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Hello! We would like to give you a warm welcome to Gay Traveler's Guide. As your friend, I will recommend the best destinations, services and products to make your next trip to the Mexican Caribbean a complete success. Inside the guide you will find places to visit that are 100% gay-oriented (LGBT) and all those who are "gay-friendly" so that you can enjoy this tropical paradise without any worries. Know for sure that our recommendations have been carefully selected so that every place you go to you will be treated in such an excellent manner, and that every establishment or service we suggest has the highest quality standards. Additionally you will find along the sections I’ve included in this guide - Tourism, Food and Dining, Social Life, Culture & Nature, Fashion Corner and

Beauty & Health - maps and information about the destinations, interesting articles, expert opinions, reviews, photo galleries, our lifestyle blog called Gay District, the best deals and our directory at the end. Remember that you can also find me on our social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr) and on our website: Here you can find a downloadable version of the guide, make any question or suggestion through the online concierge service and subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Don’t forget to mention you saw the ads here so that you can receive all the benefits that GT Guide has for you. All Set! Now have a great trip.


CanCĂşn Embraced in blue. Cancun is a real gem of the Caribbean; a place where nature coexists with a modern and growing metropolis. The variety of activities available in Cancun make it a destination with great potential for the LGBT community. Why? Because Cancun has everything for everyone in one destination. Here you can find parks and tours for thrill and adventure seekers, as well as spas and activities for those who are looking to relax. In Cancun you can also find fun activities for the whole family, as well as a perfect place to make some new romantic and memorable moments with your partner.

Cancun celebrates diversity in every possible way.

Cancun has always been known for having the ideal atmosphere for those who love to party, which is why it has some of the most impressive nightclubs in the whole world in its hotel zone. And if you’re looking for a more cultural experience there is no better place than Cancun, where you will find theaters, museums and countless remains of the Mayan civilization, including some of the best-known archaeological sites worldwide. Without a doubt Cancun is a destination that has grown exponentially in recent years, just like the rest of Mexico, is increasingly open to the LGBT community and celebrates diversity in every way.


Your journey to paradise begins here.


Tourism CancĂşn The imposing and majestic hotels in Cancun, as well as car rental and transportation services, travel agencies and tours: All tourist services necessary for an unforgettable vacation in the Mexican Caribbean.


Discover a great variety of hotels in Cancun.


Tourism Cancún

Diversity in Cancun's Hotels.

Throughout the Caribbean and Mexico in general, you can find a wide range of hotels able to please any style, taste or type of travel.

The trick is to know what you're looking for and here are a few of the best options: Urban hotels are those which are regularly located in the historic districts or downtown areas of each city. Generally they are very well located and with easy access to public transportation. If you’re traveling on business the best option is a "Business Hotel". These hotels normally have moderate prices compared to other hotels, are excellently located, include services such as convention centers and meeting space and are comfortable enough to make your trip enjoyable. All Inclusive Hotels are the ideal choice if you’re looking to enjoy without worries or having to leave the hotel, and also getting unlimited food and drinks all day long. You just have to relax and let yourself go.

For nature lovers there are many Ecofriendly hotels available around the country, ideal for adventure tourism. In their facilities you can find cabanas that are powered by solar cells, windmills and other alternatives in order meet all your needs and protect the environment. Tulum, Holbox Island and mountainous areas of other states are some of the destinations where you can find the best Eco-friendly hotels. Within all these different types of hotels you may find that some are just for adults and others for families. Sometimes it will depend on whether they are "clothing optional", if they’re for complete relaxation without crowds and loud noises or if they market to specific segments or needs. Make a thourgh research of the hotel before making the final decision and we are sure you will find your ideal hotel.




Sens the experience. Along Cancun’s Hotel Zone you will find countless upscale hotels with different environments and concepts, but none of these will pamper you and your partner as Oasis Sens. Here you can spend an unforgettable and relaxing holiday tanning under the warm sun, swimming in the crystal clear waters and walking on the white beaches of the Mexican Caribbean Oasis Sens offers a high quality service with a friendly touch from a staff that is at your disposal all day long. This complements the comfortable standard rooms and luxurious Sian Ka'an suites in order to ensure a stay that will keep you satisfied 24 hours a day. Oasis Sens has an excellent gastronomic offer, which includes 100% authentic Mexican food in Muérdeme Mucho, Italian dishes and pizzas in Moonlight, tapas and wine tasting at The Box, molecular cuisine at Benazuza and many more. As a personal recommendation, don’t miss a completely relaxing and memorable experience in Blackhole, a restaurant where you eat in the dark and enjoy entertainment that will stimulate all your senses.

If what you want is a more risqué type of entertainment most nights you will find different performances at Kinky, the hotel’s main bar. Here you can enjoy burlesque and cabaret shows hosted by the most attractive and sexy performers in Cancun. And every Thursday you can’t miss Kinky on Board, a party hosted by Oasis Sens and Captain Hook, during which the hotel takes Kinky’s concept and entertainment to these majestic pirate ships. Among the amenities Oasis Sens has to offer there’s also a wonderful spa with a very thorough menu of treatments and beauty services, gym, free rental of Smart cars, wedding and event coordinator, tour services, among others. Additionally, Oasis Sens is a member of IGLTA and TAG approved. Without a doubt Oasis Sens honors the slogan of the Oasis hotel chain because, just like the rest of their resorts, Oasis Loves U.

One of the favorite hotels in Cancun for same-sex couples.

Turismo CancĂşn



Prepare before you travel. When traveling to Cancun and other destinations in Mexico don’t forget to enjoy all the recreational activities that this beautiful country has to offer. Mexico is so rich in culture and nature that it’s almost impossible to visit each of its destinations and enjoy all the activities it has for you. For this and other reasons we recommend that you hire these services prior to your trip through a travel agency so that you can rejoice in all of Mexico’s beauty without any setbacks and concerns. Nowadays fewer people use these services due to the extensive amount of information you can find on the internet, which makes it easier for you to plan a trip on your own. However it is very advisable to hire the services of an agency when it's your first time in Mexico to ensure that everything goes according to plan and you leave with an excellent first impression of the destination.

Book travel services through a specialized agency.

A great advantage of hiring tourist services through a travel agency is the preferred and personalized treatment offered by private group operators, apart from the fact that there’s always a tour guide making sure you have everything you need and you're having a wonderful time. This person has the experience and knowledge to offer the best recommendations for restaurants, entertainment and other places of interest whichever your destination might be. It’s also worth mentioning the security you feel knowing that everything has been booked in advance and all you have to do is come and have fun. On your next trip to Mexico we recommend hiring the services you want to enjoy through one of the many agencies that are in each destination. And if you’re not sure if it’s your thing look for recommendations and reviews of other people who have made use of these personalized services.

Turismo CancĂşn


Tourism Cancún

Next Experience Next Experience is a company dedicated to creating experiences tailored to serve the needs of our customers by providing quality service in a safe, thorough and effective way.

We are specialized in creating memorable experiences for all travelers in an atmosphere of tolerance, respect, inclusion and relaxation. We guarantee a high quality service and personal attention while you enjoy the wonderful destinations our country has to offer.

Diversity Tour Operator

Gay Tours México

Gay Tours México

Diversity Tour Operator is a travel agency, located in Cancun, whose main objective is to satisfy your family and friends’ expectations, as well as the LGBT community. Our commercial alliances allow us to offer promotional rates for hotels, airline tickets, tours and transportation to different destinations located in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Gay Tours Mexico was founded in 1998 as one of the first LGBT travel agencies in Mexico and is a part of Maya Moon Tours. Since its creation, the company has been directed as a 100% gay travel agency in order to provide the best service to this important segment in the tourism market.

In Cancun & Playa Tours you will find all touristic services you might need in the Mexican Caribbean, including family and couple tours, transfers, gay tours in Cancun and Riviera Maya; as well as LGBT friendly packages and places in Mexico.


Food & Dining CancĂşn

Restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy a delicious menu and a high quality service in the best environment: The best recommendations for a fine dining experience in the Mexican Caribbean.


Delight with unique Caribbean dishes.


Food & Dining Cancún

Where to Eat in Cancun.

If you have a passion for food you must love Mexico. It’s one of the most gastronomically rich countries in the world and its dishes vary from city to city and state to state. Cancun will amaze you with its gastronomic offer. Not only will you find typical dishes representative of the various regions of Mexico, but also a wide variety of internationally recognized restaurants and cuisine from almost anywhere in the world.

Hotel Zone

Cancún Downtown

Cancun’s hotel zone has restaurants for all tastes in every ambience. But, of course, what they all have in common is that they all offer excellent service and high-quality cuisine. In the various malls and other locations along the hotel zone is where you’ll enjoy most of these excellent restaurants.

Don’t believe everything people tell you. Cancun is in general a very safe place. You don’t have to stay in the hotel all day, so dare to go to downtown Cancun. There’s a wide variety of upscale restaurants, as well as others with a causal atmosphere and affordable prices.

We recommend: Cenacolo Mare, Mocambo y Hacienda el Mortero

We recommend: Julia Mía y La Parrilla

Whatever you choose we know you will spend unforgettable moments tasting the best dishes available at the destination. However, we highly recommend going to the gym at your hotel since we don’t promise that you can show off an ideal beach body after you are done with everything you’ll find to eat in the Mexican Caribbean.



Mare by Cenacolo is a highly renowned restaurant in Cancun that offers a unique concept in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying a wonderful view of the NichuptĂŠ Lagoon. Mare surprises its customers with a wide variety of dishes that perfectly blend delicious Italian cuisine with Mediterranean flavors.

Mare by Cenacolo perfectly blends delicious italian cuisine with Mediterranean flavors. Among the specialties Mare by Cenacolo offers you will find dishes made with the freshest local seafood and presentations kept in such detail that make them look like artworks. Mare is without a doubt the ideal place for a quiet and exquisite meal or dinner, especially at sunset when you can enjoy a romantic moment listening to live piano music and admiring one of the best views in Cancun.


Taste the Yucatecan Cuisine.


Food & Dining Cancún

Yucatecan Gastronomy, Hispanic and Mayan cultural mix. One of the delights you can try when you visit the region of Cancun and Riviera Maya is Yucatecan food, easily accessible thanks to the closeness Quintana Roo has to the state of Yucatán. Yucatecan cuisine is a mixture between the Hispanic and Mayan cultures and it’s widely known for the use of a great variety of spices. Like all traditional food of any region the Yucatecan gastronomy uses many native products, but these are combined with ingredients original from other places, like in the case of peanuts, achiote, citrus fruit, among others. One of the main and most representative dishes in Yucatecan cuisine is cochinita pibil, made up of pork marinated in a mix of achiote with sour orange juice, garlic, salt and pepper to taste, which is then wrapped in banana leaves and is traditionally baked underground.

Dare to try a great variety of tasty Yucatecan delights. Flour is a predominant ingredient in this type of cuisine because it’s always accompanied with tortillas. It is also used to make brazo de reina, a variety of tamales, salbutes and panuchos, which are fried corn tortillas with lettuce, tomato, onion and turkey or chicken, accompanied with some avocado. When you visit the Yucatan Peninsula make sure to look for a restaurant that offers these traditional and delicious dishes and order a plate of assorted Yucatecan delights and some other treat you fancy trying.




Discover tequila. It is obtained from the heart of a plant. When we speak of Mexico it’s almost impossible not to mention Tequila. Let’s face it, we all love it and it’s a must at parties. A good round of shots makes every night better and between drinks and shots someone always ends up in the arms of someone else. But, where does it come from? Tequila, just like champagne, is known worldwide and gets its name from its place of origin.

It is a spirit made mostly in the region of Tequila in Jalisco and four other states of Mexico that border it. It is obtained from the heart of a plant known as "Blue Agave" and is produced by fermentation and distillation, just as Mezcal. It is definitely the drink of excellence for an authentic Mexican fiesta.



Social Life CancĂşn Nightclubs and music festivals known around the world, plus a wide variety of bars and beach clubs: The best places for an unforgettable evening enjoying the famous vibrant nightlife of Cancun.


Partying at the Beach. You will find the best beach parties and events in Cancun. Undoubtedly this destination is a haven for those seeking a fun atmosphere without measures. And there’s no better place to hang out than the beautiful beaches of this unique destination while enjoying the warm weather, amazing entertainment and the most beautiful people of Cancun showing off their sexy bodies in swimsuits that leave little to the imagination.

Mandala Beach Oasis Sens

Me by Melia

MB offers every day live DJs, refreshing beverages and delicious dishes. It is equipped with a VIP area, DJ booth, pools, bars, beds and cots in the club and on the beach, stage and more.

Every Saturday the best beach party in town is at ME. These parties are extremely popular because here you will find the most beautiful and sexy people in a frantic and out of control atmosphere. And if you want a formal and glamorous ambiance don’t miss Ladies Night at Rose Bar every Friday.

Every Tuesday you can enjoy the best beach party at nightfall in a casual and unrestrained atmosphere with open bar, performances and contests that will leave you vibrating with excitement.

Every month Oasis Sens holds a straight friendly beach party for the local LGBT community, hotel guests and other tourists. At these parties you can enjoy music from live DJs, open bar, delicious snacks and exciting entertainment from gogo dancers and performers. It's definitely a party you can’t miss the next time you're in Cancun, just be sure to check the Oasis Sens Facebook Page since the dates of the events are not fixed.

We recommend checking out each place’s webpage and Facebook profile in order to receive more information on the best events in Cancun.



Social Life Cancún

A Night Out in Cancun’s Gay Clubs

Like any great destination, when night falls the long palm trees and delicious sea breeze of Cancun lead to a city full of lights, colors, unique drinks and music, as the city has some of the top nightclubs in the world. All LGBT travelers must go at least one night to the downtown area of Cancun, where you will find all of the gay clubs in the city.

Sexy´s Club

11:11 Club

Karamba Bar

Start a memorable night at Sexy's Club, located at Peninsula Plaza and designed to please even the most discerning guest. This is a straight friendly club where you can spend a night of amazing partying. Here every night is different; there are always themed parties and a great variety of shows and performances ranging from erotic and sensual to fun and amusing.

The evening continues at 11:11 Club in Tulum Avenue, one of the best gay clubs in the Mexican Caribbean which, since its renovation this summer, has a smoother atmosphere and additional services that will guarantee a night of fun making new friends or even meeting someone in the dark room where nothing is left to the imagination.

Last but not least make sure to end an amazing night in Karamba NightClub. With over 30 years of experience taking care of the LGBT tourist, here you can enjoy some of the most popular, entertaining and extravagant theme parties around Cancun.





Gay District Cancún

Nice, firm, tight and round. Both men and women have always agreed on a particular weakness and it’s a nice, firm, tight and round butt, or as it’s commonly called: "Bubble Butt". That's it! No matter if someone is tall, short, white, black, male or female, this beautiful attribute always looks good and fills perfectly any pair of jeans, dress or casual pants and even shorts or swimsuit. If you don’t have a "bubble butt" don’t be discouraged, there are many ways to get one, although it’s not easy. It is well known that much depends on the genes of the person as some might have a round and firm natural butt, but you can also develop one with the proper techniques.

You might not have it naturally, but you can develop it.

It all depends on proper nutrition and tips or routines you can do in your everyday life; like these:

• Climbing stairs: tensing especially that area when you step and push up. • Skating: Ice skating is the best option, but inline skates are an excellent choice. • Swimming: Have you seen swimmers and Olympic divers? Enough said. • Spinning: Excellent for burning calories, good for your body and makes works miracles on your butt. • Dance: Especially ballet but any type of dance is fun, cultural, healthy and makes a difference on your rear. • Squats: Besides getting a tighter butt, you will have amazing legs and good condition. In conclusion, if you don’t have it is because you don’t want it. But trust us that whenever you get it you won’t want to lose it. Challenge yourself and flaunt it to the world because life is short and you have to make the best of it.


Gay District CancĂşn

Bear Community: Who we are

By Julio Ayala

It starts in the late 80's in San Francisco, California, consolidating this community by the 90's. The first meeting place for bears was the Lone Star, a bar known for assimilating a rough style of men on motorcycles (which is why much of the style of BEARS is linked to rudeness and testosterone). During this period the medium to spread information regarding our community and make known to the world, as well as to the bears that refused to come out of their cave, was through the first publication of Bear Magazine.

The Bear Community emerges as an alternative movement to male beauty model preferred by the gay community (men with a stylized, slender figure and without hair). It is noteworthy that the Bear Community emerges as a response to discrimination within the gay community to not allow and deny access to the clubs, bars and meeting places. Calling men of the same prototype (thick body, untidy, bearded and hairy) to establish their own meeting places and build a brotherhood where all shared a taste for their manliness and toughness. We often hear in Bears’ meetings the expression "less feathers and more hair", which means that to be Bear is more about attitude than physique (which is something that today is still questioned). One thing that is indisputable is that we will always see a Bear with a thick body covered with hair and a beard, as well as with a rough and relaxed attitude towards life. We find within the Bear Community the following categories: Bear, Cub, Grizzly Bear, Chubby, Muscle Bear, Polar Bear and Daddy Bear. In the next issue I will discuss in detail each of them. Now you're ready to go out hunting! WOOF!

In Mexico there is a travel agency that caters to the specific needs of the Bear Community and its name is Ursinos Travel.


Culture and Nature CancĂşn Tours to the impressive archaeological sites, cultural museums and art exhibits and a wide variety of natural parks and ecosystems: Everything you need to enjoy the rich history of the Mayan civilization and natural beauty of the Mexican Caribbean.


Captivate yourself with the Mayan Ballgame.


Culture & Nature CancĂşn

Mayan Culture: The Ballgame Playing with a ball is something that has transcended cultures over generations and has diversified in unimaginable ways. But what was the way our ancient civilizations played with it? The Mayans called their ball game "Pitz". It was the first sport in the history of mankind and started around the year 2500 BC. The game was usually for recreational purposes but also included a series of rituals and the most important games were held during political or religious ceremonies. The ball was made from a mixture of latex and rubber and could not be touched with hands or feet. The field had sloping walls along the court with circular structures at the center through which the players had to pass the ball in order to score points. If a player came into contact with the ball using their foot then a point had to be granted to the opposing team.

The first sport in the history of mankind. The game itself symbolized the battles between the gods of heaven and the underworld, and sometimes the leader of the losing team was beheaded and his skull was used to make the center of a new ball. Today we remember these games as part of the historical development of ball games worldwide, besides being able to see a representation of the game in various places like Xcaret in Riviera Maya.


It is one of the main tourist attractions in Cancun Jason deCaires Taylor’s Underwater Museum of Art is one of Cancun’s biggest attractions. The museum features over 500 sculptures strategically placed at different depths on the sea bed. MUSA promotes conservation of the marine life and highlights the potential of art as a way to increase environmental awareness.




Fashion Corner CancĂşn Prestigious brands and clothing from designers recognized worldwide in the most renowned malls of the Mexican Caribbean: The best choices for going shopping during your next trip to Cancun.


The Year of The Orchid. So long, emerald! The Pantone Color of the Year for 2014 is Radiant Orchid, an enigmatic variant of purple that inspires you to create and to be original.. Pantone, the global authority on all things color, has designated since 2000 a Color of the Year to express what will be relevant in the world. Through conversations with fashion designers, psychologists and other academics of culture, the institute comes to a conclusion and sets the hue that will be the reflection of what society looks, feels or needs and as 2013 was the time for greens and emerald, 2014 brings the magical and captivating universe of purple tones. This does not mean that the color designated by Pantone will be the only one to see on the runways or at the malls. It is a color that will pierce the areas of design to show costumer's general attitude towards the world and the answer for the next twelve months is Radiant Orchid. Leatice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that the color of 2014 is an invitation to innovation and to the expansion of creativity and originality. With this statement you no longer have excuses to leave great ideas on paper, let's put them into practice!

2014 brings what is magical and captivating about purple, a color that will transgress the areas of design for the arrival of the Radiant Orchid.

With a mix of pink and purple as undertones, Radiant Orchid is a very versatile color that looks good on male or female elements so it will be easy to include this hue into everyday life whether is in clothes, accessories or decorative items. Mix it with gray or beige for a classic look and with olive green, turquoise or light yellow to define a bolder style. This trend is present in every fashion house and at Luxury Avenue you can find several options to wear it. Follow these tips to use the color of 2014:


Fashion Corner Cancún

Dare to wear different shades of purple in the same outfit for a monochromatic look. A purple shirt could be distinguished if you add a lilac tie by Pineda Covalín.

Navy blue, military green and neutrals are Radiant Orchid's best friends so don't be afraid to use them together. A good choice if you choose to wear blue and purple is Purificación García's bracelet from the “círculo cromático

If everything else fails, remember that a fragrance can make you feel special. The essence CH Eau de Parfum Sublime by Carolina Herrera is sensual, fun and it comes in a beautiful bottle that plays a tribute to the intense color of Radiant Orchid.

Wear pants or a skirt that has that tone and pair it with a top or a shirt in a contrasting color. If you're a girly girl, try wearing the purple chiffon dress that is part of BCBG Max Azria evening collection. www.bcbgmaxazria.comº

If this trend seems a little too much for your taste, play with your accessories. A bag or a briefcase in purple can be the difference between wearing a boring outfit and a very original one. Burberry and Tous have gorgeous purses, watches and rings that follow the trend.




Dress to enjoy the beach


Fashion Corner Cancún

Beach Fashion the latest in trends.

For summer, as discussed in our last issue, we’re looking for bright, fluorescent colors, stripes, plaids, flower prints and jungle patterns, as these styles are currently setting trends.

Swimsuits for both men and women continue to be characterized by being shorter and sexier every time, always looking to fit the body well and make it look spectacular.

For the Autumn/Winter Season light and even loose knitted sweaters can be used at the the beach, even if you’re in a tropical climate. Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute, tells us it will be a season of atypical colors that will allow people’s imagination and creativity to fly. Colors like sangria, purple, orchid, cypress green, bright cobalt blue, aluminum and hazy yellow will be the most prominent.

Many have a preference for the short and more revealing outfits.


PuertoMorelos Fishing village. Puerto Morelos is a friendly, laid-back fishing village located only 35 kilometers from Cancun. The bohemian, tranquil atmosphere attracts people from all over the world, many of whom have chosen to make it their home. You will be seduced by its natural beauty and charm which transport you a million miles away from the glitz and glamour of Cancun. There is no shortage of things to do in Puerto Morelos. The coast is part of the National Marine Park making it ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling.

You will be seduced by its beauty and natural charms.

If fishing is your passion then this is the place for you – you will be sure to make a prize catch! There are also plenty of ecotourism excursions where you can explore the jungle and the cenotes on the famous Cenote Trail. Puerto Morelos has it all! Come and enjoy!


IslaContoy Wild scene. The beautiful island of Contoy is located where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico, about 30 km south of Isla Mujeres. Isla Contoy has no inhabitants apart from the wildlife, and it is only 8.5 km in length and has a surface area of 230 hectares. Only a few tour companies have permission to bring guests to the island and only 200 visitors are allowed each day in order to cause minimal disturbance to the wildlife. Therefore when you visit you can enjoy true tranquility and nature at its finest.

The island of Contoy is home to hundreds of different species of fish and types of birds. Because the island is free of predators, its environment provides the ideal setting for the reproduction of these beautiful birds. Contoy is also home to Boca Iglesia, a community of only 26 inhabitants, only accessible via seaport.


IslaHolbox Harmony with nature Holbox is an island located northwest of Cancun. It is perfect for those seeking the calm tranquility of a fisherman’s village in a paradise setting. Here you can truly enjoy the simple things in life and take time to bond with Nature. It is a twohour drive from Cancun to the town of Chiquilå, where you can take the ferry to Isla Holbox; or you can go by boat from Punta Sam.

Holbox Island is a sanctuary to thousands of wild species such as dolphins, pelicans, turtles, flamingos and other exotic birds. Holbox is surrounded by sandy unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters ideal for windsurfing, kite surfing, snorkeling, sailing or kayaking and one of a kind experiences like swimming with the famous Domino whale shark or crocodile watching.


Turismo CancĂşn

Marine Species of The Yucatan Peninsula. Along Mexico you can find thousands of stunning wildlife species. Our country is not only rich in gastronomy, colors, culture and traditions but also in its flora and fauna.

Especially the Yucatan Peninsula, which is home to some of the most beautiful marine species. Threre are many endemic species in Mexico that exist only in this region, as well as some protected species.

The most representative species of the Mexican Caribbean are:



Whale Shark

Nurse Shark



Escape to Holbox.



A private and Romantic Getaway. If you’re looking for a private oasis where you can live magical and romantic moments away from the hustle of the big cities and mass tourism destinations, Holbox Island is the place for you. This beautiful island is home to less than 2,000 inhabitants and countless animal species that will amaze you and make you feel like you've arrived in paradise. In Holbox Island you will find many pleasant surprises, starting with an exquisite cuisine highly influenced by Caribbean and Yucatecan dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to try different dishes made with the freshest seafood in the Yucatan Peninsula. Among these peculiar delights you can find lobster pizza, shrimp burgers and seafood sopes (traditional Mexican dish made of a thick tortilla with vegetables and meat toppings).

One of the island’s main attractions is the opportunity to swim with the world's largest fish, the whale shark. This is a unique experience ideal for nature lovers and thrill seekers that you can’t miss between May and September. During the rest of the year you will find various activities such as sport fishing, dolphin watching, kitesurfing and flyfishing. In the beautiful beaches of Holbox you will find an atmosphere of peace and tranquility where you can relax and leave all your worries behind, especially if you can find the perfect hotel. Among the top recommendations is CasaSandra, a paradise for art lovers who seek the comfort and luxury of a boutique hotel. In this beautiful hotel located on the seafront you will find everything you need for a wonderful stay in Holbox. CasaSandra offers excellent cuisine and a wide variety of activities in a hotel that perfectly combines tradition, art and luxury services while maintaining a high level of comfort and tranquility.

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel +52 (984) 875 2171


IslaMujeres Surrounded by paradise. Isla Mujeres, in English called "Island of Women", is a small and beautiful island located just a short 20 minute ferry ride away from Cancun. Isla Mujeres combines the beauty of the Caribbean, a lush tropical jungle and the wonderful heritage of the Mayan civilization. It is only 500 meters wide and 7.5km long and is a Caribbean paradise frequented by the more laid back traveller and diving enthusiasts.

Its magnificent views make it unforgettable to its visitors. You also get many vacationers coming over from Cancun to spend a day or two on the island. Isla Mujeres’ romantic setting with its turquoise blue waters and white sand and spectacular sunsets makes it a favorite amongst honeymooners and couples looking for a memorable wedding in the Mexican Caribbean.


Continue to the Riviera Maya.



Enjoy Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.


The all inclusive Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya.

Just off the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea, the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is nothing short of the ultimate crowd pleaser. Live it up with worldclass shopping and endless style. Enjoy the beauty of a private protected beach. Channel your inner awesome and spend some time at Heaven.

Heaven, at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya Exclusive to adult guests only, our All Inclusive amenities at Heaven are like nothing you´ve ever seen, but that doesn’t mean they are in glass and hushed away behind velvet ropes. No, Here we magnify, intensify and straight up amplify luxury with world class shopping. Magnificent pools and opulent extras are straight front row of paradise. The Rock Spa offers every guest a personal paradise and a total Rock Star Zen. Enjoy everything from massages and facials to renowned Hydrotherapy and peaceful surroundings. It’s no limits relaxations thank to our qualified team of Spa Advisors and a full menu of tantalizing Services: • World-class Dining, Spectacular Bars & Lounges, Spacious pools & a Waterslide • Yoga Temple & Body Rock Fitness Center for Adult Guests • Posh Beauty Salon • Club Heaven Exclusive to Adult Guests • Tennis Courts, Bicycles, Kayaks & Climbing Wall • Complementary Wifi  


Playa del Carmen Relaxation and pleasure. Formerly known as Xaman Há in the Maya language, Playa del Carmen offers everything that a tourist might need for the perfect vacations. Full of natural beauty, endless tourist attractions and world-class services, Playa del Carmen is definitely the ideal destination and perfect choice for travelers looking for entertainment and relaxation in a lively and bohemian location.

Lose yourself in the magic and glamor of “La Quinta”. The Fifth Avenue (popularly known as “La Quinta”) is the heart and soul of “Playa”, as its inhabitants and visitors call it, a pedestrian avenue with an enormous variety of establishments varying from handcrafts and souvenir shops, boutiques and art galleries to cafes and restaurants, bars, nightclubs, beach clubs and outdoor shows. When night falls the street lights up beautifully to become a magical passage that is filled with lively characters that, like you, are looking for an escape from the worries of everyday life.

Playa del Carmen


The Mole: Our Pride. In Las Delicias we serve this dish, one of the most representative of our beautiful Mexico, with so much pride and prepared in the same style as in Puebla. This recipe takes about 4 to 5 hours during its preparation and we use fresh and top quality ingredients in order to assure a delicious and very Mexican flavor. Its main ingredients are chocolate and mulato, pasilla and ancho chiles. The three varieties of peppers (or chiles) are seeded and deveined and mixed with lard, garlic, onions, hard tortillas, bread, raisins, almonds, chile seeds, sesame, anise, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, ground metate chocolate, tomatoes, sugar and salt.

The term mole (from the Nahuatl molli or mulli) originally referred to any sauce but nowadays for us it means pride and Mexico. Our mole is made with Mexican hands, magical hands, and made in Las Delicias


Playa del Carmen

Music Festivals in Playa del Carmen. The best electronic music festivals in the Mexican Caribbean take place in Playa del Carmen. You can’t miss these wonderful events held by different locations of this vibrant and bohemian city. Here you will find worldwide famous DJs hosting extravagant parties and entertaining the most beautiful crowds at the best beach clubs and nightclubs of Playa del Carmen.

Paradiso – Gay Circuit Parties

The BPM Festival

November 26th to 30th, 2014

January 9th to 18th, 2015

Date to be announced

Paradiso is the best choice for lovers of electronic music, uninhibited parties and half-naked bodies in the warm weather of the Mexican Caribbean. This experience offers you five full days of parties and events in the most emblematic beach clubs and nightclubs of Playa del Carmen.

The best way to start a new year is by traveling to Playa del Carmen and letting go at the BPM Festival. This event takes place every year and consists of 10 days and nights of parties hosted by the best DJs in the world who come to these beautiful beaches to celebrate electronic music at its best.

This year Arena held its third edition in late January with the presence of Eliad Cohen and following the tradition of offering the most exciting events in Mexico for the LGBT community.



Weddings Playa del Carmen

The Best Services for Weddings and events in Playa del Carmen. The relaxed atmosphere of Playa del Carmen and its romantic landscapes make it the perfect place for weddings and events in paradise. This is why when looking for the ideal place to celebrate this day or commemorate a special date we recommend this wonderful destination, where you can find everything you need for a dream wedding, engagement party, marriage proposal and all kinds of intimate or big celebrations. There is nothing better than being able to perform a symbolic wedding and even a Mayan ceremony that celebrates a spiritual union in the white sandy beaches overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, and in Playa del Carmen you will find a great variety of hotels, restaurants, beach clubs and other locations that can offer servicer tailored to your needs and those of your guests. To ensure that your special day is a success is necessary that you hire the right services, which is why we can advise you regarding wedding and event coordinators,

florists, audiovisual equipment rental, catering services, among others. As for photography services the best choice in Cancun and Playa del Carmen is Susanna Antichi, a wedding photographer in Italy and Mexico who specializes in documentary photography event. And if you're not engaged yet but are ready to propose to your partner, make sure you arrange a romantic evening that will make him or her want to marry you right on the spot. For this you need to have the perfect ring and in Playa del Carmen you will find it at Diamonds International. Once you have the perfect ring all you need is the perfect location to pop the question, so we recommend Aldea Corazon, a restaurant located in the famous Quinta Aenida and that has its own cenote and such a romantic ambiance and dĂŠcor that it will be impossible for you to get a no. Without a doubt Playa del Carmen is a bohemian and romantic city where you can spend a wonderful moment filled with such special memories you both will remember for the rest of your lives.


Cozumel Diving in romance. Cozumel is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean and the most important cruise port in Mexico. This beautiful island is located near Cancun and is famous worldwide for its coral reefs and water sports, among which scuba diving, snorkeling and deep-sea fishing are predominant. Cozumel has the second largest barrier reef in the world, thus making it the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts. Famous divers such as Jacques Cousteau have frequented Cozumel because of its warm turquoise crystal clear waters with a reef where you will find the very unusual black coral and other breathtaking marine species.

Dive into the joy and thrill of its underwater activites. The island of Cozumel has some beautiful and unspoiled beaches along its rocky coastline. The center of the island is mostly undeveloped and is covered by jungle and lagoons, which make it the perfect home for tiny mammals and endemic birds, many of which have never left the island.



Tulum Caribbean fortress. This beautiful walled city that borders the Caribbean Sea is considered one of the most spectacular archaeological sites found in the Riviera Maya.

Breathtaking beaches of white sand and turquoise shades is what this city has to offer, which at the time it was inhabited was called "Zama", the word for sunrise in the Mayan language. This stunning archaeological settlement has always been protected by the Caribbean Sea and large stone walls and, once it was in ruins, was given the name "Tulum", which in Mayan means wall.

Always protected by the Caribbean Sea and large stone walls. Tulum also has a very lively shopping area full of craft and souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes. Throughout its hotel zone you can find small hotels, cottages and villas to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay. The architecture of this destination,


Directory Tourism

Accommodations B2B Hotel & Plaza + 52 998 848 8000 Casamagna Marriott + 52 998 881 2000 Hard Rock Hotel + 52 998 881 3600

Transport ADO 01 800 009 9090 Aeromexico 01 800 021 4000 Delta Airlines + 52 998 886 0368 Ultramar + 52 998 881 5890

Ice Sushi + 52 998 176 8070

Beach Clubs

Julia Mía + 52 998 884 1086

Forum Beach Cancun + 52 998 242 8611

La Madonna + 52 998 883 4837

Mandala Beach + 52 998 848 8380

La Parrilla + 52 998 287 8119

Wedding Services

JW Marriott + 52 998 848 9600


Mocambo + 52 998 883 03 98

Diamant Events + 52 998 883 1171

Krystal Cancún + 52 998 848 9800

Cancun & Playa Tours + 52 998 273 3319

Puerto Madero + 52 998 885 2830

On Q Photography + 52 984 804 4117

Krystal Grand Punta Cancún + 52 998 891 5555

Diversity Tour Operator + 52 998 285 0365

Señor Frogs + 52 998 883 1092

Culture and Nature

Le Blanc Spa & Resort + 52 998 881 6000

Gay Tours Mexico by MMT + 52 998 887 7905

ME by Meliá + 52 998 881 2500

OutIn Mexico + 52 998 849 4360

Oasis Sens + 52 998 891 5000

Next Experience + 52 998 884 4706

Sandos Cancún + 52 998 881 2200

Viajes Gay Cancun 01 800 837 1358  

Sun Palace + 52 998 891 4100 Temptation Resort & Spa + 52 998 848 7900

Isla Mujeres

Food and Dining Backstage Backstage + 52 998 287 5959 Capitan Hook + 52 998 849 4451

Isla Mujeres Palace + 52 998 999 2020

Cenacolo + 52 998 885 3603

Isla Holbox

Cenacolo Mare + 52 998 885 4726

CasaSandra Boutique Hotel + 52 984 188 0995

Elefanta + 52 998 176 8070

El Encanto Hostel + 52 987 875 2264

Hacienda el Mortero + 52 998 848 9800

Taco Grill + 52 998 176 8274 Thai Lounge + 52 998 883 1401  

Social Life Nightclubs & Bars 11:11 Club + 52 998 135 2243 Coco Bongo 01 800 841 4636 Karamba Nightclub + 52 998 884 0032 Mandala + 52 998 848 8380 Palazzo + 52 998 848 8380 Sexy’s Club + 52 998 280 3943 The City + 52 998 848 8385

Teatro de Cancun www.teatrodecancun. Dolphin Discovery www.dolphindiscovery. Museo Maya de Cancun MUSA – Museo Subactuatico de Arte http://musacancun. org/ Interactive Aquarium Cancun www.teatrodecancun. Parque Natural Garrafón + 52 998 193 3370 MUSA – Cancun Underwater Museum Xenotes Xoximilco

87 Fashion Corner Malls Fashion Harbour & La Isla Shopping Village + 52 998 883 5025 www.laislacancun. Luxury Avenue Boutique Mall + 52 998 884 7300 www.luxuryavenue. com Plaza Bonita & Mercado 28 + 52 998 884 6812 www.plazabonita.

Stores & Boutiques Diamonds International Avaliable at: La Isla Shopping Village & Plaza Caracol Envy Stores Avaliable at: La Isla Shopping Village, Plaza Caracol & Plaza Kukulcán La Boutique Palacio + 52 998 193 1490 Liverpool Duty Free Avaliable at: La Isla Shopping Village & Plaza Kukulcán Ohm Couture + 52 998 289 8374 Pineda Covalin Avaliable at: Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún & Luxury Avenue Sunglass Island Avaliable at: Forum by the Sea, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas, Plaza Caracol & Plaza

Kukulcán Ultrafemme Avaliable at: Avenida Tulum, La Isla Shopping Village, Luxury Avenue, Malecón Américas & Plaza Caracol Zingara Avaliable at: Forum by the Sea, JW Marriott, La Isla Shopping Village, Malecón Américas & Plaza Kukulcán

Beauty & Health Fitness Energy Fitness + 52 998 898 4491 Sport Dreams + 52 998 882 1105

Spas Centro Naturalista

Xbalamque + 52 998 887 7853 Le Blanc Spa + 52 998 881 4740

Riviera Maya



Food and Dining


Playa del Carmen Hotel Deseo + 52 984 879 36 21 In Fashion + 52 984 879 4740 Kay Hotel + 52 984 879 3444 Koox Hotels + 52 984 803 27 27 Le Reve + 52 984 109 5660 Paradisus La Perla + 52 984 877 3900 Reina Roja + 52 984 877 3804 The Palm at Playa + 52 984 206 4120


Spa Sensations + 52 998 881 7900

Papaya Playa Project + 52 984 116 3774

X-mahan Nah Spa Club + 52 998 847 4552”


Medical Services Dra. Laura Álvarez + 52 998 289 8374

Other Services Cyber Casa Blanca Located at Parque las Palapas

Cozumel Marine World + 52 987 872 1900

Playa del Carmen Aldea Corazón + 52 984 803 1942 Almirante Pech + 52 984 803 2912 Alux + 52 984 206 2589 Cenacolo Playa del Carmen + 52 984 139 6875 Cenacolo Playa del Carmen + 52 984 139 6875 Il Baretto + 52 984 803 0257 La Casa del Agua + 52 984 803 0232 Las Delicias + 52 984 803 1214 Mi Pueblo + 52 984 803 0332 Sur Steakhouse + 52 984 803 2995

Hotel B + 52 987 872 0300

Ula Gula + 52 984 803 0597

Villas el Encanto + 52 987 869 0008

Yaxché + 52 984 873 3011

Tours Playa del Carmen Bling Bling + 52 984 106 9387 Yucatek Divers + 52 984 803 1363


Directory Social Life Nightclubs & Bars Playa del Carmen Coco Bongo 01 800 841 4636 Diablito Cha Cha Cha + 52 984 169 2807 La Mezcalinna + 52 984 803 1101 La Santanera + 52 984 179 0153 Mandala + 52 984 106 2269 Palazzo + 52 984 106 2269 Palazzo + 52 984 106 2269 Tabú Jueves/Thursday: Boys & Boys Night

Beach Clubs Playa del Carmen Blue venado + 52 984 803 3465 Canibal Royal + 52 984 859 1443 Indigo Beach + 52 984 803 2222 Kool Beach Club + 52 984 803 1961 Mamitas Beach Club + 52 984 803 2867

Festivals & Events Arena Cancun - Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival http://www.crmfest. com/ Paradiso http://www.paradiso. mx/ Riviera Maya Film Festival

Wedding Services Susanna Antichi Fotografía + 52 984 106 3133

Culture and Nature Xcaret 01 800 212 8951 Xel-Ha 01 800 212 8951

Diamonds International Liverpool Duty Free Pineda Covalin Ultrafemme Wayan Natural Wear Avaliable at: Quinta Avenida

Beauty & Health Fitness Playa del Carmen The GYM + 52 984 873 2098 Yoga By the Way + 52 984 873 3583

Spas Playa del Carmen Life Extension Clinique + 52 984 803 1954 Zen Spa Experience + 52 984 155 1242


Xplor 01 800 212 8951

Blissday Spa + 52 987 116 0219

Fashion Corner

Temazcal Cozumel + 52 987 869 8201

Playa del Carmen Boy’s Factory Avaliable at: Avenida 10 Armani Exchange Guess Tommy Hilfiger Avaliable at: Paseo del Carmen



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