks more rosy and their lips redder –although,

the new study. But inheritable traits such as impulsiveness do affect the

Additionally, increased blood

apparently, only in warmer 3.

Sperm is Surprisingly Nu-

temperatures. So if you ladies

tritious: At around 15 calories per

out there want a quick beauty

“serving,” sperm contains the same

treatment, consider heading to

protein as the white of a large egg,

a steamy bedroom rather than

along with vitamin C, calcium, mag-

the beauty salon.

nesium, potassium, vitamin B12 and zinc. Sure, it might not be as healthy as a multi-vitamin, but few vitamins


The Clitoris is Mostly an

come with such pleasurable effects.

Internal Organ: By now, most peo-

know about the tip of the organ. While you might think that little bump that drives women crazy is the whole enchilada, as it turns out, that's just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, the majority of the clitoris is located within the pelvis and, when erect, it actually wraps around the vagina –making the vagina and sex more pleasurable (for both parties) as the woman gets more excited.

If You Are Sexually

Active, You'll Probably Get an STD: Studies show over

ple know about the clitoris and where it is located…or at least, they


80% of all sexually active 4.

S ex Can H elp Yo u S t ay

adults will contract an STD at

Healthy- Having sex once or twice a

some point, although most

week can actually boost your im-

won't notice. That's because

mune system, as it increases the lev-

80% of all people who contract

els of immunoglobulin A in the body.

one of the 25 varieties of STDs

Immunoglobulin A is an antibody

don't show any symptoms and

that lives in your saliva and mucous

most don't even realize they

linings that helps stop colds and flu

have one. In fact, the Ameri-

before they start, by fighting the vi-

can Social Health Association

ruses off before they get past your

estimates that 80% of sexually

nose or mouth.

active people contract the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at one point in their life. While

So why does everyone think of the clitoris as only the little bump on the


outside? Well, for one thing, it's role

en Look More Attractive: When

Having Sex Can Make Wom-


those statistics were taken before the HPV vaccine was

Self Improvement for Women 10 Things you probably didn’t know about sex Written by Tonya France released, the vaccine only prevents two of the most dan-


gerous strains of the disease, meaning even those vac-

There is, as yet, no scientific consensus on whether or

Female Sexuality is Still Largely a Mystery:

cinated can still catch one of the many other strains.

not the G-Spot exists or if female ejaculation is real. Critics of the G-Spot largely focus their arguments on the fact that because so many women do not experience vaginal orgasms, that it must not exist. Additionally,

While the numbers sound scary, the upside is that most

they point out that there is no area inside the vagina

people who contract an STD won't suffer any negative

with more nerve endings than any other area. They also

effects as a result.

use the discovery about the clitoris being internal to argue that vaginal orgasms are caused by the same organ,


not a separate erogenous zone.

Birth Control Affects Women's Taste in Men:

The pill may have done wonders for women's lib, but it

Proponents of the G-Spot argue that the vagina does

turns out it might also be hurting their sex lives. A re-

have an erogenous zone that swells up when excited and

cent study has shown that women who are on the pill

that this area provides an additional lubricant when it is

get with partners they find less attractive and worse in

sexually aroused. They also show that ultrasound stud-

bed because these men offer better opportunities for a

ies show changes to the area during sex.

long-term relationship. While the women were less sex-

The debate on female ejaculation is often tied in with the

ually satisfied, they were, on average, much happier

G-Spot argument as proponents argue that ejaculation

with the non-sexual aspects of their relationships. Addi-

is tied in with stimulation of the G-Spot. While it is

tionally, women on the pill stayed in relationships for an

widely accepted that some women have been known to

average of two years longer than those who were not on

gush fluid during orgasm, the debate largely centers

the medication.

around what the fluid is actually made of. Many critics claim the fluid is simply urine. Some proponents argue that it is a separate substance, while others debate that

Researchers believe this is because the pill affects the

it is urine; but urine is filled with a unique selection of

chemistry of a woman's brain, making them more inter-

chemicals, making it qualify as a sexually-induced ejac-

ested in obtaining a long-term relationship than finding

ulation regardless of the connection with the bladder.

someone they would be more sexually compatible with.



Diet Can Affect the Flavor of Semen: Gentle-

Women's Sex Organs Are Now Being Studied

More Often- There are a few main reasons that so little

men, if you want your lady to be more orally fixated, you

is known about female sexuality. For one, the clitoris,

might want to consider switching your diet for her pleas-

the G-Spot and female ejaculation, are all completely

ure. As it turns out, sugary fruits like kiwi, watermelon

unrelated to reproduction and are instead all about

and pineapple make semen taste lighter, while beer and

pleasure (as a matter of fact, the clitoris is the only or-

coffee leave it with a strong, bitter flavor. Meat and fish

gan that exists solely for the purpose of pleasure), mak-

can make it taste more buttery, while acidic fruits like

ing many scientists believe they deserve less interest

cranberries, plums and liquors can give it a sugary fla-

than the ovaries, vagina, penis or testicles. Of course,

vor. Whatever you do, don't chug milk before hitting the

now that these sex organs are pretty well understood,

hay as dairy can cause semen to taste foul due to its

scientists can feel free to move on to understanding the

high bacterial levels.

more complex role of non-reproductive sexual functions.


Self Improvement for Women 10 Things you probably didn’t know about sex Written by Tonya France Another reason has to do with the times. You'll notice


Affordable websites!

that the majority of the research on these aspects of female sex organs has been performed only within the last twenty years. In that time, two major changes have oc-

KrossBeaux Enterprises

KrossBeaux Enterprises

curred –there are now far more women doctors and scientists than ever before, and technology has only now been afforded certain views of the human body. Naturally, females display more interest in what makes the female body go gaga, and without devices like the MRI, many discoveries, like that of the internal clitoris, would

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have been impossible to find.

Thanks to these changes, it's pretty likely that the understanding of female sexuality will increase drastically in the next few decades.

So you need a website but you don’t have the technical know how or the funds required by other IT Companies?

Then KrossBeaux Enterprises is the solution to your problem! We will design, create host and maintain your website for one affordable monthly fee.

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