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WOW! 4 processes in 1 machine


BlueFx Helmet

$1549 Weldmatic 250i MIG/STICK/TIG Welder

• 250A with VRD • Single phase, multi-process inverter capable of handling MIG, stick & lift-TIG processes • 2yr unlimited warranty (power source only) • 15A plug CP138-1

$1999 Powercraft® 200M 4in1 Multi Welder

• 200Amp 240v/10amp Multi-Purpose 4 in 1 welder with EZYSETTM technology • Capable of, MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick and AC/DC TIG (including Lift TIG DC & High Frequency AC/DC TIG) welding • Comes Ready-to-Weld including: MIG gun, TIG Torch, Electrode Holder, Work Clamp, cables, drive rolls and flow meter K69074-1

MIG/STICK/TIG 188X Inverter Welder Bundle


• 180A•Spool Gun Ready • Spool Size - 1Kg & 5Kg • Gas / Gasless Operation • LCD Digital Display •2t / 4t Trigger Control • DC TIG Lift Arc Function • Stepless Control • 3yr warranty • 10A plug 699188BUNDLE

Weldclass 175MST MIG/ STICK/TIG Welder

Includes: MIG Torch 3m H/Duty / Earth Lead 3m / Gas Regulator / Drive Rollers for Steel & Gasless / 10A plug • 170A max output • Easy-to-Use Synergic MIG function • 6mm steel max MIG capacity • Only 9kg WC-175MST

Includes, trolley, gloves wire and auto helmet

• 4 year warranty (when registered online) • Money back guarantee (return before 30 days for refund if not satisfied)

$879 Viking™ 3250D FGS FLIP FRONT PAPR

• 2 HEPA Filters • Blower Unit • Pre-Filter • Lithium Ion Battery & charger • Spark Screen • The VIKING 3250D FGS Powered Air Purifying Respirator features a smart blower system, integrated grind shield & side windows and an extra large 12.5 Sq. Inch auto-darkening lens with our exclusive 4C® Lens technology K4550-2


Bucket ‘O’ Thins 125 x 1.0 x 22mm Cut Off Wheel 150 Bucket

• Suitable for cutting stainless and hard ferrous metals 360194

BONUS Klingpods Wireless Bluetooth® Earpods


Valid April 2021






Includes a 5kg pack 3.2mm electrodes, 1 wideview helmet and 1 pair welding gloves



Pro Series helmet & 2 rolls 0.9mm x 15kg Mild Steel MIG wire

Includes, trolley, gloves, wire and auto helmet

MIG/STICK/TIG 250XT Workshop Inverter Welder Package

• 250amp heavy duty multiprocess inverter welder • Spool gun ready • Suits 5kg and 15kg spools • 5 year limited warranty • Front swivel wheels for easy movement • Digital display • Storage compartment 699625WP

STICK/TIG 141X Welder Bundle

• 140 Amp Stick and DC lift TIG welder • 10A plug with • Lightweight and portable • 2 years warranty (machine only) 691141BUNDLE Also available: 691181BUNDLE 180A



Also available: 699635WP 350A 3PH $2469

MIG/STICK/TIG 248X Inverter Welder

• 220A • Spool gun ready • Digital LED display • DC TIG lift arc start • Excellent arc stability • Gas / gasless operation • Suits 15kg pool • 5kg adaptor available • 15A plug 699248BUNDLE




Pro Series helmet & 2 rolls 0.9mm x 15kg Mild Steel MIG wire




Torch Parts Pack

Foot Controller (SRP $240)

MIG/STICK/TIG 350X Inverter Welder Package

• 350amp heavy duty multiprocess inverter welder • Remote wire feeder with a 10mt interconnecting cable • 60% @350 amp MIG duty cycle • Spool gun ready • Suits 5kg and 15kg spools • 5 year limited warranty 699350BONUS Also available: 699500BONUS 500A 3PH Water Cooled $4550


• 200A • Adjust all aspects of the weld cycle • Comes with a 4mt 26 series current control Agility TIG torch • HF start •15A plug 692200FOOT

X-Cut Plasma Cutter

• 40amp inverter plasma cutter with a 15amp plug• Clean cut 15mm mild steel, 18mm severence cut •Protected air regulator • Only weighs 6.5kg • 3 year limited warranty 695050BONUS

Also available: 692345FOOT 320A 3PH $2799

The Next Generation • Made in Italy • Leading 4 Year Warranty* • Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee** • Vist www.weldclass.com.au for details $999

Weldclass 155M MIG Welder

Includes: MIG Torch 2m / Earth Lead 1.8m / Drive Rollers for Steel & Gasless / 10A plug Features: • 150A max output • Easy-to-Use Synergic MIG function • 5mm steel max MIG capacity WC-155M


Weldclass 210MST MIG/STICK/TIG Welder

Includes: MIG Torch 4m H/Duty / Earth Lead 3m / Gas Regulator / Drive Rollers for Steel & Gasless / 10A plug Features: • 210A max output • Synergic or manual MIG • 10mm steel max • 2-in-1 10A or 15A input WC-210MST



Weldclass 250MST MIG/STICK/TIG Welder


Includes: MIG Torch 4m / Earth Lead 4m / Gas Regulator / Drive Rollers for Steel, Gasless / 15A plug Features: • 250A max output • Synergic or manual MIG • 12mm steel max MIG capacity • ATC for better results on thin materials WC-250MST


Weldclass 43P Plasma Cutter

Includes: Torch 6m / Earth Lead 3m / Air Regulator with Filter & Nitto Air Fitting / 15A plug Features: • 40A max output • Clean cut up to 16mm steel, severance 20mm • Cuts Steel, SS, Alu, Gal, Copper, Brass WC-43P


WeldForce WF-200MST MIG/STICK/TIG Welder WeldForce 180MST MIG/STICK/TIG Welder Bundle

• 180A • Bundle includes Promax 350 Blue Helmet, Welding Gloves, GL-11 0.9 Gasless Wire WF-180MSTK3

WeldForce 205MST MIG/STICK/TIG Welder Bundle

• 200A • Bundle includes, Promax 500 Black Helmet, Welding Gloves, GL-11 0.9 Gasless Wire & T100 Welding Trolley WF-205MSTK3

• 200A @25% Max MIG Output • 10mm Steel Max MIG Capacity • Takes 5kg or 15kg spools • Digital Readouts • 13kg Compact, Robust & Lightweight • Spool Gun Ready • Generator Compatible •15A plug WF-06129

visit www.aisnational.com.au for your nearest store & more


CutForce CF-45P Plasma Cutter

• 40A @45% Max Output • Power Factor Correction • 8kg - Compact, Robust & Lightweight • High Quality Plasma Torch 6m • Generator Friendly • Reliable Pilot Arc Ignition•Clean cut up to 20mm, severance cut to 25mm • Perforated Plate/ Expanded Mesh Cutting Mode•15A plug CF-06176



K69042-1 Powercraft 161 160Amp Stick Welder



Includes Powercraft® Electronic Helmet, Redline® Jacket ,Welding Gloves, Chipping Hammer, Wire Brush & Easyarc™ 6012 General Purpose Electrodes 2.5mm x 4.5kg

Viking 3350 Series 4 Welding Helmet - Mojo

$449 Powercraft®140 Ready Set Weld Stick Welding COMBO Package • 140A • Lincoln EZYSTRIKE™ technology making striking the arc with the electrode easy, touch ‘n go it’s that easy • Digital display • 10A plug K69058-1A

$379 Weldarc® 185i STICK/TIG Welder

Powercraft® 250C MIG/STICK/TIG Welder

• 250Amp • 3 year warranty • Comes ready to weld – includes MIG Gun, cables, drive rolls, clamp, liners, contact tips, nozzles, gas regulator and gas hose • ideal choice for contractors, maintenance/repair, rural and serious DIY • 15A K69033-1-161


• 185A • 5.5kg compact, lightweight design•Built in Arc Force monitors arc voltage and will boost output if low arc voltage occurs • Built-in thermal protection device activates if the machine is operated beyond its safe thermal operating zone • Fan-on-Demand™reducing noise, energy use • 15A plug MC107-0

Weldmatic® 200i MIG/STICK/TIG Welder

Also available: MC109-0 200A DC

Also available: CP140-1 500A 3PH


• Industry Leading Optics - 4C® Lens Technology, 1/1/1/1 • 95 mm x 85 mm viewing area • Innovative X6 Headgear for improved comfort • External low profile grind control • 3 year hassle free warranty K3101-4 Also available: K3034-4 Black



• 200A • Built-in VRD • Only 13kg suitable for onsite maintenance • Gas or Gasless • Suits 5kg spool • Supplied with a tradesman quality gun and cable complete with euro connector • 15A plug CP137-0


Cutmatic® 45 Plasma Cutter

• 45A • Clean cut 16mm, sever cut 20mm • Safety Trigger Switch • Cut Mild/Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Copper & Cast Iron • Air Filter, Water Separator • Power Factor Correction (PFC) Pilot Arc Start • 15A Plug MC108-0


Protective Cover


$179 • 60x100mm viewing area•Full spectrum of colours for a better view of the weld • 4 Arc sensors for continuous arc sensing capability • 3 year warranty SH300001 Also available: SH300002 Blue Knight

Electronic Welding Helmet Patriot

• Wide viewing area 100 x 53mm • Adjustable from shades 5-8/9-13 • 4 sensors • Grinding mode. 700143 Also available: 700144 Claw 700145 Siren 700146 Scorpion 700147 Nexus




OpticFX Auto-Darkening Helmet - Nero

Bobcat® 260 Engine Driven Welder (Kohler Petrol)

Dynasty® 210DX AC/DC STICK/TIG Welder

• 15A • Stick SMAW • Pulsed TIG GTAW-P • AC/DC TIG GTAW • Featuring Pro-set – eliminates the guesswork when setting weld parameters • Memory card data point – allows software updates • Allows digital meters to be calibrated for certification MR907686003-1

$99 PROMAX 200 Welding Helmet Slate

• 96 x 39mm viewing area • Variable Shade 9-13 • Optical rating 1/1/1/2 • Auto-on & Auto-off WC-05311


$139 PROMAX 350 Welding Helmet Blue

• One of the most popular welder generators in the industry • 260A at 28V 100% duty cycle • Generator power Peak 11,000 W / Continuous 9,500 W • Remote start/stop – Only runs when you need it to • Long run times 45L fuel capacity • Reversed generator airflow Reduces sound level • IP rating IP23S • 3 year warranty MR907792001-1


• 53x100mm viewing area • 4 arc sensors Ideal for MIG & stick welding, also suits TIG applications down to 30A • Grind-mode • Auto on/off PROMAX 500 Welding Helmet Black WC-05313 • 98x87mm viewing area , with ultra-clear vision • Dual shade range 5-8 / 9-13 plus grind mode to cover a wide range of welding processes Also available: • 4 Arc Sensors for reliable arc detection & switching WC-05314 Fire Metal $159 WC-05317

Prices include GST and may vary in store. Freight charges may apply. Some products may not be available at all stores and are subject to availability. Australian Industrial Supplies LTD reserves the right to correct printing errors and omissions. Accessories shown with products are not included unless specified. Colours may differ from images shown.

EACH $695



Bonus 10 Pack of 125mm x 1mm Wheels


125 x 22mm Megaline Zirconia Flap Disc 40g

SMT850 125 x 22mm Combination Flap Disc Coarse

• For aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, cast iron, plastics, bronze & brass 66261039207

125 X 6.8 X 22.2mm Grinding Wheel

• Depressed centre • Grinds ferrous metals, welds and structural steels 66252841682

Also available: 66261039225 66261039226 66261039227

60g 80g 120g

• Blend of high-quality materials provides a high rate of stock removal together with a high quality surface finish 312559

125 X 1.0 x 22mm Cut-Off Wheel Tub of 100 • Suitable for cutting stainless and hard ferrous metals 66253371411



Also available: 312560 Medium 312561 Very Fine



$57 $75

Bossweld Gasless 11 MIG Wire 0.8mm x 4.5kg • Multiple pass applications • Thicker gauges of galvanised & mild steel • No shielding gas is required 200353 Also available: 200355 0.9mm

Platinum GL11 Gasless Wire 0.9mm x 4.5kg

• Ultra-smooth arc with minimal spatter • Suitable for all-positional, single & multi-pass welds • Foil sealed for exceptional storage life • Ideal for welding mild & galvanised steels 2-098FM


Welders Jacket L

• High quality red cow split leather • Kevlar stitched to increase resistance to heat, cuts and abrasion • Available M-3XL WJL

Orange/Navy L/Sleeve Shirt L

• Two ventilated mesh back pleats and underarm mesh ventilation for extra comfort • Reflective tape - hoop pattern • Available S-6XL 2027TONL


Why pay rent on gas cylinders?

BlueFx Helmet

$50 Pack of 5




Austarc 16TC Electrode (2.5mm) 2.5kg • Smooth running, low hydrogen electrode 16TC25 Also available: 16TC32 3.2mm 5kg $70 16TC40 4.0mm 5kg $67

Pack of 3 $195 $185

E, D and G Size Gas Cylinder Exchange •Argon, Argon Mix, Oxygen and Acetylene Available at selected stores


Plasma Cutter With Built In Compressor

• 40A • Built in oiless compressor • 10mm clean cut, 12mm severence cut • Air flow rate 6cfm • 21kg • 15A plug SVTP40C

Weldarc® 200i AC/DC STICK/TIG Welder

• 200A • AC TIG for aluminium • Compact, portable inverter • HF pulse start or lift-arc start • Pulse TIG • Suits 2-4.0mm electrodes • 15A plug MC105-0

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