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Resume George T. Liu 310 N. Whitney Way Madison, WI 53705 (608)698-8728

Education University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee - B.S Architecture Studies

Experience/Skills I am either proficient or have had experience with the following software. Computer Skills • Autodesk Auto CAD • Google Sketchup • Bentley Microstation • Autodesk 3DS Max • Autodesk Inventor/ Soildworks • Autodesk Revit • Rhino/DIVA/Grasshopper

• Microsoft Word • Microsoft Power Point • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Illustrator

Foreign Language • Ablity to read, write, and Speak in Mandarin Chinese.

Professional Experience Tsai-Yi Chung Architecture Firm, Tainan, Taiwan June 2012- Aug2012 Architecture Intern • Assisted in Computer modeling and Graphic design for building bidding competitions. • Assisted in designing new emplyee housing for the Tainan National Park Association. • Participated in all physical model building projects for various projects including residential housing and comercial buildings. • Participated in design reviews and revision for various projects.

Table of Content High Rise and Adaptive ReUse: High Performance Facade

High Rise and Adaptive ReUse: Workplace Design

Bronzeville Jazz Center

Tectonic Study


High Rise and Adaptive Re-use High performance Facade

ARCH 636 Fall 2013

This project explore the design of high performance building envelopes and adaptive reuse programmatic strategies. The building that we are to work with is the AT&T building in downtown chicago. We were given the tasked with creating a high performance facade, a cone like structure that act as a shading device and as a light shelves to decrease solar heat gain and increase natural daylight. The high Rise and Adaptive reuse facade and workplace is design in colaboration with Dave Hughes.

High Rise and Adaptive Re-use High performance Facade

ARCH 636

High Rise and Adaptive Re-use

Workplace Design ARCH 636 Fall 2013

Another Tasked that were given to us is to create a new workplace that fit the need of current ofďŹ ce structure. For our design, we create 4 zones with the cafe, entry, and Conference room acting as trasition space from one to the other. Each zone act like a community each containting workstation, causual seating, and drop-in seating.

High Rise and Adaptive Re-use Workplace Design


ARCH 636

Bronzeville Jazz Center ARCH 420 Fall 2011

The site for this project is located in the Bronzeville Neighborhood, a historic neighborhood that was primarily populated by African-Americans. The neighborhood was known for it’s music, specifically jazz. For the assignment, we were to develop the Bronzeville Center for Jazz. This center would help bring the community together and help revitalize the area’s economy by bring people back to the Neighborhood. The idea for the Jazz Center is to create a large open atrium that act as the center of the building which people gather and also to bring in large amount of natural daylight. The plan is divided in to three zone. The solid block of rooms the circulation path and the performance hall and atrium. This design leave the performance hall easy to access and create a seperation between the room from the performance.

Bronzeville Jazz Center

Tectonic Studies ARCH 320 Spring 2011 I was initially assigned a site and the task of constructing an abstract two dimensional drawing that orients around the central organizational scheme with a focus on spatial compositions. The drawing was then utilized to build the armature and digital fragment as well as served as the basis for the design of other buildings.

Tectonic Studies

Lissitzky Art Gallery ARCH 310 Fall 2010

This gallery will be located on Downer Avenue in the parking lot next to Sendik’s. The narrow and long parameter of the site presented a challenge for designing an interior for easy navigation while maintaining a consistent flow of visitors. My design sought to accomplish the goal of hiding the core elements through the use of a staircase that guided visitors to the two smaller galleries on the upper level.

Lissitzky Art Gallery


George Liu 2013 Portfolio  

Portfolio for 2013

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