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LED STREET LIGHT (GT-ST0008-180W) Luminaire Photograph

Dimension Graph (Unit: mm)

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GAIN TOP INDUSTRIAL GROUP LTD. Feature: ◆ Utilizes the special design of multichip single module. Imported high brightness semiconductor Bridge lux chips.

◆ Nearly free of the maintenance charges

◆ Compared with traditional sodium lights, it can save electricity more than 70%. ◆ It’s an excellent partner of the Solar panel system. ◆ Environment friendly. Does not lead hydrargyrum and any other contamination. No pollution to the air. ◆ The die-casting aluminium alloy housing is effective in waterproofing and dust prevention. High-efficient in heat dispatch.,and it’s able to bear an ultraviolet ray and resist to corrosion. The whole light meets the standard of IP65.

Data of Lamp: GT-ST0008-180W

LED Working Voltage Led QTY Led Consumption System Consumption Led Luminous Efficiency Led Initial Flux lamp’s Efficiency 8M 10M Average Flux 12M 8M Illuminance Area 10 M 12 M Illuminance Uniformity Color Rendering Index Light Distribution Light Design LED Junction Temperature Working Temperature Storage Temperature IP Grade Working Life-span Power line The color of the lamp shell

2 Item No. : GT-ST0008-180W Website :

DC30-36V 4 pcs 165W 190W 80~100 Lm /W 12800Lm >91 % >36.2 Lux >33.7 Lux >31.2 Lux 28*12 M 32*13 M 36*15 M >0.4 Ra>75 Circle spread LED+reflector ≤80℃ -40℃ ~ 55℃ -25℃ ~ +65℃(25℃ the best) IP65 50000H 2 0.75mm triple shield wire White

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Light Distribution Graph

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GAIN TOP INDUSTRIAL GROUP LTD. Application of places: Widely used in Public road, bridge, municipal, port, airport, residential living areas, industrial and mining enterprises, the tunnel,and so on.

Installation( (缺安装图) 缺安装图) 1. Put the power line through the pole first, 2. Then fix the screw with wrench

Attention: ⑴ Lamp must be connect to ground reliability. ⑵ Suggest end-user fix arrester in the position of connect. ⑶ All screws must be locked up very well to ensure all the parts connect tightly. ⑷ Installation and maintenance of lamp must be operated by professional person.

4 Item No. : GT-ST0008-180W Website :

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Lampioni stradali a LED (GT-ST0008-180W)  

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